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Kate Bosworth: Kings of Leon Concert with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth: Kings of Leon Concert with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood heartthrob Alexander Skarsgard, take in the Kings of Leon concert held at Hollywood Bowl on Monday night (July 12) in Los Angeles.

The happy couple was accompanied by Kate‘s stylist pal, Cher Coulter.

Other celebs in attendance included Hilary Duff (with fiance Mike Comrie), Jessica Biel, Calvin Klein‘s latest underwear model Zoe Saldana (with fiance Keith Britton), Lauren Conrad, and Entourage‘s Kevin Dillon.

KoL really knows how to draw in the celebs!

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kate bosworth kings of leon alexander skarsgard 02
kate bosworth kings of leon alexander skarsgard 03
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  • Buttercups

    The True Blood hunk and the Blue Crush starlet !!
    I can’t wait to rent their movie !


  • gere

    every day

  • LisaM

    As usual, she’s hamming it up in front of the cameras looking like a bag lady!!
    And as usual, from what I can see, he’s less than thrilled.

  • OMG

    She must send the paps her itinerary by the hour, so the paps know where to go to take their photos. He makes a nice chaffeur.

  • JM

    They were together? Looks more like her Dad dropping her off at the mall to pal around with her girlfriend. Please JJ, it’s to much already. Unless you have the coveted “money shot” = full on kiss or a happy Alex in the same frame as this famewhore, STOP THE INSANITY!

  • timnatasha

    Kate, pls, change the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slig


  • xfiles

    Where is Skarsgard?

  • CanadaGirl

    She touches her hair a lot – self conscious or checking to see if she brushed it?
    Knit sweater, ruffled mini-skirt, and Peter Pan boots. o.O

  • meiko

    This does not look like a happy couple to me.
    More like two pals on a date.

  • LisaM

    Which is really shitty of someone who’s supposedly in a ‘relationship’ don’t you think?!?
    But, like it’s been posted on here many, many times, this is the only way that she EVER gets any publicity. Dating higher profile men!! Or married men. LOL!!

  • burnt bacon

    Aw, JJ, bless your little heart.

  • Abby

    Is Alexander the designated driver? Did he wait in the car? I just don’t get these two. . . She looks thrilled (again) and he looks pissed (again). Was the female friend in the car with them also or did her daddy drop her off too?

  • Whatever Works

    Did he attend the concert or just drop those girls off?

  • Bee

    I think we should stop commenting if we want them to go away!

  • Cristy

    Kate and Alex are the kind of couple I’d like to hang out with. They do fun things together like concerts, shopping, and vacations.

  • jives

    Bosworth seems to be a in a relationship with her stylist not Skarsgard.
    Those two show more pda.

  • burnt bacon

    I don’t want them to go away, actually. I have a really boring job, and typing snark about Frick and Frack here makes me look busy.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • Franck

    I think Alexander just picked up Kate after the concert after all.

  • North

    @Cristy: Is he her boyfriend? They don’t seem like a couple. More like friends.
    He seems to treat her the same as his other friends.

  • Abby

    I agree. Those nasty boots have to go. Look ridiculous with those string beans (legs) and a mini skirt.

    I read that Alex likes his girls natural. Maybe Kate is taking it to the next level to prove that she is the “no running water needed” type. . .no hair brush, saving water on showers, no make-up, etc. Those boots must equal stinky feet by now, especially wearing them barefoot.

  • okay

    are you serious…..I agree with a previous poster…..I do not think jared is on the payroll anymore, I think he knows this girl looks like a joke, it just gets worse LOL

  • domino

    This is the most uncoupley couple I’ve ever seen.
    He always look like he’d like to be anywhere else when he’s with her and she always looks super happy to be photographed.

  • Abby


    Actually, he seems to treat her with even less affection than his other friends. If they are just friends – why? If they are dating, again, why?

  • Oopsila

    YAWN. Same old same old. Is everyone else as bored of this now as I am?

  • issie

    JJ keeps trying to promote these two as a happy couple. I think either this blog is getting paid to promote them or it’s some sort of joke JJ is making about them. Can’t decide.

  • Abby

    Something else I’ve noticed. . . all of Kate’s “friends” seem to be way older than her and they are all homely. I think there’s a method to that as well.

  • Nikki

    He is really sad and pathetic and I feel like he wants to be right about her but she starting to show her true colors. Every guy that she dates she has to make a spectacle out of it by constantly calling the photogs!! Sad that she is that insecure of her place in hwood. No one cares about her and she is just trying to stay relevant through him. I honestly think his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor so no matter what people tell him about her he is not going to listen. He will have to see for himself how sick and twisted her world is and how much worse she will get. It will really suck if he leaves her b/c she will probably go and bang on his door for hours and call incessantly like she did with Orlando. This is so obvious that she wants the attention this is giving her and she is not about the genuineness of the relationship or his affections. She can’t wait for the cameras to show up and catch a pick of them instead of enjoying spending time with him. She looks to busy looking for the cameras and waiting to smile. Every time though he looks pissed or distant. She is loving it but not so sure about him. Too bad. He used to be so hot until she made everyone think he has nothing between the ears. That is not hot.
    And I am still not buying him reading Hot, Flat and Crowded 2.0. He just did that to look like he is green and all after he went and got ripped a new a**hole for buying a gas guzzling sports car. That’s what he gets for criticizing Americans for hummers. Good for biting the hand that feeds him. He has become just as fake as she has.
    Anyways….where is Sam Worthington? Leonardo DiCaprio? Johnny Depp? You know great actors who rely on their work to keep them relevant not what typical hwood ho-bag they are “dating”. Sorry but I don’t like ERW but at least she can act, has a real identity, and is getting attention based on the fact that she getting work. Sorry but Kate is just a shell with nothing on the inside.

  • Lily

    Is someone sitting behind Alexander?

  • burnt bacon

    You guys might be onto something. Michael K from D-Listed has Shauna “Empress of Lucite” Sands as his pet mutant, maybe KBlah is Jared’s?

  • Where is AS

    I thought these were pics of him and her at the concert. Nice shot of him in the drivers seat. I think she only owns one pair of shoes, and she is trying to prove they can go with anything.

  • One silly rabbit.

    Cute! they went to a concert, Kate loves musicians!. Probably Alex is not in the pictures, because he’s swedish and he’s not used to paparazzi yet. Kate doesn’t like them either, but she’s so nice that she smiles to them.
    Just like Romeo + Juliet, lovers separated by the paparazzi

  • Ginger

    You know the more the term “happy couple” is used, the more I know it’s total BS that there PR people write this stuff and totally submit it to JJ. I mean the “Kate is wearing…. “is ridiculous.
    I’m also really starting to think that mini blind Gossip Boy posted the other day is in fact Askars. I originally thought no but now I’m not sure. Here it is if you haven’t seen it:
    What actor has finally broken out of the mold that he thought would trap him forever only to learn that someone found out he likes boys. Most people knew, but now he is running scared that this person will come forward with some very incriminating evidence that our stud smokes pole. Expect to see him and his girlfriend out in the public eye some more to do some pre-damage control. Too bad everyone already suspects anyway.

    The “smokes pole” might be a hit about the video from the DVD of Beyond the Pole. I originally thought Efron but I don’t know if he has a GF (beard).

  • okay

    I am wondering the same thing, sometimes jj makes comments like Kate is walking behind him so sometimes he is treating this like a joke but still getting paid.

  • Lily

    Also, where are the pictures of the other celebrities that were at the concert?

  • Ginger

    I think it’s funny that the only people she hangs out with are his friends and people she has to pay, literally. Her stylist, come on.

  • LisaM


    You’re right, you’re right!!
    Every guy she’s gets involved with is soon poisoned by her.
    Orlando Bloom’s career went flat since he dated her, James Rousseau was a great up and coming model and musician, now he doesn’t do anything much. And now, she’s trying to ruin Alexander’s image. It’s just sad. Sad, sad, sad.
    She does look around for the cameras all the time. And when she sees them, she tries to be all lovey dovey with him and he’s just not having it.
    Maybe he’s starting to feel her stage 5 clingness.
    Let’s hope so. For your sanity Alexander, leave her in the dust!
    Don’t let her pull you down just because she’s lives in the gutter!!

  • One silly rabbit.

    Some people don’t get sarcasm…

  • Staged

    This girl seriously need an haircut that would go with her conic head.
    And a new stylist, she is super badly dressed (I don’t care about fashion experts advises/stylists she probably slept with) , he is not that well dressed either with his boots.

    Congrats Alex for your new jobs, after the great improvement of being Kate’s shopping gift bag holder, you are her car driver again…I guess that’s the best career path ever.

  • Ginger

    @One silly rabbit.:
    I’m with ya. Someone needs to invite a sarcasm and snarky font.

  • okay

    she needs to fire her stylist! LOL

  • another day

    @Ginger: You are so right, Ginger. She has no “friends” that aren’t getting a commission (does anyone need to wonder why the last posts told us what she was wearing?) or are one of AS’s hanger on friends. And since not one of these shots looks like they were together outside the car, who knows? Yep, that sure is someone (not Cher) sitting behind him. How many chaperones do they need to make sure they show up for their photo calls? I think her car must have broken down, seems like all he does lately is pick up her from places.

  • PR ?

    @One silly rabbit.:

    Comparing them to romeo and Juliet, I’m sure Shakespeare thanks you.

  • Smile AS

    I am thinking she got a “kick back” for having him sign to the same PR firm and part of the deal was that she was going to get all this extra press on a daily basis. Perhaps they are trying to make up for the time when he will be gone this summer. Who knows, but she has been on here three times in the last 24 hours. Overkill, or what. He is going along with it too. If he didnt want the paps around he would not be hanging around her. Also, he is trying to make up for the Pole video. Smile AS, for the cameras.

  • Josephine

    what’s wrong with her face? She used to look different, no? maybe face bloat or something? And I love how we only get the pap pictures of them and none of the other celebs who were there. I guess the other celebs didn’t call the paps

  • One silly rabbit.

    Let’s do it again:
    (sarcasm) Cute! they went to a concert, Kate loves musicians!. Probably Alex is not in the pictures, because he’s swedish and he’s no used to the paparazzi yet. Kate doesn’t like them either, but she’s so nice that she smiles to them.
    Just like Romeo + Juliet, lovers separated by the paparazzi

  • another day

    As to her stylists’ abilities…beyond her own lack of dress (seriously? plaid shirt and leather jacket in July in LA at Burberry?), how in the world can she let KB leave the house wearing the shark tooth necklace I haven’t seen since I was in 7th grade (and that sure as heck wasn’t the last decade) and a vintage 1983 Limited sweater? and yep, those damn boots again. Sigh. BTW – to the Angelenos – is it freezing out there these days? Why is everyone in long sleeves and jackets in all these posts?

  • okay

    now everytime their pics pop up here I just burst out laughing……its such a joke now, so sad…….this guy us too talented to be reduced to this

  • okay

    @One silly rabbit.:
    hey I caught it the first time LOL