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Zac Efron: ESPY Awards in Sunglasses!

Zac Efron: ESPY Awards in Sunglasses!

Zac Efron throws on a pair of shades and suits up in Balenciaga at the 2010 ESPY Awards on Wednesday (July 14) at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, the 22-year-old actor was spotted out at the Dan Perez Baseball Camp in Atlanta, Ga.

Zac met with Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell, signed autographs for fans and showed off his throwing arm!

Check out the below clip from Zac‘s upcoming drama Charlie St. Cloud!

Brand New Clip from Charlie St. Cloud!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at the ESPY Awards and in Atlanta…

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Credit: Alexandra Wyman , Pouya Dianat; Photos: Getty, Allied Integrated Marketing
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  • Malia

    Like his tough guy look there. He could play a character like that.

  • Tiptoes

    He looks exhausted from his hectic schedule. But looking good Zac.

    And if you missed it, here is one radio interview:

    Yahoo for High School Musical !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    what kind of shades are those?

  • Justin

    what kind of shades are those?

  • yami

    ummm……HELLO. Gorgeous. and he has the sex hair going on!

  • Hannah

    Gah he’s gorgeous :)

  • Malia


    For the most part, that was a fun, laid back interview. I love “A River Runs Through It.” That’s one of my favorite movies.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    bieber will be rocking that hairstyle in 2 years. LOL

  • Kaay

    The video was so cute & funny! omg I really covered my mouth jus like sam & started laughing. Can’t wait for this movie.

  • A Fan

    I’m so happy that he is getting a lot of praises for his acting chops in his new movie. I hope this will get a lot of people going to see the movie and prove that he is not only sexy and hot but have good acting skills.
    Also he looks really good in that blue suit and red shirt.

  • pop86

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Actually, Zac first rocked this hairstyle 4yrs ago in Vanessa music video.

  • Birdie

    @Justin: They are Persol’s- Steve McQueen model. Zac looks great and I’m so happy for him, people are saying great things about his performance
    in CSC.

  • rhonda

    ugly hair days

  • zanessa/scashley

    Yep. Zachary has done it again. He looks amazingly hot in that suit. And I love the sunglasses !!

  • Hi!0123

    @pop86 U know ur zanessa history! A+ for u! :)

  • athena

    He looks great as always….not lovin’ the sunglasses though. He’s having a not so good hair day…but it doesn’t matter…he looks hot!

  • Hi!0123

    His name is Bond…James Bond.

  • Abby

    Well hello there sexy. God damn he’s too good looking for his own good.

  • damn

    LMAO……..he’s getting worse with age.

  • wtf


  • Jonte

    His suit and trousers are too big for him here.

  • melanie


  • Ashley

    I love his work

  • .

    Lol. I don’t understand his style here but ilh nonetheless.

  • rio

    Zac looks great

  • Erika

    Zac Efron is HOT!

  • Kaz

    Zac looks normall & KAZ LOOKS HANDSOME BOY

  • Slig

    He booring

  • coco

    he looks great, and he’s such a nice guy.
    can’t wait to see csc, i’m really looking foward it.

  • amy

    he looks great, cant wait for csc.

  • Just Interested

    lol remove the shades & i dislike his suit

  • w11

    I like the suit but he needs to unbutton some of the buttons on the shirt to make this more dress casual. If you’re not going to wear a tir you don’t need the shirt buttoned all the way up.

  • April

    Zac’s hair looks stupid. I don’t see why people think he’s cute. He’s pretty ordinary looking to me.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @pop86: um.. ok? LOL.. thanks for the info but i don’t recall typing when efron started wearing it. ahahahahaha.

  • yeah

    The trailer for CSC almost made me cry, I know I know, but yeah it did. I can’t wait for the movie, ZE has been getting a lot of praise for his work on this movie. If the trailer is any indication, it is well deserved.


    When Zac is exhausted his lazy eye tells on him, which I completely understand as I have the same problem. I think the sunglasses are a temporary way of dealing with it. I’ve also noticed he has a nervous habit of running his hand through his hair. I bet his stylists have given up because they know anything they do now will be undone in five minutes when his fingers get anxious.(-: Strangely enough, I like him more for his quirks.

  • rosieapple

    Again no Vanessa in sight, he just does’nt seem to want to be photograped with her since he came back from his trip and not that much before he went either.


    It’s so gross the way him and footface (RPattz) are always running their fingers in their GREASY hair.

  • http://deleted amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Malia


    So true, he probably is exhausted. I like him for all those quirks, too. It just makes him so normal and sweet.

  • Daniel Tang

    OMG, we have never seen a pic of Zac going to the toilet or showering or swimming in his or Vanessa’s pools. We’ve never seen him cooking meals inside his kitchen or buying groceries or at his parents’ house. So, we know for a fact he doesn’t p-i-s-s or shower or eat or swim or visit his family. And he is NEVER with Vanessa. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER because we don’t have someone following them around 24 hrs a day documenting their PRIVATE time together.

    The insecure, lonely girls who live through Zac and Vanessa may have to get a life of their own. After all, Zac did say the relationship was between him and Vanessa. You lonely kiddies are not invited to participate. Move on to something else.

  • birdie

    @Daniel Tang: BRAVO!

  • kami

    love this quote from zac in one of his recent interviews about him and vanessa.

    we just take a sense of pride in that we have what we have and we don’t need to share that with anybody.

  • Karen

    rosieapple is most likely sweetrosie29 and kittykat9. The comments are nearly all the same and not just in the subject matter but in tone. She goes around to various websites to get a rise out of people and basically get attention.

  • rosieapple

    Well I hope that the Zanessa fans are’nt han ging on for a wedding between them as Zac openly said in one of his recent interviews when asked about marriage , ‘ I don’t even want to think about that, I don’t have n o plans’

    So it would seem his line of ‘ never getting married’ was right after all. He makes it sound as though it would be such a hardship to make that kind of commitment to Vanessa, ‘ I don’t even want to think about that ‘ what a nasty and cruel thing to say.

    Why Vanessa stays with him when he comes out with lines like that is beyond me, all he cares about is flirting his way through the female population and geting all gushy about his female co-star’s. Bet he can’t wait to do a full on heavy sex scene.

  • Leslie


    You are a very deranged person. I hope you get help soon. Your negative obsession with this young couple is deeply disturbing.

    Vanessa has also said she’s not ready for marriage. Did it ever occur to your pea sized brain that they are both on the same page in their relationship. And why do you want them to get married? Why is that important to you? Would you be going to the wedding? What is your stake in them getting married? How will you benefit from it other than to feed the emotional hole inside yourself?

    You need to find something besides Zac and Vanessa’s relationship to fill that emotional hole. Maybe food would do the trick since it’s pretty clear you hate men.

  • Tiptoes

    I watched the pre-screening of the movie last night and believe me, you will not be disappointed with the movie.

    Watch it – because Zac E shines in the movie.

  • rosieapple

    Ive just listhened to a radio interview that Zac did on Star94fm radio this week and they are talking about Perez and the lady was saying to Zac what great things that Perez always says about him, and that sometimes he does’nt say such nice things about Vanessa which is very unfortunate, and Zac’s reply as a so called caring, loving bf was.

    ‘Yea it’s great to have a fan like him. Very cooland very grateful and that it’s cool that he does say the stuff, and say such nice things about him. thank you’

    What a diouche bag, how can you be so far up someone’s butt when they say such horrible things about your gf and you just sit there and praise him up, all because Perez loves Zac as we all know that he does and Zac just laps the attention up.

    And at the latest awards show he got asked if Vanessa was there, and his reply she wnated to go so it seems Zac did’nt want her there. But then said that he’ll have to take her next time, sorry but I doubt they’ll be together this time next year.

    Even the lady who interviwed said that he needs to start bringing Vanessa out, guess it just shows how much he does’nt want her there to spoil his night of flirting with every female he says hi to.

  • kami

    rosie we all know you are sick. but zac is not going to marry you so stop worrying about him. do you know how pathetic you sound? wow!!!

  • Daniel Tang


    Good to hear. Everyone who has seen the movie is applauding Zac’s acting chops. Hope it does well at the box office.