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Tom Welling: Grocery Shopping for Superman

Tom Welling: Grocery Shopping for Superman

Tom Welling picks up a few bags of food while grocery shopping at the Urban Fare supermarket in downtown Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday (July 13).

The tenth and final season of Smallville will premiere @ 8PM ET/PT on Friday (September 24) on The CW. The season premiere of Supernatural will follow.

FYI: Tom is wearing a Boston Red Sox cap and a t-shirt from the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Chappaquiddick, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

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  • KellStar

    Don’t know who this guy is but he looks handsome, and real.

  • zahra

    I love this man. I can’t wait for comic con and the new season of Smallville

  • Celia

    @KellStar: Shame on you. He’s been Clark Kent for the past 10 years!
    Tom Welling is so sexy it hurts.

  • tao

    Is he not with his wife anymore?cuz he is not wearing his wedding ring anymore

  • hjk

    He’s giving the finger to the paparazzi

  • http://@marikachiuri mari

    Best man very Profile Card eyes I love this man!

  • Mandy

    All buffed up for the final season! can’t wait!

  • jensen ACKLES luver TANYA


  • jensen ACKLES luver TANYA

    if u look closely, his left side of his face is droppy, swollen, lips red and busted, his eye is bruised. i kno im not seein things…hope he feels beter & get well. luv u TOM!!

  • Kaz

    Tom look alike jim carry and mathyo

  • MissAnthropica

    His face looks swollen like hes had work done and it looks like he is wearing make up to hide it. Also I find it odd he just happened to get papped In Vancouver he isnt that well known outside of Smallvilles fan-circles so hes not a press magnet. So I am going to say that his people called the paps to get him so attention and if he did split from his wife they want people to know so they can cash in on it so dont be surprised if you see him with some presswhore girl next. His people are going to try to continue is career since Smallville is coming to an end and although it doesnt really help anyones career it never equals jobs for that actor they will still try to get him to go the presswhore route and gettting papped buying groceries is usually step one on that path. Sad to see him go that way.

  • Slig

    @kaz u wrong .i now he cillian murphy

  • Mary

    His face does look a bit off….I dont carte tho! He is still sexy and a fine specimen! UGH…He has been my #1 crush for ever….Him and Matt Bomer from white collar are my ultimate wet dreams!

  • Emme

    First off, Tom Welling has probably the most beautiful male face out there. He has gotten better looking with age. But even now, he has barely any lines on his face on HD TV and the lines he DOES have are handsome. He is the last person that needs to have “work” done because he’s probably the most naturally gorgeous man out there. I’d cry if this guy did anything to his face.

    I’d also cry if he split from his wife. They’ve been together a long time. Since he was like 20 years old. He’s just so not the kind of guy that you would see out there with some young slutty girl. That would be a huge blow to his image. So let’s hope he’s still married.

  • Ange

    Is it possible he’s in his Smallville makeup? They started shooting again yesterday and I can tell you as someone who watches the show that Clark was in deep shit in the finale. He was basically falling to his death. I imagine he was going to have to get “bloodied up” to shoot the premiere because he was very hurt and beat up the last time we saw him. If he came from set (and it does look like he’s wearing makeup) then that might be what it is guys.

    This guy would never have work done. He doesn’t really seem to devote that much effort to his appearance. And why would he? Look at him. He’s stunning.

    His arms and chest look big. damn.

  • Nathalie Soares

    Tom will always be the most handsome man I have ever seen. The redness on his face could just be that he has been standing in the sun for a little too long. And it looks to me that Tom is chewing something and NOT that his face is droopy. As for the wedding ring. Please…not everyone wears their wedding rings all the time. Some people don´t even wear them at all. Besides, it´s not the ring that makes the marriage or the bond between two people. It´s what they feel for one another. How many people out there might be in bed with somebody else right now and didn´t even bothered to take off their wedding ring. Tom wears his ring at certain occasions and not at others. Just like a lot of other people.

  • Liv

    It looks like he got punched or something on the left side of his face. Poor Tom. He’s still a sexy beast, though.

  • Marie

    Your douchebag “photographer” obtained these pics by harrassing Tom and then calling him a jerk on Twitter. Asshole!

  • Carol

    He looks in very fine shape and gorgeous as ever.

  • Meg

    Wow, he still looks good after all these years. I can’t believe Smallville lasted for so long. I hope he will venture off and not always be known as Clark Kent like Christopher Reeve.

  • moi

    @Nathalie Soares:

    THANK YOU! i agree completely!

  • Vancouver Girl

    Vancouver loves you longtime Tom, you’ve been a great citizen! Hopefully we’ll see Tom back in Vancouver once he’s done with Smallville, hate to see him go! And yeah Tom is looking gorgeous as ever, psssh the guy is a stud…


    They say love is blind, and apparently there are alot of blind people on this thread.

  • WellingFan


    My vision is perfectly fine…what’s your excuse?





  • pickles

    Nonsense. His face looks fat and he looks like he gained weight. He also looks like he’s been out in the sun.

  • Becky

    I seriously love Tom Welling so much. Gorgeous man and so nice. I think he will still be in Vancouver a lot. He is producing Hellcats there.

  • starry night

    It is so sad Routh fans feel they have to attack Tom. When will they learn it is not a competition and not Tom’s fault Routh got dumped. That really has nothing to do with him, but they are so bitter and ugly about it.

  • casper

    Learning on Twitter about how the paps stalked and harassed Welling to get these pictures make me feel very uncomfortable. Why can’t they just take the picture and then leave the star alone? Why do they have to get so aggressive and abusive to stars? I’m glad the paps got called out on their twitter accounts, but doubt it’ll cause them to rethink their asshole ways.

  • Markus

    LOL paparazzi are not aggressive and abusive in vancouver haha u really need to calm down, if anything tom isn’t even on their radar in vancouver the guys been living a hermit life in vancouver the past 10 years so cool your jets. Have you fangirls ever seen loads of pics in the past 10 years during the time Tom has lived in Vancouver NO so this talk about abuse and whatever crap is total BS…., you guys haven’t seen pics of him around town at all waa waa man aren’t those paps in vancouver abusive huh waa waa. paps in vancouver dont give a crap about tom so cool your jets down u smallville fan girls. I think Tom can take care of himself he’s a big boy. I wonder how he’d survive if he had to live in LA for the past 10 years, would u fangirls still be PMSing?? Its okay take a deep breath, vancouver paparazzi wont hurt your superman.

  • Nathalie Soares

    Where can I find these twitter posts?

  • SarahChuckFan

    Whoa what the hell did he do during the summer, the guy looks haggard. Either he’s had some work done on his face or the guy just gained alot of weight and is bloated, something is definitely off about him. Plus whats with the color of his face…weird.

  • justin red sox fan

    just gotta say i cant hate the dude cuz he’s a red sox fan. im sure he’s better looking then you guys, plus this dude gets to kiss the hottest Lois Lane ever, I’d be jealous of the guy too if he gets to makeout with that hottie man she’s a babe. anyways GO RED SOX!

  • Ryan

    @justin red sox fan:

    LOL yeah he does get to make-out with a hottie, Erica’s gorgeous and sexy.

    Nevertheless, Tom’s a great guy, he’s definitely my favorite Clark Kent and will forever been known for his awesome portrayal of this iconic character. I can’t wait to see what Tom/Smallville has up their sleeve for S10, should be pretty epic. I guess the DC fanboy in me is pumped that Smallville finally took off the diapers on Clark after long 7 seasons of emo angst driven storylines and finally let him be who is suppose to be! Great work Tom! Tom totally rocked in S9. Lets hope Nolan casts him in the Supes reboot movie, he’d be great.

  • Ryan


    Seems a bit harsh no? He looks normal to me.

  • Katie

    I think he’s a good looking guy not my type but he’s not hard on the eyes. Whats with all the kickass shows on TV shooting up in Vancouver my favs fringe, psych, supernatural, smallville all shoot there I really gotta visit Hollywood North, maybe in September I’ll come visit Vancouver when Twilight comes back to shoot.

  • Ashley

    Clark looks good

  • Hola

    Sounds like the same immature paps are spamming this thread to me. The tale of aggressive abuse to Welling came straight from these stupid paps’ own mouths in their twitter accounts. Which is why everybody called them on it. Then the babies started running scared lol. Then they tried justifying themselves by tearing Welling down on twitter and here. They’ve been posting twitter links to this webpage, so you know they are here. Why they think tearing Welling down will help rebuild their own reputations I don’t know. But everything they’ve done shows how plain stupid they are.

  • bale

    I wish Tom Welling had called the cops on these guys or pulled a Sean Penn and just beat the shit out of them. Yeah he would have gotten a lot of bad publicity and everybody thinks Penn is an ahole thanks to his anti-pap attitude, and Welling would probably gotten sued, but I wish he had done it anyway.

  • Markus


    I’m not a pap just telling u like it is. Vancouver’s got nothing in terms of paps, come down here to LA then talk. That’s all I’m saying. And no one is tearing Welling down from the comments i’ve read, their just saying the obvious to me the guy looks fine but its all objective, maybe you guys think he’s good looking some others dont think he is, its a free world no? Do we have to love everybody? I find Sarah Silverman hot some other folks dont just the way it goes. Its life.

  • Katie


    And no dah they are going to post links to this site, its their freakin pictures, what do you expect them to do, sit around and not share it?

  • Katie


    I dont think Tom would do that LOL.

    And just gotta say again that Tom looks great.

  • lol


  • Markus

    @starry night:

    Personally I think Welling makes a better Superman then Routh, sorry but Routh was just terrible or maybe its because the writing sucked in that movie. I agree Nolan should think about casting Tom he’s got all the bases covered, I mean the guys played young Clark, highschool Clark, post highschool Clark, DP Clark, and he’s practically Superman in that black costume, Tom’s got Clark/Supes persona down pat. JMO.

  • Katie S.

    Looking at these pics makes me feel so guilty. I love getting new pics of Tom so I know I’m a hypocrite. I just feel so bad about this situation and these pics :(

  • Gotham Podcast

    No doubt that dumb pap is obsessively reading this page after posting links to it. I would be very surprised if one or more of the haters here wasn’t that guy. It entirely fits his MO from what I’ve read.

    I heard one of the paps felt bad about it later and reached out to Welling. They chatted things out and are apparently cool now. Or so he says. So you see, not all paps are heartless wads. Just some of them, including our idiot local spammer.

  • Mely

    ugly!! his face looks fat man

  • IDK

    On the one hand, I think it is fair to snap any photo of stars when they are out and about. On the other hand, I do think there is a line of human decency which should not be crossed. Nobody should have to put up with being harassed or verbally abused in the hopes of provoking an angry “money shot”. Why the need for confrontation or even the need to speak at all? I don’t understand why some paps can’t just take the picture and then walk away. Maybe it’s greed? More money for the angry shot? Maybe it’s too much ego? There are a few paps who seem to get genuinely high off the experience of hurling abuse at stars. IDK

  • Wada

    Oh, come on!! he’s not fat! It looks that he bulked up a bit to me, I would kill to have a body like that.