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Katie Holmes Dressed As Jackie O

Katie Holmes Dressed As Jackie O

Katie Holmes channels Jackie O with her iconic bob and pink suit for the History Channel miniseries, The Kennedys, in Hamilton, Canada on Tuesday (July 13).

The 31-year-old actress was seen stopping to put on some lipstick as daughter Suri watched from inside their family SUV.

Rachel Weisz will also playing Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis in a full-feature film called Jackie, helmed by her husband, director Darren Aronofsky.

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Credit: Todd G; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Dull

    Suri look as sick of Katie as I am.

  • danielle

    Yuck. This project has failure written all over it due to no-talent Katie.

  • Jacki No

    Honestly, she looks too old and worn to play young Jackie. Jackie had a freshness about her that Katie lost long ago.

  • Is Suri Normal?

    Any child her age would be bored to tears on that set!

  • kizbit

    This is just so sad. Jackie must be rolling over in her grave.

  • eesh!

    haven’t the kennedys been through enough tragedies without kate’s crappy acting being thrown into the pile?

  • pat

    I feel bad for Suri. She should spend her summer playing with friends.

  • Bad Mom!

    why have suri watch the assassination scene?

  • Confused

    Is she playing Jackie’s mom?

  • Go Ask Alice

    For Kaite Holmes and the other actress ,RachelW.,palying J. B. KEnnedy in yet,ANOTHER,movie.
    Which one is this?
    Number 102,376

    the story of her childhood, meeting Jaaaaaaaack Kennnnnnedeee, the whisper voice, the White Years, etc has been made in a movie and written in books abok ,a toital of 786,987, 765,345 times


  • Belinda

    Suri should be in preschool with other children.

    And Katie as Jackie Kennedy? No, just no!

  • carol

    Anyone else thinks this is even offensive to Jackie O’s memory?

  • ck

    “I feel bad for Suri. She should spend her summer playing with friends”

    Sadly, she is….Mommy.

  • .


  • zippy

    Katie is not a good actress and should never be cast has Jackie. Katie was so cute back during the Dawson Creek days and in Pieces of April.

  • missy

    For all you winers who are complaining about Suri, I read that she is attending a camp in Toronto. She probably does half-days so she can spend part of the day with Mommy. And it’s perfectly normal for the children of actors to visit their parents on set.

  • http://deleted missy


  • jt

    Camp Autism ?


    Jared, Katie holmes is 31 going to 32, not 28 !
    And that is not a good choice to play Jacquie O. I don’t care about resemblance, it needed a vey good actress who can act !

  • Ava

    Jared, Katie Holmes is 28?!!!

    She was born in December, 1978. That makes her 31 years old.

  • plop


    will not see any movie with Katie bimbo in it.



  • milla

    she looks nothing like Jackie Kennedy, bad casting. Jackie was classy and beautiful, Katie looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome. notice how far apart her eyes are, for instance. not a beauty. i hope she does not show her tree trunk legs, Jackie did not have those either. she will ruin this movie, not that we need another one of these movies…

  • yep

    Jackie O above the waist—Maybe
    Hillary Clinton below–for sure

  • Times a tickin

    @pat: Sadly, Suri doesn’t have any friends due to her nutjob Scientology parents.

  • zoey

    is that a wig?

  • suritard

    i don’t remember seeing any pictures of jackie o with herpes sores all over lips like mommy has, but with enough makeup and concealer, any tranny ho can look beautiful. i mean take a look at me!

  • Just My Opinion

    Just Jared wrote on the above summary that Katie Holmes was 28 years old. She is 31 years old. I believe Just Jared is pro Cruise / Katie.

  • suri jackson

    I think Katie’s 31 not 28. Anyway, I’m really waiting for Josh J to pull a “Peter Bishop” move with regards to Suri. If you watch FRINGE(an excellent show) you know what I mean….he’s hanging back, smiling, being friendly, watching what’s going on, then he excuses himself and beats the crud out of some dipwad…in this case Tom Cruise for taking his child. PLEASE JJ…we’ve waited long enough!!! Nail TC to the wall already!!!

  • Tom is a d***

    @Times a tickin: Well, at least due to her nutjob mom who sold Suri to nutjob Cruise.

  • Pac Man

    You don’t know her or how she’s being raised, #7.

    In preschool in the summer, #11. Let her PARENTS decide what’s best for her.

    Plenty of stupid people feel the same way you do, #12.

    That’s mean, #19.

    And you know that how, #27?

    He’s not pro or anti anything, #30.

  • Suri Jackson

    @Pac Man: Nothing for me today pacman? Are you finally acknowledging that Suri is Josh Js daughter? We all know that she’s not physically Tom’s. You seem a little off your game today. I’m going to call you out on all of your crap, so let it rip.
    …and sometimes parents(especially when the mom is medicated and controlled by a cult) do not know best. Suri quite obviously does not get to spend adequate time with other kids.

    (and tick tick daddy…you’re going to regret letting these years slip by :-(

  • giuiio

    she looks awful. jackie was elegant and graceful. katie holmes in this dress looks goofy and awful. it seems tom cruise worked hard to find a job to his wife.
    I don’t want to be venom but it’s what I think.
    Katie Holmes can’t act, she’s simply unable to show emotions and she had occasion to play in good roles and in good movie and she completely failed. every single time.
    Tom went through one of the greatest actress of our history (Kidman) a good actress like Cruz and now holmes. he seems terrified his lovers hide is little talent. poor boy.

  • anon

    Didn’t know SU-BO was playing jackie O!!!! Oh no wait, its the BRIDE of GMD!!!! Wat a shocker

  • !!!

    same people posting over and over, just name changes. i think she looks quite nice considering the 1960′s hair and conservative clothes. me thinks katie is going to shine in the part of jackie, just a thought!!

  • mr president

    The real jackie looked like shit. Who cares.

  • caroline kennedy

    Katie got the part because the producers, who produced 24 thought she was spectacular in every way, if she wasn’t, this very successful producer would not put her in his mini series. Use your brains , and stop being nasty.

  • cher

    @maria from texas
    Go back to your ANGELINA JOLIE SITE and dribble over her -the veiny skeleton , and mother SHILO BONO.

  • CanadianGal

    Hamilton, Ontario?? thats my hometown, cool!

  • Karon

    Cankle Pig Girl as Jackie O. What an absolute JOKE!! Didnt someone once say, you can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig?? Perfect.

  • @pacman

    Hey bird brain in denial, why don’t you take a look at #38′s comment about Jolie and Shiloh. This is the norm on most sites and even JJ’s. So obviously you are blind, deaf and dumb to the JP cruelty and only ONLY defend TomKat against detractors. You always say the JP’s don’t get the hate that TomKat gets. Right. They get much worse.

  • soniaintown

    Dear Lord! What did they dress Suri? big wide collar slipped off to show her shoulders?? On a child pushing to 5 yrs old?
    Suri is really the goddess for the pedos.
    They really have no intention to present her as mini ho!!

    Oh, my mistake, Suri dressed herself, she apparently enjoys the miniho look.

  • Vicki

    I don’t think it’s right to run down Suri. She has been born into a cult and has no other sense of what is right or wrong. I hate to see what ends up happening to her as an adult. Sadly I think Katie Holmes was such a cute girl and ended up being swept away by the previous super stardom of TC. I actually feel sorry for her because for all the money she now has, she looks so sad and pathtic and before she had a sparkle in her eye and was a really cute girl. Maybe not ever the best actress but not sad and pathetic like now.

  • the pope

    cult cult . all about this cult , that’s what the nastiness is all about, isn’t it?

  • cher

    JP cruelty?– that’s one for the books—–even tho they do have the ugliest kids , paticularly the one with the missing front tooth.

  • maria from texas

    you’re on the wrong thread babe, go kiss veinys feet , that’s what you do best!

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    The hairstylist needs to be shot. The back of her hair should be curled under not upward, and the curl itself should be larger not small like it appears to be.

    Secondly, only mean children attack other children. Grow up kiddies, Suri is a product of her environment.

  • OMG

    this casting is completely absurd and an embarrassment. she’s better off doing her dancing thing (ugggh!) than trying to be jackie o., good lord.

  • danielle


    Since you are a major poster of JP cruelty–attacking the kids constantly, you obviously have the ethics, sensitivity and morals on par with the National Enquirer in thinking that it is okay to attack kids who can’t fight back. You are one heck of a sicko.

  • Pac Man

    I’d go nuts repeating that Cruise is the father over and over again, #32.

    Maybe some parents don’t always know best but there’s nothing to suggest that that Holmes is one of them.

    Obviously? Based on what? A few seconds of paparazzi photos.

    Right, #37.

    The NORM on most sites and here, #41??? You’re mad!

    What the hell is your problem, #42?

    You’re sick, #45.