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Freida Pinto: Rise of the Rupert Wyatt!

Freida Pinto: Rise of the Rupert Wyatt!

Freida Pinto grabs dinner with her Rise of The Apes director, French filmmaker Rupert Wyatt, in downtown Vancouver, Canada on Sunday (July 11).

The synopsis for the film, which also stars James Franco and John Lithgow, is as follows: An origin story set in present day San Francisco, where man’s own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

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  • Timmy

    Rupert Wyatt is British.

  • Brightside

    She’s beautiful..


    First of all i would like to thank all the westerners for supporting freida.Here in india(IM AN INDIAN TOO) majority of the ppl hate freida due to her dark skin and for being more successful than bolly stars.ONLY ones who make RACIST/HATRED are all indians or some other white wannabe south asians who can’t digest the fact that she is considered as beautiful in America despite being dark

  • Katie

    I really like her! She’s not an attention whore. She isn’t some drama queen, she’s out of the whole hollywood bs scene. And she’s so pretty!

    More freida on the screen please!


    If u guys don’t believe check out pinto’s prev post where there are lot of negative made by crab mentality indians

  • Mal

    #3 your stupid. go and start your drama elsewhere. boohoo! i love Frieda and shes soo pretty

  • GinO

    First idiot to bring skin color to this. quit trolling #3

  • maritza

    yeah I agree with Mal, go away! I hate when there’s a woman of color someone has to constantly bring up race. SHUT UP ALREADY!

    hope to see more of her in the movies !


    Im not lying guys.As i said just go on to prev post of pinto here or checkout popular indian sites like rediff.

  • Teri

    I agree with Mal and Gin, skin color has jack shit to do with Freida.

    GO AWAY!

  • Imran khan

    Yes its indeed true that many indians won’t consider her beautiful due to her skin tone.Biggest selling product in india is fairness cream called fair and lovely.

  • cruz

    @Imran –Who gives a shit?

    In America we like her and want more of her. I’d love to see her in some lead movie roles.

  • Nish

    Frieda is gorgeous okay! Indians are so superficial and shallow, do you indians consider actresses like Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra ugly then since they’re not exactly the fairest people on this planet? Sore losers. frieda is beautiful, not all indians are fair, and even if they aren’t some of them are still dusky complexioned and pretty. Don’t mock. Every race has its own fair share of ugly people, just because you are fair doesn’t mean you are good looking. that’s a whole load of crap. LOSERS!

    And for the rest making racist comments if there are, get a life morons, the world is always at unrest because of shit heads like you.

  • Slig

    I dont like this girl .i do no why

  • la

    shes so gorgeous

  • Jessic

    great actress

  • Stevey

    Love her. Gorgeous.

  • Conando

    She’s beautiful but the movie sounds like crap.

  • All Women Stalker

    Gorgeous. Here’s to hoping her next films will not be as “silly” as Dev’s.

  • Anil

    Indian is the skin bleaching capital of the world. They only use actresses in Bollywood movies who are half Afghani or half Persian. Indians practice color apartheid against there own population because they all want to be white and they worship the British. They would deplore actresses like Mindy Kaling and Freida Pinto because they are dark-skinned and do not have light colored eyes. Indians from Indians are filled with self-hate and disgust for themselves.

  • quilla

    Love her outfit…Simple yet classy!!!

  • geetanjali

    she is my Inspiation.Smart an confidant woman.Miral looks promising.cant wait to watch it.

  • bashfully

    I am shocked at some comments directed at FP by some Indians. Stuff like she looks like a maid etc. I don’t get it. Do maids have a certain look?
    They always say someone called Karina Kapor is prettier than her. Well, I checked out KK and she is not beautiful at all. She has a huge face and head, her eyes are too close set together unlike Freida’s beautiful wide spaced eyes. KK has very wide masculine jaws and huge bags under her eyes. Maybe it’s because I am not Indian but I prefer FP’s high cheekbone, and symmetrical face to KK’s asymmetrical face. I find KK middle eastern with very strong features. They are beautiful as kids but once they grow up their features get too strong and extreme and masculine.

  • ahad

    i luv her cheek bones and her bone structure,shes reli pretty and the best part is tht shes never caked up wid excessive make up,shes such a natural and her dressing sense is to die for.she dresses too well!

  • chica

    shes so versatile,smetyms she luks so simple and smetyms shes exotic as hell!

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