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Rachel Bilson: Zoo Trip with Family!

Rachel Bilson: Zoo Trip with Family!

Rachel Bilson takes a fun family trip to the LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens with her step-mom Heather Medway and her half-sisters Hattie and Rosemary on Tuesday afternoon (July 13) in Los Angeles.

After checking out all of the animal exhibits, the 28-year-old actress grabbed lunch with her family and snacked on some cherry-flavored Icee slushies.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Nine Days Denim Bermuda Shorts and carrying a Sigg Dancing Flames water bottle. She accessorized with a Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Crossbody Purse!

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s family trip to the zoo

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  • max

    she needs to get a job…where are her PR people?? this exposure doing nothing is not good….

  • max

    she needs to get a job…where are her PR people?? this exposure doing nothing is not good….

  • blahzae

    Wow not even 24 hrs before another post about her lmao Honestly this exposure isnt going to help her its just money going out and none coming in at this point. Pathectic.
    Ironic side note in Vanishing on 7th st ( her exes new film) the main character opposite his character is called… Rosemary lol played by Thandie Newton. Can not wait for that movie to come out the trailer freaked me out woot woot.

  • blahzae

    Btw guess she didnt go to thailand lol but she did get to see animals lmao

  • Katrina

    She looks cute.

    @ 2

    No, it’s not good at all. But maybe she isn’t listening to them. It’s kind of to the point where it’s sad because at other places people ask what she even does anymore. She’s not an actress, she’s kind of like Nicole Richie and people of that nature. She’s a celebrity now.

  • the truth

    Thought she was going out are town for the smmer ? tthink she will spending it at home anyway.jared you will poted anything about her won’t you? Anthing about hayden and her splitting-up. what the hush hush about it anyway. ypu posted the dream split two times today. what gives?Yoypost other people split this no different than other people ok.Don’t need to give her special treatment like that..or othershayden ‘s family didn’t visied her anyway.Jared you should rachel the same treatment about her lovelife like you do other.And stop go around it she it. She has split with hayden.and is single need to posted it that way.But she do look like she happy after they had split. And stop posting lies about her going on vacation when you know that she don’t go one. Just say she’sibngle and having fun withfamily. don’t know why you and star magazineand people don’t post nothing about her split with hayden. Its news too.

  • MissAnthropica

    ~vomits a little~ Can we say STAGED?
    This is digusting using her little sisters in this way yuck …………….. though with their parents they will probably both be just like her….thats a scary though. ~shudders~
    The whole look at me” I love kids” ” look I drive a prius ” crap makes me sick. Next she will start a rumor shes adopting a kid or some shit and for every childs sake I would hope it was only a flipping rumor.
    Shes always been a bad actress but this whole loving big sis stunt is some of her worst acting ever well besides Jumper and everything else she was ever overpaid for. Because if she got a dollar or more to act she was overpaided by about 50 cents lol
    On a side note her step mother looks really really pissed Im sure she had no choice in the matter what Crapchel wants Daddy arranges even using his other two kids to help her. Gross.

  • drewlard

    LOL. her uber-desperate management is doing everything & anything they possibly can to save her STILL non-existent career.

  • marydu

    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at~e-u-a-g-e-m-a-t-c-h.c.o.m ~a nice and free place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

  • periwinkle

    Idiotic expression – Check
    Attention wh0ring – Check
    Paparazzi addiction – Check
    Loser – Check
    Emotional & intellectual development of a 12 year old – Check
    Uneducated & unemployable – Check
    Chasing something (a Hollywood career) without any “legit” entertainment industry talents. – Check
    Everyone’s Pass-Along – Check
    Must be… BRATchel – C-H-E-C-K… C-H-E-C-K… C-H-E-C-K!!!

  • shanda

    Hayden’s movie sound like its going to be one.Vansishing on 7th st.It looks scary. can’t wait to see takers when it comes out., rachel is going to miss out on premiere next month is her sister are cute and why we’are discussing Rachel ‘s ex boyfriend movie here. when jared won’t give it a second thought.Maybe rachel should get a jobor movie to bein so we can dfscuss hers for a change. jared won’t discuss anything about his on heror her split. But he seem to hype hr up when he get chance..Think rachel still have feeling for hayden. Cause everytime something comes out about hayden she has her picture taken. Still want the attentiion on her i see! No vacations .here two times in a row!

  • RoseThorne

    Hattie looks miserable poor thing and I just love this pic
    Where everyone is ignoring the small child her sister near the fence at a zoo!!!!!
    The kids look miserable and in a few pics Crachel drops the act and has her usual i dont give a flying F@ck look.
    Ugh. There is even one of her texting the paps clearly and looking around for them so obvious so sad.
    But my favorite is Barfchel acting like she doesnt know the cameras are there putting on her dreamiest fake sweet face while hattie who is holding her hand glares right at the camera like son of a B!!! lol

  • viper

    Thought she didn’t believe in pressing out children wasn’t that what she professed children should never be exposed to paps. Well she certainly makes sure the kids half sisteirs are always hanging on her for that family look she is aiming for. Well JJ made the claim she went to Thailand then he screwed it up wouldn’t be the first time.

    Vanishing doesn’t have a distributor nor will does it look scary please Paranomal Activity yes this no. Possibly this is just way to get his die hard fans back interested in him since he parted ways with Bilson.

  • RoseThorne

    Actually the site where the first trailer was posted got alot of hits right off the bat though they have not picked an official trailer yet mostly playing around with it still.
    Brad Anderson is the director
    and he has a good fan base as a director for good reason
    so it will most likely get a distributor and be out early next year once it goes to TIFF Toronto International Film Festival and Paranormal Activity was crap one of the biggest film scams in a long time and the second one will be even worse.
    Vanishing on 7th St was something Brad Anderson wanted to make for a long time and he finally got to so I doubt he will let his dream as a director die .

  • To Assume

    Guess this is where she was a few weeks ago when ppl twittered she was in Canada with HC. Again now from what it seems she was sent to Thailand via Instyle. So don’t assume every time she is MIA she has to be in Canada. I don’t think you will see her there too much if at all anymore unless it’s for work

  • viper


    I agree with your view on Paranormal I wasn’t scared nor felt scared thought it was shit. But this Vansishing sorry it’s not going to scare the pants off me either looks just plan stupid really. The only movie that ever did scare me was The Exorcist. since then the newer movies don’t even come close.

    As for Directors go I love Cameron, and Jackson but they do have their shares of dumb movies. It’s a hit or miss when you do a thriller or sci-fi movie it will not appeal to everyone. But here’s the thing PA held off to see if it would score over $175m before it did a full release and it did it in the first week it was out. Once it cleared it’s quote they studio went ahead and ok’d a second movie which comes out in Oct.

  • nvrmnd

    OMG jared !!! she’s completely irrelevant yet you post about her almost every day it’s SO annoying

  • aberfitch

    Take a look at my (homely) face
    Take a look at my (sagged) tits
    Take a look at my (flat) azz
    Take a look at my (short) legs
    Take a look at my (crinkled) knees
    Take a look at my every freebies
    But please, please, please,
    Don’t ask / look for my brains & talent…
    And there goes RATchel again; the ageing brat… “”Oh look at me with my beloved sisters this time around; along w/ my thick-nerving face and empty soul””…

  • Brightside

    Wow – she drinks cherry-flavoured ice slushies – really, thanks JJ, for informing us of that, it’s something we really needed to know – not!

    Lovely to see a family looking so connected and happy to be to together on a trip to the zoo – oh wait a minute – they don’t!
    Maybe it’s just me but I actually get quite excited about seeing the animals, lots of ohs and ahs. These lot look totally bored with the whole thing. I’ve been to LA zoo (a few years back) and it’s more exciting than they make it appear. Watching them you would think that they’re on a family trip to watch paint dry or something.

  • jab

    wheres her engagement ring?

  • Wraught

    Thank God she covered up Hattie’s face. I don’t like to criticize children, but honestly, that is the most unfortunate looking child I have ever seen. Ever. That’s probably what chased away her fiance. He’s from a family of astonishingly beautiful people, that probably scared him a little. Or a lot.

  • Holly

    Rachel, seriously honey, give it up. No one thinks these are “candids” anymore, they are obviously staged. It isn’t helping your career, it is harming it even more than not working would be. You look desperate. You ARE desperate. Be happy with your past success, and move on in your life. No one is falling for this anymore. You don’t have any acting chops. At all. You’re a faux “fashionista”. You are destroying what little dignity you have left. Pack it up and call it a day in Hollywood, you have crested. Years ago. Now that you got your hooks out of Hayden, find yourself a nice, rich doctor or plastic surgeon who can support you and your shopping addiction and who can shower you with compliments to help boost the self-esteem you are so obviously lacking. Stop this charade, these disgusting displays of affection for the paparazzi. You are fooling no one and you look absolutely ridiculous.

  • Pepto

    There’s a website for single doctors, I actually saw an ad for it today. She should check it out. Doctors are about the only people actually making any money at the moment, she should try to snag one. That’s about the only option she’s got left. It appears all the young, single up and comers in HW are pretty savvy, I’m sure they’d see Rachel’s type coming a mile away. And turn and run. Not to mention she’s way too old for any of them now, she’s a washed up has been. And too old to start over. Especially since she looks old.

  • austine

    Jared… these daily hulabaloos/nonsense & well documented routines of this ageing twink is/are much better suited on your other site called “Just Jared JR”!

  • lisa


    Wraught, can we see your face first before you start bashing a child. You disgusting parasite.

  • RoseThorne

    Vanishing is along the lines of Brad Anderson’s former film The Machinist with Christian Bale. As far as the way he trys to create a disturbing enviorment the looms over as the audience watches the film.
    He spends alot of time on dialogue which is unusual for the genre.
    I do know Vanishing involves black matter and is topical on the subject of attempted Atom smashing being conducted at the moment. So I guess its suppose to be scifi scare flick more then a slasher film…..I look at it this way atleast Vanishing on 7th st isnt Scream 4 lol
    So as long as it is higher concept it should get me to see it, I imagine it will open in a smaller release and then a wide release but considering at one point BradAnderson was going to make the film for 200,000 only back in the day and then waited for the money to be there for his vision to be done justice I dont think that is really a bad thing, If it is good a smaller release and then later a wide release wont hurt it it might possibly help it. Via word of mouth.

  • Vanessa

    Who gives a shit about Rachel?

  • sidony

    Well… Eat Your Heart Out AGAIN… Douchel – aaahh I’m losing count already LOL

  • blahzae

    Hahaha I noticed that too and thought wow another couple married Eat your heart out Crapchel Bileson
    I like how Javier and Penelope did it without being a presswhore good for them :)

  • lolz
    Bileson wasnt even good enough to go to an event Bell went to lol
    Im surprised a presswhore labelwhore missed out on an opening like that but then maybe she just couldnt make the cut to attend it lolz

  • Brightside

    I do hope that there will not be an attempt by the makers of Vanishing to use, as a concept within the film, the supposed mystery of the Roanoke settlement disappearance. Though it’s understandable that the disappearance was seen as a mystery at the time, the Lost Colony DNA project is close to proving that the remaining survivors were either adopted or enslaved by local native tribes where their surnames are still used to this day and not whisked away by some supernatural force.
    As for the LHC, it’s been fired up successfully several times and hasn’t produced any stable microscopic black holes that will destroy the Earth, as certain scaremongers predicted, nor have any strangelets been created. On the other hand nor have they found evidence of Higgs boson.
    If they use either scenario it will knock the films credibility as it’s difficult to see the general public who (regardless of the media’s take on them) are often quite well informed.
    So please let’s just have a good film with with lots of tension and thrills but no hocus pocus pseudo-science (because it’s too easy to discredit).

  • viper

    unfortunately that is the type of films HC is doing of late it starts out like a good idea but falls short of what it is supposed to be. I don’t see this as having much to do with Roanoke besides the trailer was removed not a good sign.

  • searlus

    Manakin’s last big budgeted movie was called Jumper upon seeing the trailer “1st”… but after the “full” movie was it was seen/viewed by the public, it was now/then called JUNKper.

  • MissAnthropica

    No the Jumper trailer sucked just as much as the film
    hence why i did not see it till it was out on dvd…
    . i was like i dont think so…
    Regardless of who is in a film i wont see it unless i think its worth something and this Vanishing film looks much more interesting to me then Jumper ever did…

  • Slig

    I dont

  • Dave

    How come she’s exposing her family now, after almost 2 years of complete silence and without knowing anything of them at all? I wonder where they have been all this time :)

  • ida

    this site should be name “Just”….gosh…

  • plie9ö3

    love the family pictures ;) and I love rachel.
    the kids love her, love this pictures. thanks JJ!!
    @haters go to another thread, maybe she’s going to Thailand someday but not now – what’s the problem!

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ PLIE903-

    haters should go to another thread?

    this is not her fan board this is what we would call a open board
    where people can say what they like,


    and no she not a family person its called useing them
    because she’s let the paps know where she is.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Her PR people think this is helping!!! They think we believe that this chick is in the same league as Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera and that the paps would actually follow her not only TO the zoo but would go inside and follow her around too! Maybe she should get body guards!!
    Her PR people need to send her to acting class!!!

  • Please Not Again

    More pics of her not working + back to pimping out her family. WHY??? And I can’t believe the kids’ parents let her exploit their kids like that, like props + set decoration for The Rachel Bilson Reality TV show. Plus they look miserable. I’m sure that in a few weeks she’ll get back with Hayden since this tactic of making her more popular by publicizing the ‘breakup’ isn’t working. Rachel is living her personal truth, which is that she can have anything she wants if she just wants it bad enough. This girl has been given everything from the day she was born and never ever had to work or do anything for it. She is the definition of worthless parasitical young American woman who thinks she was born to be a star and is entitled to it just by having been born.

  • mailey

    bilson really peeves me but i see that you all have beat me to it and i have nothing else to add. u guys covered the gamut lol
    well done :)

  • http://twitter annie

    i am boring, i am stupid, unployable, bad in bed and i am going to thailand well maybe. stupid women r weclome there. iam RACHEL BILSON quenn of nothing but boring and laughable.

  • Lisa

    Run Christensen RUN!!!!

  • MissAnthropica

    Luckily I highly doubt Christensen will take her back I think the reason she looked so ticked lately was because she tried and it didnt work.

    He hasnt made a comment about the whole thing but she did and opened her mouth to a tabloid of all things.
    I think he sent his message to the public by suddenly focusing on HIS career again and not helping hers anymore. Hes making it clear he is moving forward and trying to rebuild HIS career maybe so he can trade up to someone better than Bileson because HIS career has a better chance of surviving then Hers ever did but then again he had a career to start with lol.

  • Brightside

    The trailer is good, I really hope the film lives up to the promise of the trailer.
    I don’t think her fans ever visit her fan sites because no one ever leaves any comments. Which is weird when you think about it.
    Fan sites of other celebrities are chock full of comments by fans. Not Rachel’s though.
    It looks like he already has. Any man would. She’s as dumb as a box of rocks…and it doesn’t matter how prettily packaged that box is, sooner or later a man gets bored of trying to converse with a box of rocks, even tied up in a ribbon and with pictures of puppies on it. It just doesn’t work.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What fans Brightside?? I’m surprised people pay to host and do the work on a fan site for her!! She should send them money instead of paying JJ for these silly posts!
    How come she doesn’t pimp out her brothers and there are no pics of them?

  • evathediva

    Who is she? I looked her up on IMDB, but it really does not tell me anything and I really cannot remember anything about her.

  • Hillibillies

    Ewwww I hate step families. There’s usually a lot of hate and resentment in mixed families like that – even if they don’t show it. And only hillbillies have half brothers or half sisters!