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LeAnn Rimes Quits Twitter Because of Negative Comments

LeAnn Rimes Quits Twitter Because of Negative Comments

LeAnn Rimes performs and meets fans at the Grammy Foundation House concert held at a private residence on Saturday (July 10) in Geyserville, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer recently announced that she’s quitting Twitter. She shared, “Taking a break from twitter for a while. It’s unhealthy for me and my family to have to read negative comments from people who’s [sic] opinions have no bearing on my life. I love my fans so very much and will return one day soon. God bless to you all!”

LeAnn continued, “I hope you understand. It’s time for me to focus on healing, my happiness and my music. I can’t wait to share it all with my fans soon! There’s a million other ways to stay connected with my fans and I plan to focus on those! The most important, bringing you great music!”

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  • may

    wow she is soooo ugly

  • worm

    Leann you are infected go away

  • Donovan

    I don’t see how any celebrity has a Twitter. All these haters on the net. It hurts my feelings just to hear some of the stuff they say about OTHER people, let alone if they were talking about me!

  • cacey

    What FANS???????? Delusion is a MENTAL illness

  • evie

    she probably only has 2 fans left…her other fans have been jumping off the boat since she keeps flaunting her relationship with her still married scumbag boyfriend and using his kids to pissed off the real mom…

  • kevin

    bitch get on your knees and start sucking a married man!

  • anon

    Yeah…..the comments here explain it all. No ideas, just washroom wall graffiti.

  • evie

    you don’t deserve happiness little ugly girl…not after you stole another man’s husband and 2 kid’s dad…oh let’s not forget about the hurt and pain you caused your ex-hubby..even if you were in unhappy marriages, it didn’t give you and your scumbag boyfriend to go behind your respective spouses’ backs and start an affair. just end both of your marriages the right way by telling them you don’t love them anymore…the truth hurts but sneaking behind their backs hurt even more….you deserve all the misery that come your way. karma already struck your bf by being canned from that show….ha ha ha now it’s your turn

  • t

    i thought it was because people kept getting her confused with jimmy fallon?????

  • http://deleted A Real Winner!

    her last album flopped and now that her rep has been destroyed by their affair she will be lucky if she sells 50,000 in one week. when eddie finishes using her and dumps her for his side piece she will know why they call it Karma.

  • angie

    if they really had no bearing on her life then there was no reason to quit.

    and i say this as a leann rimes fan (of her talent…not of her recent decisions).

  • true love?

    how about just quit the industry altogether? do it for “love”. u and ur dog can get away from the public eye and laugh ur genitals off like u always pretend to be psychotically doing in front of the cameras. that stupid act where they pretend to be sooooo happy is nauseating. he probably already regrets his stupidity but have no way out. i agree with the other posts about her being ugly, especially her eyes. i truly hope her ex will find happiness with a beautiful, kind woman who appreciates his love.

  • jaye

    I wish all the celebrities would quit twitter, facebook and everything else that’s so called electronic communications with their fans.

  • Esj

    wut a twat! i hope all her records bomb and i can’t wait till the “cheater ed” leaves her for another twat II.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Who cares if she and Eddie lied to their spouses and began an affair when they wer married.

    That is NOT as low as….
    Suing Brandi, the ex, WAS low.

    WHAT is REALLY REALLY LOW is twittering, talking up in the interviews in mags like People mag,and more about how the boys love you and you love the boys and how she is taking care of them, doing things with them and how taking on this role is, etc.

    Taking someons’s husband with his help is one thing, but taking the kids is really-very-truly LOW!!!!!!

    YEAH, I get that she is in their lives and that she treats them well, and should, but too much public talk seems she is trying to be their MOTHER. Taking a woman’s kids, not cool.
    Sort of like when Giselle Bundchen used to talk all the time about HER son that Brigdet Monihan and Tom Brady had.
    OK, it is great that she saw this beautiful baby as Tom’s son and respected that he was a package deal, and she loves that sweet baby boy and Bridget Monihan is secure with Giselle being and caring for the child. That isgood and healthy and how it is supposed to be. BUT one has to watch their words in public as to not seem to be, “Well, I got the man and I have his kids by another woman, his ex, and I just have to push the child’s mother totally out. Mine,all mine.”
    You know what I mean?

  • tina

    Well, I want to know who made her dress and where I can get it myself. Other than that, this pig-face is not worth another thought.

  • Weber from Brazil

    She looks ugly and old….

  • CanadaGirl

    She got tired of people telling her the truth I guess. If you can’t take the heat get the hell out of another woman’s kitchen!

  • Louise

    What is that dress she is wearing?? Does anyone know the brand? I love it!

  • Serio

    This happens all the time. It’s not like Leanne and Eddie were the first to commit adultery. Everyone know of someone that has cheated. This doesn’t sound like there’s any justice but many people cheat on their spouse. It’s not right and yes, it hurts the one that still loves you but why would you want to stay with someone that doesn’t love you anymore. Get up and do yourself and your children a favor. Let it go and start a new life. You’re going to be happier in the long run. This comment isn’t to Leanne or any of her “so called” fans but to the one that she and Eddie have hurt.

  • Dooley

    This woman loves the attentions she’s getting for being a Homewrecker…The World gone Crazy!!She’s in the same club has Tigers Sluts.

  • offtheproperty

    It’s tough to find what she was looking for — something akin to true love — especially in Hollywood. I’m glad she found it and I hope it lasts.

  • offtheproperty

    She’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. You can’t sing like that unless there’s a real light of love inside. All the judgmental people should be really happy that they’re probably breaking her heart.

  • Lolzzz

    She behaved badly and is in the public eye. Yeah, people r going to have negative things to say about her and her married boyfriend. She has also continued to be public about the whole unsavory situation. The majority of people are clearly not behind her behavior and her new music. She has also continued to appear unashamed about the whole affair. Instead she is showing more emotion about the “negative” vibes from people on twitter. Honestly, she should lay low instead of looking so smug. It might go a long way towards shifting the “negativity”…she can at least try.

  • betty

    Leann is really delusional does she think Eddie and his kids are her family.If so she really has a problem.and nerve. Shacking up with a married man and looking after another womans kids does not constitute a family. She has stepped way outside of her boundaries. Thats the reason for the backlash. Brandi should reconsider her custody agreement and file for physical and sole custody. Those children should not be subjected to that type of living arrangements anyway since their parents are not divorced and Eddie is not married to Leann.and neither has a clue about decency and respect. Decent men marry before they bring their kids into a household that isn’t their children mothers.Those kids are confused seeing Daddy in bed with their mother now Daddy is sleeping with another woman. Thats too much drama for any kid to be subjected to. Selfish people always get whats coming to them and theirs is just beginning.

  • Danny

    Just exactly does she have to “heal” from. The guilt of lying cheating, adultery, wrecking her marriage and someone else’s?

    Why a hypocritical little tramp. she should rot in hell for what she’s done. At the very least, it’s great that her career is going in to the dumper. No one wants to her this little lying homwrecjers little whining plaintive “songs” anymore.

  • smh

    Trash personified. Can you see Angelina Jolie ever doing something like this? Leann really needs to grow up and get herself some class while she’s at it.


    Sat it isn’t so, Ho.

  • http://deleted sade

    You just had to rush at this one didn’t you? You are some pretty sad people. She did a private concert and looks perfectly happy. That is the one thing about LeAnn; it will take more than you to get her down. Her fans are still behind her and cheering her on. I don’t think LeAnn meant that she was taking these children as her family the way you mean it and criticize her for it. She loves them and has taken them into her heart to love. She has other family. How can you try to hurt someone by saying she is trying to take them away from the mother. You are sadists not LeAnn.


    Fashion DON”T.

    Large sculpured black evening shoes with a light weight silk summer day frock.

  • betty

    Sade Actions speak louder than words. What was all the tweeting about?


    PICTURES: Country Couples

    “Taking a break from twitter for a while,” Rimes wrote. “It’s unhealthy for me and my family to have to read negative comments from people whose opinions have no bearing on my life.”

    Rimes, 27, received a lot of criticism over a set of pictures that showed her kissing her actor boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, 36, as one of his sons sat right beside him.

    She defended her actions and tweeted Thursday, “since when is kissing your boyfriend a crime?!”

  • marisol

    Leanne, with all the negative comments what makes you think you will sell albums like you used to

  • Slig

    Britney speer now smaile hahahahaha .where lindsey why no going in jail

  • Bunny Betsy

    she desreves to be happy


    Yes, the right decision. There are so many haters here in U.S.A ; They have no jobs to do with. SUCH A FLOP. and the UGLY PIG GAY Perez is the sample. His mouth is full of Shhiiiiit

  • Inaru

    Its MY music, MY happiness, MY affair with a married man and YOU should understand. How selfish and egocentric can a person be?!! I’ts YOUR time to go hide under a rock, you and your two timing bastard boyfriend . Bad decisions have bad consequences so shut up and bear them, stop trying to paint yourself as the victim.

  • realdoll2

    Yeah! Now, maybe she and what’s his name will both go away.

  • http://deleted sade


    From your posts don’t think you will understand but she was very happy talking about those little kids. Are you ever happy, betty. When you are you will understand.

  • http://deleted sade

    This is probably the night shift and trainees. They post in early hours and not in prime time. LeAnn must be pretty important for them to be posting nasty things at these hours. Maybe you will get promoted to day shift and can hate LeAnn and Eddie in prime time.

  • jay

    She can’t run from the negativity unless she looks at herself and the reasons people feel so strongly about it. She has to look at herself and see what the real problem is and until then she will be living out her negative Karma! LeAnn you can’t run from yourself.

  • betty

    @Sade This is not about Leanns happiness but 2 innocent children that didn’t ask for all this drama. Who cares whether she is happy or unhappy or any of the adults for that matter they can control their lives the kids can’t. I blame their scumbag of a father for subjecting them to this mess in the first place.You don’t bring a strange woman into your kids lives as a mother figure before you get divorced and have them living in the same household. What kind of child rearing is that especially the woman you cheated on with their mother. What happened to respect and decency and doing the right thing. You can’t raise a kid to be decent if you’re not. The world does not revolve around those clowns as they are beginning to see.Leann is not the kids mother and her actions and behavior should be as such.and have some respect. The ground rules should have been set. Regardless of the things going on there are decent people in this world that are trying to raise their kids with morals and values too bad Eddie is not one of them.

  • hfo

    Brandi is a married woman. If she’s having sex with her new boyfriend that is very IMMORAL behavior for those poor little boys to experience in their mother. SHAMEFUL!!!

  • betty

    hfo- Even if she is she has not been called a tramp and ho and having it with a married man. Brandi respects her kids and would not let her boyfriend do what Leann has done.Since Eddie is married why is Leann living with him?Brandi bashing is not going to help these clowns.

  • Tank

    Eddie’s no where in site. Maybe he’s finally out looking for a job so he can meet his obligations to his kids. I see on Brandi’s twitter that LeAnn hired some jackass to taunt Brandi. Stay strong Brandi. Eddie will payup sooner than later. Don’t sign a thing until you have exactly what you want…in cash. LeAnn’s career is over so they might both be working at KFC before the end of the year. That’s when Eddie will discover the bossom at Bank of America has run dry. (At least he doesn’t have to worry about silicone poisoning)

  • RecExec

    LeAnn can keep her record on the charts by buying her own music. To download a song it costs $1 but the vendor keeps $0.10 and sends $0.90 to the record company who reinvests it in downloading the song again. This, a record company can download the same song 10,000 times for about $1,000. So to keep the song in the top 100 and keep the headline from reading, “Rimes is a has been” her company has to spend only $1,000 to download songs. No doubt this week at CMT her PR staff will make the big push to finally vote her video into the top 20. Vote, vote, vote all you lele lovers. If that video doesn’t make it in this week, she will be offically done…stick a fork in her.

  • ddc

    The person taunting might want educate themselves on Calif use of the internet/social site’s for cyber stalking/harassment.

  • Weber

    gotta luv luv luv leanne’s PR team in pointing out her conservative dress. does this mean the past 2 yrs of mini skirts micro shorts highheels and string bikinis is over. say it ain’t so joe, say it ain’t so. her little ho-strut is the only reason i tuned in. oh well, i guess i’ll go download some carrie underwood music.

  • betty

    Sade FYI There is a 3 hour time difference for some people where this is posted and where they post itis 11:28 PDST where I post.

  • Diane

    I’m here, eddie’s wife’s paid messageboard poster. LOL!!
    Or am I Brandi?Oh well, one or the other will do the trick, I suppose.

    Cripes, she’s now performing at private residences. Her career is soooo sad for the talent she really does have. I didn’t get the “covers” album either, but whatever. Her career is laughable. I doubt her album will sell well at all come October.