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Kate Bosworth: Bristol Farms with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth: Bristol Farms with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth and her True Blood beau Alexander Skarsgard pick up a bag full of groceries from Bristol Farms supermarket on Sunday afternoon (July 11) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the happy couple picked up some new threads from the Burberry store in Beverly Hills. There, Kate was seen trying on new threads and checking out the director of VIP services’ new iPad.

FYI: Kate is wearing MiH London Boy Cropped jeans in ‘Cape’ wash.

And check out the preview below of next Sunday’s all-new episode of True Blood!

“True Blood” Season 3 Episode 5 Promo Trailer

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Alex Skarsgard grocery shopping…

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kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 01
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 02
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 03
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 04
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 05
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 06
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 07
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 08
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 09
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 10
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 11
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 12
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 13
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 14
kate bosworth bristol farms alexander skarsgard 15

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  • Franck

    FIRST !
    All untagged UHQ pictures here:

  • evathediva

    JJ, thanks for the play by play of Askars and KBones. Will you please notify me of their next trip to the toilet please.That seems to be missing in the online itinerary.

  • BEAN

    Someone please tell me how this dude is sexy? The haircut and the style sucks.

  • Wicked

    These are the same photos from yesterday.

  • i heart that

    They don’t look like a couple.

  • true blood

    Alex looks good but he does not look happy.

  • Juno

    Where do you come up with these headlines?

  • Heidi

    I love seeing little snippets of their life together.

  • Juno

    He looks pissed not happy.

  • Sherry

    @BEAN: Google naked pictures of him, it’s pure sexiness… Also, his smile is sincere and gorgeous.

  • p.b

    talk about over kill jj are u personaly following them round with a camera so that you can keep puttin this BS showmance on hear 24/7, KB IS NOT worth all this f*ing publicity, when you see AS next can u tell him to smile!!! fed up of seein him sulkin. think its time he got a really woman that can bring back his smile

  • mememe

    Ok, when they first started dating and everyone was all “oh, he so does not want to be seen with her / there’s no real feelings from him for her / he doesn’t enjoy her company” – i was thinking it was just a couple of crazy women wh couldnt handle the fact that he was dating someone. And ok, i joined in because denial helps sometimes LOL.

    But OH MY GOD – i just can’t take the awkwardness anymore!!!! How does this relationship keep going on and on and on? I really feel for Alex – i think he seems the kind of guy who just likes the idea of being in a relationship and likes the beginning-part of it when it’s all fun etc etc but now the grim, hard reality of life with a generic, famevvhore blonde has-been actress is setting in

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …is it me or are all these threads the fcuking same. ahahahaha.. why is it every time jared post about them it always seems to be the same shiit over and over again. is alex the only way that fug non-working biish can make it onto this site?

  • Sweet Pea

    It looks like he was running errands with her and the photogs caught up with them.

    I hate to say but it seems like she does call them. They always know where to find her when she’s with him.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @karma23: ..she’s not even d-list. she’s z-list to no-list. to be an actress you actually have to act.

  • well duh

    this is getting creepy, i don’t even know these people yet i know what they do everyday in their free time. JJ i know your on their payroll but please only notify us about stuff that matters, not their grocery shopping.. creepy

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • evathediva

    someone please pass the popcorn…anyone going to the concessions?

  • ITA

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Apparently so. No one is interested in her unless Skarsgard is there.

  • Shell

    This girl looks a mess.

  • Sasha

    She looks like she slept in those clothes. Why oh WHY won’t she do something with herself? She always looks so crumbled up and painfully plain. A cute sundress, normal shoes, a spot of makeup, SOMETHING.

  • eightball

    Kate Bosworth looks like she doesn’t bath.
    Even on his worst day, Alexander Skarsgard looks like he showers on a regular basis.

  • Halle

    I think this is FWB at best. She is like a lap dog looking for affection.

  • xfiles

    Poor guy. She called the paps.
    You can tell he hates it and she loves it.

  • New flavors

    These two are the ‘Flavor of The Month’ just now and JJ is capitalizing on it while it lasts. Makes sense. Personally, I’m so sick of ‘Brangelina’ and ‘Crazy Cruise and his Robo-Kate’ that this is a welcome respite.

  • evathediva

    @eightball: maybe thats why he has that look on his face, she stinks? dunno?



  • cathy

    Now everyone can see the biggest difference between Kate and
    Miranda. Miranda is a classy and beautiful woman who would never be seen in clothes that look like that-unkempt and way too big for her. Even after a 12-14hr flight Miranda looks better than this. I think Kate is holding her hair in the one picture because if it flies away all you can see it is almost all fake.
    OMG I can’t understand how Kate can be with this man he totally ignores her never even looks at her and dosen’t ever seem to want to touch her. Remember the pics of the two of them in their swimming suits, Kate was literally laying on top of him and he just kept reading his script!!
    Why are we even walking about these two people? Does anyone really care? She is a publicity whore and will do whatever it takes to get publicity.

  • lucy

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  • Sasha

    @CINDY C:
    Joe Manganiello’s body is beautiful. His nose bothers me at certain angles but he is nice to look at.

  • Miri

    How come in every paparazzi picture these two are caught in, Alex seems to be looking in a lot of pain, while that anemic-walking-stick is always smiling? as far as I understand, celebrity’s don’t really like paparazzi’s, not to mention smiling to them.
    Can it get more obvious that Kate calls the paparazzi? We know many celebrity’s do that, but COME ON, she’s smiling DIRECTLY at the camera! 4 times!
    Alex is very clever and no one can deny that, but I myself have no idea why he’s hanging (not dating, no proof of that!) around with that creature.
    I think that Alex probably knows her father or something, or maybe the second option (the more reasonable for me) is that she’s blackmailing him. That’s right, BLACKMAILING.

    Either these two will admit to be dating or just being friends (I’m guessing we’ll hear it from Kate her-majesty her self) or Alex’s image will be ruined cause of that b*tch!

    I really hate her. Absolutely pathetic excuse for an actress (jobless for several months now!!)!!

    Alex is hot no matter what he wears, and as for hanging around with Kate, I see her more as Alex’s prop. A very ugly prop, yes, but still a prop.

  • stacy

    I guess now that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are done, and therefore she is no longer remotely interesting, JJ has to fill his days blogging about Kate Bosworth, who is also unemployed yet so frequently photographed, because she has a cute boyfriend. Doesn’t anyone interesting ever get photographed anymore?

    I will say though, Kate Bosworth is FAR less offensive than Rachel Bilson and at least has some discernable talent other than shopping.

  • k

    He never looks happy when with her. You see him with other friends and he’s happy, but with the exception of a few times he never looks happy.
    If he doesn’t like the photogs attention, he should get away from her quick!

  • LA

    Kate is a natural beauty!

  • Rachel

    He’s so hot! I just want to get on him and wiggle. =)

  • Jenny

    I love how you all comment on how “not happy” he looks, well i guess he doesn’t look that happy. But I will tell you that Alexander is one of the happiest and funniest person i’ve ever met. All of the Skarsgård brothers are very easy going. I know one of his brothers very well and I just wanted to say that even though he looks angry, he has always been happy when i’ve been around him.

    Kate I don’t know if i like, i mean, has she been in any movies lately? As far as i remenber, she is not that good of an actress? Or is she? I dont know, she seems very plain and boring to me.

    anyway, here are some goodbye hugs from Sweden =)

  • @Rachel

    That’s funny! They’re a hot couple!

  • Hotness

    Last summer I was hooked on True Blood’s season 2 and I was stunned by the presence and performance of ASkars.

    Now that I see like 10 stories about him every day, where he spent July 4th, how many apricots he bought from the grocery store and what book he read when he was on the plane and blah blah blah… I just feel tired.

    I mean I still love him but this Bosworth-less thing is a disease and it’s only gonna get him to the d-listers in Hollywood.

    Why the hell does he stay with her anyway?
    Is it because of the gay rumors?
    Still, he can do really better than that.

  • k

    @Jenny: It’s not that I think he is an unhappy person, far from it. But he SEEMS unhappy when WITH HER. Not when he is with his friends, or in interviews.

  • Hey

    so the good news is that he should be leaving for sweden in a week or so. since there are no professional paps in sweden, hopefully we won’t see either of them until september.

  • lagom


    What about Gustaf? I always had the impression he was kind of pompous and judgemental – he certainly looks very arrogant in the pictures i’ve seen of him. So i’m surprised you say he is easy-going??

  • wowowow

    i find it odd that only she is photographed inside Burberry. Their publicist is dropping the ball. Try harder. It’s become way too easy.

  • Publicity is publicity

    LOL – however hard you all may bash ‘em, these two seem to generate more comments than many other more well-known celebrities do here. I guess it’s true, that publicity is publicity – whether it’s good OR bad. Certainly gets their names (and faces) out in front.

  • mari

    I don’t care if they are a couple or not, but why does this page always put a stress on “the happy couple”. Sounds rather fishy to me as if it has to be ingrained into us and that makes me always a bit suspicious that something might not be true after all.

  • wowowow

    also look on x17. the headline is always about kate and her boyfriend, when it is quite clear alex is the one on a successful television show and is the sought after actor in the relationship. it is so transparent.

  • rock n roll queen

    i just watched episode 4 it was rather good but i expected more based on its trailer i wonder when sookie n eric will get together 4 real

  • is he there?

    BTW – although it’s labeled that they both went shopping in Burberry, there are no photos of him in there, just her and her stylist (woman with glasses and plaid/motorbike jacket). You see him outside the store (photo 11) and it looks like they walked up separately (now that we can see all of the pics on X17). So, JJ – did they even go shopping there together (now that we’re breathlessly covering their every move)?

  • JM

    JJ, you & their PR firm is trying Wayyyy to hard. It’s so obvious Kate has paps on speed dial. She’s smiling at the camera. I want to know who the other blonde is, the one Alex actually touched outside while shafting Kate. Is that their publicist? This trainwreck is entertaining but as Hotness pointed out, I’m tired and I think it’s having an influence on my view of True Blood. Eric just isn’t doing it for me anymore which is a shame since by season 4, the charachter should be front & center. I really hope Alex does us all a favor & leaves Bones behind when he goes to Sweden. We ALL need a break!

  • Weird

    seriously this is ridiculous. People like Alex not Kate and Kate is the one smiling like everyone wants a pic of her. Why is she smiling directly at the camera and almost talking to the paps? She definitlely called them for their yesterday excursions. Poor Alex, he is stuck now!! Stage 5 Clinger and that is serious sh*t when it comes to Bosworth. She is going to demand affection next time watch. Why does he look in pain or angry? Is it a show to pretend he is angry? Must be b/c this has happened so many times now and yet they are still hanging out. He is in on the jig…sorry but Alex is a famewh*re too. Pathetic. He knows once the vampire crap is over(another year) then he has nothing. He is freaked and desperate and the video crap didn’t help that for his leading man status. Those images of him licking, biting, grabbing, and gyrating on that dude will never go away. Sorry but most straight guys don’t play like that drunk. Some serious latent tendencies showed themselves.
    Besides Kate has to keep this up b/c Orlando and Miranda ARE happily together and getting married. She is eaten up inside no matter how much she tries to fake it. And Miranda is one of a kind and so classy, beautiful, sweat, spiritual, and just ….perfect. Good job Orlando for ditching this crazed out, cranked out, hoed-out sk*ank, and getting the real deal.

  • donnaflopp

    All these reports and NEVER any real PDA?!?! I’m blonde but not *that* stupid. Why work so hard and achieve so little?

    I look more in love with my friends than he does with her. WTF is up with this charade? Straw Dogs is going straight to DVD with or without this shizzle.