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The Hills' Final Scene: Mysterious or Magnificent?

The Hills' Final Scene: Mysterious or Magnificent?

After six season, The Hills came to an end on Tuesday night (July 13).

The final scene gave the series a perfect ending but left some viewers confused.

“The thing is, as you saw on the end – what’s real and what’s fake, you don’t know,” Brody explained during the live after-show. “Our relationship, the entire time could have been fake. That’s one of the questions: what was real and what was fake, and we left it [open].”

Watch the final scene of The Hills below!

The Hills’ Final Scene: Mysterious or Magnificent?
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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Whatever…

    What’s fake? The ENTIRE show was fake!!!!!! They had scripts and were DIRECTED. Are you kidding me? What idiot actually believed any of it was real? Seriously!

  • eli

    idk- I stopped watching it when Lauren Conrad left. she was the show. Kristin ruined it.

  • justin

    if you think the whole show was scripted period, youre dumb. they push people to say things & set stuff up. but it was never scripted.

  • mj

    i agree but thats not the purpose of the ending. i think the ending was refreshing. it showed the show for what it essentially was but also pointed out that although their lives on the hills have come to an end they can now live their actual lives. unfortunately many of the people on the show have decided to become actors but if how they acted on the show is indicative of their acting to come…be afraid…very afraid…

  • Jen

    I’m sure most of the show was fake, but I stille loved it! Lol!

  • katrina kaif

    @Whatever…: I am not sure whats happening. People are doing anything to get publicity. Fake is the best way to get publicity.

  • katrina kaif

    I loved the it. No matter if its fake. Entertainment is the key.

  • elle

    if it’s fake, then it’s just like any other tv show out there. whats the big deal? why do people need to bash it saying that its fake and scripted, when any other show on tv is the same way?

    i personally thought the ending was genius. like brody said, you can see it from any perspective. it leaves an open ending for anyone.

  • bilyana

    some of the things may have been exaggerated on the show but the show itself was real.loved it and i will miss it

  • Jenna

    Please don’t bother trying to make this crappy show sound meaningful

  • katie

    who cares?? who honestly watches this high school garbage?

  • Slig


  • Jenna

    @elle:Brcaue it’s Because it’s not a very good show?

  • Melanopterus

    So MTV’s idea of “smart” is to admit that their “reality” show as a fake… thusly making every “reality” show they have ever and will ever produce subject for people saying “umm yeah I call bs”

    You know what people call that? Being an f ing moron. Not that MTV had any credibility to speak of but what little they did have I hope they lost. Shut that station down, they are worthless, and this proves it

  • w11

    I stopped watching when Lauren Conrad left. She was the gravity on the show. When she left, all the fakeness surfaced to the top because it was populated with soulless famewhores. Obviously stuff was set-up, planned and storylines were created…EVERY REALITY SHOW DOES THAT. ALL OF THEM DO. So you can pick on The Hills but it isn’t the only reality show to “create” reality. The ending was the best thing this show did since Lauren left. It was a perfect ending to this show.

  • w11

    @Melanopterus: People have been calling BS on their reality shows LOOOOOONG before this clever wink in the series finale. The idea was born out of all the talk that had gone on well before the show ended…and people still watched. I understand your point, but this ending wasn’t what invited the idea of this show (or any MTV reality show…or any reality show period) being fake. That idea was already out there and they just acknowledge it. Nothing on MTV (and much of TV) is worth them or us taking seriously. Which is why it doesn’t really matter whether The Hills was fake or not. Most people who watched acknowledged it was, at least in part, planned/created.

  • John


    I think people’s problem with it being considered fake is the fact that they tried to pass it off as “reality” for the last 7 or so years. That’s why people don’t compare it to other scripted shows.

  • kraken

    Hahahhaa we all knew it was scripted, but jeez this is a whole new level of fake!

  • Leah

    The ending was stupid, but I had not watched after Lauren left. LC had that show and w/o her it didn’t interest me. Glad to see her back on the after show. She is always classy, something a few of the other gals should check into.

  • miss infamous

    I thought the ending was briliant! Of course parts of the show were scripted

  • therese

    LOL MTV is so stupid. they’ve been retarded for years now. so funny how he makes like there’s a real mystery.

    OF COURSE it’s Fake.

    man, in top 10 douche bags, brody jenner is in there.

  • Dee

    I think it ended up being fake once Kristin joined, but I think when it was Lauren in the beginning it was real. Lauren’s not an actress. As a fan since day 1 of Laguna, I was disappointed with the ending and d the aftershow. Many unanswered questions and no closure. Plus, it just gave all the haters the fuel they needed. Now they think it was all fake since the beginning. It was kind of mean to do to the real fans.

  • hannah

    the ending signified that like it says in the paragraph on justjared, that it lets our imagination believe whatever we want. it shows that some things were scripted, and some things were real. its whatever we want to believe. if u wanna believe it was all fake then so be it. if u wanna believe it was all real, then good. stephenie pratt said in an interview that the whole her & kristen fighting at the beginning was scripted and that in between takes they kept apologizing. its just showing that we dont know what is fake or real when it comes to “hollywood”. it was actually a really good ending, like it couldnt of been more perfect.

  • kvd123

    soo it’s as fake as heidi montags tits !

  • CanadaGirl

    Good riddance!

  • Buzz

    I thought the ending was quite smart. Very post-modern.

  • Ashley

    More Spencer!

  • Graveetas

    i thought Lost’s ending was better.

  • Davinci

    Scripted not scripted i was entertained that’s what counts at the end of the day.

  • ron jon

    Man that crap was so scripted in the final season, that kristen chick was fightin will all the other bimbos and then they were best friends & hanging out in the next episode. Lame as hell.

  • kellie

    what does kristin say to brody before he says be good?

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    Indeed, The Hills tv-show is awesome, too bad its over.

  • Neon Clothing

    Definally, The Hills owned the scene, Brody is my fan #1

  • Hannah Montana

    Hopefully they will decide to made The Hills 2.

  • Lord Krishna

    You wish, they aren’t going to continue it unfortunatly

  • windows 8

    I loved the it. No matter if its fake. The most important is “Entertainment is the key”.

  • ye rishta kya kehlata hai

    i like it man :–)

  • movie reviews

    I thought the ending was briliant! Of course parts of the show were scripted

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