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Blake Lively as Green Lantern's Carol Ferris -- FIRST LOOK

Blake Lively as Green Lantern's Carol Ferris -- FIRST LOOK

Check out this sneak peek of Blake Lively as leading lady Carol Ferris in the upcoming superhero flick, Green Lantern.

In the movie, the 22-year-old Gossip Girl actress runs her father’s aerospace company and hires cocky test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), who later becomes intergalactic policeman Green Lantern.

FIRST LOOK: Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Blake beat out Jennifer Garner, Keri Russell, Diane Kruger, and Eva Green for the role!

P.S. Blake will be on the September 2010 cover of Interview magazine!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Blake Lively’s darker do?

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  • Jason

    She looks amazing!

  • Celia

    She’s a brunette?? I like it.
    I hope she learns how to act by the time this film is released.

  • wow

    I like the new hair color. She doesn’t look too ditsy.

  • John

    she looks so beautiful

  • D

    Dont get me wrong, I actually really like Blake a lot; she seems very down to earth, sweet, and is gorgeous, but I dont know how she’s getting such high profile roles…the girl cant really act! I think Leighton is a much more talented actress yet she’s stuck doing random teen movies….doesnt really make sense to me….

  • Saad G.Khan

    She is jsut super Hawt with Black hair do as well … Gorgeous..

  • …..

    You could have posted a few more photos Jared.

  • Chelsea
  • Mandy

    @Chelsea the first Green Lantern was Hal Jordan who was White. The black green lantern was the third in line, but featured in the cartoon to add ‘variety’.

    Anyway THANK GOD she changed her hair for the role :)

  • Anthony

    I like Blake but her over jennifer or Eva..really?? I could think of 10 actresses I would have thought could pull this off a little better. Her “acting” skills make me nervous… and I can’t imagine chemistry between these two for some reason

  • Kaz

    Really i’m beautiful but hehe thanx guys ^.^

  • Emmi

    she’s definitely ruined any hope for this movie. the other actresses probably had a better project lined up

  • Emmi

    she’s definitely ruined any hope for this movie. the other actresses probably had a better project lined up

  • Slig

    Im like model 0_0

  • Alaia

    @Celia: What the hell are you talking about? They’ve already filmed it. Why would she just learn how to act?


    She got the role after she did the Ben Affleck movie Then Town…they
    saw her performance and the Pippa movie too.. She is not a bad
    actress who has 3 movies coming out soon…Look what it did for Kate
    Holmes when she did Batman…she was famous for Dawsons Creek
    and Dlister movies…before she met Tom Cruise

  • Jenna

    @D: Unfortunately, it’s all about PR and a good agent. Blake Lively has two Vogue covers thanks to whomever she’s hired. Leighton Meester deserves better success, but I actually disagree. She seems to have better upcoming roles. Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow and The Oranges with Catherine Keener and Hugh Laurie. Both will definitely be showing off her potential. Monte Carlo and The Roomate will be stinkers, though. She should leave Gossip Girl as the show has really hit rock.

  • maria

    Jenna is right, it’s all about PR and Blake has two people working for her which is a lot for an “actress” like her. She’s good at understanding how hollywood works and makes the right moves, unfortunately that can only get you halfway. once people see how much you suck as an actress the flame will die (see scarlett) and I wish blake would focus a whole lot more on her acting since she is mediocre at best. she has no charisma and for the a-list career she is focusing on she needs it.

  • Francia

    Guys @maria: @Jenna: @D: I must agree with all of your comments posted on here. Unfortunately, Blake has the adequat body for that role even though she can’t act (all i’ve seen is GG, so please be nice, lol). At first sight, I wouldn’t picture Leighton (or any of the other actresses stated above) in that role and especially next to Ryan, although the chemistry between these 2 might be more explosive than for both Blake and Ryan once on screen .

    Anyways, Blake’s kind of hot…and we all know that the superhero’s chick is just not ugly …so i guess we’ll have to deal with her, lol!

  • Annie

    It boggles my mind that she beat Eva Green, Diane Kruger and Keri Russell. I would’ve loved it if the role went to either of those three actresses instead of Blake Lively.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great! I’m so happy for her. She’s a good actress and she works hard!!

  • Jo

    She looks amazing with dark hair, loves it !
    Blake will do fine in the role, people will you stop being trolls ? You s u c k :)

  • lisa

    i think she looks better as blond

  • donut

    oh no… i hope the movie isnt as cheesy as the pictures are..

  • linda

    It is so sad that girls like Blake Lively are put on the cover of Vogue and given the lead role in big films like the Green Lanetern yet she is the worst actress I gave ever seen. When she enters the screen I am on the verge of teears and its not because she gives a winning performance. She has a manly voice and appears to be bored b herself when she speaks. She sounds bored/annoyed/dumb. I have nothing against her she does seem to be sweet and friendly which is important but that shouldnt make up for talent. The only reason why any ones paying attention is because she has got great legs, her FAKE tits, and her style. She had a butta face . Its sad that now a days girls that are put on admired and put on pedestals are girl who flaunt their bodies. Instead of working at their craft they show up to every red carpet in the latest fashions ie Blake, Camilla Belle so on and so forth but do little else. She is just a blonde version of Megan Fox men oogle them but soon no one will care when their looks fade. It is too bad that girls with half as much talent and beauty are not getting these roles.

  • H90

    Blake is not a good actress, when i watch gossip girl it feel like everything she is thinking about is the camera right next to her, and how she looks. She looks better in brown hair.
    I agree with a few of the previous comments, Leighton is a way better actress.
    I have nothing against her as a person, or her personality, she is probobly a nice person, just not a good actress.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @Mandy: Actually the first Green Lantern was Alan Scott. Hal Jordan was the second. And then there was Guy Gardner, John Stewart (the black one), Kyle Rayner and Jade (the woman). And then there are the other, alien members of the Green Lantern Corps.


    I heard somewhere that Blake’s dad is in the business so that might explain how she’s so hooked up and getting all these roles….. I guess she’s hot but no way near the beauty of the other women she beat out. However, I don’t think the other actresses would have fit the role right – either too old/ too sophisticated in light of the role required.

  • Is.

    What are you guys talking about? She has been praised by critics on numerous roles. She beat the crap out of all these actresses for a reason, too. I have faith on her. Plus, she’s HOT. She can be the next IT girl. Unlike Megan Fox, she seems smart.

  • lw

    i have no idea who this is ho is, but i want to know who she’s blowing (mel?!) ’cause there ain’t no talent there. no sir.

  • whatever

    Good for her. I don’t like him tho.

  • G

    Yikes. Blake is GORGEOUS blond. Brunette, she doesn’t have the same sparkle and unlike Leighton, her face needs that extra lift. Well, the body’s beautiful so that should carry over well. I am not encouraged by these photos of Green Lantern. I hope I’m wrong and it’s not as cheesy as it’s starting to look.

  • Helena

    She is so gorgeous in brown hair

  • Green

    Woah,so many stupid Leighton’s fans here.

  • DarkEmpress


    Blake appeals to the “mindless teen girl” market. Who will want to see this movie because she is in it. I think Leighton is gorgeous. I think Blake is very plain. She has a killer body and long supermodel hair but her face is plain. She does have a bubbly personality though. I wish Diane Kruger had gottent the role because she is beautiful and talented. Bridgette von Hammersmark!

  • Samantha

    Leighton has those weird puffy under eye lids. Plus her face is very puffy. Yes, it’s shallow but she doesn’t have the right look.

  • saad G.Khan

    that’s ridiculous that some girls have so much hatred against Hot girls… Even if they believe they can’t act Since when Super hero movies needed much of an Acting??? Nways she is also coming in nest hardcore Drama THE TOWN, directed by Ben Affleck… I hope that will shut ppl Up…

  • Nancy

    She is flawless

  • Rebecca Leibia

    Wow, she is hot

  • anna

    This film is going to be so bad!

  • nana

    she looks better as brunette!

  • Jazzy

    Well idk what the producers/director/casting director was looking for in their leading lady because they decided against Eva Green, Jennifer Garner, Keri Russell, AND Diane Kruger? No offence to Blake but like, were they purposely trying to cast a mediocre actress as the love interest. I mean seriously, they passed on Eva Green, she is totally amazing, and she needs a bigger break then just Casino Royale.

  • Liis

    Go Blake! I am all for Blake’s success as an actress and celebrate the role she has in this movie. Cheers!

  • jen

    interesting. I never thought she could pull of being a brunette and she actually looks better as a brunette than as a blonde.

  • http://wacco4flacco sara

    she looks SO MUCH like lauren conrad in this picture.

  • Alaia

    @maria: What’s up with the Scarlett example? She just won a TONY AWARD.

  • loverducky

    @saad G.Khan:
    I don’t know that it has anything to do with girls being jealous and having hatred for hot girls. I think the concencus clearly has been that she is very attractive, and many people on here have said that they think she seems to be a nice person in reality…the acting is just the question. Coming from someone who has acting aspirations, even if it is just a superhero film, it is disappointing to watch people get these amazing opportunities who can’t particularily act. I must say, I have not seen her in anything but Sisterhood and Gossip Girl , but based on those, her acting certainly has a long way to go and seems lacking and not very well though out. But hey, like others have said, she seems like a nice person, and maybe we will see her growth in these upcoming films

  • C

    Normally I find Blake unattractice (great body but an extremely plain looking face) but she looks good in that photo. I can’t believe though that she beat out Jennifer Garner, she is not a good actress. If not for Chace Crawford, she would be the least talented cast member on her show.

  • Fat burner

    she looks amazing.

  • Jo

    It’s gonna be a great film I hope. Nevermind the girl. She isn’t that important in this movie.