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Ke$ha: Tik Tok on the Sacramento Clock

Ke$ha: Tik Tok on the Sacramento Clock

Ke$ha rocks the house while performing her hit songs at Arco Arena on Friday night (July 9) in Sacramento, Calif.

The 23-year-old glitter goddess opened for Rihanna‘s Last Girl on Earth Tour.

Earlier this week, a video of Israeli soldiers on patrol in the West Bank was released. What was so special about it? They stopped to dance to Ke$ha‘s hit song “Tik Tok”!!! Check it out below…

WATCH: The Simpsons’ Tribute to Ke$ha

Israeli Soldiers Dance To “Tik Tok”

15+ pictures inside of K$ rocking Sacramento…

Just Jared on Facebook
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kesha sacremento 02
kesha sacremento 03
kesha sacremento 04
kesha sacremento 05
kesha sacremento 06
kesha sacremento 07
kesha sacremento 08
kesha sacremento 09
kesha sacremento 10
kesha sacremento 11
kesha sacremento 12
kesha sacremento 13
kesha sacremento 14
kesha sacremento 15
kesha sacremento 16

Credit: Tim Mosenfelder; Photos: MavrixOnline, Getty
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  • Ben

    Thank you for sparing our ears and not posting any live videos, Jared ;)


    I think it’s hilarious that Kesha denied this was her…..why deny it now? She looks worse on a daily basis than she does in the cum$hot! Guess we’re all just bat-blind lol. Totally not her:



  • Jenna

    @PLEASE: Identical RING, bracelets, watch, hair, nose, eyes, eyebrows, face-shape………does she think people are idiots. It’s clearly her, I don’t get this girl at all.

  • Lucas

    @PLEASE:DJ Stolen said there’s more pics to come, and he’ll be leaking more of her songs as well. She’s prob. just gonna keep denying they’re her lol

  • Jonelle

    Be a LADY on the street but a freak in the BED not a TRAMP both ways lol. Be nasty for your boy in the sack. You don’t document it or let them document you! Freaking ESPECIALLY when you’re famous and you know the whole world’s going to see you the way the person you’re fcuking should see you……embarrassing. But gurl looked drugged out of her mind so she probably does’t even remember. The guy’s a douchebag for doing this but Kesha doesn’t even seem to care. That’s if SHE didn’t leak them herself lmao. Smh.

  • Grace

    God bless Ke$ha.


    Not her my as.s. Leaked my as.s That -infamous photo is just another promotional attempt from her label who have pumped so much $$$ into her talentLESS flat as.s this past year coincidently right before her next single. It completes her drunk-dustbin-prosti.tute image.

  • ick, nast.
  • uggs

    does she think people are idiots. It’s clearly her, I don’t get this girl at all.

  • Brightside

    Don’t know if she’s any good at singing but the girl always looks like a complete dag in the pics I’ve seen. She’s the daggiest person ever!

  • xx

    I still can’t believe people pay to buy her music let alone pay to hear her murder her own songs live. She literally has 0 talent. Spunk and rawness is amazing, she’s just a mess all-around, still. Can’t sing let alone hold a note, can’t rap, dance, has no stage precense unless you’re watching purely to watch the trainwreck, she’s not pretty or even fascinating to look at, she can barely speak to put one mere sentence together in interviews, her lyrics aren’t special at all “you are you are you are a D I N O S A U R!”…..”stop talking that blah blah blah”….”Tik Tok”…… baby sis can write better. Basically all she’s good at is drinking and partying — I can do that for free, anyone can! LOL. I can’t believe people like her (all hype no talent to back it up) get a recording contract whilst SO MANY hardworking (you don’t even know what that word means do you Kesha) talented bands and artists are still struggling just to be heard. The mainstream music industry’s so messed up today when it used to be incredible, often life-changing. Real music is DEAD.

  • copy&paste

    @uggs: …….why did you do that? lol………okaaaaay.

  • whatever

    I like Kesha’s voice. It’s throaty……..yummy :) Her songs are catchy fun, perfect for getting ready for a night out and singing karaoke to. I can understand peoples’ annoyance with her being a pop artist and doing what rock artists do. I don’t think people would have a problem with her so much if she were on an Indie label….just sayin’. Oh and I think she’s a babe when she cleans up.

  • dwayne

    @whatever: She’s a fvcking wannabe rebel. U can tell if someone’s the real deal by their talents which she lacks in all departments n their words.She’s NEVER been able to back herself up, either she’s a natural reta*ded peabrain or the binge-drinking killed off her brain cells. Everything she says is straightup bull or incoherent bull to establish herself as something she’s not n she hopes people will buy it up. She’s a phony, THAT’S what pi$ses me off the most. Her swagger ain’t swagger, it’s the effect of being drunk n hungover 24/7. She’s a drunk white chic from a privileged white background singing about P Diddy n posing as something else. She’s whack.

  • lol

    @whatever: are you kidding. if she were on an Indie label, she’s be even more slaughtered

  • Tomson

    Kesha’s rubbish for the most part and painful live but still 10 BILLION X better than the likes of 30H!3, Scouting For Girls, Diana Vickers and Kate Nash. Four of the worst acts in the music scene right now. Unbearable.

  • OY
  • Kanye

    “Ke$ha once told the LA Times that her music is for everything against the pretentious hipsters who reside in Echo Park.”

    Hang on. How does that work? Seeing as ‘pretentious hipster’ are 2 words that both accurately describe this girl.

    Is she imitating these ‘pretentious hipsters’ for ‘humorous’ effect?
    Is her ‘music’ an F you to these pretentious hipsters?
    Are her songs an F you to the people who make fun of pretentious hipsters like herself?

    How utterly confusing. She must be a genius.

  • hmmm

    It’s so weird how her upper body is shaped like a man’s. She should tone up like Pink and make the best of her shape.


    F———–K ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOOD LYING MURDERERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www. :)

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone just danced together and was happy and friendly instead of belittling and judging and killing others? The world would be so much more amazing and fun and beautiful. Focus on the positives in people, so many see negatives first and feel the need to point them out as if it does any good to anyone. If you’re a nice person and content with yourself, you wouldn’t seek to spread hate and wouldn’t see so many negative traits in people. Just DANCE….xo

  • http://www. :)

    just smile :D smile :D smile! :D
    let’s not turn jj into perez’s trashy site people, come on!
    +++++++ energy and good health to y’all :)

  • LDN


  • Tan

    @PLEASE @Jenna It’s funny yet lame that she’s denying it., your whole image = TRASH. You may as well OWN your trashiness.

  • LOLO

    F*ck Israel.
    Dancing to a song about ‘sex’ outside of a Palestinian mosque when its prayer time for the Muslims is purely offensive.

    The West Bank doesn’t even belong to Israel. Since when was is funny to offend in their land?

    Those soldiers should have gotten arrested, they danced in front of a mosque just to offend the Palestinians. They could have danced to a loud song in front of the olive trees and prairie of the West Bank, instead they chose to dance in front of a mosque.

    F*ck them, there were people in their trying to pray. The soldiers knew they that, this is exactly why they did it. Can those f*cked up brainless callous pigs get anymore pathetic?

  • http://@emmillypearl emmilly,sydney Aust

    omg! awesome soldiers!

  • Slig

    Jared are u sleep .where new photo

  • yo sista

    Oh the Israeli criminals oh i mean soldiers, are keeping themselves busy while throwing bombs at kids and dancing to tra$ha.

    And you should be talking about her sex nude trashy leaked photos.

  • vanessa

    She a mess.

  • forever

    o my god. r u frkn kidding me. ther playing kesha’s gay song after a religious prayer. hollywood your such a retard.

  • pup

    Make it STOOOOOP!!!!!

  • Shakira

    Love the Israeli soldiers dance to Tik Tok. Hilarious.

  • Mel

    She’s trying to be all Lady Gaga by playing intrusments while she sings, but I doubt she even plays them. She just pretends to play the keyboard and then puts the guitar on for looks. Like Taylor Momsen puts on her guitar for looks during her sh-tty Pretty Reckless performances.

  • s

    i <3 israel

  • riri

    Those soldiers are so cute.
    Dance is the answer for everything!
    Love it.

  • part time jobs for 15 year old

    Good post, I can understand peoples’ annoyance with her being a pop artist and doing what rock artists do. I don’t think people would have a problem with her so much if she were on an Indie label….just sayin’. Oh and I think she’s a babe when she cleans up.

  • immobilier

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