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Channing Tatum & Jeremy Renner: Shirtless Studs

Channing Tatum & Jeremy Renner: Shirtless Studs

Channing Tatum and The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner go shirtless while soaking in the sun at the beach in Ischia, Italy on Tuesday (July 13).

The twosome, who was seen play fighting, was accompanied by Chan‘s bikini-clad wife Jenna Dewan.

The trio was in town for the Ischia Global Film And Music Festival. On Sunday, Chan was honored with the Belstaff Award, which celebrates emerging actors.

FYI: Jenna is wearing an Armani Exchange Silk Halter Romper.

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channing tatum jeremy renner shirtless 01
channing tatum jeremy renner shirtless 02
channing tatum jeremy renner shirtless 03
channing tatum jeremy renner shirtless 04
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Credit: Gigi Iorio; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • M

    Hes put on a little weight

  • hola

    Chaning is fat :O

  • jb

    i think channing looks hot :)

  • Jimi

    He getting bitch tits…. Awwww the married life..

  • Elle

    “shirtless studs” … comment.

  • hmm

    He had to bulk up for the role…athough I must say I expected him to have more muscles. But wtv.

  • Jimi

    They censored me WTF…. He’s starting to show the beginning signs of man mammaries… Is that better Jared????

  • elise

    wow. looks way different from his “she’s the man” days, haha. he seems really sweet though.

  • Alaia

    Love Jeremy Renner. Channing Tatum, not so much. Awful actor.

  • Dasha

    Chan where’s your hot body??? He looked soooo fine in “she’s the man” but i still love him

  • ok

    He seems like a really nice guy but damn she can do so much better lol

  • Chan’s Hot Always

    I knew people would say he was fat. There is nothing wrong with Chan’s HOT body.

    When he is filming a movie Chan always looks in top shape if the movie requires it so give him a break whilst celebrating his anniversary with wife and friends.

    I’m glad Chan is not a freak and into his body so much that he always has to look 100% perfect kind of perfect but still a normal guy.

    Look at Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone etc who cannot accept their age and have major surgery and look truly awful in appearance.

    No, I like Chan he is realistic whilst playing his movie roles and when he wants to relax can drink a beer without thinking do I look fat and what does Hollywood/fans think.

    Real fans don’t care about his weight anyway.

    Probably, take him a few weeks to get the body like in Dear John.

    Whatever, you think about him he’s always going to be hotter than the average guy anyway.

    Keep doing your thing your way Chan.

    All the people hating on his looks, would love to see a picture of what you look like so we can start picking.

  • MissAnthropica

    He seems more into the other actor than his own wife o.0?

  • Dennis


    It’s Channing Tatum. This shouldn’t surprise you.

    How HE Doin’???

  • Catchy

    he can keep himself fit only for the movies. in real life he’s a bit shapeless :(

  • http://j ivanka

    this is what married life does to you

  • Ash

    HOT 2SOME!!

  • Min

    Man that is the beach I use to go every year.

  • WTF – He’s Fine

    Channing Tatum is hot guy and a great actor.

    The fact that Jeremy Renner is standing behind Channing Tatum thinking I need to lift some weights tells me anyone standing next to Channing Tatum should be worried because he is so fit. He must also be a cool guy because everyone seems to want to hang with him.

    @ MissAnthropica & Dennis – somehow, I think he is very much into his wife i.e. 1 year anniversary so grow up. Clearly states that all three plus more stars are in town for Ischia Global Film And Music Festival so hence the new buddy doesn’t mean he ignores his wife whilst there. Stop making up stories people.

    To say he doesn’t look as good as “She’s the Man” is pretty stupid of course not his grown up since then. In fact he looks better and his wife isn’t complaining so lucky.

    @ Catchy – Channing Tatum can do what he wants it’s not your body to judge. I didn’t know you met him? Why he must stay fit all the time to make you happy WTF what about what he wants and he seems happy to me so best of luck to all three.

    Enjoy the break and looking forward to Channing Tatum next movie.

    If you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all.

  • Question

    So we are just going to focus on Channing Tatum body and leave Jeremy Renner body alone?

    I think they are both hot but if you are going to go there sorry Jeremy isn’t winning either. I like their acting plus in the end I just focus on that.

    I see these two starring in a film together after this, always good to network.

  • 3

    HOT PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • gaeljet

    no one “hot” there, except maybe if you re reffering to channing face, and yet..

  • Rawr

    What happened to him?

  • Brandi

    lol man people really have a warped idea of what “Fat” is! My god, Channing is far from being fat! So what if hes not in tip top shape 100% of the time..get over yourself people, Im sure most of you are not that thin yourselves…

  • proteins

    He’s not fat. He’s just not as toned as he once once, has a bit of a beer belly and his neck is very thick for his head.

  • Times a tickin

    He has a right to relax and enjoy life while not filming and have some big fancy dinners and forgo the workouts. WTF is the point in having all that money if you’re going to deprive yourself of all the tasty treats out there? He looks fine and his wife is very pretty, they look like they’re having a blast. I’m sure you haters are just so friggin great? I’m sure you all are nothing special except maybe to your cat. lol

  • The Dame

    how disappointing, chan’s got fat :(

  • zend

    channing. awful actor. at least before he got hot body (both in step up and she’s the man). but now he’s just lost it.
    sorry. but even with hot body he can’t act. i remember how irritating it is to stay awake during dear john and everytime he opened his mouth i just want to shove his mouth with dirt. damn he can’t act.

  • M

    Does anybody else here think the guy in the purple shorts is Dominic Monaghan?

  • Emily

    lol my bad, didn’t realize how many perfect people there were reading this site! People who have never gained weight and apparently do not think they ever will, and people who think they can do a better job in the acting business…funny because Channing is the one with the fans, the money, the beautiful wife and a rising career and the rest of you shallow, judgmental people can only sit here and read about it.

  • Rowan

    Brian Geraghty is also in the pix, but no one seems to have noticed!!

  • lynn

    Jeremy Renner is my boyfriend


    It is nice to see tow of Ben Affleck’s co stars in the same place..
    Josh Hartnett and Jeremy Renner..Both look out of place at the
    party though..The other pix of Josh at the party with Sting’s wife
    are on PopSugar Website..

  • Toronto

    I don’t think Channing is fat, but I have the “Fighting” body image in my head, then I see this. He still looks better than I’ll ever look tho. :)

  • nick

    far out

  • Michael

    These photos just show you that for most people it takes a ton of work to have a great body and if you stop working at it, you stop having such a great body really quickly. Hard to believe looking at Channing Tatum in these pictures that he’s a sex symbol.