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Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Ponza Pair

Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Ponza Pair

Sienna Miller and Jude Law stay liplocked all day while vacationing together on Thursday (July 15) in Ponza, Italy.

WATCH: Jude Sings Karaoke

Two weeks ago, Jude, 37, and Sienna, 28, attended a concert by American alternative rock band The Dead Weather.

These two lovebirds are inseparable!

And if you missed it, check out a video about Sienna‘s trip to Haiti!

UPDATE: Sources are reporting that Jude and Sienna were not in Ponza but in Gallipoli, Italy on the Ionian Sea, a region called “Salento.”

15+ pictures inside of Ponza pair Jude Law and Sienna Miller

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jude law sienna miller ponza 01
jude law sienna miller ponza 02
jude law sienna miller ponza 03
jude law sienna miller ponza 04
jude law sienna miller ponza 05
jude law sienna miller ponza 06
jude law sienna miller ponza 07
jude law sienna miller ponza 08
jude law sienna miller ponza 09
jude law sienna miller ponza 10
jude law sienna miller ponza 11
jude law sienna miller ponza 12
jude law sienna miller ponza 13
jude law sienna miller ponza 14
jude law sienna miller ponza 15

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  • can’t fake it

    Look….. an actual couple!

  • wtf
  • Seth

    They’re both so useless.



  • kate

    They are so cute together! Love them! I hope they will stay together for a very, very, very long time. Goo guys, kiss and enjoy the heat in Italy!

  • xx

    HOW THE HELL could she get back with him after he cheated on her?!?!

  • Sarah P.

    He is so arrogant and in love with himself, I honestly don’t know how she can kiss that.

  • miss infamous

    Why would you get back with someone who cheated on you?!

  • Rocky

    So glad they’re back together. Hope they’ve ironed out their differences and go forward. If he dares to cheat on her again she should do a Mel Gibson and punch out his teeth!

  • Kaz


  • Susie#1

    Why didn’t they go to their hotel room? At least this time she kept on her bikini top.

  • Slig

    How kiss best wnw now party in my home

  • Maryse

    I love you kaz . Your are the best not ugly bald jude law

  • Brightside

    Finally! A celebrity couple who aren’t faking it. They are just so into each other, it’s great to see.

  • Brightside

    Why should they, you prude? What, you’ve never kissed your boyfriend on the beach, you poor thing?
    These are candids, not posed.

  • Blahzae

    Its simple she got back with him for the press lets be honest they are both being followed everyday now since they reunited just look at all the JJ posts since and there is the cold hard truth. Publicity. Also these photos look staged as hell they know the cameras are there and are posing when kissing just like you do in a film they are both actors and know how to do that. That is why it looks like something out of a film and not something real. Her career was launched by their relationship and then split his was crushed by that cheating scandal.
    By getting back together and than later splitting in a friendly way or not at all he gets to fix his image she gets to continue his career. Parts are not coming in for her like they use and neither are they for him though things are beginning to pick up and this is why people…PRESS
    And they are not the first couple in hollywood to do so I look at it this way though its one thing to date a person once but to go back to them says this to me Birds of a feather fly together so if you dont think much of him you shouldnt think much of her because they are most likely alot alike…….and thats the truth of their actions.
    Nice to see what she did after she left Haiti like I said right back to her life of nothing and Ill bet anything she barely ever goes back to Haiti again
    Actions speak louder than words words are cheap always something to remember.

  • dot

    They are not a Hollywood couple.

    They get plenty of work in Europe, where they live, work and as we see, vacation. Why are they back together? Hm. Love?

  • Cate

    I guess being cheated on and humiliated and lied to just doesn’t bother her.

  • dot

    is did not bother Mrs. Clinton too.

  • CanadaGirl

    They are beautiful together.
    As for him cheating – people grow, evolve and change. If she trusts him, why should we worry about it. That being said, she’s going into this relationship with both eyes open, and she’s a more mature, world wise woman.

  • Brightside

    I bet Mel Gibson was wishing that right now. Looks like his words are going to turn out to be very expensive ones.
    Jude and Sienna have always had a very physical and tempestuous relationship, though. Very physical (and very vocal too, at times). In spite of his cheating, he has never been able to get Sienna out of his head. He’s besotted with her and she was always besotted with him.
    I wish them all the best and hope, this time round, they work it out together.
    Better than the luke-warm pairing between Alex and Kate or the abysmally fake Hayden/Rachel duo thing. At least these two look like they can have a good time in bed together instead of walking around like a pair of stuffed muppets.

  • nasty

    She has no self-respect man.

  • http://verysexy!! sharyllee

    WOWOWOW!!! I wish It is me with Jude… He is very very sexy…

  • Blahzae

    There is nothing wise about that woman and she gets posted on her as much as Kate Bosworth or all the other little presswhores just because shes from the UK doesnt mean she isnt one just like them and no she doesnt live in Europe she lives in NY and so does Jude so they are a hollywood couple because that is about the industry not about living in LA. Open your eyes if she gets papped as much as the other girls but doesnt work why do you think that is and same with him because they call them like most of everyone else posted on this site.

  • lol


  • Blahzae

    Haha I bet Mel Gibson is thinking that as well lol
    Though those tapes do seem like the chick set him up they are having a judge look at the sound on them and computer experts to see if they were altered as he claims in court today in la at a hearing

  • Blahzae

    Btw Im not saying they dont hook up with eachother im sure they do just to me this smells like publicity with some benefits in the sack.

  • dot

    Obviosely, you know nothing about Jude and his work. NY was his destination for the theatre, go and see Rage before you compare him with holiwood dirt

  • .
  • Brightside

    Jude’s actually an incredibly talented actor and Sienna is underrated…she was really good in Interview. I would much rather see posts of her and Jude loving it up on a beach than the endless, monotonous stream of Bilson posts about Bilson doing nothing at all. Sienna is by far the better actress.

  • Shannon

    They look sweet and sexy together.

  • teddy

    i love how Sienna goes natural, no hat, no sunglasses, unlike all those hollywood actresses, who are scared to get a tan. So refreshing!!!!

  • peggy

    Wow!! I guess Sienna is so interested in helping the Haiti victims that she’s vacationing. Maybe, she should donate the money that she spends on all her vacations and donate the money to the victims of Haiti. I can’t believe Jared had both sets of pictures the same day. 1. She’s helping Haiti victims. 2. Vacationing!! Having fun!! I guess we know what is important to her. Do these people ever work?

  • Rosie



  • dolorescraegt

    i love that they are in love and happy. i’ll never understand the unhappy people on this site who can’t bear to see other people happy. i wish all of you the pleasure of knowing the happiness that jude and sienna are feeling right now. i wouldn’t begrudge you folks happinees the way you begrudge jude and sienna.
    enjoy your vacation and have a happy life. mr. law and ms. miller

  • Corndog

    @Rosie: Some people aren’t as one-dimensional in their relationships. Like, women think becoming a frigid bich is ok but if her man looks somewhere else, that’s a crime. Stop being frigid screeching bitchs and the man won’t have to look.

  • Sweet Annie

    I really don t like Sienna, but if they are happy together and I think they are, I wish them all the happiness in the world. I believe they both have changed from the last time they were together, she so young and not used to the attention and he just out of a ten year old relationship. I look forward to follow Judes carriere. He is a very interesting actor.

  • eewww

    i don’t know i’m not getting hot when i see this two.. the way they kiss is just yuk!!
    they are so CHEAP who makes out like this so public on a beach?!
    makes me vomit, even my bf and i have the MANNERS to keep that for the hotel..

  • tito

    you must be an American, who has never been in Europe. This is what people do here – kiss, smoke, drink (even if they are 18), go topless…:)

  • Jasmine

    @eewww: OMG, sorry for you that you lack the passion to be seen kissing in public. Maybe your boyfriend isn’t the one for you (or maybe he is, if passion isn’t your thing). So Ms. Prude, what are you and your boyfriend doing at a hotel anyway when you’re not married?

    “Ewwww, kissing, how rude!” (LMAO)

  • ericap


  • lol

    He’s bald.

  • dolorescraegt

    #16……instead of being critical that sienna was trying to do something worthwhile why don’t you go to haiti…do something worthwhile instead of criticizing someone who was there…go do something to benefit those people.
    jude and sienna are with friends and in europe people display affection in public….they are adorable together and so happy….the haters on the board just can’t stand to see other people happy. it’s a pity.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    To everyone saying “how can she get back with him after she cheated”?!!! You do realize that though he cheated on her with the nanny, she actually was already previously cheating on him with Daniel Craig, right?

  • Laker

    So dam sexy.

  • Jokergurl

    They look great together and happy second time I guess is definitely the charm with these two.

  • boston61

    He won’t marry her. Why buy the cow when you get all the milk for free. Look how he treated his kids mother.

  • what the hell

    He is plain ugly.

  • Jane

    @boston61: While you’re at it, look how his kids mother treated her first husband and oldest child’s father. She divorced both him and Jude and got it on with her boy toys. Any questions?

  • Angie

    He might not be your taste but he’s anything but ugly LOL.