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Sienna Miller's Haiti Trip Chronicled

Sienna Miller's Haiti Trip Chronicled

Sienna Miller visits International Medical Corps‘ clinics in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to get a firsthand account of the catastrophic destruction left by the January 12 earthquake.

“The spirit of the Haitian people — despite what they’ve experienced — moved me so much,” says the 28-year-old actress, who aims to raise public awareness of the long-term needs of Haiti’s people.

The effects of the tragedy, which caused some 300,000 deaths and displaced about 2 million people, will take years to overcome. “The long-term problems that Haitians are now facing are really only the beginning,” Sienna says. “We must help rebuild, yes, but that includes providing safe, healthy environments for everyone.”

Watch a video about Sienna‘s trip below!

Sienna Miller’s Haiti Trip Chronicled
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  • CanadaGirl

    It’s great that stars like Sienna are keeping the media eye on Haiti. Now that the media feeding frenzy is over little attention is paid to the ongoing struggles of Haitians.

  • Ethan

    call the press

  • Katie Balde

    Sienna Miller is a homewreker like Kate Bosworth, but at least she’s funny in interviews… had something in her head.
    Kate Bosworth is empty, empty…. empty

  • l

    I know a lot of people will start hating on her. But atleast she’s doing something. And the Haitians need all the help they can get.

  • offtheproperty


  • http://google veranis

    Sienna is beautiful, sweet, see her as committed to the victims of Haiti is wonderful.

  • Brightside

    Sienna actually does a lot of work for charity….the media forgets this…. preferring to focus on her love life. She’s so much more than the press painted picture of her….bright, beautiful, irreverent and down to earth. I think she’s a talented actress and I really hope that Jude and her stay together. She always loved him.

  • lisa

    sienna is awesome. to all you mean and jealous people get a flipping life.

  • Times a tickin

    She’s beautiful and she has a big heart, despite what others may think. Sienna is a very thoughtful, giving person.

  • http://google veranis


    I think she’s a talented actress and I really hope that Jude and her stay together
    We all love SIENNA

  • Sasha

    PR work to make her look good in the public opinion: check! People are so naive that belive every publicity stunt. Haiti needs so much, not this.

    To Argentines: she is the modern version of Susanita (Mafalda – Quino)

  • kk
  • zend

    the next jolie?

  • http://google veranis

    I do not know who is mafalda, but you do not want to her , it’s obvious she is a talented actress and model, and it is great that she resign her time to be in Haiti, she has to leave much to go there and her beautiful boyfriend also.We all love SIENNA
    We all love SIENNA

  • KellStar

    Who cares if it’s a PR stunt if they’re giving attention and money to a good cause.

  • you’re a christ killer

    oh come on ben
    stop posting as a canadaian slit eyed eskimo

  • re evey

    not off the property and owns a rifle

  • re evey

    get off the property then eve its illegal to own a rifle on the property

  • to off and evey

    hey stop making threats

  • the truth

    so fake
    this little rich girl doesn’t give a damn about the poor
    she’s oppressing them

  • H.

    Good. Put the ho to work.

  • haiti

    “providing safe, healthy environments for everyone.”

    i agree with the sentiment
    she better put action behind those words though in other areas not just for this cause.

  • who dat

    the virus has to pay up for what she did invading other people’s privacy online this is just a cover-up on her and her pr’s part

    her paid ranter can go off himself for all i care

  • armchair

    daphne’s track record does not show a concern for providing safe healthy environments from what i see
    what do you regular resident psychologists think?

  • thumbs up

    Still a skank but this is a step in the right direction.

  • Ashley

    Great actress

  • MissAnthropica

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    What I mean by that is if she follows through on her words which I doubt she will.
    One visit does not change what is happening there nor will a few photos unless someone is going to go the whole way for a cause they better not come out and say they care, just for some press.
    So if she keeps with this I will believe it untill then Im very skeptical of her True motives and intentions. So lets see three months from now and six months and a year from now if she still cares and then the truth will reveal itself in time . Actions speak louder then words and the truth can be seen… not heard. Only time will tell. I would suggest if she really cares to try to raise money herself for the cause like Kristen Bell is trying to do at the moment for clean water in developing countries her goal is $ 100000 and you can actually see where your money went so untill I see that from Sienna Im very skeptical

  • lolz.

    She is using the same five expressions on her face she uses in all her acting its so obvious sad face awww happy face cheesy smile concerned face i care i swear i do serious face looks like her head is about to explode from having to think for once. lol
    She is useing these people for press can you not see how uncomfortable that man who is a victim there is with her that speaks volumes about her. Every photo see is faking her a@s off She does not care she will be back to her old life within a week and will never go back mark my words back to shopping and not working like always.
    She also has aged alot in the last few years she not that old? what the hell is up with that lol

  • Nikki

    Sienna is a lovely girl, talendted actress and very pretty. I like her work very much. Greats from Bavaria.

  • Brideshead the wretch

    So Sienna is trying to convince all of us that she is a caring, concerned person? She is using these people for her own good PR. It will take a lot more than this. How committed to this cause do you think she really is? What did she really do to help any of these people? I don’t think she did much more than pose for the camera. Does she think she will get a movie offer from doing this. Sheesh!

  • Josh Stu

    I’m happy to know that she actually have that big heart to those people affected in Haiti. Many people will surely be aware of the additional needs of Haitians.

  • Danny

    She would not care one little bit about Haiti or anyone but herself if it didn’t mean positive PR for her. In every picture, she just shows up and pretends to listen with this phony smile on her face. She looks sad, points to the poor poor people, and then runs off to her next vacation. Does she ever do anything productive? No, she just blinks the tears away on film and then runs away.

    I think these “she’s so sweet, she really cares” posts have to be form her PR firm. How else would you claim to know? I know for a fact she cares about her next party, and that’s it.

  • meg

    Didn’t she go to Haiti in Jan or something for a few days. She went on a 2 week trip to Asia or somewhere. I don’t thin she went on a cheap trip.
    Maybe, she should donate some of her money that she spends on vacations and give it the Haiti relief. I think it’s her PR people trying to make her seem like she really cares about the poor people.

  • john mealey

    Ths is old already…her PR team must be in overdrive to salvage a has been…if she was such a caring person she would not have busted up a family…..

  • Really?

    Sienna does not employ a publicist. So nasty people get your facts straight.

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  • hey pancake face

    sienna has the same publicist that lindsay lohan and britney spears fired

  • straight fact

    sienna’s publicist is the same one lindsay lohan and britney spears fired

  • the publicists

    that would explain the trainwreck.

  • straight fact

    katie holmes fired her too

  • Teri


    You moron all movie stars employ PR, and hers is named Ciara Parks. Google it, then shut the hell up.

  • not clara

    clara parks is not her pr

  • Hmm?

    She reminds me of Bosworth. Those two need to change that hideous hairstyle!