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Rachel Bilson: Thailand Summer Vacation?

Rachel Bilson: Thailand Summer Vacation?

Rachel Bilson has her arms full as she helps carry clothing into a Range Rover on Monday (July 12) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress recently shared that her summer plans include a vacation in Thailand and taking horseback-riding lessons. “Thailand has been on my top three list,” she told InStyle. “A friend told me about the Golden Triangle, which is luxury tent meets luxury tree house.”

Rachel added, “I rode [horses] as a kid, and I loved it so much. I can’t wait to get back in the saddle.”

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson doing some heavy lifting…

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  • Jimi

    Why he she taking a vacation from a vacation…??? Her lifes a vacation .. Where they do that at??

  • Slig

    Cuz her lifes boooring .she lonly every taim .

  • Anonymous

    She look so cute, as always :) I wonder if she’s moving out of her house or something? wish we’d hear move on the rachel/hayden thing!

  • linus

    seriously who gives a Fuc|<

  • smiley

    I agree, she always looks so cute. :)

  • ann

    Look up the words VAPID and VACUOUS and you will see Rachel Bilson. Knowing this girl, she probably doesn’t even know what those words mean.

  • blahzae

    Oh my god why is this even being reported lmao this is even more boring then the shopping stories lol
    The thailand story is from November December last year and she didnt say she was going she was saying she would like to go. There is a difference. It was said in regards to suggestions on places to travel which as everyone knows she never wrote anything herself for instyle she had a ghost writer so maybe you will catch them there@Anonymous:
    Rachel and her ex are clearly over with the showmance or whatever it was. At this point who cares? lol He seems to be moving into full steam ahead with work… shes doing what she does and when someone figures wha the heck that is the world will end lol
    Its funny I made a comment on Kate Bosworths thread earlier today that within 24 hrs there would be another Bilson post and here it is…. Surprise surprise lol now for the second half of my prediction another Kate Bosworth post lol
    Anyone want their palm read lol apparently Im psychic lol or just these two presswhores pr tactics are beyond obvious lol

  • Brightside

    LOL @ # 1 – couldn’t have put it better myself :D
    I never knew that being unemployed could be so exhausting…..

  • Not really

    @ 7

    Kate B is not a presswhore. She’s not papped nearly as much as Rachel is, and Kate is dating the hottest guy in showbiz right now. Everyone talks crap about Kate, but she has 3 movies in post production and 1 in development. Rachel has NOTHING.

  • MissAnthropica

    So first its Rachel gases up her prius then its rachel gives to charity (lol like i believe that) now its rachel lends a hand and gets off her ever growing butt and moves clothes ? I suppose we are suppose to believe that she is a “good girl” lmfao
    Also first the charity was related to gay rights and marriage so there was that trying to stir up marriage stories again then then its rachel moves clothes so it looks like she is moving possibly since the rumor for the split is well she would rather die then move to that farm up there its so obvious. and since he wouldnt move either thats why it was said to have ended….. Also this whole hiding her hand in the only close up shots with long sleeves? I live in la and I can tell you on Monday (yesturday) it was freaking hot so thats crap then she looses the long sleeves but no close ups of her hand? well thats interesting till you look closer, though she tried to hide it and there is clearly no ring. So its just Rachel again trying to stir up crap as always hence why she is known as Crapchel Bileson …..

  • Joan

    Maybe she finally got a job… as somebody’s assistant

  • MissAnthropica

    I would feel very very sorry for that person no one deserves an assistant that dumb no one …..

  • leimore

    Yah she’s cute like retarded chipmunk as her desperation & stupidity is revolting day by day… no wonder NO ONE wants to marry her.
    And good job there JJ for posting the NEWLY-WED actress, Emily Blunt next to her – that says a lot LOL

  • Andrew Le

    By posting this story, Jared just degraded himself.

  • zzz


  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Vacationing from what exactly?

  • bea

    Poor girl. Putting coins in parking meters, shopping everyday and figuring out what outfit to wear so that paps will notice you is no joke. What a workaholic. Her life is so hectic and stressful she needs a vacation from it all.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s probably selling her clothes or returning them to the stores! There are plenty of places she can go horseback riding in CA – why exactly is she going to Thailand to do that??
    So JJ why haven’t you confirmed or denied the break-up rumors???

  • Ms. Anonymous

    @lexy hates bilson:

    I don’t think he has the authority to.

  • Dreads

    I agree with everybody that this article is stupidly useless and not interesting and super BORING. And I don’t really understand what exactly she’s vacationing from (like, she’s never working). I’m a student (at University) and I believe my life is much harder and stressful than hers. She’s always shopping and walking around errands. Ugh. Anyway. I’d LOVE to go to Thailand too XD

  • gilmorie

    Also… there should be a photo of this little twink next to definition of “(eternally) desperate &/or worthless” in the dictionary.
    Tsk… so depressing & shameful to be a (self) claimed actress living & stuck in LA but “jobless all the time”.

  • shadowy

    Oh my gosh! RBoo get over your self! You really need to “SHRINK” as you seem to be out of your mind already. Go & get a job for real or just “get lost”. Stop spreading your Worthless Slug-Self around in LA anymore – please throw some salt on her!

  • All Women Stalker

    I seriously hope she gets an acting project VERY soon.

  • whatever

    How the hell does she still have money? Oh yeah, she comes from a rich “hollywood” entitle family. LA is such a fu-ck-ing joke. Girls like this untalented “actress” can make millions, but others struggle to get by day-to-day. She is not even that pretty. *Just saying* LOLZEEEZEZZZ!

  • Sophie

    Who gives a F-CK?! This woman is soooo boring!


    They are fooling all of us.
    This is Hayden ‘s range rover.
    His sister and brother Tove are in LA. They will all head off to Thai!
    HAHA miserable


    They are fooling all of us.
    This is Hayden ‘s range rover.
    His sister and brother Tove are in LA. They will all head off to Thai!
    HAHA miserable

  • Rachel’s mother has a range rover too, idiot

  • Brightside

    OMG! I actually think it’s David Beckham’s black Range Rover, you know. Seriously!….
    Uh…no….hang on a minute, it looks more like Pete Wenz’s black Range Rover!
    No, sorry wrong again….it’s not his. NOOOOO, it’s my father’s. I’d recognise his car anywhere! OMG!
    (rolls eyes)

  • @26/27

    Hayden does not own a car in California and the plates on the RR are not Canadian—guess @28 is correct.

  • Brightside

    What a relief…thought I was going to have strong words with my father for a moment. He’s married.

  • viper

    Helloo it’s Thailand not Canada how do you see this man driving to Thailand from Canada not possible. Why would he bring his Range Rover over when he could rent one. You don’t make sense well you follow Braindead Bilson no wonder you think the car is her ex’s.

  • viper

    Oh an horseback riding if she learned as a child and rode why would she need lesson’s..OH I forgot this is bilson one who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. She has a memory like a tic tac.

  • http://twitter annie

    i agree with whatever no talent. guess jared got tired of reporting on the great grocery shopper. hes getting paid for this no one reports on this boring talent, no style,no hayden.

  • Jenna

    The Golden Triangle?

    “One of Asia’s two main illicit opium-producing areas.”

  • poq

    adam has a horse. he loves riding as well

  • mare

    does she work or have a job? She is cute but so are alot of girls. where does she get money for clothes?

  • Brightside

    There’s a word to describe this…LOL…I’m sure there must be because I’m laughing hysterically…
    I don’t think they’re her clothes because she would have to be a good foot taller to wear them considering how high she has to hold them up.
    Funny picture though, very funny…..

  • lol

    hayden dumped her!

  • MissAnthropica

    So thats why she wants to head off to Thailand@Jenna:
    The little druggie lol
    Honestly a luxury tent/meets treehouse that doesnt even make any since lmao but the drug part does lol Pathectic.@Brightside:
    Yep those are def. not her clothes shes about 5 inches to short and two sizes too big for them but it is funny to watch her drag them along and try to prove she useful on this earth in some way…. Failure on that part Crackhead Crapchel Bileson .

  • lexy hates bilson

    They are probably her clothes. Stuff she never wore. Think about it – she’s shopping ALL THE TIME!! She never wears the same thing 2x. Plus she’s always going and getting free swag whenever possible. They don’t make midget sized clothes so EVERYTHING is too big and needs tayloring for her. Plus she’s got that apartment in LA that she uses as a closet for clothes.
    On a side note – why wouldn’t he own a car in CA? Doesn’t HC own a home here? What did he do before Rachel and what did he do if he needed to go to the store and she was out with the car?? Did he take the bus??

  • MissAnthropica

    Hayden has a range rover but it is a light color not a dark color. Most likely people are confusing it with HER lexus. I live in LA and Range Rovers are beyond common so it most likely belongs to a friend or family member of hers. But who cares? lol
    Secondly Hayden has not kept a home of an kind in La for many years, his brother though as many know does and hayden was often seen there before and oddly enough during their “showmance” that has now ended. In the past few years he seems to have moved all of his life besides when he works to Ontario Canada. He never really spent that much time in LA even when they were “together” hence why everyone knew it was well some sort of a sham.
    La has never been his favorite place you could say. Having grown up here myself I dont blame him for that.
    He use to keep his ferrari and a few other cars in La at his brothes and he may still keep a car there or Im sure he could always borrow one from Tove or of course just do what most people do …. Go to a high end rental place and rent a pimped out car while in town it saves on alot of problems when traveling.

  • MissAnthropica

    Also I dont think these photos were taken at her place it looked like it was at some other residence. so far as anyone knows she was moving crap with someone, was convienent that they werent shown dont you think? in any photo. Gawd forbid someone thinner is in the same picture as her lol

  • viper


    The topic is that she is in Thailand not LA this is not anyone’s car but whomever from Instyle that was hired to play driving miss brainless around Thailand.

    Hayden’s brother and sister Kaylen lives in LA she goes there when he is in LA alway did he never really lived with her. He came and went as he pleased.

  • lexy hates bilson

    In other words he bought a house and they lived in it?? She’s in Thailand?? Perhaps she’s learning some new sex tips and moves to get her man…I mean meal ticket back!

  • the truth

    @Anonymous: jared does have the authority if he want to do it.Don’t know why he haven’t posted anything about them splitting up like he do others. He posted the dream and his wife two times today.What’sthe big hush hush about them.Rachel shouldn’t haven gotten specia treatment about her split with hayden..The others sites posted the split.Rachel is not going back with hayden this wht this trip is about..You all know hat rachel don’t ake vacations like other people do. its probably a job are something that instyle gave her.And also hayden’s family don’t visited rachel at all in la.And hayden don’t have a house in la . He did once it was long time ago in 2003.wen he lived with his brother. you all can think are some craayzy thingswhen it comes top her. its tie for he move on from hayden. Why haven’t she start dating anyone anyway.Has she hook up with anyone since they broke-up?Maybe she has done it already! But i”m like lext hate bilson. jared should have posted something about it by now. Other people don’t get special treatment about their split look like he does. you You wll never know what went wrong with thm.

  • viper

    Instyle paid for this and sent her otherwise she wouldn’t go.


    why does she have to date anyone publically to prove it’s over for all you know she dated when they were together. Good chance she did and same with him. Both seemed to have moved on better for us b/c we don’t have to watch the sick poorly directed gross showmance they gave to the public.

  • blahzae

    Rachel Bilson has her arms full as she helps carry clothing into a Range Rover on Monday (July 12) in Los Angeles.

    The 28-year-old actress recently shared that her summer plans include a vacation in Thailand and taking horseback-riding lessons. “Thailand has been on my top three list,” she told InStyle. “A friend told me about the Golden Triangle, which is luxury tent meets luxury tree house.”

    Rachel added, “I rode [horses] as a kid, and I loved it so much. I can’t wait to get back in the saddle.”

    At No point did JJ ever say she was leaving right then to go to Thailand nor that she was in Thailand
    the post is about her moving clothes into a flipping car people somewhere in LA but since that sounded retarded to post about ,he added a story from over half a year ago but how she would like to go. that is the all this stripped down her moving crap and an old instlye article whom she no longer works for !!!! lol

  • shanda

    @viper: Because that what she did with adam to get to hayden in the first place. Don’t tell me you getting soft about her. She can’t date no body now. The girl haven’t change. abd you know that rachel don’t go nowhere unless someone give her something.. You mean she don’t suppose to date anybody else right now? why not it didn’t stop her from doing it when she was with hayden and you know it.She couldn’t wait until he left so why she stop doing it now.? if there is nothing in for her she’s not going.. Rachel have never took a vacation in her life since i seem her here.. She always stayed home. so what the didffernt this time around? Rahel has never did nothing if it wasn’t something in it for her.. Why can’t she date someone right now. Sjhe lied about when they broke-up. it been five months now .What is she waiting for. this isn’t the first time rachel got dumped. She was crazy for hanging around him whene he let her go. Rachel is notfooling anyone. She still trying to use hayden after he broke-up with her.All these men she had around her when she was with hayden not she decide not be around none.. Don’t think that’s kind are strange. Rachel is not that hurt about what happen she wants people to think so.viper she got you fooled. You mean if a guy dump you . you not going find another one?I just don’t know who is cray rachel are you.. That game rachelis playing the good girl has been play.She still want to use hayden even when they have broken -up.Yes i said Instyle is paying for the trip . I don’t see why rachel would go toThailaland by herself. That’s something she just don’t do. you and others enjoyed the showromance

  • viper

    truth aka shanda

    you guess that bc you adore HC that RB would just swoon all over the man when he clearly isn’t into woman especially not her. I don’ t doubt she dated men while doing her showmance with Christensen. If you read I said she might just have another man on the side if she hasn’t already..Where did you ever read that I or anyone else figure this faked up couple to be real? Instyle claimed she went to Thailand b/c that was on her wish list in the magazine..My bad she wasn’t seen in Thailand in this but LA..but good chance that is where she was when she was missing for 2 weeks.