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Suri Cruise Visits Jackie O

Suri Cruise Visits Jackie O

Katie Holmes gets a visit from her daughter Suri and step-daughter Isabella on the set of her new History Channel miniseries, The Kennedys, on Thursday (July 15) in Toronto, Canada.

As you can tell from the classic pearls and iconic bob, the 31-year-old actress plays Jackie O!

Tom Cruise has also been “in and out” to visit his wife on set.

Last week, Katie and her stylist Jeanne Yang launched their fashion line, Holmes & Yang, at Barneys New York. Has anyone seen their pieces there yet??

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Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • boston61

    Ugly little monkey girl.

  • Go Ask Alice

    ANOTHER JBK movie-BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Katie could not find any other movie.

  • Granny called…

    and she wants her body back.

  • Question?

    Did Jackie have massive cankles?

  • Harvard Bound

    Great to see homeschooling in action!

  • Question?

    Was Jackie dull?

  • Enough Already!

    Suri is 4 and she still uses a bottle! She nneds real parents!

  • Fingers Crossed

    Please tell me Jackie didn’t used to sing and dance :-(

  • Answer

    This has to be the most ridiculous pathetic sham even for television to cast Katie Holmes in this role. Did Jackie Kennedy have a crooked sneer smirking on one side of her face? No. Does Katie? Always. Did Jackie Kennedy have heavy gross legs? No. The pearls and hairdo do not make up for the big #FAIL gap in casting and portrayal. Katie Holmes’s personality occlude any role that requires real acting in the first place.

  • Can’t Wait!

    I’m counting the seconds until this airs. I found Kate’s performances in Mad Money and Eli Stone riveting. I hear she was just as amazing and magical in The Extra Man. Carries the movie on her shoulders. Anna Paquin hit artistic gold when Kate signed on to lead the way for The Romantics ensemble. Go Katie, go! xoxo, Tom’s PR Agent

  • Stinkbomb!

    Suri looks mean and pouts. Where does she learn that? as for Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy?? LOL ROFLMAO There is only so much a pink suit and wig or eyebrow pencil can do.

  • Ohhhhhhh GOD

    NOT the BLANKET!

  • Stinkbomb!

    @Can’t Wait!: Hhaha ha “Riveting” huh?

  • Ohhhhhhh GOD

    KID = MISERABLE (as usual)

  • Regrets&Condolences

    Jackie’s breathless grace and voice is a far cry from Katie Holmes helium whine and bottom heavy clumsiness.

    PR agents “can’t wait” to keep getting big money from Tom Cruise and advertising to a world of people you think are too stupid to notice??


  • Times a tickin

    I cant believe Katie still carries Suri in a baby blanket. She’s way too old for that!

  • delusionalMoney

    Looking at the profile picture of Katie Holmes pretending dress up. She is playing dress up pretending to be Jackie Kennedy.

    Katie Holmes = tiny head, sly smirk, big butt and clunker legs

    How can makeup and costumes hide that? Will all the shots of Katie Holmes dressing up as Jackie Kennedy be from waist up? G Guess this will take lots of Hollywood magic for real to pull this one off. – PAT

  • slambang

    UGH – They couldn’t have found someone with a little more beauty and grace for this role?

    And don’t even get me started on that creepy little kid.

  • Question?

    Did Jackie have a baby voice?

  • it’s the history channel

    oh please, no cares about that lame azz network. especially hollywood or historians.

  • Kaz

    Suri adroble and cute ^ .^

  • CM

    I couldn’t have said it better!

  • JBop

    I didnt realize Jackie O was so pigeon toed and had such huge cankles!! And as someone else said, don’t get me going on that creepy little kid.

  • M-

    Katie Holmes is so untalented…

  • aircraft tools supply

    I utterly agree with you. It is being required to to expand educator’s skill.

  • Jules

    I always find strange that the children of Tom and Nicole always is seen with katie more than with Nicole and now I know why:

    Star Magazine claims to have an “insider” who has told them that there are legal papers that dictate the contact Nicole Kidman can have with Connor and Isabella, her children with Tom Cruise. It’s been speculated that the reason Kidman is rarely seen with her older kids isn’t because she’s not a loving mother, but because she’s been pushed out of their lives by Cruise and his Scientology minions.

  • suritard

    hey jackie NO – stop focusing on coordinating blush, lipstick, and nail polish on a 4 year old. and start focusing on weaning suritard off the bottle and potty training.

    she’s going to be the joke at camp autism.

  • Ace

    Why can’t they just leave Jackie Kennedy alone? Katie Holmes? Please! What an insult to Jackie Kennedy’s memory. Just let her rest in peace!

  • Status quo

    Wow, that kid is going to 40, still carried around with a blanket and drinking out of a bottle. Seriously, enough if enough. Its moments like these that make me apprecitate my dear mom.

  • jen

    my my my … and what do any of you twelve year olds do for a living??
    Live off mom and dad and play on your computers acting like you are so much better than anyone else.
    DAMM.. look in the mirror!!!!

  • Helena

    Not just baby bottles but those plastic infant baby bottles with a good sized nipple on them for Suri to suc away while Katie wraps her in that heavy blanket in poppy diapers at age 4. Enough already Katie baby voice Holmes. One min that brat kid is walking down the street in high heels with glittery makeup on and the next she is sucking on a baa baa.
    Get real you Cult Freaks!!! Absolutely nuts!!

  • to question

    no jackie was not dull. she was a beautiful, accomplished and intelligent first lady; and by the way a wonderful mother.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …she looks like her.
    …and i see this is a cruise bashing thread. people are even thumbs upping comments insulting suri. ahahahahahahahaha.. gotta love the hate. ahahahahaha.. keep it up my puppets.

  • zzzz

    Oh no! The blankie? STILL?! Good Lord, if this is what’s seen in public with this kid, I hate to think what goes on behind closed doors.

  • Dee

    Jackie didn’t have a bob, she had a bouffant.

  • Rebecca Leibia

    Wow, she is fabulous

  • @InFamouslyCool

    You should talk. You are one of the most hateful people on this site…oh…unless you like the thread.

  • zzzz

    # 37, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Susie#1

    I saw Jackie Kennedy in New York just after she was widowed; we were next to each other trying to cross Fifth Avenue. She held herself very erect and had a slight smile on her face. Her eyes were wide-set, as were her eyebrows, and she was more attractive than in magazines. On the tour she gave of the White House, she did have a very breathy voice, but she had a very distinct accent: a little aristocratic mixed in with New York. She was also known to smoke, and had a very large, profane vocabulary; she could laugh at bawdy things. What a mix!! What a lady!!

  • Boris

    What a bunch of scums are posting here: pure hate from disgraceful monsters.

  • katrina

    The most distinguishable feature about Jackie O was the intensely dark brown eyes. Katie doesn’t have that look at all. She looks more like Mary Tyler Moore than Jackie O.

  • to Boris

    The Cruises are clearly controversial and not well-liked. Get over it.


    Quelle Horreur !

    To see this thick legged moose portraying our beloved, petite, well formed, and ALWAYS perfectly groomed First Lady is a travesty of good taste for America

    The posture alone…………………

    I must lie down.


    Caroline Kennedy aged 4.

    Not an ungroomed brat in a baby blanket.


    @Go Ask Alice:

    JFK. perhaps if you watched ONE, you might know the President’s name.

  • od9i

    Katie Holmes will always stay a B-actress. No matter what.

  • missy

    I don’t believe that article for a second, but if it’s true, it doesn’t exactly make Nicole look good either. It’s basically saying she signed her kids away.

  • zzzz

    Tim Gunn #43, you made me laugh out loud. But where is our resident lunatic, Pac Man? Here in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

  • Pac Man

    How can you say that about a little girl, #1.

    Where does she have a bottle, #7?

    Are you really criticizing a little girl, #11?

    Let the MOTHER decide what her daughter is too old for, #17.

    How is that kid creepy, #18 and #23? Don’t say that about a little girl.

    That’s a TABLOID you’re blindly believing, #26. It’s not only untrue because it’s from a tabloid but also because Kidman could and would get full custody if she was being forced by someone.

    Get a life, #29 and #31 and #34.

    That’s a nice story, #39.

    Why do you call her a brat and why must you compare, #44?

    What an ignorant thing to say, #46.

    I’m not a lunatic, #48.

  • African Girl

    Tim Gunn is my Hero! Lmao!!!!!