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Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: 'Bounty Hunter' Now on DVD & Blu-Ray TM!

Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: 'Bounty Hunter' Now on DVD & Blu-Ray TM!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s The Bounty Hunter is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray!

In the film, Gerry plays Milo Boyd, a bounty hunter whose next target is his ex (Aniston)!

“When I read the script, it had a real sort of perverse humor,” director Andy Tennant shared. “I always seem to want to do movies that are about the human condition and relationships and marriage. Love is a wonderful problem we never solve!”

The Bounty Hunter is out on DVD and Blu-RayTM TODAY (July 13)!

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  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    gerry is so hot in this movie and jennifer is always looks pretty

  • BEAN

    Cue the Jen haters. Seriously though Im starting to think Jen and Angelina are competing on JJ! Paying people to join their side lmao.

  • Sophie

    How much are they paying you to do this Jared?

  • Dana

    I’m so tired of that manwhore. Go and f/ck another teenager or something, Gerry.

  • Vanessa Taylor

    Seriously WHO cares?
    Hey your site will drop drastically in impressions, page views, share of voice if you keep publishing junk about NON talented acting

  • me

    Jennifer Aniston
    Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon

    The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produce an individual who is very active, both physically and mentally. Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the keynotes of your nature. This pairing combines the friendliness, originality and independence of Aquarius, with the honesty, sincerity, directness and enthusiasm of Sagittarius. Your personality is friendly and active, expressing independence and freedom in your thinking and in your abilities to see ideas through to completion.

  • LOL!

    Look how stupid Jennifer looks in that pic! Desperately tries to pout with her non existing lips and fails miserably.

  • Alaia

    How much did they pay you to promote this awful film?

  • Old Mia

    Is this a paid advertisement JJ?

    Whatever. I’m getting my copy today at Wally World. I’m interested in seeing the extras.

  • Slig

    I hate old woman .she shatch child

  • no

    No thanks. These two are so ridiculous. No talent at all. JA, please, stop making movies !

  • no

    Omg, you are totally right. She is pathetic.

  • Jess

    WHO CARES?????

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..c’mon, nobody went to see this in theaters, you think they’re going to buy the dvd?!? ahahahahahahaa.. seriously, somebody might just get this as a gift and they might watch it… but if you get it as a gift that means the person who gave it to you really isn’t your friend. ahahahahahahahahahaa

  • Observation

    JJ, there are some great new photos from MGP set out today. And this is what we get?

    We are in MGP mode now. Comprehend.

  • bulldozer

    As bad as some want to think it still made over $67 millions domestically and $68 millions overseas. Decent but not great for a $40 million budget movie.

  • Michelle

    Who in their right mind will spend their hard earned $$ on this tripe?

    Aniston has got to be the worst actress these days.

    seriously, besides the Jen kooks, WHO would spend their $$ on this?

  • Fritz the Scribe

    I can imagine the look on my friend Manny’s face when she logged on this morning and saw this. LOL!!

  • karen

    Yippee! My life is complete! NOT! Lol. Did anyone even see this drivel? Why would they even want to buy the DVD?

  • Just Saying

    @Jess: certainly you do!

  • ann

    TERRIFIC!! the movie is awesome!!! Jen looks absolutely beautiful!!! she and gerry are acting great!!! I will buy it!!! I love Jen!!! she is very funny and lovely!!!

  • Manny

    Hey Gerry Butler JJers – let’s go back to the Gerry only thread about the mullet. Probably a lot more peaceful over there. :)

  • Manny

    @Fritz the Scribe:
    You would have loved it. I believe the first thing out of my mouth was “Oh for the love of God… this sh!t again…”
    See you over on the non hen thread. :)

  • Just Saying

    JJ erases the nasty comments in AJ’s thread but not in the JA’s… Awkward… Biased…

  • Manny

    @Old Mia:
    Save yourself some money Mia… extras will be on youtube tomorrow. :)

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Just Saying: duh! you just noticed that? ahahahahaha.. i’ve been coming on this site since day one and jared has always been a jolie/pitt dcikrider. if you type anything on there other than “jolie is queen of the world” you’ll get deleted. ahahahahahahahahaa..

  • http://. This Just In

    Aniston is with Chris Gartin, their in a secret relationship!!!

  • Just Saying

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: ROTFLMAO! that is totally psycho!

  • lala

    i love see movie very hot

  • Helen

    Aniston will always been the favourite actress of the uneducated, overweight, lowbrow American sector.

  • African Girl

    Is this the same movie that got panned by the critics? The movie with an 8% fresh on Rotten tomatoes?

    Wasn’t it this movie a critic wrote…..
    The Bounty Hunter fails to locate any laughs or charm over two punishing hours as its chemistry-free leads, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, mug their way through two of the worst performances they’ve ever given.
    And another….
    The lame finale makes a TV crime show look like something construed by Stephen Hawking. If Hawking could explain why this waste of time was ever greenlit, we might find a reason to understand the universe once again.
    And yet another…
    A great time killer for anybody who needs help being bored.
    Cynically conceived, unfunny, non-romantic sludge.
    Time-frittering, money-wasting trifle. Bail on this obnoxious odd couple.
    This appallingly unfunny rom-com is a crime against comedy. Lock it up and throw away the key
    Send Hollywood a message, and do not see this film
    And to seal it all….
    Someday, The Bounty Hunter and last month’s Cop Out will be featured in a cable movie double bill as the two worst 1988 films of 2010.
    And what do they say about the great actress
    Is Aniston impervious to good scripts? Corny, predictable story, no chemistry between the stars and Aniston hides her face with her hair.
    Surely this is not the movie they are trying to get us to buy in DVD? Do they think we are brain dead. . . Oh wait this is being marketed to the Jen Hens. Hmmm, I guess they know their audience. Carry on!
    Lmao!! I must say….I had so much fun reading those reviews. This movie was an Epic Failure!!!!!!

  • Lucky Charm

    How much $$$ are they spending on marketing & promoting this DVD? And WHY???? I have never seen so much work go into pushing DVD sales of a movie before and I don’t understand why all the fuss…


    WOW! SONY is pushing the DVD of this mess hard. I guess it really did tank at the box office!!!

  • Observation

    I saw the movie in the theater and I’m gettting the DVD. I collect all GB’s movies and just because of Aniston, I’m not skipping this one.
    Frankly, I enjoyed it.

    MGP looks awesome.

    Well, I’m not returning to this thread. JJ’s trying to wring the last $$ out of the GB-JA nonsense.

  • maeve

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!! How did Jen’s tank top get so transparent this go around?

  • American Girl

    @African Girl: Well, the movie made pretty good money. Your dumb stab at a post is the epic failure. Full of hate.

  • Hmmmmm

    Congrats Just Jared. You’re managed to bring out the worst in everyone by putting anything up with both GB’s and JA’s names attached together.

    Please, something new on Machine Gun Preacher. And let this go away.

  • dawne

    If I were Aniston I’d be in bed with my head under the silk sheets the maid just ironed ……… geezus, it was a real embarrassment the first time around and the second run must be tantamount to watching old home movies of high school dances when you were fat with brown eyes and hair.

    Remember folks, this was her answer to MAMS….hot chemistry with toe curling action………………ROFLMAO

  • 100mph

    I can’t stop laughing at that poster used to promote this Bomb, both
    of those guys are super Fug* .. lol

  • Ish

    Gerard Butler, the shittiest actor to ever grace the silver screen. Jennifer Aniston, a mediocre TV comedienne.

  • liz

    that is nice!! bounty hunter is great, jen and gerry have a lot of chemistry!!
    can’t wait to see the switch!! JGWI is already on post production and horrible bosses is already filming!! hope we get some pictures of jen in the set…
    imdb says jen is on a new movie “Wanderlust” with Paul Rudd!!! I love him!! he’s so funny!! the synopsis: A urban couple branch out to live a more counter-culture lifestyle. I think the movie will rock!!!

  • boots

    The only thing that could make this thread any worse would be the appearance of Bet and Guido.

  • snotty

    i loved the movie it was funny they where both great in it

  • JCali129

    this movie really really sucks.

  • Jen Fan

    Jennifer was great in this movie.

  • New Yorker

    A group of us watched it on DVD tonight after a barbecue on our weekly movie night get-together. We enjoyed it. Nothing great, but it passed the time. I’ve seen far worse.

  • nnpl

    Richard Roeper’s message to Jennifer Aniston after seeing her performance in Bounty Hunter: “Stop playing with your hair. Playing with your hair is not acting, it’s playing with your hair”. So hilarious.

  • down to earth

    I’ll be interested to see the sales and rental numbers. I think they are going to surprise some of you.

  • blaa

    Want to know how he went from cut to undefined in a week? It’s called makeup. He didn’t do any reverse exercises. Reverse exercises? Good lord. Does that even exist? How crazy some of you are. He just put out those guns and they slapped on the makeup.

  • Nuts

    NEW Thread