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Courteney Cox Covers 'InStyle' August 2010

Courteney Cox Covers 'InStyle' August 2010

Courteney Cox graces the cover of InStyle magazine’s August 2010 issue!

Here’s what the 46-year-old Scream 4 and Cougar Town actress had to share:

On Botox: “Aging gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another. Sometimes I use Botox. Compared to most, I use it very sparingly. One time I did too much, though. I feel weird if I can’t move my face, and that one time I overdid it, I felt trapped in my own skin. I don’t have a problem with any of that stuff; if it makes you feel better about yourself and it’s done properly, then fine.”

On staying connected with hubby David Arquette: “We have fun together and separately. We each have all the freedom in the world, which makes for a very comfortable relationship. It’s easy for people to just coexist, especially when you have such different interests and work lives. You have to make an effort to stay connected, and that’s something we work at.”

On whether she’d considered leaving the business: “No – although there was a time when my dad thought I should get out. It was right before I got Friends, and I probably had a month to go before I was completely broke. I used to add up all my money in the bank and divide it by months or weeks depending on how bad things were. At one point my dad called me and said, ‘You have always been a great salesman. I think it’s time you come home and sell swimming pools.’ I don’t think I would ever quit acting, but there are other things I am interested in. I wanted to be an architect, and I wish I knew more about landscaping. I think I’d be a good therapist too. Maybe I could start a little group therapy thing.”

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Bigger cover pic and shots from the set of Scream 4 with Adam Brody inside…

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courteney cox instyle august 2010 scream 4 set adam brody 01
courteney cox instyle august 2010 scream 4 set adam brody 02
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Photos: Tom Betterton, GSI Media
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  • Di

    Court! She’s adorable! Looks gorgeous on 46! Go Girl!

  • Francia

    “sparingly” LOL … I still can’t decide on whether she’s crying or laughing in Cougar Town!!!

    At least, she finally admitted it.

  • W

    lol She’s basically saying all her friends use it more than her. I think we know who they are. hehe.

  • DarkEmpress

    I think Jen Aniston has to use botox, she tans so much that she is bound to look old!

  • nana

    It’s a long time she admitted it but it’s sometimes and I like her honesty (the one she did too much, lol)

    This is one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen and she is a lovely, funny and close to his fans

    I love her

  • soi

    I like courtney and i think she looks great.

  • Queenkimba

    Uh, Francia, she FINALLY admitted it?
    Come one, she already told this in her Marie Claire 2008 interview (which is the year where she overdid the botox) if someone doesn’t hold anything back and is open and honest about anything to the public, it’s Courteney Cox.

  • michelle

    I don’t understand these movie stars. How could they go broke? I meant if you have 1 million per year, you can live off that kind of money easily, right?

  • Missy

    ^It was before Friends, she didn’t make that kind of money before that with smaller roles. The only hitmovie was Ace Ventura, and most of the credit and salary went to Jim Carrey.

  • g-dawg

    michelle, it was BEFORE Friends…

    and yeah Courtney does look beautiful and its great she’s so honest

  • voe

    Sometimes she uses Botox? What a crock! Once you start injecting something under your skin, it stretches and the wrinkles look worse if you stop so there is no “sometimes” Botox users. Her face tells the truth–Botoxed. Her eyes are lifted, lips plumped. She looks far different from the thin lipped but cute girl Springteen used in his music video decades ago. These actresses — Courtney, Nicole, and friends — need to stop claiming natural youthful look as they accumulate age, and fashion magazines et al need to stop selling them as young looking middle ages with “learn her secret to look young” craps.

  • Missy

    Oh and please Justjared, provide us with more pictures of Courteney on the set of Scream 4, she’s stunning and we haven’t seen any good quality pics of her untill these. Thank you! ;D

  • Slig

    Hahahahaha im in the best

  • Kaz

    What?im ohhh thanx

  • Francia

    @Queenkimba: LOL sorry didn’t read that one, my bad! I don’t know anythin about her so i won’t comment on her life but only what she says, especially when she says “Aging gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another”- does it mean that people who actually age without botox cannot age gracefully???? I’m sorry but when she implies that she’s not doing it to slow down the aging process she’s in denial mate.

    Other than that I find it quite annoying that her facial expressions are “botoxed” in Cougar Town. I think it’s a shame, that’s strictly my point of view

    She looks pretty, fact. But why does everyone feels the need to fight against the years they’re living. Wrinkles ARE telling how much a people frowns, laughs, etc. … it’s part of your personality and an actor absolutely needs them. Franckly, i’ll never understand people using botox especially actors, sorry.

  • Rose

    CC is extremely beautiful!! I think botox can be a friend of a mature woman!! Her face looks great and not artificial!! Her body looks fantastic!!! I appreciate her honesty!! Hope she never stop acting. She is very talented!!!

  • Nic

    Finally a famous woman over 40 who is honest, and doesnt feel scared to admitt to using Botox, what the big deal? Why lie? We live in 2010, who cares!! (except the vitrolic idiots who should be always ignored since they obviously have not their own life, and must worry about others).

    She looks great on the cover, oh and Jared she is rocking a VB dress on it!

  • Alaia

    I think she used too much botox on her lips. It seems to have calmed down now. Scream 4 seems interesting.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great! Can’t wait for Cougartown to come back on!!

  • irina

    LOL at this quote:
    “I think I’d be a good therapist too.”

    I bet she’s had loads and years of practice with her bff. Actually, if she ever needs money, she should start charging her by the hour. DOuble if it is a pity party or a session at the ocean.

    She’s loadedI hope she works on projects of more quality, I used to think she had more range, not just comedic talent, but she likes it… so be it.

  • facts


  • Edivar

    SCREAM 4!
    Coming Soon!

  • Marieme

    You know, Courteney looks much better than this. Why would they use this awful shot? She deserves better. Funny how when fug’s mug is plastered on a mag cover she is photo-shopped to an inch of her life to get rid of her fugliness. But when they have a genuinely beautiful woman they make her look worse? Idiots!

  • Edivar

    Scream 4!
    Comingo Soon… 04/15/11

    Not so fast!

  • sara

    I spit my drink out when I read her remarks about Botox. Puhleeze, she looks Botoxed up 100% of time. Even the cover photo looks like she’s pumped up, considering the fact that it’s airbrushed to death. We could all look this good if we had our photos airbrushed to the extent that she has.

  • tess

    adam brody for me!

  • leah

    Scream 4!!! So excited!! Yay!!

  • http://deleted adambrodyrocks

    thanks jared for the adam brody pics. he is looking awesome in this movie

  • jaye

    Botox lasts about 6 months, sometimes less. So if you want to keep looking youthful, you have to do it again and again. After a while there’ might not be anything you can do about the ‘botox look’. You either keep it up or stop and ………I don’t want to think about what she’d look like. I’m not knocking botox; to each his own, but once you’ve gone there for awhile your ‘natural’ look would be a shock.
    She forgot to mention that she also stays connected with her husband because they go to couples therapy regularly. She’s already said that several times in other interviews, but it bears repeating; you have to ‘work’ on sustaining a relationship. Therapy seems to work for her and her husband; her BFF,not so much. She’d make a good therapist probably because the BFF has cried on her shoulders so many times. Girlfriend might as well get paid.i
    Don’t know why she can’t do landscaping that’s easy enough to learn without a lot of time invested. If she waits too much longer, she’ll never do the other things she wants; it’s not like Hollywood will be calling forever.

  • http://justjared Becky, Bubba’s mum

    I think she bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin. She looks like she could be her younger sister. All these smooth faces begin to look alike after awhile….no character to them at all.

  • wow

    @jaye: brangelina please…….. wow! unreal! courtney is a wonderful person and she and jennifer have been bbf a very long time! i am sure they have both been there for each other! hate to hate gets old after a while. courtney looks beautiful!

  • TOM


  • Ashley

    Ace Ventura!

  • LISA


  • ann

    WOW she looks stunning!!! she’s so tranparent, such a amazing person!!!

  • Fat burner