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Brad Pitt's Moneyball Set Pictures -- FIRST LOOK!

Brad Pitt's Moneyball Set Pictures -- FIRST LOOK!

Brad Pitt is completely clean-shaven while shooting his new movie, Moneyball, in downtown Los Angeles on Monday (July 12).

It was announced over a year ago that Brad would be playing baseball team Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane, who attempts to draft players to the team using computer-generated analysis.

Today is the second birthday of Brad and Angelina Jolie‘s twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Happy Birthday, you two!!!

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brad pitt moneyball beard 01
brad pitt moneyball beard 02
brad pitt moneyball beard 03
brad pitt moneyball beard 04
brad pitt moneyball beard 05
brad pitt moneyball beard 06
brad pitt moneyball beard 07
brad pitt moneyball beard 08

Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN, Flynetonline
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  • sissysissy

    am i the first?

    Brad is sooooooooooo hot!!!

  • Lara CROFT TR

    Happy Birthday, Knox and Vivienne. :)

  • Xanda


  • carrie

    alléluia!! good idea to shave his goatee!

  • whoa

    omg!!!! he looks great. he’s had facial hair for so long it’s been hard to tell how young he actually looks clean shaven. angelina loves him no matter what he looks like but i’m sure he’s more kissable without the scratchy beard.

  • Fleur


  • busted


    Well we knew we would see him the minute filming started.

    He was sexy as all get out with the beard.. and he is sexy without the beard..Nothing has changed.. Can’t wait to see him and Angie on the red carpet next week..

    Pitt Po*n… here we come.

  • sherhona

    OMG BRAD!! WHAT A HOTTIE!!! <3<3<3

    happy birthday knox and vivienne! <3

  • an oldie

    One handsome man.

  • WBPfan

    Handsome is handsome!!! Thanks for the new thread Jared!

  • Jane


  • ck_always

    Annnnd he’s back.

  • sharon

    OMG. Brad looks so beautiful.

  • Sofia

    Gosh, He looks SEXY!!!!!!

  • Passing Through

    First of all – Brad looks hot. Secondly – that haircut says one thing to me – Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh! LOL! Dear Lord, that little girl sure favors her daddy in looks…her mother in attitude…but her daddy in looks.

  • sissysissy

    oh, forgot to say Happy Birthday to Knox and Vivienne!

  • roberto

    poor twins. they’re cancerians

  • WBPfan

    Passing Through, I think the exact same thing — Shiloh is a dead ringer for her Dad!!!

  • heee

    too old to play one of the B-ball players

  • Passing Through

    # 371 WHO IS SALT ? @ 07/12/2010 at 4:40 pm
    SALT will open in 72 countries on the foreign market (non US+Canada).
    I am sure, especially in that market, it will make a difference in terms of financial returns and i am totally confident that it will be smash hit !
    Jolie’ international pull is phenomenal.
    Unfortunately Salt is not opening day and date internationally. It’s release is going to be staggered through August & early Sept. with Italy not opening until the end of October, so don’t panic on July 25 when the international numbers look low. They’ll increase in August.

  • roberto

    they’ll end up in jail like lindsey

  • :) lol :)

    he looks better with facial hair now. Something about his chin area. He got a double chin.

  • he blows

    More box office crap from this wooden actor ..I’m sure

  • Sagging Face

    You may want to grow the beard back Mr. Pitt

  • old lady

    Now we can see his dimples. Thanks jj and God bless everybody.

  • Jess



    Angelina Jolie is out promoting her new film Salt. Giving the public a glimpse into her personal life. Everything is going well and what do Showbiz Tonight do. They bring that hateful british b!tch Imogen Lloyd Webber on to talk sh!t about Angelina, just like they did when the VF excerpts came out. The only story these manless, childless hateful b!tches want to here is ” BRAD FINALLY LEFT ANGELINA AND WENT BACK TO JENNIFER-AMERICA’S SWEETHEART”.

    Angelina made it very clear she is with Brad forever. The hate mongers don’t want to hear the truth because the TRUTH HURTS. They rather believe the fabricated stories of fighting and infidelty.
    I can’t wait for Salt to take over the box office to show these trolls why she is the International movie star she is. Angelina promoted her film with class. No naked magazine layout or fake romance.

  • hmmm


  • Celia

    SEXY!!! He’s hot with or without facial hair! :D

  • moneyball~~~blahh

    …but all the numbers in the world don’t come close to describing unique individuals immersed in the present human condition……….ain’t life Gawd damned wonderful and special?…………..too predictable —save your money

  • woogie

    Brad looks SO much better without that ugly aging goat beard!

    He looks so much younger and he should not cover those sexy dimples again!

  • ck_always

    Keeps making me think of Good Will Hunting. It’s crazy how weight and hair can make people look so much younger. Not that he was fat, just pointing out that weight also does physical wonders.

  • Getthefckoffthemeds


    You need to get the heck off the meds chick. I mean, seriously. Not everyone that despises Brangelina is an Aniston fan. My word, you have too much of your life investing in the people. Take a pill. Oh nevermind, it sounds as though you take too many as it is, seek some help.


    I can’t wait for the Premier…with that beautiful pair bringing the heat on the red carpet !

  • Getthefckoffthemeds

    By the way, Bradley needs to find someone else to do his rugs, because that one doesn’t look so hot.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Reposting..Hi every1,Muaah..
    # 398 Neleh @ 07/12/2010 at 5:49 pm 0
    Good evening Neleh here.
    Good evening 2 All JP+6 Fans Lurking & On Board Now.
    Good evening World.
    “Happy 2nd Birthday 2 Vivi & Knox yaaay- the terrible 2’s lol..haha..
    MUCH Fun 4 them 2day, Angelina said so..-Im thinking Water Balloons..gelato lol..
    Cant really stay as I have Class in a bit, late right now, just in case- I wanted 2 say Hello 2 My friends here & wish The Beautiful & oh so sweeet Birthday Twins Much Fun. is the key when you are a it should be..
    So Im rushing- commute you know.
    WBFan hello my darling, how are you- you have been Rocking with your Articles & Posts on the JPs thanku My dear. Bdj..Muaah, 2 you & LLM.
    WBFan wheres that pic, haha wish I could have seen it be4 I leave.
    Ot Strictly.4 the fans
    I think I have th gist of what has been posted..but if this is true I would be sad much. I would.
    I feel dianad is honorable..I hope its not true though dianad- I do- you know what I mean, that would be hard 4 me a bit..
    Hello my darling thelookoflove1365, is true as youve posted..
    Clinqau I miss you 2..Idk words escape me now a bit..just sad 4 me..Ive been around the women here & Im fond of much of you..Idk..
    I want you all 2 be
    Anyhoo must leave..I will try & post later..Voe& Frenchy&TMdelafonda&NAN&Ms.Beth,Old Lady..Hello 2 you..FALP & Ground Control & Lylian & Premalee LCTR..PSA.JM & Decency..Muaah..Truth Hurts..
    sad 4 this..ugh. Hi Gracie & Busted
    2 more

  • teri

    Oh my there he is baby face and sexy as h.ll. I can see why he grew the beard to be taken more seriously than just another pretty boy. Love the JP.

  • WOW

    Brad is so hot.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Still a very good looking man.

  • Moonieball

    Brad takes direct orders from Sun Myung Moon to canvas all of the airports pre 9-11 for “Moonies”,and from these crazy cult flower sellers create a championship calliber baseball team to win the World Series.Sounds better than Moneyball.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Hi Teri ..Brad is BEAUTIFUL.Angelina Is Beautiful..
    # 399 Neleh @ 07/12/2010 at 5:52 pm 0
    Whooo hooo soooo fine so fine Im/we are excited 2 see Brad..Brad Brad Brad haha..Angies business
    Ot Strictly :
    Aunts/Friend/ I sent -it came back..booo..expect words from me, miss you all..Aunt Soopx1 Muaah..Aunt Senior Ive far okey..Hey Pt..
    Holla 2 the Mega4A Ladies/Gents..

  • thelookoflove1365

    Brad looks so boyish with that haircut. Doesn’t Shi resembles her Dad in this picture? LOL, What will the haters hate on Brad now that his beard is gone?

  • Lucky Charm

    Now THIS is the Brad most of us have drooled over, lol! Maybe he asked the twins what they wanted for their birthday today, and little Viv asked her daddy to shave and show off his handsome face. (I know, I know, he shaved for his role, but it was still fun to think that he shaved for his daughter’s birthday)

  • ohwell

    This man is too handsome.

  • teri

    Brad is damn sexy with or without the beard.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    LLM Muaah My dear. Thanku much 4 the GMA video- Lovley Interview.
    Hi Cecile. Nenu Aleine..
    Brad is whooo..hes steaming… theres Only 1 Brad Pitt -Angies got em’ yaay- lol..
    Happy Birthday 2 Knox & Vivi..Blessings Always..
    Please Pardon my mistakes.Im multi tasking-packing up 2 leave.
    Welcome ‘Who Is Salt’ & Sera..Hello..
    Later Neleh.
    Ebmo miss you…Im soo late..Brad has the swagger as Aunt dina always says..Have a lovely evening every1..Neleh

  • http://j ivanka

    wooooooooow finally looking good, shaved;)

  • Lucky Charm

    @heee #20:

    If you even bothered to read the article, it said that he is playing the manager, not a baseball player. Managers are usually older than the players because a lot of them are former players. From your comment I understand two things: 1. Your reading comprehension skills are lacking; and 2. You don’t know anything about baseball.

  • giuiio

    can i ask for what strange reason EVERY SINGLE POST ABOUT BRANGELINA is completely covered by hundreds of messeges??
    I mean, what do you have to say about this couple to write 500 messages everytime??? are your lives so boring and empty?
    get a life. your obsession for this couple is morbid.
    BTW angeline doesn’t deserve all this attention on her. she’s not a good actress. kidman, blanchett, streep, winslet, cotillard, moore are 10000 times better actress than her but it seems the world knows and cares just about angelina. it’s a shame.