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Eva Mendes Covers ALLURE August 2010

Eva Mendes Covers ALLURE August 2010

Eva Mendes dons Dolce & Gabbana for Michael Thompson in his New York City studio for the August 2010 cover spread of Allure, on newsstands July 20. Here are some choice quotes from the 36-year-old actress:

On her public image: “I don’t want ‘sexy’ to be my defining characteristic”

On her school yearbook photos: “One of the benefits of having a big smile and big teeth is that if you just smile you can look happy”

On a double standard existing when it comes to nudity in Hollywood: “[When] other actresses who aren’t thought of, maybe, as being quite as attractive do full-frontal, they’re called brave. Nobody has ever said, ‘Eva, you’re so brave for doing full-frontal nudity.’ Just because I’m attractive doesn’t mean it’s not still scary. Why am I not brave?”

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Photos: Michael Thompson
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  • Ethan

    Very fugly.

  • huh

    Pretty dull and boring. Ho hum just another Megan Fox twit.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    what does everyone see in her?! she’s fcuking overrated! ugh, she’s not even sexy. i might be the only guy alive that thinks this though. i dont give a fcuk, she’s not hot. not at all. and her body… nothing special!

  • Shaniqua

    Conceited much?

  • Michelle

    ugh so full of herself and that cover? can you say special needs?

  • MissAnthropica

    Wow even for an actress she sure seems to think highly of herself doesnt she?
    Like ” Im so hot IM so hot IM just too hot” Oh no shes not her attitude and conceitedness makes her very very ugly inside out and it shines or in this case doesnt out of her souless eyes.
    Maybe if she stopped bitching about herself being just “too good looking” and focused on getting off her as@ and acting she would actually have a career(doubt it she would still suck as an actress she has no depth just a shallow puddle for a soul clearly) . Stuck up b*itch I swear.

  • wowowow

    stop posing. start acting.

  • Joise

    I guess no one taught her to be humble no matter how attractive you are considered (i personally do not think she is attractive) because it always backfires on you and you come off as conceited and full of yourself. not a good look for a not so famous-but famous-actress.

  • Brooke

    Wow, she obviously thinks a lot of herself! That, in itself, is so unattractive.
    “Just because I’m attractive”… ugh! Such a turn off. She’s not even that freaking pretty anyway! Please, JustJared, don’t post about this conceited woman again. Yuck!
    What little respect I did have for her before is GONE.

  • mailey

    wow, she’s kidn of full of herself lol

  • umwtf?

    You people are ridiculous, now someone cant consider themselves attractive because then we’d be considered stuck up! Give it a rest!

  • Annie

    Wow. I wonder which actresses she is talking about.

  • ynop

    She’s not as bright as I’d hoped…the whole smiling comment…you don’t need to have a big smile and big teeth to look happy when smiling…and I agree with everyone about her being full of herself. This isn’t the only time she’s commented on how her good looks have affected her acting jobs. She needs to chill out…it’s not like she’s doing full frontal for Oscar nominated films. Although she was PERFECT in Hitch.

  • kerri

    I have never found her attractive. She looks like a transvestite. Not to mention – didn’t she learn anything from Jessica Biel? No one likes a conceited C-List ‘actress’. Just because you were in a movie with some A-Listers, honey, doesn’t mean you’re up there. I also found her Calvin Klein ads revolting. She looks like a greasy pig in them. She’s gross.

  • celine

    My father likes her I dont know why lol

  • Slig

    Hahahahahaha .she nathing .fguly i dont like she . She like india woman

  • jen

    soo full of it, have never liked her and I don’t think she’s that pretty as she believes she is

  • Nic

    Truly beautiful and sexy woman, nothing wrong with what she said!


    Just because of what she said, it doesn’t make her conceited and full of herself. She always comes across sooo funny and charming in interviews! FOR EXAMPLE if Eva was a really plain or ugly woman, people would find her hilarious — like many comediennes I could list. But just because she is considered hot and is known to be a sex symbol (whether or not you agree with it), people instantly think “wow she’s so vain”….do you get what I mean?

  • Sarah

    Lol, people need to chill, she’s a total dork:
    she can say what she wants lol

  • Sophie

    All she does is talk about how she’s labeled attractive and sexy. Shut UP already!

  • 100mph

    hmmmm!! I’d say she has her head up her own tight… a$$

  • poo

    She’s sounds like a baby: Wah! i’m brave! Wah I’m too attractive to be considered brave! Call me brave! Why so needy?

    And that cover is pretty fugly. She has looked better.

  • k

    I challenge the attractive Ms. Mendes to be “brave” enough to walk out of her house without makeup on. Then maybe she’ll understand why it would be considered brave for someone with a fat ass like mine to bare it onscreen.

    There’s being candid and challenging and then there’s being deliberately obtuse. I suggest her handlers teach her the difference.

  • Ali

    I think she is very beautiful, but that is a terrible shot of her on the cover. Dreadful angle.

  • Sweetie



    If she had insecurity issues, then yes, I guess it would be considered brave of her to strip down. But from the sounds of it, she doesn’t. N.b. Eva, it’s much harder doing nudity when you know your body isn’t perfect (and even so, this doesn’t mean that the actress is any less attractive) Take Kate Winslet for an example, her breasts are far from perfect but she is still very attractive. It’s considered ‘brave’ to do what Kate did in The Reader when the celeb industry villifies those who are less than perfect, so yes, Kate Winslet is more ‘brave’.
    Eva has a standard good body, viewers will look and see that. Story over. Her having a good body is un-extraordinary in the industry and thus a non-issue. When your body and the sex you sell (visually – not calling her a prostitue or anything) comes a dime a dozen, it isn’t as big a deal to critics when you strip off.


    Also, whilst I don’t agree that she is ugly, she does have a strong face which only lends itself well to certain angles. She is much more attractive in motion (i.e. on camera). She is undeniably sexy though and you don’t necessarily have to be beautiful to be sexy……

  • V

    She is GORGEOUS.

  • olle

    fugly bitch, full of shit and herself, awful actress. BLAH!

  • meeeeeeeeeeeee

    Still like her!

  • depaysed

    she always looks greasy. that cover is ugly.

  • Anonymous

    I screamed. She’s scarily ugly looking.

  • Anonymous

    Since I’m so beautiful, I’m going to take a stab in the dark. Passing for white doesn’t make you beautiful. And it doesn’t mean that people want to look at your picture in fashion magazines, or at you in films, or on the internet, or in real life. Stop modeling and acting, now.