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Ali Larter: Pregnant?!

Ali Larter: Pregnant?!

Is Ali Larterpregnant?

The 34-year-old former Heroes actress (wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Pyramid Cuff) was seen sporting what looks like a baby bump while shopping at Barney’s New York on Thursday afternoon (July 15) in Los Angeles.

Ali, who is married to actor Hayes MacArthur, later did some shopping at a yoga fitness store.

Congrats to the happy couple — if the pregnancy news is true!

FYI: Ali next stars in Resident Evil: Afterlife opposite Milla Jovovich and Wentworth Miller.

10+ pictures inside of possibly pregnant Ali Larter

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ali larter pregnant 01
ali larter pregnant 02
ali larter pregnant 03
ali larter pregnant 04
ali larter pregnant 05
ali larter pregnant 06
ali larter pregnant 07
ali larter pregnant 08
ali larter pregnant 09
ali larter pregnant 10
ali larter pregnant 11
ali larter pregnant 12
ali larter pregnant 13
ali larter pregnant 14
ali larter pregnant 15
ali larter pregnant 16
ali larter pregnant 17
ali larter pregnant 18
ali larter pregnant 19
ali larter pregnant 20

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  • DarkEmpress

    She looks pregnant to me! Congrats!

  • eva

    definitely knocked up…her boobs seems bigger

  • Slig

    Good for u .hahaha

  • nyob

    Big boobs, a bump, and a rounder than usual face. Definitely looks preggers. Congrats if true!

  • klutzy_girl

    Looks like it! Congratulations to them!

  • Andy

    Nice legs.

  • mary8789

    Pretty average looking and boring in interviews. D -list celebrity. No one cares

  • Courtney

    yup she deffinately looks to be expecting congrats to her and her guy if it’s true hopefully they don’t have to go through the heartache of losing a very much wanted/loved child prior to birth as so many star couples have through the years and not only stars but politicians as well both presidents Kennedy & Reagan had stillborn daughters right JFK & Jackie’s stillborn daughter was named Arribella and president Reagan & Jane Wymans wasn’t named and they divorced soon after but that experience led him to make October pregnancy loss awarness month and the 15th national infant loss remembrance day and Ironically enough his and Nancy’s daughter Patricia Ann “Patti” Davis-Reagan was born on October 21st 1952 some 7 1/2 months after they were married

    she maybe low on the celebrity Radar but this is still a blessed event if it’s true she’s expecting her first child children are always a blessing which makes losing one so very devastating and later ones never replace the one you’ve lost

  • Anthony

    Umm wow #8 …

    Congrats if it’s true!

  • Rebecca Leibia

    She’s jus phat


    Oh, for the days of old, when ladies and gentleman NEVER commented on the possible expectancy of a stranger.

  • .

    Oh lord, is this like when you thought Penelope Cruz was pregnant??

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Either she’s pregnant or she just let herself go now that she’s married

  • lexy hates bilson

    Congrats if it’s true!! She’s beautiful and a good actress! Nice to see some fresh faces on JJ!

  • Courtney

    it’s been the way it is now since the proliferation of the tabloid media in the 1970′s and isn’t about to revert back to how it was prior to that when the studios and star management/publicists could shoosh up the press about pregnancies/pregnancy losses and subsequent births

    of course a minor TV star like Ali is totally different than an Oscar winning actress like Vanessa Redgrave who went through that heartache in 1971 when she miscarried her and Carlo Nero’s second son at Ali’s age 34 granted she had been oscar nominated twice and was on her way to her 3rd nomination at that point and had 3 children under age 10 as in 8 year old Natasha Jane Richardson 6 year old Joely Kim Richardson and 16 1/2 month old son Carlo Gabriel Nero so it was imperitive to keep it quiet cause the older two could read it in magazines and be quite frightened by it and I don’t believe she’s yet openly spoken about it at length maybe in short answers in interviews like when it comes up how many kids do you have or stuff like that

  • @Courtney

    You should be banned from posting on here. You post the same stuff on any post that is about a pregnant celeb or new mother. One time you posted a link to your photo bucket and you are obviously sickly obsessed with pregnant women. Amy Adams in particular. Get some help!

  • Amy

    Definitely looks pregnant. She’s much fuller everywhere (including her face). She has always been so thin and flat chested.

    Major roots too – as many women forgo coloring their hair when pregnant.


  • ugh

    Enough with the popover ads!

  • Courtney

    quit jumping down my throat it’s my oppinion I’m intitled to it and your entitled to yours lets agree to disagree

    and besides Ali is the same age as Ms Redgrave was when she lost her youngest child so it’s fair to make that comparison so get over it and Amy Adams happens to be one of my favorite modern day actresses so I can’t help being a tad obsessed with her and I’ll openly admit that

  • Milaya

    Totally preggers! Her entire middle section is rounded like me and I’m 5 months, not just her front. And her boobs look fuller.

  • 300300300

    she (he?) is an F-Lister. Who cares??

  • lisa

    Maybe Courtney lost a baby or can’t have kids, and that’s why she’s so fixated on pregnant celebs? I feel kinda bad for her, if that’s the case. She does totally give off the weirdo, steal your baby kinda vibes though! And why would you bring up miscarriage when someone is pregnant? It’s like your trying to jinx them with your morbid thoughts.

  • Serina

    It’s too bad that she is prégnant because all her futur project Will cancel her carrière Will be over. She is married to a cheater Guy too. I hate her huisband

  • Truth

    All these women must thank Angelina Jolie for making it cool or okay to be a mother in Hollywood. Before her women waited too long to be mothers almost to a point when its too late. Now everybody is a mother in hollywood or sporting a bump

  • Realty Check

    “Truth”–omg, LMAO, I don’t think AJ is the reason people have babies.

  • Courtney

    that’s not true my favorite actress would’ve had 4 natural children and three step chidren by the time she was Angelina’s age had she not miscarried her first child on her honeymoon. besides back in the day you couldn’t even say pregnant on TV or in print so it’s changed alot. and having children doesn’t neccessarily cancel your career though most big stars decide to dial back on their career once they become mothers. and besides that you can still work making movies and things when your pregnant

    As for example the movie the Sound & The Fury the actress who played Quentin Compson the Narraitor was pregnant the entirety of filming and very skittish because she had just recently before that suffered a miscarriage and naturally thought if she made one wrong move the same tragic fate would end this pregnancy and her husband of bearly a year would leave her though thankfully nothing went wrong and she gave birth to their first daughter Elinore Teressa on the morning of wensday April the 8th 1959 and the first time she held that precious little girl all the heartache was worth it because they finally had a child of their own though Nell didn’t replace her older brother or sister that her parents had lost

  • Fat burner

    love her! she looks awesome

  • Bergitta

    My husband and I have been trying for about 18 months now and we still have no baby. I don’t want to do IVF or anything like that. I’d like to stay natural if I can.

    Does anyone one know how you can increase your fertility or chances of conceiving?