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Chelsea Handler & Dave Salmoni: Dating?

Chelsea Handler & Dave Salmoni: Dating?

Chelsea Handler is dating hunky zoologist Dave Salmoni!

Chelsea and Dave are really cute together,” an insider tells Life & Style. “He absolutely adores her. They’re really happy and love to laugh.”

Chelsea, 35, hosts her late-night talk show Chelsea Lately while Canadian Dave, 34, hosts several shows on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. (Remember that super hot photo shoot Dave did for Flaunt Magazine?)

Dave has visited Chelsea‘s Marina del Rey, Calif., condo on numerous occasions and he even follows her on Twitter!

DO YOU THINK Chelsea and Dave make a cute couple?? Watch their on-screen chemistry below!

Dave Salmoni as a Guest on “Chelsea Lately”
Just Jared on Facebook

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  • alicia

    He’s fine!

  • ck_always

    Where’s the adult Animal Planet when you need it ..

  • Slig

    I m most sweet and cute

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Chelsea Handler is far from 35 yo, that woman is at least 43.

    Why does Chelsea lie about her age? She claims she’s 35 then she look really bad for 35. She looks like she’s been ridden very hard and put away drenched cause she looks haggard for 35. If she owns up to her really age which is early 40s her appearance indicates that she’s not doing too bad for the hard lifestyle she leads.

    I just don’t get why such a supposedly intelligent confident woman would lie about her real age. So far she’s changed her birth year twice in the past 3 or 4 years.

  • Damn

    Lucky Biatch!

  • ck_always

    @mrs_fuzzybee: She is 35, sorry to burst your bubble. :|

  • sandie

    Such an ugly woman, can’t stabs her

  • Germaine

    She is way too old for him.

  • cacey

    If this Bit…ch is 35 then Oprah is 22…how the HELL does she look 46..Even Halle and Jennifer Aniston don’t look as old as she does and they are both pushing 45.. Honey needs to check her birth certificate becos her Hollywood age is laughable..

  • chelsey

    I totally called this when he was on her show.

  • Mr. Giggles

    Excellent choice Chels…….. well done, you

  • Zoz

    Use her and dump her. Date a chick looking for a good time. Plus she’s at least in her early 40′s . Don’t mention aniston, she looks close to 50 with her crows feet and sun spots on face/body.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    @ck_always: It’s known that CH is lowering her age, its part of her shtick. Two years ago her birth year was 1973 (now it reads 1975). Prior to reading 1975 Chelsea’s bio from her agent listed her birth year as 1968.

    Go figure she is slowly moving toward being born in the 1980′s.

  • mailey

    she looks way older than 35. i think it’s her skin?

    anyway, he’s way too fine for her.

    and lastly, she is not funny.

  • W

    Ya right she’s 35! Who is she kidding? She’s busted. And annoying as hell.

  • nakedoldchelsea

    CH naked GROSS!!! this cow is lying about her age

  • voe

    Where did I see that n.aked pose before and from whom?………….Oh, on GQ and her friend. Where the tie?

  • Rhonda

    that makes sense, he likes animals. If she is 35, it was a rough 35!

  • jdub

    ok i watch chelsea EVERY night. and she always talks about how much she likes Dave. he sent her a video saying he’s flattered, but he really doesnt have time for dating. as much as i want this story to be true, i dont think it is. the article says he visited her condo….she doesnt live in that condo anymore. and his video about not having time to date, came out after she had already moved. soooo yea, i dont think it’s true

  • Ok???

    yuck, what the heck does he see in her, shes ugly, an alcoholic and crude

  • Twinkle

    She’s 35? She looks 45. Dang.

  • Chloe

    Of all the pictures to use, you choose the fugley naked one. She’s a pig

  • Sacha

    She’s hot. He’s not.

  • Did I miss something…

    She is hilarious! What’s with all the hate?

  • Elle

    idk who he is but he’s a butterface in that photo

  • Lauren

    For the people saying she looks older, at least she is aging and not filling her face with plastic and silicone. I’m sure she doesn’t care if yall, who are sitting behind your computers, criticize how she looks. She’s screwing a hot guy and successful whether you like it or not.

  • Tara

    @Lauren: I agree with you. Chelsea is unique in her own way, and when I watch her show, she does make me laugh. We all know, that laughter, is the best medicine.

  • Mia

    He’s hot. She’s a butterface but hilarious

  • hot hot hot

    i want to fcuk her so bad!!!!!!!!

  • longchamp

    that salmon b.itch had better treat my chelsea well, else nugget’s gonna go ballistic on his… nugget’s probably already seething w/jealousy anyway….

  • Angie

    What happened to Chelsea’s ex?

  • p3rp3tu4

    Love Him & Her WOOHOO!

  • Times a tickin

    He’s definately a hottie. She makes me laugh but definately not much to look at in person. Lets just say, photoshop is her bestfriend.

  • lilkunta

    she is 35.
    yes she looks older.
    she hasnt ever changed her age.

    she needs better lighting , makeup, & needs to stop drinking.

  • tonyc

    jdub::: is RIGHT!!..”heard it from the horses mouth!”…BUTT a person can always change their mind….for a NIGHT??? :-0

  • toby k

    I LOVE CHELSEA LATELY. BUT CHELSEA HANDLER? NOT SO MUCH… She has no class, or grace, or beauty…. all she has is a sense of terrible mean humor and money. DAVE SALMONI deserves so much better he’s like my role model

  • James

    Lol. Why does everyone hate her? She makes me LAUGH.

  • 100mph

    She makes me laugh too, especially that photo above and her attempt to look Sexy and F!uckable hahahahahahahahahaha!!
    good one Chelsea..

  • WOW

    Dave is beyond gorgeous & Chelsea is hilarious so I’m happy for them. This definitely explains the random “salmonaaaaaay” phrases she’s been saying at the end of her monologues lol

  • Oye Vey

    Are you sure they are dating??? Chelsea has been drooling over him for a while on her show. He even taped a segment on YouTube where he said that he was flattered by her attention but he was too busy with his tigers for a relationship.

  • Sandy

    ummm…she’s hysterical, her body is just about perfect and her face is pretty. She does look a little older than her age, but who the hell cares…you people need to stop drinking the hate-o-rade. Not to mention…if you compare her to any other female comic…she’s leaps and bounds better looking than any of them…kathy griffin *cough *cough.

  • mary j

    I really don’t think he’s all that but I LOVE Chelsea !! Never miss her show-she is hilarious!!

  • Kris

    Yes! Super cute. I’ve seen them on her show together and they flirted the whole time. :)

  • K

    She is hilarious! But definitely not 35.

  • say what?

    Cougar hos friends Hangler, Anuston and McSnarky all over the top and such frauds looking for attention. What is the common thread? Could be it be their agent or publicist? Dave’s first love is his lions, Chelsea’s is booze and producing young girls into soft po.rn on E! that also burgle stars’ homes. Her “stand up” comedy haha, doggie sex joke tape….yeah right. someone forgot the sex scenes was on there, but whatever your “excuse” is, Chelsea…she looks soooo much younger, to just have been recorded it recently. Perhaps it was suppose to be on there, this is how these women made their way, Anuston bragged about it herself. Ice those nips down and make yourself more “f***able”.
    Poor Dave, he just wanted to promote his Animal Planet shows where he does care about the animals and the environment and Chelsea acts like a sex starved pervert. Huvenal Bros. ought to teach some class to these old broads.

  • say what?

    I should have known, Dave Salmoni has fraud surrounding him too. No wonder Chelsea is chasing him. He’s her type and plays her game.

  • eyeh8twilight

    Dave Salmoni is just plain sexy. He turns me on in such a big way. I want to do exactly what he’s going with animals. Handling Tigers, handling lions, any exotic animal, working on an animal reserve or training them for movies. Wild, HUGE animals just fascinate me.

    You know, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for months. They make such a cute couple. They have so much fun on her show, I’m rooting for them as a couple. She just has this look in her eyes when she see’s him. A look of love.

  • rock n roll queen

    well we dont have that show in greece but i had watched in youtube the one with adam lambert n she cracked me up besides shes not the only woman lyin about her age is she?

  • the truth

    Date of birth of Chelsea is February 25, 1968. I see her show and she is excellent comedian girl, but it is wrong that she remove 7 years of her true age.

  • CJH_MegaFan

    Chelsea moved out of that condo a while ago. She used to share that condo with Ted Hearbert. She moved out when they broke up in like March of this year! So unless he is visiting Ted that proves nothing.