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Gerard Butler & Michelle Monaghan: Preacher Pair

Gerard Butler & Michelle Monaghan: Preacher Pair

Gerard Butler and his co-star Michelle Monaghan — pictured below — arrive on set for their new movie, Machine Gun Preacher, on Tuesday (July 13) in Detroit, Mich.

Gerry, 40, plays Sam Childers, a former gang biker and drug dealer who becomes a member of the Assembly of God church. Michelle, 34, portrays Childers’ wife Lynn. The flick is being helmed by Kite Runner and Monster’s Ball director Marc Forster.

FYI: Michelle is carrying a Sigg Swiss Cross Bottle.

15+ pictures inside of Preacher pair Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan

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gerard butler michelle monaghan 01
gerard butler michelle monaghan 02
gerard butler michelle monaghan 03
gerard butler michelle monaghan 04
gerard butler michelle monaghan 05
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  • LauraS

    well hello Gerard!

  • Slig

    Hi jared alot like u

  • Nuts

    And, there’s the man bag…

    Good morning Gerry–and JJers!

  • Merlin

    First pics with Gerard and Michelle together… let’s hope they have chemistry onscreen, I like them both!!
    *waves to the JJers*

  • Kary

    I love Michelle, she is a great actress. Very simple and cute.

  • busted

    She is adorable to me.. Now Gerry this is a woman you should be going after..Beautiful, talented and she would actually make you a better man.

    Go for it.. (Only if she is single)

  • Nuts

    She’s married and has a baby.

    But, here’s hoping that there’s on screen chemistry.

  • mailey

    oh no, michelle is so nice and she has to work with this douche? poor michelle.

  • The Doctor Is In

    That first photo with Butler just getting out of the truck is most unfortunate — he looks like a kid who needs to take a whiz the way his legs are knock-kneed and his pants are all bunched around his junk. Candids can certainly be amusing.

  • redOctober


    And what is my wife most excited about today? She saw Gerard Butler eating breakfast at Toast in Birmingham this morning. :-P 22 minutes ago via TweetDeck

  • Shelley

    Michelle’s dress is very sexy. Wonder if it’s for the role. If yes then she and Gerry’s biker look do not jive. Sophisticated v.s. trailer attires

  • Nuts


    Red, hahahaha. Apparently that guy doesn’t share his wife’s enthusiasm for the Gerry-sighting.

    An earlier Tweet said:
    Aniuka: Gerard Butler eating toast@ Toast….again…
    about 1 hour ago via

    Aaaah…our wonderful little twitter informants are doing a great job!

  • redOctober

    @Nuts: our wonderful little twitter informants are doing a great job!

    …bless them! lol ! ; D


    Although the pics are great, I just hope that this doesn’t turn into the TBH part II. That would be sad. I was so sick of seeing pics, gossip and trailers (and they where everywhere and still are) from the set of TBH that I just stoped coming here. Although, I don’t think the gossip aspect is here, at least I hope not, I still liked to be surprised when I go to see a movie. I think I would like to see this one, so I hope that they don’t ruin this one with too much information …just enough to keep people interested. JMO.

  • Old Mia

    I hope we get some pictures of Michelle and G acting together today. I see these photos were from yesterday.

    Back on the other thread, what was up with Mellifera saying she’s off to a new home at the Motherships? Did I miss something?

  • Shelley

    After the initial shock seeing Gerry’s new hair I am starting to warm up to it. You can see the Gerry we know underneath the dubious hair and the outfits. It’s the old Gerry alright. It kinda grows on you, JMO.

  • Old Mia

    @XOXOXO: I have a feeling once the action moves to South Africa, the photos will slow down. But there isn’t much anyone can do to slow the flow in Detroit. The sets are supposed to be closed, but all these photos are coming out. Long lenses are a blessing to the paps. And a couple of days ago we were afraid there weren’t going to be any photos!

  • redOctober

    Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, is still set up at the Hearthside Mobile Park in Melvindale, MI…. about 1 hour ago via Facebook

  • Ariadne

    @Old Mia:

    Same here.. I doubt there will be any twitter sightings in SA or at least at the frequency they have been posted while he’s in Detroit..

    And they may be filming in more remote areas of South Africa if you judge by the landscape where Sam Childers’ orphanage is located in the Sudan…

    It may not be bad, it might actually help him focus more since he looks like the type of person who can easily get distracted.


    You may be right in terms of title recognition but I just can’t help but think that it sounds a tad cheezy.. IMO

  • Manny

    @Old Mia:
    Mia I think you are right on the money, once filming goes south there won’t be any piccies. We should enjoy the glut while we have it.
    As far as Mellifera – I guess she received her new rose-colored glasses in the mail. Crap another one goes to the dark side. hehehehe
    Love ya Melly! *sadly waving*


    @Old Mia: I’m sure you’re right, I never thought of that.

  • titlist

    The title is very middle America, trailer trash, redneck, hillbilly, etc. Tho it grabs your attention but implies something comical which is totally not what the movie is about. It has the effect on people similar to and along the line of “zombieland” “Hot Tub Time Machine” or “Maid of Honor”, agreed cheezy. “Another Man’s War” sounds too general, bland and suspicious of a big shot wannabie. Oh well. Not a perfet world.

  • Ariadne


    I completely agree…

  • boondocks

    I love Gerard Butler. I never paid too much attention to actors or celebs but he has really caught my eye. Interesting how so many who get to meet him tell how nice he is and how much more handsome he is in real life than in reel life. How could that be possible? I don’t think it gets much better than him in photos or on screen.

  • Shelley

    As much as I don’t like to admit, Gerry is the first and so far the only celeb I have been following (online only.) What is it about this man that has swept so many women off their feet? Looks and charisma help but it’s got to be more than that. Hard to explain. I think it may have some to do with his uniquness; he is def different from other celebs in many ways.

  • gossiphound

    I downloaded Bounty Hunter last night in a fit of boredom – I fell asleep half way through, I never fall asleep during something I paid for, watched the last part when I woke up. That said I thought his American accent was actually not bad at all, much more consistent than LAC so Tim Monich did make a difference I would submit. Which is about all I can say. Okay it is somewhat better than Management which has to one of the worst movies ever made.

    However RocknRolla remains unchallenged as the #1 go-to DVD for a GB fix. I want the Wild Bunch back. Why doesn’t Guy do an HBO series? No chance I know. One can dream.

  • redOctober

    300 director Zack Snyder is planning to resurrect Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas for a sequel.

    Snyder tells WENN, “He knows how much the women love him with no clothes on, so I’m sure he’ll make himself available.”

    ; P

  • LauraS
  • boondocks

    @LauraS: OMG that was funny…or not. I can so relate.

  • Old Mia

    @LauraS: This is my day to stay home and clean. I’m hot and icky, and decided to take a break and check JJ. Glad I did. A needed a good laugh about now. Some of the comments are a laugh as well. Now, back to the vacuuming.

  • sukar

    He looks wonderful

  • curious cat

    When I checked this site there were 28 comments. By the time I read them there were 31. I rarely post any more or even read these threads because everything has been said an infinitem about this man. But I like to see a new thread about a new movie he’s making and new pictures. He sure isn’t in 300 shape, for sure, and I wish he were more beefed up, but maybe Sam Childers wasn’t either. I don’t know much about Childers and haven’t researched him. Butler looks steadily older and I actually like that because I am somewhat older than he and he makes me see that older can look damn good. Especially to another older person! :) So I am less self0concious about the crow’s feet and graying temples. I also know a few women who were plain Janes in their youth and became beauties in their older years. Personally I think Hillary Clinton is an example, though others may disagree. I still dislike men who don’t seem to care about their appearance and sport pot bellies. Yucko.
    I don’;t know about the 300 sequel. After all, Leonidas died at Thermopylae, where do you go from there with him? But it sounds as if the movie people know that the Greeks finally beat the Persians by creating an alliance of states and forming a Navy,which attacked the Persians from the sea, where they had come in, instead of from land. The Persians didn’t expect this and were trounced, thereby supposedly saving the future of western civilization. This is considered one of the great military strategies in world history. But King Leo was already dead. So where does butler fit into this? Unless it is all prequel. 300 was a cartoon film anyway. Hollywood, please give us something intelligent!

  • Manny

    I’m so sorry you had to spend money for that movie. I hope it was a $1 rental than at least it would have been cheaper than taking an Ambien. :)
    Has anyone checked YouTube today for the extras from Booty Hunter? I figure they should hit today or tomorrow.
    Michelle Monaghan is adorable and I really have liked her in Eagle Eye… stupid movie but she was great. BTW she looks absolutely tiny in these pics.
    Gerry looks like they figured out the pompadour problem. His hair isn’t adding another 5 inches to his height. Still not really digging the mullet… But he is Gerry so I guess I can forgive a little. :)

  • Ariadne

    @curious cat:

    They may actually offer him the role of Miltiades, the general and lead figure who lead them to that naval victory… we are assuming they want him to appear as Leonidas..

    But that said, the battle of Thermopylae took place 10 years BEFORE that battle of Marathon actually. So Leonidas was still alive..

  • Ariadne

    Scratch that..

    I meant:

    the battle of Thermopylae took place 10 years AFTER that battle of Marathon actually. So Leonidas was still alive during the battle of Marathon that they will portray in the sequel/prequel..

    Read more:

  • Observatiion

    That celebitchy thing is so wrong on so many levels! I loved it.

  • gossiphound

    I predict Jason Sudekis will be the next Gerard Butler, LOL and maybe January Jones will be the new Aniston LOL

  • gossiphound

    Yes they really should say it is a 300 prequel not a sequel then anyone would go, ah now I get it.

    Nah Manny I paid 4.99 Cdn too much – I am with you I will just wait until someone uploads the extras on the internet. Maybe they are better than the whole film.

  • Merlin

    As far as Mellifera – I guess she received her new rose-colored glasses in the mail. Crap another one goes to the dark side. hehehehe
    Love ya Melly! *sadly waving*
    * * *
    Oh no!! So sad to hear this… :( Manny, rofl for the “dark side” part (rolling on the floor envisioning a Darth Vader completely dressed in pink…)
    I’ve to say that here there are many ex phannies but that’s the first one who goes from JJ to the Motherships… or maybe I’m wrong?
    I’m too much of a newbie to know that…
    Well, I’m 2000 years old but I didn’t spend all of them on JJ…

  • Merlin

    OMG Laura, that blog made my day… ROFLMAO at the comments too!!
    Thanks for posting it!!
    * * *
    Just a curiosity, why didn’t they post pictures of Gerard and Michelle together?

  • spanky

    @Merlin:IMHO it’s nice to see Michelle not clinging to Butler for dear life, like Anistan did throughout the BH shoot.

    Whole other class of lady me thinks: whole other class of film.

    …now let the pecking, flapping and swooping begin!!!!!! bawk bawk baaaawk.

  • gotta be kidding


    right i always liked mm in every movie she’s been in and you never read about her in the tabs. she is a serious actress and not a fameho. she always looks adorable. too classy for the G man, hehe! im already reading more tab crap about JA, the complete opposite of all thats classy and that her latest prospect she stole from his wife, Whatev, she is the quissential fameho and will do anything for press wheth stories true or not. maybe cause she cant act…..

  • spanky

    @gotta be kidding: ITAWY…. now hopefully Merlin will protect us both from being pecked to death…lol

  • spanky

    @gotta be kidding: scratch that they are too busy eating their young on the other thread…we are safe for the time being.

    maybe the serious acting bit will rub off on Butler…..and he will try staying out of the tabs like MM for awhile……i must say i am impressed so far that his off camera antics are a lil more toned down(like his body) for MGP..her influence??? perhaps????

    later peeps

  • Hmmmmm

    I’ve been thinking about the mullet. No … seriously now.

    They must be filming things out of sequence, so my guess is the mullet guest stars in only a small portion of the movie.

    Remember the scene they did at the beginning of filming where he just got out of jail was was looking down at the bag of his possessions. NO mullet in that gorgeous shot. Also, no mullet in the blue plaid shirt scenes.

  • oy

    Gerard Butler: Known as much for his pomeade as his palm aid.

  • oy

    I mean pomade. Sorry for the typo, my little kumquats.

    I hope everyone has been misbehaving. If not, there’s always time.

  • JewelryMaker

    OT Just read Craig Ferguson is about to become a father again in ’11. Congrats to them!

  • Karen

    @Hmmmmm: You are correct. I went back and checked those photos. No mullet. Why didn’t I remember that?

  • CJ


    I mean pomade. Sorry for the typo, my little kumquats.

    I hope everyone has been misbehaving. If not, there’s always time.
    We try from time to time my Queen…♥♥

    Read more:

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