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Jake Gyllenhaal: We Can Make Cancer History

Jake Gyllenhaal: We Can Make Cancer History

Jake Gyllenhaal shows his support for Stand Up To Cancer in this new video!

The 29-year-old actor, who wore a SU2C hoodie late last month, shared, “MLB has teamed up with Stand Up To Cancer. We believe that when we all stand up together, we can make cancer history.” Jake‘s PSA will air TONIGHT (July 13) during the MLB All-Star Game on FOX!

SU2C’s televised event, hosted by Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams, will air September 10 at 8/7c on FOX.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Stand Up To Cancer
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  • hm

    he is ugly..

  • classy

    @hm: and you’re a fkn as$hole.

  • Jimmy

    Jake seems like such a cool guy. I just want to hang out with him :)

  • the fight

    American adverts are very cheesy…..but great cause.

  • Kelly


  • be human

    Please. If you’re not a Jake fan…please just leave your issues for another thread or something. Don’t say anything horrible in this thread. Please. Just don’t. You can’t turn this into something negative.

  • Jermaine

    Dear Cancer. You fkcuking SUCK!!!!!!!

  • Amelle


  • Jemma

    I lost my brother to cancer :’[

  • :(

    @Jemma: I’m sorry.

  • Beth

    he’s so boring and unattractive

  • really?

    People need to be more compassionate man….wtf : /

  • Jimmy

    Can’t fault this. He has a very unique tone of voice, a voice I think you could recognize immediately without seeing him. It’s not his sister’s voice. Interesting. About his sexuality: two possibilities. Either he is very very picky or else he would be married or else he is gay. Take your pick.

  • D

    @Jimmy:What has his sexuality got to do with this post…?

  • ellie’

    God Bless Jake for such a good cause… alot of A-Holes once again

  • julia

    An important cause and a kind, classy man who promotes compassion and understanding. Why the hate?

  • grim reaper

    well said jake- a real man can stand on his own words!
    where is the the rest of HW on such a worthy cause? or is HW only there 4 PR & not the real issues like jake?
    luv, luv, luv, luv, luv jake g!!!

  • Jake’s a good guy

    “Why the hate?”

    Because he can’t be who they want him to be. Jake’s a good person with a caring heart. And quite frankly people tear down what they can’t have. The cause is cancer, I wish the negativity toward Jake on some of these comments could be harness, we would have a cure for cancer tomorrow. You should be ashamed of yourselves for using this PSA as a way promote your hate for Jake, but I don’t think its hate you have for him. You just can’t have him.

    The names may change on the negative comments

  • grim reaper

    seems like only # 1, 11, 13 r negative- there r always a few a**holes in every crowd. hopefully this will be all.
    no matter jake is no fake. he will always b a class act & the world is blessed to have him!

  • Jokergurl

    The sad truth about cancer and other diseases is there is more money is treating them than curing them, no we can’t get rid of cancer because the pharmaceutical companies won’t let us. :(

  • simone

    this is the man! Besides hot, he´s a generous soul! I love him!

  • grim reaper

    drug companies r notorious for reaping $$$ from diseases. reality most companies put loads of $$$ into research that the government does not help with & often interferes with regulations & science getting the work done required. the more gov is into health care & control the less $$$ given into research. st. jude’s is the best place 4 research $$$ to go to.
    i do not know one person who has not been affected by cancer in some manner- be it self, friend, or fam from skin, lung, kidney, stomach, etc. it is a real issue that needs $$$ & support. thank God for jake’s help- he will be a huge voice to influence others!

  • madmax

    I’d like to say a big Thank you to Jake for taking on the cause and promoting it. It does say he has a big heart and wants to help when he can

  • Ellen

    Jake is also active for an eyesight/eyeglasses charity and for Global Green, an environment conservation foundation. He has a big heart and he’s a good guy. Not bad to look at either!

  • Lea

    “You should be ashamed of yourselves for using this PSA as a way promote your hate for Jake, but I don’t think its hate you have for him. You just can’t have him.”
    what are you, 12 year old ignorant kid?

  • Annette

    Thank you to Jake for speaking about cancer. I think he is a great guy with a big heart and helps others with this speach!!

  • Annette

    I have a question. Has he said something about the tragedy at the golf of mexico (BP disaster)? Or any other actor HW?

  • grim reaper

    u have 2 choose ur battles carefully .jake has over dozen orgs he is involved in. his HW friends like sophie & austin r on oil spill=politics. only so much 1 can do. cancer fight 4 jake is just as well as worthy cause long over due 2 cure.

  • Annette

    @grim reaper
    Thank you for your comment. I did know that it is a difficult topic.

  • grim reaper

    i just think ppl sometimes expect too much from one person so i wanted to point out jake is the real deal. he does what he feels compelled 2 do not what others want or expect.
    poor guy has gotten too battered by media & ppl when he does not deserve 2 b trashed.
    he is so unlike other “big” stars- he is always friendly, not hide his face, not refuse fans pics in his private time (which has 2 b weird) & he acts a bit goofy which is pretty telling of his character.
    def a new fan & watched all his past work many times.

  • Annette

    @grim reaper.
    Thank you for you comments.
    I’m a big fan of JG. Have seen several movie (Donnie Darko, Brokeback Moutain, Rendition, Brothers, Prince of Persia). He did a great job in all of them. I didn’t know that he is involved in so many organisations. I think it is great that he does so much charity/help for other people and especially cancer. Today so many people die because of cancer.

    It is great that he is always friendly and not refuses fans to take pics in his private time. He always has a smile on his face when he is paped by ther media.

    He is a great guy!!

  • se

    Our world be better with every people have work together.!

    Nowadays the people prefer to destroy together, get dirty together, make trouble, talk bad about another people together but …. they don’t like to make good things together!

  • Sophia

    JAKE is a good guy .i like him.

  • se

    I am impressive with negative mentality of young people at present even if in Germany where the authorities are good organized has problems with youth

    In LOVE PARADE of Germany there were so much people with drugs, alcool and sex that the people losed the contact with reality!

    The german authorities can’t take the responsability for the 20 death and 400 injuried people.

    The men whose organised in the past the LOVE PARADE in Berlin said that the people don’t follow more the original Idea of this PARADE . He would like to fight for the freedom etc…