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Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough: Kiss Kiss!

Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough: Kiss Kiss!

That’s amore!

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough share a passionate kiss as they ride on a boat on Wednesday (July 7) in Portofino, Italy.

The American Idol host, 35, and Dancing with the Stars performer, 21, held hands and snuggled together on a couch after their steamy kiss.

Ryan and Julianne also grabbed dinner with pals Ben Silverman and Jennifer Cuoco at a seafood restaurant before spending the evening on a yacht together.

FYI: Julianne is wearing a Viereck summer dress!

25+ pictures inside of Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough‘s romantic day on the water in Italy…

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ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 01
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 02
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 03
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 04
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 05
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 06
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 07
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 08
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 09
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 10
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 11
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 12
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 13
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 14
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 15
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 16
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 17
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 18
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 19
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 20
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 21
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 22
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 23
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 24
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 25
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 26
ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss 27

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  • Celia

    I’m just shocked Ryan Seacrest is kissing a girl. I thought he was gay?

  • KellStar

    mmm seafood…

  • Sean

    He’ll come out of the closet like Ricky Martin sooner or later. He faked a relationship with a woman as well. Even had twins.

  • wow

    i always thought he was gay. huh.

  • Paulie

    Who are they trying to kid?!?

    I guess Seacrest learned a lot from his mentor Merv Griffin.

  • missy

    being female is becoming embarrassing. Is there anything some girls won’t do for a buck?

  • ron jon

    He looks so uncomfortable. gross…

  • http://j ivanka

    i like them together, i dont get why all the hate


    So gay. I love the way he’s looking at the camera whenever possible instead of at Julianne, who’s amazingly hot.

  • Conando

    Wtf is this? He’s gayer than a handbag full of rainbows and she’s too pretty to be wasted as his beard.

  • Ish

    Is this a JOKE?

  • Slig

    Kiss kiss kiss kiss .me to i have girlfriend beautiful

  • [marie]

    S t a g e d. . .

  • Rachel

    I love her hair

  • nvrmnd

    S t a g e d I n d e e d. . .

  • Criss

    Who are they trying to fool? I’m not buying it.
    Ryan is so gay and Julianne is so fake : perfect beard

  • Ms. Anonymous

    People really need to let the gay rumors lie, grow up a bit.

  • blahzae

    Hes looking right the cameras and smiling
    this is so STAGED
    even if he is straight, which i doubt greatly
    its still a pr stunt lol

  • OH

    And the Academy Award goes to….. RYAN SEACREST for “Beautiful Lies!”

  • Dooley

    She has Beauty,Fame and Money..Why???Would she want to be with that Old Guy?

  • mailey

    this is really gross.

    he’s totally looney and she’s 21 going on 45. she looks really old!!

  • Jenna

    If he were gay, why would he hide it? Maybe it is only here on the west coast, but being gay is viewed very favorably… Perhaps more so than being strait.

    He is 35 and she is 21. Does anyone else find that disgusting? Would someone please explain to me why men date girls so young? I am not much older than her, and I would not dream of dating a man in his mid thirties.

    @missy: So true.

  • Alias

    She’s only using him to help her music career, considering how artificial and fake her singing voice is, she’ll need all the help she can get. Also, isn’t she a virgin (she says)?, I doubt very much she’ll lose it to this “man”. LOL

  • belle

    awww… what a cute couple… more kissin! ;0)

  • slambang

    Jared, that was a hardly a “passionate” kiss. LOL I agree with everyone who said it looks staged.

  • missy


    a show on E! they are all whores and its giving girls a bad name!

  • j

    yup totally staged!! smile at the camera ryan!! lol they look like total actors, but of course! gay or not, this is a pr stunt!

  • Jaded

    What I don’t understand is when a picture of Jessica Simpson kissing her boyfriend in very much the same way showed up yesterday everyone was commenting that she was a whore because she had her legs around him but when this girl does it they’re cute.
    I don’t get it. Is it because Jessica was on a boat in a foreign country and the paps caught her having a silly moment with a telephoto lens and it’s genuine or is it because this looks so staged she can’t be doing something wrong.

  • Jessic

    Jail bait city

  • NJS

    I think he and Julianne make a great couple!!! Why does everyone think he’s gay???? Basically it’s just a popular notion to think Ryan is gay and Simon and AI played it up. Seriously, would Ryan allow American Idol and Simon to even make fun of his sexuality if the rumors were were true? Let’s think logically here people.

  • Me

    I’m shocked that anyone would think Julianne is doing this for publicity. Those who think Ryan is gay are idiots. I never thought he was gay in the first place, despite the rumors! What has he done to make you think that?

  • retrobanana

    i love both of these stars but SEPERATELY!!!!! this just looks odd and creepy i love you juliannne…but ryan belongs solo…he doesnt fit in with the ladies!

  • Joan

    Hope she enjoys being a beard

  • Katy

    Country girls prefer older men, eh?

  • lola

    This screams beard! Ryan is gay, everybody around him knows.

  • Sharon

    I like Ryan and I think it’s nice to see a picture of him having fun and not working. So much hate here… so much hate everywhere. They are cute together and look like they are enjoying each other’s company. It is not for us or anyone to judge…. get a life people!

  • N

    The difference is the guy JS is with is legally seperated from his wife. I am not sure when his divorce will be final. People consider him to still be married and dating JS. RS has never been married, so no problem for some folks there. But for me, the age difference is an issue. In some of the photos RS is looking right at the camera as if he knows they are there. I am not a fan of his and I hope he is not using JH and I am also afraid she is going to get hurt.

  • adrianna

    i thought she wanted to stay virgin until marriage !!! well is ryan ok with the fact that he can not have sex with her ?

  • Qiana

    Ryan isn’t gay and she isn’t fake.

  • Elle

    I love Ryan. He is definitely gay and closeted.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    ANOTHER timely post, JJ. You are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel this week, dude.

  • me

    You can tell it is all staged for the cameras.. and yes he does look very uncomfortable.. I never knew if he was gay or not because i never seen him with a girl or a guy, though I did see him kinda go nuts over a girl that tried out for American Idol, the bikini girl remember ??.. But seeing him with a girl now just shows that he is gay because he looks sooo uncomfortable and its all just sooo staged out,, he neds to just admitt it and get it over with..

  • Duke3051

    I am 63 and she looks good to me!

  • Northern CA. Correspondent

    I’m embarrassed, in a way, to say this: He is much more interesting/intriguing as a (would-be?) gay man.

  • bianca

    SHE WOULD BE A SENIOR IN COLLEGE!! so not ok in the real world. if she wasn’t famous and he was dating a college student pople would have a hayday. Ewwww. And whats with her and older men?

  • TC

    What in the world happened to Julianne Hough???? Why are her parents allowing her to run around with a much older guy and carrying on in public in Italy like that??? For a young woman of 21, Julianne has finally shown her true colors..she’s has no class with very loose morals. She has been through so many men at such a young age..first it was Zach Wilson, Kevin Connelly, Chuck Wicks, Dane Cook, Jared (can’t remember his last name), and now Ryan Seacrest.
    She strung along her poor former fiance Zach Wilson who thought they would eventually tie the know but didn’t. I am glad he found someone else who was more mature and emotionally to settle down with.

    Julianne is man crazy..she would eventually marry several times during her lifetime. She truly has disappointed me.

    Apolo Anton Ohno was the only the smart one who didn’t fall for her. He is a very respectable Olympian who didn’t fall for her charms while he was on DWTS. I could now understand why he shunned her.

  • Teresa

    Shame on Ryan Seacrest for robbing the cradle! There are plenty of eligible women in Hollywood who are mature, intelligent, and closer to his age who can be his special one. If he’s using a young 22 year old woman to cover up his sexuality, Ryan ought to be ashamed of himself!

    Now, I read the Julianne wants to move in with him in his mansion which is worth millions of dollars compared to her apartment. She maybe interested in his millions and as a career booster. What is with Julianne and her penchant for much older men??? She should be dating men closer to her age and just enjoy her singlehood. Julianne always had a history for falling for every guy she meets! She must be terribly insecure even though she has a great career in showbiz except the country singing.

  • Bea

    I was never a fan of Ryan Seacrest and never watched him on any tv show. I read that he’s a real pansy hiding in the closet. If he is , why not come out and admit it ! No more of this nonsensical charade and putting a false front. Ricky Martin, the late Rock Hudson, singer George Michaels, Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, and others came out of the closet without being shy. It’s better to be honest than being dishonest with the public…cuz the public are too intelligent and they know way ahead of time of what’s cooking! Can never never fool the public.

  • Theresa

    She better be careful..she might end up getting AIDS down the if she continues with her haphazard behavior!

  • Enchantress CandieGoddess

    Wow!…i do think it’s staged also!…however the relationship has been going on since July..It’s a POSSIBLITY RYAN IS STRAIGHT! i think Ryan’s intent ws to confuse us at 1st..”the mystery about him being gay or straight”..It makes him more interesting!..SO, it could be that he’s ready to make us think he’s straight & then switch it on us after his career is all washed up & come out with a book saying…”how i lived my life in the closet in front of the whole world”.. no one can really say for sure except Ryan! he seems to be a master at public influence..everything he touches turns to gold..including his own money-making image !. I will say the kiss looks staged, now it very well could be that they’re just ‘timid’when it comes to love-childlike–not Angelina & Brad Pitt type passion,…more demure! That’s possibly what attracts them to each other…BUT I WON’T BE SURPRISED IF THE ENTIRE AFFAIR IS STAGED…THEY BOTH NEED THE PUBLICITY TO GIVE THEIR CAREERS A BOOST!…especially julianne. She left her last boyfriend/fiancee quickly after dancing with the stars didn’t boost their career(s). Ryan Seacrest is a hot ticket!…It works we’re all talking about it and trying to figure it out!