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Sienna Miller: Dual Passport Travel!

Sienna Miller: Dual Passport Travel!

Sienna Miller holds onto both her American and British passports as she makes her way through a security checkpoint at LAX airport on Friday (July 9) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 28-year-old British actress and a mystery male were seen leaving a meeting at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, Sienna was seen spending quality time with her beau, Jude Law, in London.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller back in Los Angeles…

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sienna miller passport 01
sienna miller passport 02
sienna miller passport 03
sienna miller passport 04
sienna miller passport 05
sienna miller passport 06
sienna miller passport 07
sienna miller passport 08
sienna miller passport 09
sienna miller passport 10

Credit: Sharky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Slig

    Huh .i hate she

  • Slig

    Im best

  • zend

    I actually like her when she’s with jude. She’s just so broken without him.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Her sorry excuse for a career is just about over. She has no new movies coming out except for that hippie flick filmed back in 2007 which will probably get released straight to the bargain bin. I guess that’s what happens when your claim to fame is sleeping with famous men.

  • Alaia

    I know a lot of people hate her, but I think she’s a great actress. Has anybody seen Interview or Factory Girl? You’ll probably give me a thumbs down for having a different opinion, but oh well.

  • Danny

    This woman is not worth a JJ blog. If she didn’t have sex with famous men, no one would know her. Jude Law is an idiot to hang around this trash.

  • Dance In The Dark

    So unbelievably plain looking, you wouldn’t give her a second glance in the street …

    … oh and she’s also a terrible actress and i’m glad her career has finally gone down the toilet, which explains why she’s settled for Jude again! Got to keep on the gossip pages eh Sienna?!

  • Alexa

    And *why* does she have a US passport, may I ask?
    She’s such a waste of space. Urgh.

  • Mark

    I thought it was illegal to travel with two passports?

  • N

    @ Alexa – she was born in the US so she automatically qualifies for a US passport and her father is American.

    @ Mark – it’s not illegal to travel with two passports if you have dual nationality.

  • lisa

    to all you mean and jealous people get a flipping life. sienna is awesome

  • masculim

    oh Sienna that outfit is awful!!!

  • Dana

    Horrible, ignorant people! Sienna is a lovely, natural actress, who took London in storm, when she was on stage in “As You Like It”. Shakespeare anyone? Half of your Hollywood “beautiful darlings” would not even understand Shakespeare.

    Lovely, talented and very modest girl. Eat your heart out, Sadie Frost!

  • mailey

    I also have dual British and American citizenship and I always carry both passports with me.

  • Dance In The Dark

    LMAO at the desperate Sienna fans, trying to salvage any praise for her. I wonder if they are American or Britain? In the UK most of us certainly don’t like her and see her for what she really is; a fame hungry nobody who simply spreads her legs to get a part. Disgusting. I’ve seen plenty of interviews with her, each show her as lacking in intelligence, realism and any concept of what hard work really is. What bugs me the most is that she will always be around, like a disease, but for newspaper column inches and not any glimpse of talent. She deserves that rat Jude, I wish they would both just disappear and fade into oblivion where they belong.

  • Gavin

    @Dance In The Dark:

    For someone who doesn’t like Sienna, you sure have an interest in her, watching her interviews and bothering posting hateful comments about her.

    You made your point, now go and get a life, loser.

  • Dance In The Dark


    But obviously it stirred a reaction in you because you felt compelled to reply …

  • Jake

    @Dance In The Dark:

    Bang on.

    She is such a waste of space. She’s isn’t even pretty and her ‘acting’ is laughable.

    Ignore the haters, you’re absolutely right, they just have no concept of reality (like Miller I guess …)

  • JaneB

    I too like Sienna as an actress and I thinks she comes over as completely natural when she’s not on screen or stage. No hours and hours spent trying to look polished and scrubbed like a lot of celebs with tons of make-up. She’s made bad choices in her life, but I believe she was truly devastated when Jude cheated on her. Just because she slept with a married man, doesn’t make her a bad actress just someone with bad judgement. She’s just living her life and I don’t think that she deliberately courts the press, they follow her! The only thing I am slightly suspect about is her reuniting with Jude Law – I have yet to see her smile when she is with him which makes me wonder if she hs yet again made another bad judgement call. Like everyone who is young, attractive and single, she is looking for the ‘one’ but is it Jude? Time changes things and she may feel that whereas he was once her great love, second time around is somehow never as good as the first time, despite the way it all ended.

  • yap

    @Dance In The Dark, your so right! shes such a waste, but she will always be around, even when shes jobless.

    seriously! this little trash is not awsome!!

  • Ladyb

    Sorry, when she first came unto the scene, I liked her. But not anymore, she has a very foul mouth and she fills entitled. Someone above me is right. Just listen to her interviews.

  • mila

    I loooooove Sienna, she seems like a lovely girl. Love her movies too. Her and Jude are perfect together.

  • eww

    she looks like whole hy f*** her …
    sean penn, josh hartnett, balthazar g, jude law, daniel craig, leo dicaprio, jared leto, rhys ifans …

  • dizzy

    Sienna is full of it, just like the rest of her clan of so called fashion designers and actresses.

  • Joan

    Look at Sienna’s publicist posting here under different names

  • b real

    she doesn’t have a team of makeup crew everyday like cheryl tweedy/cole…. she very au naturalle. i think i like her

  • ace11

    husband stealer

  • Taylor

    Jane B, I agree with your post. I think and I hope she’s realized that she has made a very bad choice and hopefully is planning on changing things in the near future. I think she went back to jude to spruce up her career, but I think he’s getting more of the benefit that she has. She is young and she should be with someone that doesn’t have so much baggage and will actually help her career and her image.

  • Jake


    Look how many people are logging in as different people just to get other people’s opinions removed.

    I thought comments were taken down if they were threatening/pornographic/spamming, not just someone’s viewpoint, which last time I checked they were completely entitled to.

    I have to hand it to Sienna’s PR team though, they certainly earn their wages! (not that they are busy at the office booking auditions HAHAHA!)

  • Jake

    It’s fine anyway, she’ll hit 30 soon and the phone will stop ringing.

  • lol

    seems like her mustache is her trademark

  • Alaia

    @Jake: Well I’m most certainly not posting under a different name. People seem to ignore the rave reviews she got for The Edge of Love, Interview and she was definitely pointed out as being the best thing about that crappy film. I’m just a mere mortal stating my opinion, just like you.

  • CanadaGirl

    Sienna looks very chic and that black bag is absolutely divine – love bags with all kinds of hardware. Everything about her in these photos in “on,” she has everything right.
    I agree with the OP – it is nice to see her sans tons of makeup and poshed up hair. Sienna is refreshingly natural.

  • DarkEmpress


    I have two passports, I could have had 3.

  • Sasha

    @CanadaGirl: And now she is back with Jude you think she is nice? I bet you you are an old fat boring person……

  • Sasha

    I am an old fat boring person, I need a life.

  • Tony

    Have you ever heard her in an interview? She just might be one of the stupidest people alive. Every time she opens her mouth, she insults someone. Now she’s getting old and looking rough, and these “boho” outfits she wears look silly, and she’s not going to be able to flash her boobies any more to get a job. She’s got no projects lined up at all, now. Her career is pretty much over, and the only thing going for her is that she’s boffing that deadbeat dad nanny tapper Jude Law. Hard to tell which one of them is dumber.

    JJ the comment policy is just a joke when a stars PR can log on and get rid of anything they disagree with.

  • Tony

    To compensate for my lack of self-actualization, I heap mounds of criticism on others because it makes me forget that I’m one great big loser.

  • Amanda

    She is very easy

  • Cutie

    It is so obvious that negative comments come from one person.Toni is Jake, is Dancer in the Dark is Danny is Tayler…What a loser.

  • megan

    Does anyone know who makes her black purse?

  • http://none Faith

    She is a very lucky girl to have Jude. But I think she will not be good for him. He is ready to settle down and find someoine who is sincere and will help with the kids etc. She is interested in Sienna and just Sienna. She’s using him now for attention, but he must not know it . I feel sorry for Jude–the women in his life, which are not very many actually, have all been so egotistical and self-centered. They probably hurt him a lot more than he ever hurt them. Sienna needs to grow up and stop lusting after attention and celebrity. Jude doesn’t need another child.