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Taylor Momsen Models For Madonna's Fashion Line

Taylor Momsen Models For Madonna's Fashion Line

Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen is the new face for Material Girl, the upcoming fashion line from Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon!

Material Girl will launch exclusively in 200 Macy’s stores and online at on August 3 for the back-to-school season!

During her Sunday concert, Taylor wore a pair of hooker heels with dollar bills stuffed in the platforms.

DO YOU THINK Taylor Momsen was a good choice to represent the “Material Girl” brand?

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  • yami

    Def not. Although she is trying to get the “rocker” look going it’s not working for her. She dresses a bit too slutty for her age. It’s not cute.Would have liked for Lourdes to have been the face of Material Girl instead of Taylor. But what evs…

  • jj

    taylor is not the face for material girl collection. theres many girls on the campaign .taylor is just another one. maybe shes the typical teen. thats why she was choosen. but M didnmt choose the models. only her team and lola. M is bussy in london for her new movie

  • jj

    @yami: lola isnt doing any model. shes 13. and taylor is probably choosen cause shes one type of a teen. and theres other models too. not just taylor. so what!! madona didnt choose her. probably lola

  • jj

    @yami: lola isnt doing any model. shes 13. and taylor is probably choosen cause shes one type of a teen. and theres other models too. not just taylor. so what!! madona didnt choose her. probably lola

  • Franck

    Hell YES !
    Taylor is so Fierce.
    Look at this girl, she is the new face of Hollywood baby.

    (but I have to admit, too much photoshop in her face. She’s so young and pretty on natural, why already so much airbrush ?)

  • Kaz

    I’m beautiful handsome man im kaz

  • Maryl

    Taylor’s look is aiming WELL above her actual age. If that’s what the clothing line is trying to do as well it’s a good match. If they were looking to aim at the actual, real teen market… I’d say they chose wrong.

  • nata

    @Maryl: I disagree with you completely. She still has her angelic-child-like face. Yes, she does dress inappropriately for her age (but many girls when I was in high school dressed like her, so she is not the only teen that does that), but she’s still looks like a 16 year old. I think she is the perfect model for this line. She does fit the image.

  • missy

    cheap look for cheap people……..match

  • Celia

    Wow! I’m really shocked, but it kind of makes sense in a weird way.
    Taylor’s clearly doing something right if she’s got Madonna’s support.

  • Allie

    I don’t think she was chosen because she’s Taylor Momsen. I think she is just a model on the campaign. It’s not like Zoe Saldana for CK or anything. Let us not forget that Taylor started modeling and it’s what she does.

  • riki

    taylor momsen is never a good choice to represent anything.

  • Saad G.Khan

    yes indeed… she is a It Material Girl… Madonna’s daughter must ov have loved her look in Gossip Girl… that she booked her..

  • bae

    Prob because Taylor is seen as a rebel. Madonna thinks of these things..

  • anon

    I think Taylor is a perfect fit for Madonna’s clothing line. Similar to the original material girl, Taylor is a rebel who challenges culture with her music and style.

  • edna

    Taylor was a great choice, she has the look and the attitude!

  • irina

    they cleaned off a pound of make up just around her eyes. No way she looks 16 in this picture. Not at all.
    aiming to the rebel population, since these clothes are not pink and sweet, but her usual look is good for working the streets, maybe Lola’s clothes are nicer.

  • Jordan


    god, she’s a tool

  • BEAN

    Wtf hooorrible choice!

  • mememeem

    good for her! and shes not trying to be hardcore, thats just her style, its not like shes ripping of from brit or gaga (cough-miley-cough)

  • sea

    She looks 30, no no

  • Saudia

    Ugh I can’t stand this new Taylor; she looked so much better in season 1 of Gossip Girl.. so much prettier. .now everyone is giving her major raccoon eyes; it’s like her trademark now. It just looks horrible on her. She doesn’t fit the brand..I miss the old Momsen :(

  • Titiboy

    Good choice. Lola must have suggested her and she was right on the ball. The fashion like is kinda rocker chic, but very “cool”/”hip” and more edgy than lines such as Jessica Simpson, Miley or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Baby Phat. I also really like Taylor’s face. Jessica Stam is a favorite model of mine and i think taylor resembles her a little in the face.

  • Abbeyroad

    Great choice. She has that rocker, yet still girly thing going on with a lot of sass and a little rock/80′s style…Kinda embodies Madonna’s 80′s Boy toy look and updates it with modern style. This will be another success for Madonna. A lot of girls think Lourdes is pretty cool and has a style that’s not slutty, but still a fun, edgy look that people could criticize but not call slutty and revealing.

  • Kim

    She’s definitely the right choice…her style has that rocker edge like the line seems too, so the clothes look natural on her. Plus Taylor’s a great model…she doesn’t look like a “celebrity model,” but more like a high-fashion model.

  • Carly

    Now the truth comes out, it’s Lourdes AND Madonna’s line, meaning she is using her daughter. Before it was only mentioned at her daughter’s. Getting older Madge

  • Who Gives a S**T

    Despite what all you people think. Taylor Momsen is the PERFECT choice for the line. She has that “I don’t give a crap” attitude, yet is conservative in the way she acts, how she performs, and pulls of the rocker style very nicely. (when I say conservative, I mean she doesn’t do anything like Miley Cyrus). She doesn’t draw attention to herself and she really does WORK at what she does.

  • Dominic

    @Carly: shut up Carly you just spew blathering nonsense with no substance

  • jane

    oh.. hope young generation won’t follow her stinky attitude and hooker behaviour..
    whoever choose her is stupid.

  • Ashley

    She is hot

  • jjjjj

    They didn’t really choose a flattering picture of her…

  • rock n roll queen

    i really like this clothin line n taylor momsen i think im gonna order some clothes online

  • Denny

    She looks like christina aguilera morphed with brooke hogan.

  • Melanie

    Ew. Why didn’t they just use Lourdes?

  • An

    She looks like a young Christina A. here.

  • Genesis

    As much as I dislike her…Her style and character is probably perfect for their vision.

  • I’m embarrassed for Lourdes


    Well, Madonna’s always been a poser – all about the image, so of course she’d pick someone like Taylor. She’d probably have preferred Avril Lavigne, had she not already done her “own” line…

  • Fat burner


  • sara

    She looks like a typical girl who does porn. Poor choice, but whatever.

  • nicole

    holy crap, she looks like christina aguilera in this picture…