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Carrie Underwood: Wedding Pictures with Mike Fisher!

Carrie Underwood: Wedding Pictures with Mike Fisher!

Carrie Underwood and her husband, pro hockey player Mike Fisher, proudly show off their wedding pictures on the latest cover of People, on stands Friday.

Here’s a run-down of their wedding:

– About 250 guests attended the wedding on Saturday at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia.

Carrie wore a chantilly lace and silk organza Monique Lhuillier gown and a diamond tiara, which was Mike‘s gift to his new bride.

Carrie walked down the aisle to a string quartet playing Wagner’s Bridal Chorus.

Carrie‘s nephew Max was the ring bearer and Mike‘s cousin Hanna was flower girl. Carrie‘s dog Ace was also in attendance — he wore a Swarovski crystal-encrusted pink tuxedo.

– The wedding cake was a cupcake tower made by bridesmaid Ivey Childers and the couple’s first dance was “Love Never Fails”, sung at the wedding by contemporary Christian singer Brandon Heath.

“[Carrie] looked stunning,” Mike said at the wedding. “I was thanking God for her, for that moment. It’s something I’ll never forget.”

Carrie added, “The night exceeded all the hopes I had. It was a great party.”

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  • Halli

    They look good together. Congrats

  • http://laura_xKU Laura

    They are absolutely adorable together. She seems very happy with him. Wishing them years and years of love and happiness! :)

  • jill

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Carrie looks stunning as always! I wish her and Mike all the happiness in the world. :)

  • MissAnthropica

    Great couple I just wish they hadnt sold the pictures to People or any other tabloid it cheapens the day and makes it look like you are cashing in on a suppose to be sacred moment. Unless the money they get it going to charity then thats a different matter and I doubt it is.I still like her and him together just wish they hadnt done what everyone does which is cash in on their wedding day.
    Bravo to Javier and Penelope for so far not doing that.

  • GW

    So happy for Carrie! She deserves all the happiness in the world. What a beautiful song to dance to as their first dance. Hopefully she’ll have some little ones down the road!

  • ew.

    Super tacky but it’s what I expected from her.

  • Slig

    Ok good good good good .im handsome boy and im cute body hahah

  • popo

    mmmm iget sad when some one marry ………..

  • forever56

    They aren’t super personal photos! I don’t see why they can’t share a couple pictures… not like they televised it. I’m so glad it was a happy day!! Congrats!!

  • Lena

    I have to agree with MissAnthropica…I really like Carrie and wish the couple the best, but I hope the money goes to charity. Ace wearing tuxedo with Swarovski crystals? I´ve always been a huge dog lover and making a dog looking like a clown is silly.

  • Amelie

    Congrats, they’re beautiful together. I wonder if she’ll really start using her married name now (Carrie Fisher) seeing as there is already one celeb with the same name, Carrie Fisher a.k.a Princess Leia.

  • serena

    shes donating the money from the mag to charity so good for them! i dont see nothing wrong with sharing the pics she selected for the world to see…relax

  • emmy


  • pep

    yes the profits are going to charity

  • darla

    Wow another republican white girl celebrity with a local beauty get hitched lets call on the parade and the bang the drums mmmmmmmm. NOOOOOOOOT .

  • K


    I have to agree with you on that one. People wedding covers are for the reality star z listers like Khloe Kardashian and Kendra@MissAnthropica:

  • Go Ask Alice

    Iagree with Miss Anth, buttttt if these are a few selected pics, and money goes to a cause, maybe.

    I don’t know. Charity or not.
    I am kind of on the fence on this.

    She hadtotaly privacy.
    Photos ,tabloids, are hardly after her like that, like Tomand Kaite lets say, KimK, Jessica sIMPSON, etc.

    Some people advertise everything.

    For her, being her, I think the pics would have been best NOT a People mag feature.
    How about a compromise for her friends and for chairty, but an article in People mag with a few (4)selected pics.
    More classy.
    More private.
    Enough to satisfy her fans and Fisher’s too.

  • jerandjan

    Of course the money will go to Charity..That’s the way both Carrie and Mike are! Congratulations to them both. God Bless!

  • Butter_Fly

    I also agree with MissAnthropica. Great post. I don’t think I could sell my wedding even for charity.

  • offtheproperty

    I see Lindsay on that cover. Shouldn’t you be talking about her? When her attorney and the judge were talking about her she was spinning around in her chair with insanity that everyone was talking about her but not asking her to tell them what they should do.

  • mailey

    i dont like her dress. why are her flowers looking like tie dye? i like the thing on her head, but not her hair. her hair is same old, same old that she always does. boo.

  • jordan

    Congrats! Best Wishes!

  • flutters

    Gorgeous and cute at the same time. Can’t wait to read about it. It’s nice to have a happy story to celebrate. Thanks for the teasers Jared!

  • Bre

    Carrie looks beautiful! Love the diamond tiara Mike bought for Carrie! Can’t wait to buy People magazine and see more pictures! Best wishes for a great couple!!!!

  • Arianna

    It’s a GREAT idea that a few of their wedding photos will go to People Magazine. The fans will be thrilled to be able to see them and Carrie does have a lot of them. Also,a charity will benefit. Why are some people so stupid about this? It’s a win-win situation.

  • Courtney

    to a previous poster People Magazine isn’t a tabloid it’s a celebrity Glossy there’s a difference. and even if Carrie & Mike hadn’t sold the pictures they’d have leaked anyway. celebrities don’t get the privacy anymore like they used to like back in the day if you got married in Vegas and you were a celebrity it wasn’t leaked to the press

    as for example Newman & Woodward’s wedding January 29th 1958 wasn’t leaked to the press but one thing they had in their favor to keep it private was she was an Oscar nominee at that moment in time of course their wedding was also considered shot gun because she was visibly pregnant though she later miscarried during their honeymoon which is something neither of them ever got over though they eventaully had three daughters and she’s still never openly talked about hopefully Carrie & Mike never go through that because now a days they wouldn’t get the time to grieve for it like stars back then did because studios managment & publicists shooshed it up

  • jocie

    was her dad there?

  • JasonKC

    Gosh she is just so pretty! What an exciting time for her!….side note. Obvisouly there are jealous people giving good comments thumbs down-grow up! Also, all the comments about selling the pictures-It is non of your business what they decide to do. You took the time to read the article AND post a comment so get a life.

  • Meghan

    I cannot wait to purchase this issue on Friday. Ahh, I wish I could purchase it today. Carrie looks absolutely gorgeous; I knew she would look breathtaking. I am absolutely thrilled for Carrie and mike. They are going to be wonderful parents to beautiful children. Can’t wait for that!!! :)

    And for people complaining about her selling her wedding pictures, the money they receive is going straight to charity. Carrie and Mike wouldn’t do anything else. Either way, the pictures would have been leaked. This is a much better way to go about sharing the pictures. Most celebs would want to reap the benefits. In the end, a charity is going to greatly benefit.

    Congrats Carrie and Mike!
    So happy for y’all!!!

  • jennifer

    AWWWW………..There both so cute! ! damn, that was alot of money i bet. haha but its always good to have the best wedding with the one u love. And im so glad they both are christians! YYYAAYY :)

  • Kristin

    I thought she was a “private” person? What are you doing on the cover of People?! Also, the one thing she said she liked about men was that they can’t carry on a conversation, LOL! So true, girl, they hate to talk! Ugh.

  • Amanda

    @Lena: It’s not like that is his every day look. She dressed her dog up for one special occasion. Get over it.

    I think that Carrie’s main concern was letting her fans have some insight to her big day. Her fans are proud and very happy to see her taking such a big step in her life. Of course, some could argue that there are alternative ways to let fans see the pictures, but this way she can get the money to give to her charity. Everyone wins.

  • griffin123

    LOL. Carrie fans are DELUSIONAL. That money is NOT going anywhere near charity. That money is paying off her expensive wedding. LOL. This wedding was the most expensive celebrity wedding of the year and no way in hell she’s donating that money to charity after spending all this money on this over the top wedding. Besides why would she need People magazine in order to donate money to charity? Why wouldn’t she just donate HER OWN money without selling wedding photos to do it. Either way it’s greedy. But I can understand everything about this wedding was way expensive they had to sell in order to make the money back.

    As Beyonce said when the magazines were trying to offer her ridiculous sums of money to sell out her pictures (just google Beyonce selling wedding photos for her quotes), she said no, if you want to put some pictures out, put them out but not for money. But then again, this is the same woman who earns 89 million per year so she doesn’t need wedding photo money and she has plenty of her OWN to donate to charity if she wants.

    So knock it off with the “charity” thing. Perhaps if any of the money is left after paying for her wedding (which I doubt) she’ll donate the rest but she sold theses pictures for personal gain and to have a FREE wedding.

    Funny how Taylor Swift can donate 500K of HER own money to the Nashville Flood Fund, yet Carrie needs to sell wedding photos to pay for her 500K wedding. Same amount of money. No wonder Carrie fans hate Taylor LOL

    BTW, Carrie is entitled to sell all the photos she wants for personal gain but don’t lie saying it’s for charity.

  • danielle


    And if I may add–these same fans probably crucified Brangelina for releasing pics of the twins and Shiloh even tho all the money went to the Jolie Pitt Foundation and funds their causes!

  • anna


    Yes, Carrie said the money is going to charity.
    Secondly, carrie made 14 million dollars last year. Mike made 5 million. Are you kidding? They can more than afford to pay for a 500, 000 dollar wedding.

    They do this exclusive with a magazine to avoid a free for all paparazzi storm on their wedding day. just like sandra bullock and angelina jolie did. somebody would have posted the pics online anway. this way, carrie gets a paparazzi free day, the fans get some photos of her and the groom( btw, there are not that many in there , no photos of the guests, really just her and the wedding party) , and a charity wins. its great.

    also, you can bet your bottom dollar on the wedding day of taylor swift, she will personally move aside her own mother to make way for the paparazzi. she is the media whore who airs her dirty laundry about each relationship she has in her songs and to the public online in her blogs. get real.

  • jen

    What’s with her hair? And a tiara? Seriously- this is a wedding, not a beauty pageant. You can take the girl out of Oklahoma but you can’t take the Oklahoma out of a girl. TACKY.

  • http://facebook tammy swords

    you make a perfect couple ,wish you the best carrie and ,mike

  • Ashley

    she is pretty

  • Judy

    Hi, Just wanted to let everyone know that I have read many, many times that the money they receive for the pictures from People will be going to charities!! I think that is awesome of them, and I know how Carrie is and that is what she is all about. She is one of the most giving people that you will ever find.
    I too, am glad that it is going to chartity and just wanted you to know that it is going to several different ones, from what I have been reading.

  • Judy

    I have read many times that all of the money they get from their wedding photos will be going to charity. They are both that way and they are such giving, kind and caring young adults.
    I am so proud of both of them for what they stand for and their great morals.

  • jennifer

    Very,Very Cute! :)

  • Michael

    @griffin123: As many people have stated already Carrie made 14 mil this last year, Mike made 5 mil, Carrie is currently touring making even more money still. They don’t need People magazine to pay for their wedding. And if you want to speak charity terms, Carrie has donated more than 2million of her own money to several different charities, Save The Children, Pedigree, her own charity foundation CATS, she as well donated money to Nashville Flood Relief. Carrie also shows up at many charity events like Idol Gives Back. Just because Carrie doesn’t do it in a big chunk like Taylor Swift did doesn’t mean she doesn’t do it at all. Fyi, thats the first time Taylor Swift donated a dime of her own to a charity. Also, so what if Carrie wanted a expensive wedding, she her and Mike have the money for it, so let them spend it. Carrie certainly deserves her dream wedding.

  • Lilian

    If they remain together for another year, then I will be amazed!

  • anna


    wow way to have a real positive attitude for a one of the few real couples in hollywood.

  • Johnny

    She dressed up her dog who’s treated like an accessory item rather than a pet? Seriously? LAME!

    As someone else on here said it best, I hope the marriage lasts longer than a year!

  • Tia

    Congradulations Carrie! You’re amazing! I wouldn’t worry about her decision to share her pictures in a magazine, she’s been VERY private with this relationship all along, so it’s not like they’re fame whor*s or anything. it’s alright that she decided to share her wedding pictures, she probably wanted to share the moment with her fans. and knowing Carrie and Mike, they probably donated the magazine money to charity. Again, congrats Carrie, you look stunning!

  • Em

    To all of you people complaining about them “selling out” to the magazine: They were paid 2 million dollars for the pictures, and they donated all of the money to charity. ALL OF IT. they are good people, who just made a charity 2 million dollars richer. that’s a lot of dough. they are very generous

  • Louiarse

    @MissAnthropica: The money IS going to ch

  • Louise

    @MissAnthropica: The money IS going to charity…

  • Lori

    Wish them happiness and wish people would respect their privacy. Mike Fisher is one of the most respected hockey players in Ottawa. He gives many hours towards charity and is really a nice person to talk to. Carrie is a very lucky woman!