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Leo DiCaprio: Auction House Stop!

Leo DiCaprio: Auction House Stop!

Leonardo DiCaprio dons his favorite UCLA cap as he shops for new antique items at an auction house on Tuesday afternoon (July 13) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor stopped off at I.M. Chait Gallery/Auctioneers, which is run by Asian Art expert Isadore M. Chait.

Later in the evening, Leo joined his co-stars to premiere their new thriller, Inception, in Los Angeles. So far the flick has garnered an impressive 90% from Rotten Tomatoes!

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio‘s auction house stop…

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leo dicaprio auction house 01
leo dicaprio auction house 02
leo dicaprio auction house 03
leo dicaprio auction house 04
leo dicaprio auction house 05
leo dicaprio auction house 06
leo dicaprio auction house 07
leo dicaprio auction house 08
leo dicaprio auction house 09
leo dicaprio auction house 10
leo dicaprio auction house 11
leo dicaprio auction house 12

Photos: GSI Media
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  • oh no

    I truly wish I had never seen these photos of him. The shirt, the cargo shorts and those sandals… So wrong on so many levels! Get a stylist or at least a decent girlfriend who would help you with your fashion choices!
    This is almost the `German tourist` look again.

  • m

    That outfit is awful as usual

  • plaidchad

    still dressing like a 12 yr old. sexy.

  • miss infamous

    WTF is he wearing?!

  • Slig

    Wow thanks jared for posting i love he .my faves actor

  • Slig

    I love he

  • Mari

    I want to know what’s in that bag.

    Yes, that outfit crosses the line, even for me, and I tend to be very forgiving of Leo’s poor clothing choices. I think it’s really the birkenstocks (with sock tan lines) and worn-out cargo shorts that push it over the edge. Would I still pounce on him, even in those clothes? Oh yes. lol.

  • Kaz

    Beautiful boy in the world ,i love you leo

  • Kaz

    My favrouite

  • yep

    @Mari: yep STDs are sexy.

  • pipo

    Gorgeous. Glam & hot..

    How can he manage to keep his fans still thinking he is hot? Those sandals are killing me!

    I have an information for you. German tourists are not dressing like this since 1970. I would say he is more in ihe right-after-communism-Eastern-European look.

    And a guess: did he buy a second-hand jewel for Barfie?

  • Jimi

    He always dresses like this and no one says anything.. I dressed like when I was 14 …

  • pipo

    Do you think he is aware his legs are not his sexier body part? Thin, weak and white legs, no trace of muscles. I mean: he really looks like a retired old salesman enjoying his pension.

    Maybe it’s time someone tells him the truth: he should avoid shorts and maybe try some specific workout.

  • K

    uhhhhh you people clearly arent from nor do you live in LA its normal for people in LA to dress like this the average guy does its all about comfort, what do you you want him to be in a suit and overcoat in the sweltering hot temperatures? gimme a break…

  • derek

    dude i saw leo in the flesh a few weeks ago and the man is huge like beefed i dunno why always thought off em as small and skinny but no tall and bulked up…wouldnt want to fight the dude hed put up a good one, and at one of the posters yeah your right people in LA do dress like that im currently wearing somethin similar, all about comfort guess hes tryin to fit in with the regular joes…..big ups leo

  • kaite

    this was the day of the premiere cool….he was out the night bfore to heres the video



    How dare he attend a professional art auction dressed as though he fell out of a community shower.

    The man was raised very poorly and has NO respect for others.

  • anon
  • anon

    inception is one of the best movies i have EVER seen and i dont say thinngs like that lightly, check it out people premiere vid it was meant to have been total MADNESS there last night

  • ……
  • @18

    Honestly what was the point of posting that photo? It`s not like you see two people who are in love. It`s hard to believe – as usual – that they even know each other. Thanks for boring us with that image.
    He looks dreadful. LA or not someone at his age shouldn`t dress like that when out in public.

  • sarah

    leo is really laid back and down to eath he probably doesnt give a crap how he dresses most off the time, as people said its all about comfort……infact think he may have said that bfore! anyway inception looks AMAZING and is getting rave reviews as is leos preformance

  • lighten up

    i like the way he dresses it goes to show how down to earth he is and not going around dressed in expensve designer clothing everywhere he gos…….i dont see what the big deal is, calm down people

  • poster

    i want to know how the heck the paps new he was there hes clearly shocked at their presence to it freaky how they follow people around like that, he isnt even doing anything exciting just going about his day, WEIRDOS!!

  • why would i get thumped down for posting an interview……some people here ar crazy

  • ahhh

    omg i saw a guy wear like that EXACT outfit yesterday minus the hat….maybe it was leo and i just didnt recognise him, GOD DAM i missed my chance

  • lol

    It`s not about designer clothes. You don`t need expensive stuff to dress with some taste and most importantly to be somewhat age appropriate. I have seen photos of him in jeans and a nice shirt. I bet they weren`t designer ones but he looked casual, `down to earth`, stylish and he didn`t look like a 12 years old.

  • ken

    haha why would you put up a pic of the bag hes holding…… never get these sights, anyway inception is DOPE everyone go see it

  • @k

    Exactly. In fact La is not famous to be a classy and elegant place. But you cannot set the standards, since the rest of the civilized world thinks differently

    You can be confortable in many outfits; most of them are acceptable, some are not, and this also for normal people.
    It’s a matter of being polite and educated enough to understand that you respect the others starting from respecting yourself and the first step is presenting yourself in a decent outfit.
    Besides, just to make an example, it’s rude to force the others to look at (and probably smell) your naked feet, especially in summer.
    And, TIM GUNN is right, there is a dressing code in certain places, that Leo can ignore just because he is famous.
    Nevertheless this behaviour is arrogant and, I agree, disgusting.

  • CanadaGirl

    He sure loves his Birkenstocks. Okay, they are comfy and give good arch support.
    @poster: Agreed. I think I’d be freaked out if I was followed like this. I was stalked twice in my life by strangers and it wasn’t fun.
    @anon: You had to bring her into it. *sigh* Geez, anon!
    @……: Thanks for posting. :)

  • lucky

    omg i was at the premiere last night and got leos autograph it as the coolst thing ever the crowd went crazy when leo arrived which is odd for LA crowds cause there usually quiter and more laid back unlike the ones in japan for example but anyway ahhh im so happy i got to meet him, hes soooo much better looking in person i never realizd it bfore pics do him no justice hes like stunning in person…..anyway im sounding totaly crazy so il stop now, strange thing was i wasnt even that big a fan of leos till last night however now id be president of his frickin fan club!! LOL

  • woo

    i want to grab his ass and i want to grab it HARD

  • wow

    @ anon: what a way to ruin a thread. thanks.
    i don`t like his style whether this is the standard in la or not. somehow i doubt those sandals are very common in la.

  • Annette

    In my opinion the outfit is ok. He feels comfortable with it (Bermuda and Birkenstock) why not. For a premier he always wears a suit.

    @Canadagirl Thanks for your comment. I agree with you.

  • iheartcomments

    I’d rather see pics of him wearing sandals than looking miserable and lost with his girl…

    But a lot of guys do dress like that in LA, not just in the entertainment biz! Some jobs even let men wear those sandals to work!

  • just me

    Leo has a questionable taste when it comes to clothes and women.

  • AnonymousDiva

    Well, since you’re not him, maybe you should just let him wear what clothes suit HIM.

    Honestly, the energy some of you waste on something so inconsequential….it boggles the mind to think what could be accomplished if you put some of that criticism into a positive energy source.

  • really?

    @poster: because he probably told them he was there. keeping his name in the blogs/mags to promote inception.

  • tablet

    he really needs to start hitting the gym.

  • bloatboat

    wow, less bloat in the face today. too hot for words.


    Leo bought me a present! Thank you Leo! I still love you and your outfit is cute and casual. He looks adorable. When he wears sandals, he always lifts his toes up.

  • Corndog

    Carb face. Spend some money on some decent clothes, Barf boy.

  • Ashley

    what a poser

  • Jess

    Leo is AMAZING! & I soooo can’t wait to see him in Inception next week :D

  • Semla

    Take off that shirt Leo! You look better with out it!!! ;)

  • dr brown

    @Jess: hi jess.
    He is amazing (pity about his poor taste in girlfriends though). I am also really looking forward to Inception!
    I wonder what’s in the bag?

  • gg

    everybody, look what i found on the net.. .. u think this could be true ?

  • @47

    the link doesn`t work. what is it about?

  • gg
  • gg

    listen click on this link.. then the page that will appear have a blue hyperlink which says “Fiinix Design, Blog ” . click on it and u will reach the page. it says that leo slept his way to attain the role of romeo in romeo and juliet. ???