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Orlando Bloom Gets A Degree!

Orlando Bloom Gets A Degree!

Orlando Bloom receives an honorary degree from the University of Kent in his hometown of Canterbury, United Kingdom on Tuesday (July 13).

The 33-year-old English actor was joined by his fiancee Miranda Kerr and his mother Sonia Bloom, father Colin Stone, and sister Samantha.

“It’s a really big deal. It’s an exciting day for me,” Orly told the Press Association. “I’m really honored to be back in my home town. I have so many amazing memories of the cathedral and Canterbury. I have lived near the university so it’s like my playground. It’s a huge, huge honor and I feel chuffed, as does my mother – nobody more than my mother.”

This was Orlando‘s first graduation ceremony since missing the graduation at Guildhall School of Music and Drama because he was working on Lord of the Rings at the time.

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  • @99

    Discussion was about her current bf not the ‘former’, I think any comparison between Doutzy and Kerr and their relationship is stupid and senseless. Kroes has always been more private.

  • pregnant…

    I think Miranda is pregnant. She never denied it. She just said she found it ironic that people would report she was pregnant, and that she was ignoring it. She never said, “No, I’m not pregnant.”, If Miranda is in her first trimester (she probably is) she can’t announce her pregnancy, I know a lot of women who don’t announce they’re pregnant until there second trimester (after twelve weeks) because during the first trimester there is always a strong chance of a miscarriage. Adriana Lima kept denying she was pregnant until she entered her second trimester. It’s all logic.

  • @101

    More private or just has less spotlight? hmm…

  • Denial

    Melbourne, July 11 (ANI): Miranda Kerr has dismissed rumours that she’s pregnant.

    While the supermodel hopes to become a mother one day, the 27-year-old brunette beauty has quashed rumours that she’s carrying fiancee Orlando Bloom’s child right now.

    “The rumours started as soon as soon as it became known we were engaged. We are ignoring them and enjoying this moment,” quoted her as telling the Herald Sun.

    She added: “I have always been very open about wanting to be a mother one day and I’ve always thought Orlando would be a great dad.” (ANI)

    “has quashed rumours that she’s carrying fiancee Orlando Bloom’s child right now”…this is a denial. She could have said she wasn’t going to comment, but this seems a denial to me. If she infact is pregnant, then she played with the press, and it wouldn’t be the first time.

  • @103

    Since DK doesn’t have JJ on her payroll I’d say she is more private. It’s all logic.

  • J.

    She probably sold the exclusive of the pregnancy ‘scoop’ to some aussie mags, the ones who seem to care about her.

  • @104

    Where did she dismiss the rumors? Where exactly? If there was no truth to it, she wouldn’t say, “I’m ignoring it”, she would give a straight answer. Women in their first trimester are strongly advised to keep the news to themselves and their significant others, because as I said, the first twelve months is VERY tricky (the most dangerous trimester is the first), and there is ALWAYS a chance of a miscarriage. Adriana Lima and her reps denied that she was pregnant up and down, and all of a sudden she comes out 3 months pregnant.
    And as for the (same person) going on about the “sold the news to Aus press – only ones who care about her” , “JJ payroll”… can you please grow up?? Like seriously?? O_o

  • 107 here.

    I meant twelve weeks… not twelve months sorry. Haha.

  • @107

    “has quashed rumours that she’s carrying fiancee Orlando Bloom’s child right now”…

    Get a dictionary and look for ‘quash’.

  • May

    ‘If there was no truth to it, she wouldn’t say, “I’m ignoring it”, she would give a straight answer.’

    So you think people ignore true stuff? I’ve always ignored lies and fake things, but I don’t think you can say ‘ignoring’ a thing is confirming it…

  • @104

    I don’t agree. The Press is always putting dramatic spins on people’s actual words. The quote they give is what she actually said. If she had explicitly denied being pregnant in her interview, they would have put her actual words in quotes.

  • mary

    Orlando’s thread, Orlando’s degree, so congrats on him!!

  • ?

    And just think if he got that girl from the play she may have stay in the uk with him?

  • @110

    Well, we are talking about rumors of pregnancy. this is slightly different then discussing ignoring rumors/nasty lies said about you.
    Of course she would ignore rumors she’s pregnant. It’s a special time for her and Orlando… it’s their time. once they have the certainty of their babies health, then they can share.

  • ?

    Omg i mean he” sorry

  • ?

    Omg i mean he” sorry and her” my things go a bit wrong to day

  • @115-116

    Well most of your comments in Orlando’s thread doesn’t make sense anyways….

  • ?

    Orlando does look good.

  • @105

    I guess that when you say that JJ is not on DK’s payroll you mean that nobody comments anything about her if it isn’t to compare her to Miranda Kerr.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think DK is private, but so are Orlando and Miranda.

  • He’s so hot

    Why not wait and see instead of speculating? If she’s pregnant it will become obvious eventually.

    I know those of you that claim to be his fans and trash Miranda on the internet think it’s fine and that doesn’t mean you aren’t a fan. Ok, maybe. It just means you are a bad fan. One who thinks you know Orlando’s life better than he does. You can try and spin it however you like but no one would want a fan like that behind them. Think about that. Also think about someone writing stuff like that about your sister or daughter.

    It’s time to give it up and accept that they are together and getting married and she makes him happy.

  • @119

    Orlando’s and Miranda’s fame level is on a different scale to Doutzen. Therefore, the attention/privacy/etc differs.
    @101, who says Kroes is more ‘private’? I remember in the 2008 VSFS after party red carpet, she posed kissing her former BF in front of all the hundreds of camera’s, there’s also a bunch of pap pics of her and her boy making out on a beach, and she literally had a whole page in a spread in vogue where she talks all about her BF, as well as posing in a photo shoot with him , plus she went into details about him in a VS valentines day launch, in an interview.
    How’s that more private? She’s flaunted her relationships before.
    the only thing ‘stupid’ is comparing her fame/control of privacy to Orlando and Miranda.

  • @120

    U think orlando or miranda care about what fans can say? are u really so naive to think they care and get worried about ‘bad’ fans as u call them? Please, they don’t give a damn about what people think! They’re too busy living their life!

  • @120

    Thank you!! YES!
    Honestly… just let them be. Is that too much to ask? be happy, smile, live life, stop worrying about two public figures. Because this has a very, very, very small importance in your actual life. So just let Orlando and Miranda be. Because what these two people do with their lives has a small (zero) affect on your own life. So whats the big deal? They’re obviously happy together (and I’m saying this without a blind eye, without biasim, without hate altered vision, without love altered vision.) I’m seeing this for what this is. Two people who are happy. I’m not heightening my opinion, nor pouring biasim. Just observing two human beings. Now, after observing, I move on to the next thing, and worry about my own life

  • huh???

    Common sense on a JJ thread???
    Is this some kind of alternate universe that I’ve stumbled upon???
    Are y’all just messing with me?

  • @121

    You see, you forgot to apply the hater double standard.
    Trying to use rational thought will get you nowhere.
    Silly person.

  • @125

    Hater logic…..
    Evil paps CONSTANTLY follow a fashion model not well known outside of the industry, or to the general public and her unknown boyfriend.
    That’s why they are able to catch Doutzen in such private moments.
    But the popular, hot, eligible actor who gained WORLD WIDE fame as part of two of the biggest trilogies in the history of film has to pay the paps to follow him and his hot model girlfriend.
    Don’t you seen the *cough* logic *cough*?

  • He’s so hot


    Actually, that’s not what I’m saying at all and I completely agree with you. I don’t think they care at all and as you say are just living their lives. I still think that those fans are bad fans who write that cr@p, even though Orlando isn’t aware they exist. That’s just my opinion though.

  • SIRA

    After leaving the cathedral, “Dr. Bloom” came face to face with his big true love and held her hand, while Miranda and the rest of his family were already inside the conference center for lunch. Maybe one of the photographers has taken a picture? Regards from SIRA

  • @128

    Wait, wait, wait.
    You said that he was going to fall in love in Germany. Now you are saying that he met her in England?
    Were the cosmos wrong?
    Or are you just hedging your bet?
    And there is video of him exiting the cathedral, vertificate in hand, and there was no hand holding to be seen.
    And we’ve all seen plenty of pics.
    His “big true love” is Miranda.
    Get over it.

  • Jayne

    I still would like him to live here in the uk.

  • @130

    I’m sure that he will spend a lot of time there. But he has to be in LA a lot for his job.
    Even if he was to marry an English girl, his living situation wouldn’t change that much. He spent most of his time in LA before Miranda came into his life.
    That’s where the deals are made. That’s where he has to be.

  • 100


    Wrong. 5 boyfriends since she was 16 and a myriad of 1 night stands. Whore.

  • Jayne

    I know hes jobs are over there, but if he did do you think miranda would stay? And i dont mean that in a hateful way. Has any one met her? What is she like because im not to sure about her. Is she as nice as some say? Or does she have another side to her?

  • @132

    And you know this HOW? “myriad of 1 night stands” – you know that couldn’t be more false, even if you added Santa Clause to the mix. She’s only ever had 4 serious long term relationships in her life. And if that makes her a sl*t. Then god help the human race and the way we dehumanize and demean women.

  • Stacey

    Don’t mean to fuel up but she is known for being easy, especially in our business.
    Anyway congratulations to them.

  • @135

    Known for being easy? “especially in our business” ?
    That’s golden. Hilarious, really.
    You don’t mean to fuel up, but yet you make statements like that. Do you know her personally? Has she told you about her personal business? Or is this all talk from people who don’t like the fact that she’s engaged to their dream man?
    And for a girl who tells young girls to treasure themselves, it would be such a stretch for her to have such low values for herself.
    Miranda may have made mistakes in the past, but she’s really grown. She seems to be in a good point in her life; personally and professionally. She’s seems very genially happy and grateful. Unlike a lot of you, who come here purely to start fuel and b*llsh*t.

  • Oh ob

    They said that miranda was in engaged too once as well.

  • @132, 135

    How does it feel to make up so much crap and be so mysoginistic at the same time?

  • @129

    You got that wrong. He met his true love in Germany and fell madly in love with her after knowing her for two days or less, he brought her to the UK and after he got his degree he thought that was the best moment to meet her and hold her hand, with all his family and fianceé there, and lots of photographers around.

  • Oh ob

    I would love to see them pics.

  • @139

    That was a good one!
    BTW, they were pictured leaving London today. They were at the airport with a lot of luggage.
    They both looked sweet and adorable.
    And I guess since the whole world now knows how he feels about her, he is no longer hesitant to show open affection for her in public.
    And she has that dam* shawl hanging over her tummy again. Guess that we will have to keep speculating about the Baby Bloom.

  • LOL!

    WHAT A SL*T!!!!
    That’s your argument?
    “our business”
    Yeah right.
    Unless you are referring to delphi as a ‘business’.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    Miranda has been looking pregnant to me since the pictures of Orlando welcoming her at the airport those rumors were out there before but I never believed them but now the pictures above and the new pictures at the airport makes me think she is and she wouldn’t be the first celeb to deny being pregnant while being pregnant usually female celeb won’t people out of their business until they can’t hide it anymore anyway I guess we will find out soon enough .

  • @143

    I think that she is pregnant, too.
    Even ‘regular’ people will keep a pregnany secret until after the first tri-mester. In some cultures, it is even considered bad luck to say anything until after the 12th month.
    Once again, she never really said that she was not pregnant. Only that you can’t believe all of the rumors that you hear. Which is true, you can’t believe ALL of them. But once in a while, some rumors turn into facts.
    We will see.
    But if she is preggers, poor VS. Doutzen and Miranda BOTH out for the fashion show?

  • julia

    Who cares?

  • @145

    You do, evidently
    You’re here, after all.
    That means that you DO care.

  • julia

    Uh…sensitive people round here…I won’t say anything bad against your beloved miranda, don’t worry!

  • @147

    Not sensitive at all. Just making an observation.
    I just find people who say things like “who cares”, when they obviously DO care a bit hypocritical.
    If you didn’t care, you would’nt be on this old thread.
    Simple, isn’t it?
    I think that the only “sensitive” one here is you. You seem to get sensitive when people point out your hypocrisy.

  • 142

    The @LOL!:

    Wow, so bright.

  • @147

    “not sensitive at all”, she said whilst jumping on the chair where she’s been sitting for the past 48 hours tracking down and responding to bad reviews, BHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!