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Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher: Honeymoon Kiss!

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher: Honeymoon Kiss!

Carrie Underwood and new husband Mike Fisher share a passionate kiss while relaxing on the deck of their overwater suite at Le Tahaa Resort in Tahiti on Monday (July 12).

Mike, 30, and Carrie, 27, tied the knot last Saturday at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Georgia.

In case you missed it, check out Carrie in her wedding dress!

10+ pictures inside of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher enjoying a honeymoon kiss in Tahiti…

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carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 01
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 02
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 03
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 04
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 05
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 06
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 07
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 08
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 09
carrie underwood mike fisher honeymoon kiss 10

Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Pinkrose

    So LOW-CLASSY… STALKING PEOPLE ON THEIR HONEYMOON. Since when do we accompany people on their honeymoon?!! That’s the whole point of going away. so paps chase them all the way to Bora Bora?!! Is this how low society has sunk???!!!

  • Anthony

    Is it strange that I can’t stand her and don’t even know why?? She seems nice and is talented I don’t get it. Congrats to the couple though

  • Lindsey

    I agree. It just seems invasive for people to be selling pics of people on their honeymoon. It’s not like they are trolling around LA….they are 1/2 way around the world in Bora Bora. I know celebs are fair game, but just because she sings people are invading their privacy secretly while they are on their honeymoon? Really tacky and an invasion of privacy.

  • Alley

    Carrie looks really cute. I do feel bad for them though. This was a private moment on their honeymoon, on a private deck. The paparazzi must have had high powered lenses. How did they know where they were staying?

  • Rebecca Leibia

    I love her body

  • Jo

    You should have included the picture that has Carrie wearing a shirt over her bikini that says, “I want more privacy”.

  • Tia

    Dear Paps: i love seeing pics of carrie and mike together, but this is innapropriate. it’s their honeymoon, give them some privacy. i hope JJ won’t be posting any more articles about their honeymoon.

  • .

    Um, why is there a cropped pic of her butt?

  • KellStar

    And people wonder why celebrities go crazy. Being stalked 24/7 would turn anyone screwy in the head

  • shannon

    Hmm, I think her reps likely tipped a couple of paps, her PR using this to get her maximum exposure. I bet Carrie plays innocent with Mike about her wanting whole privacy thing but I get feeling she likes it, needs the attention and secretly knows paps will be around, knows her reps put out the word where they were (but then puts on her annoyed face). Watch, when she comes back, she’ll complain about lack of privacy “I’m so big that they fololowed me everywhere!!” Because seriously with all their money, they could not afford a private hotel (she is facing the camera bang on, he is not,) and there are no paps in Tahiti, so how would they know. How come Penelope Cruz and Javier manage to marry, honeymoon without paps but these 2 don’t?. I like Mike, he’s a cutie but Carrie not so much, seems fake and full of herself.

  • Ann

    Damn, he’s HOT !! She’s so pretty – beautiful babies someday !!

  • Amanda

    @shannon: Carrie has never once complained about her lack of privacy and I doubt she’ll start now. She’s always said that it’s weird, and I think that her reactions always stick true to that. I’m sure she plans ahead to look halfway decent for the cameras, but that has more to do with insecurity than it does with being full of herself. I wouldn’t want a picture of me without make-up splashed all over the internet and magazines.
    It’s not like it would be hard to track them down. All they have to do is find out what flight they are on and they know where they are going. Then from there they just have to find the resort, which I wouldn’t imagine to be very difficult for someone who regularly stalks people as a form of career. As for why she didn’t get a private resort, well, the truth is that she shouldn’t have had to. This is her and Mike’s time and nobody should be intruding on it. She isn’t at fault when it comes to that, the guys with the cameras are. I realize some people think that singers and actors aren’t entitled to the kind of privacy that a doctor or waitress would get, but they are. I feel guilty just looking at the pictures.

  • dani

    Of course the paps were tipped off. Within the industry Carrie is known as ruthless in pursuit of her career. Nothing wrong with that, but she is definitely not the sweet young thing many think she is.

  • lucy

    love them but they need privacy!
    even though I like to see pictures of them!

  • lucy

    @Anthony: I have the same problem but with taylor swift!

  • flutters

    Thanks Jared. They look great but I’ve got mixed feelings about seeing them on their honeymoon. Best wishes to Carrie & Mike.

  • griffin123

    Are people forgetting this is the same couple who SOLD their WEDDING pictures. Now we are complaining because pictures of the honeymoon are surfacing? LOL you people are sort of nuts. She’s loving this. If she didnt’ want to be followed, she never would have sold pictures to people magazine (of all places) then go through LAX were the paps are hounds to leave for a honeymoon that didn’t even take place in LA. They could have rented a private and departed from their wedding destination if they didn’t wan the paps to follow. I really think it’s still People magazine releasing the pictures because they’ve also included a honeymoon picture in the magazine. That’s what happens when you sell pictures of a wedding. I don’t see anything steamy about any of these honeymoon photos. The kisses look uncomfortable and forced (as the the wedding kiss in people) and they look bored and tired not like young lovers. They look like they are saying “what the hell did we get ourselves into). I do know this I better never hear Carrie fans saying she’s a PRIVATE person after this that can no longer be claimed. She just never had anything to go public about or was interesting enough to follow, now she’s got a little something and she sold it to get attention.

  • jillyro


    Totally agree with this. They sold the pics to People (unless they donated the money to charity, that is crass) and likely the honeymoon pics too. So you sell your private moment for money, then you get what you deserve, in this case no privacy. She’s a fake. I too have heard she is not sweet at all behind the scenes.

  • hello.


    they did donate the money they got from people to charity.

  • lisali

    I feel rude for looking,,but they are so cute/hot together.. i can’t help myself..!!!

  • jennifer

    They don’t look very happy…..either regrets have already taken over or this is just a publicity stunt.

  • Lindsey

    I can understand selling the wedding pics. It gives you control. Instead of having paps hounding your ceremony, they could just arrange to release photos from their photographer and keep their event private. People does have quite a bit of pull and with an exclusive deal would be able to keep other paparazzi away at the risk of a lawsuit. That’s very different than having people take shady pictures of you on your honeymoon bungalow balcony with a high powered lens. That’s probably exactly why they sold the wedding pics- in order to avoid that kind of a situation for themselves and their guests.

  • ellen

    It hasnt been confirmed whether or not she gave the pics money to charity she said quote “We wll be giving some of the money to charity as to how much not known. Also there were 3 celebrity weddings that weekend anone as popular as Carries, because they didnt have security blocking everything. To me they were asking for the attention, or she was. And Carrie isnt who she was when she won american Idol. The fame has gone to her head.She is getting more and more snobish towards her fans, which paid for this extravaganza. And to me she hasnt looked happy in any of the photos. Rumors are that she is pregnant.

  • http://justjared ashley

    i am sure carrie have her own reason to ‘sell’ her weddings photos, and i don’t even call it ‘sell’ as she is definitely donating the money to the charity and that is her. we all know that carrie is a very giving person. and do u even ever thought that she look unhappy not because of her marriage with mike or she’s pregnant, maybe she’s unhappy that the papz is there taking her HONEYMOON photos for God’s sake! why did jared post a pic where she is wearing a shirt printed ‘I WANT MORE PRIVACY’ ?????? obviously, this girl wants her privacy!!! and pls, carrie is just kissing her HUSBAND and not some stranger or a guy that is not even legally divorced!

  • http://justjared ashley

    why DIDN’T jared post a pic where she is wearing a shirt printed ‘I WANT MORE PRIVACY’ ?????? obviously, this girl wants her privacy!!! and pls, carrie is just kissing her HUSBAND and not some stranger or a guy that is not even legally divorced!

  • be happy

    Love Carrier! Wishing Carrie and Mike the best!

  • Alley

    You haters are unbelieavable. Carrie is a sweetheart and gave the money from the wedding pictures to charity. She deserves some privacy on her honeymoon, and you would be annoyed too if you had cameras in your face for private moments on your honeymoon.

    Carrie is a class act and did not deserve this intrusion. Haters, to the left.

  • Beth


    believe that and I have a bridge to sell you. Carrie is NOT pregnant and is a total sweetheart. She is very grounded and kind, and not arrogant at all. You have no iidea what you are talking about. Carrie gives thousands to charity every year, and does not deserve your hateful remarks. Jealous, maybe?

  • Laci

    Mike is so dorky looking! I love Carrie but, I do think she has changed a lot since American Idol. I hope she doesn’t forget where she came from.

  • DJC

    Carrie has not changed at all as far as the person she is. She is very kind, caring, talented and very nice. Some of you people need to get a life and stop making up crap. I can guarantee you that Carrie is not pregnant. She has already said she doesn’t want kids until she is at least 30 and she has a HUGE fall tour planned. As far as her pictures being paid for by People Magazine…lots of stars do that and if she can help others for pictures that would be printed anyway…why not. It is offiicial by the way that ALL money from the pictures was donated to charity. Stop trying to make this couple look bad by making up stuff. They are a nice couple in love.

  • Bill

    All you people complaining about the media not giving them any privacy… You guys are insane… Check out the internet and see just how few photos there actually are of Carrie on her honeymoon… There may be 15 or 20 photos… What the heck are you guys complaining about and why is Carrie looking so upset at the ONE amateur photographer that just happened to be there on summer break…… If this was a Famous Pop singer or an actress, there would be HUNDREDS of photos and DOZENS of photographers from HUGE magazines…. There are no big magazines following them around, it’s almost like the media just don’t care about them getting married… Oh, by the way, those photos on the internet are taken from so far away that Carrie must be straining her eyes pretty hard to even see them… Probably explains the upset look on her face…

  • Ginger

    dang! can’t they just be on their honeymoon without all the paps following them? What the heck is gonna’ happened that we are going to go “OMG!”?

    let them enjoy their week as husband and wife.

  • Tahiti

    Le Tahaa resort is not in Tahiti, it’s in Tahaa which is another island in French Polynesia.
    Tahiti is the main island of French Polynesia.

  • Fat burner


  • Rachel

    First of all I love Carrie and Mike!

    She’s not putting on a fake scene for publicity… she isnt like that. She must have saw this sleezy guy taking the pictures… JARED… and got really ticked off because she does look unhappy! This is her honeymoon LEAVE THEM ALONE! She doesnt deserve to feel unhappy on her honeymoon. No one does even people who arent celebirties! And clam the hell down she is just kissing her husband… oh did I miss something in the past months they got married? Are you now not allowed to kiss your spouse now?!