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Kate Bosworth: Burberry Beauty Tea Party!

Kate Bosworth: Burberry Beauty Tea Party!

Kate Bosworth celebrates the launch of Burberry Beauty during a tea party at the former home of Tom Cruise on Wednesday (July 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress was overheard saying that she’ll soon be vacationing in Boston and Sweden with Alexander Skarsgard (her boyfriend’s home country).

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, hosted the event, which was also attended by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, tennis champ Serena Williams, Glee’s Jayma Mays, actress Lake Bell and model May Anderson.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Burberry Beauty tea party…

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kate bosworth burberry beauty 01
kate bosworth burberry beauty 02
kate bosworth burberry beauty 03
kate bosworth burberry beauty 04
kate bosworth burberry beauty 05
kate bosworth burberry beauty 06
kate bosworth burberry beauty 07
kate bosworth burberry beauty 08
kate bosworth burberry beauty 09
kate bosworth burberry beauty 10
kate bosworth burberry beauty 11
kate bosworth burberry beauty 12
kate bosworth burberry beauty 13
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kate bosworth burberry beauty 15

Credit: Alex J. Berliner; Photos: Berliner Photography/BEImages
Posted to: Aaron Paul, Christopher Bailey, Jayma Mays, Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, May Anderson, Serena Williams

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  • Theresa

    She’s gorgeous!

  • Overhearing

    She’s been “overheard” saying that to several celeb gossip websites. What specific info to “overhear,” so the publicist must really want us to know she’s going to Sweden and the relationship is on.

  • Nikki

    So bored with her and him. He used to be awesome but since he has been with her he is just like her now…disgusting!!

  • olivia

    Beautiful! Chic and classy!

  • cant get no sleep

    she looks tired

  • ugh

    she looks pale, unhealthy and much older than her 27 years.
    and did she get implants?
    or is she just wearing one of Miranda’s ‘miraculous bras’?
    maybe she figured that she could snag Alex like Miranda snagged Orlando

  • Sharon

    Wow, at least she looks less slutty with that outfit.
    Very classy.

  • When is Kate NOT on holiday?

    Kate must be exhausted from holidaying, partying and lunching. Good thing she can take time out from her life of leisure for another holiday.

  • CanadaGirl

    I hate the way she smiles in pictures – tight, forced, head slightly or heavily angled to the left, and her lips are pushed out so they look like labia.

  • Slig

    Mom .dad i m comeing

  • GPS

    I see the chick with no function is being really productive again, standing around in a garden smirking insanely at the cameras. She canĀ“t help it: she would swim through a pool full of piranhas just to have her picture taken. And Jared your texts are getting more and more hilarious, keep up the good work.

  • Carmen

    Beige…the perfect color for someone so boring.

  • Lily

    Why is she wearing a belt? It’s not like she has a waist to emphasize.

  • Lovely

    Kate is beautiful!

  • eurt

    i think she did get lots of viking sex, food and a push up bra from the funny or die video.

  • evam

    she is absolutely beautiful!

  • one silly rabbit

    I just love her style, so I found those cool ankle boots she’s always wearing, and I bought a pair. I look cool now too.
    And, plus, they stink so bad at the third day that my boyfriend started to leave me behind when we walk and he makes grumpy faces… he,he cute!
    I’m so happy, I just bought some shoes and now I’m following TWO trends!!

    Kate is a true style icon!! she so is, and she deserves to be invited to these parties full of A-listers!

  • Smirking

    I’d be smirking too if all I had to do in life is party, go to the spa, vacation, and f* ck Askars.

  • Jam


    Because of the baby bump silly…

  • Tiffany

    What’s wrong with her hair? It looks so unhealthy.

  • Hello

    She should consider a new stylist…and a new haircut.

  • Abby

    Vacationing in Boston and Sweden? Vacationing??? Her whole life is a vacation. Jeez. Hang onto his belt loops honey, cause that’s the only way you’re going anywhere.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Pop

    She used to be pretty.
    She got fug fast.

  • Whatever Works

    What a butterface.

  • eightball

    When did Kate Bosworth look so old looking?

  • Jenna

    Great dress.

  • Abby

    Just looked at the photos – for the love all that is holy, cut those dead ends off! Over-processed much? Not to mention. . .that hairdo does nothing but elongate her head.

  • Joyce

    @one silly rabbit: Wow, aren’t you just so cool that you pointed out your own sarcasm. So witty.

  • Astrid

    She needs to do something with her hair before it catches on fire. Cheap insulation is really flammable.

  • Acey

    This is all starting to make me really sick. I believe the entertainment industry has a place in American culture, a time honored place — HOWEVER, I am sick to death of seeing pictures of this entitled little tramp all over the place. Most people who read here have either lost their jobs or are afraid to, are in college knowing there is no work when they graduate, are up to their eyeballs in debt. We are all melting in this summers un-effing-believable heatwave. Cali has cut 17BILLION dollars from the public schools alone in the last 2 years and these disgusting, lace tatted, famewhoring, botoxed, labia lipped, clothes hangers!….stand around at tea parties, congratulating themselves. And tomorrow, there will be more pictures of Kate Bosworth — pretending to be “laid back” and “In love”. We will see more of “The Happy Couple” buying really expensive shiz, her looking ready to pop with plumping agents…and HAPPINESS!…Him looking like the world has stolen his ice cream cone. It’s all blow, clothes, and flash bulbs for these people — in a normal year I would be able to laugh for more sustained periods at them…but enough of this woman already. ENOUGH.

  • Jason

    @Smirking: I don’t think the guy f**cks her. She’s too bony and ugly looking. He’s probably using her for publicity and vice versa.

  • Teaparty

    I want an invite to a Tea Party! :P

  • OH MY

    @Acey: Is that why you guys are so mean and spiteful? Because you have no jobs? LOL You know, you don’t have to come to this site. You don’t have to hit the refresh key every 5 minutes waiting for the latest set of Kate Bosworth/Skarsgard pics to appear so you can complain about how they make you so sick. Why not stop reading about her and looking at her face if she’s so ugly. Sounds like you need to stop reading all these gossip sites. They are certainly upsetting you and they are supposed to be enjoyable. And how do you know the demographics of the JJ readers anyway? You seem to know a lot about Hollywood so I wondered if you were in the “biz”?

  • Get a JOB, KB!!!

    Being an actress actually means you need a job ACTING. GO AWAY AND GET ONE!!!

  • Smirking

    @Jason: I was sitting beside them at the concert the other night and I tell you it was getting a little steamy. I’m also an extra this season on True Blood. I know they are f*cking. I heard them in his trailer. I also overheard him saying boney and ugly looking is a real turn on for him…also lips that look like l abias. He’s real into smirks too.

  • Silence of the Hams

    During her Blue Crush days, she was cute.
    Now she looks rode hard and put away wet.

  • alex

    Why in the hell she’s EVERY DAY on JJ?? I mean NOBODY care about her! she’s only getting attention bcuz she’s with Askars! c’mon girl GET A JOB!! when was the last time I seen her on tv? pff she’s not great as an actress. there are TONS of actress better than her out there.
    I’m sick and tired about this skinny chick. get a burger lady, you won’t get fat. don’t worry. pfff.

  • Next

    @Smirking: Sure you are. What a coincidence — you’re an extra on True Blood and you just happened to be at the same concert. Only at JJ! lol

    Funny people who were by them in line and sitting near them on here and twitter said there was no PDA.

  • Acey

    @OH MY:

    I never stated that I was unemployed. The wide generalization of the readership here was simply a statement on nationwide statistics for the age group I presume to be browsing. You are right in one respect, however. Gossip Sites are supposed to be fun. I do enjoy the “biz” as you so snarkily put it. I like seeing celebs working on projects and attending premieres. I think Hollywood in its purest form is quite romantic, but these little rent-a-starletts are usurpers and should be ignored or destroyed. In answer to your other implied question…I don’t work in Hollywood, but I am a writer. These sites are throw away fun for me in most cases, as Receptionist is to Computer Solitaire – Polemicist is to Trash Journalism.

  • OH MY

    @alex: Why is she on JJ EVERY DAY? Because she gives JJ many hits. The people that say they are sick and tired of her and don’t care about her post endlessly about her. No one else gets 10 pages of posts. Even if they all are about how ugly she is and how she should get a real job so she can stop making the unemployed so upset and angry. To JJ a hit is a hit and you s uckers fall for it every time.

  • jinx

    @Smirking: I read he gets action in his trailer but not with her.

    Can’t blame him. She looks so old here. I’m sure he has his pick of pretty young women but hey, if she puts up with it, it’s her fault too.

  • Get her a CELL PHONE…Stat

    Funny how she can’t tell her friends in private about her summer plans. She decides to talk about it at a party with press around just so they could hear ALL about her summer fun. AND some of you are still wondering if this is a SHOWMANCE/PR Stunt.

  • Gen Y

    @Overhearing: I wonder if Skarsgard is aware of the stuff she’s doing? He doesn’t read gossip blogs, right?
    Someone should let him know how she’s playing him for pr. He seem to hate the attention.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Acey: Acey took the words right out of my mouth. Bravo :)

  • Clue

    She really looks old for a privileged 27 year old. She should stop posing like one of the Gap mannequins. Btw, why would she have to tell her friends her plans for Boston and Sweden in public? Wouldn’t they have known beforehand? ASkars couldn’t take her for a few days in Hawaii but will take her for a month in Sweden? We know from the Gelsons shots that the “paps” know where she lives. Why don’t they ever camp out in front of her house to get the money shot of him/ them leaving there? Or from his home? Why no pictures of the “happy couple”in unguarded moments i.e. walking the dog, taking out garbage, ASkars smiling into her eyes, him reaching to hold or hands or initiating any type of contact? The paps had big enough lenses to capture a naked Jude Law in his mother’s back yard in France. Why not them? He touches everyone but her. How come?

  • MissAnthropica

    Now for the mandatory Bileson post and the world of JJ gossip will be as it is everyday lol

  • OH MY

    @Acey: Okay, you just seemed really angry about her and HW and I was a little concerned and thought maybe a “Kate-break” was in order. I enjoy the gossip sites too but I just can’t get that worked up about it.

  • Weird

    I VOTE we all stop commenting!! Like right now so she and Askars will just go away.
    Just….stop commenting…it’s that easy. With no comments then maybe he will stop posting so much.
    Stop caring about them.
    Ugh. No. More. Comments.

  • Vanessa

    Lmao…I happen to like Alexander Skarsgard.

    But the fact is she’s using him…and he seems to be happy with this? Is she his f*ck buddy? Her smug face *ugh!* punches screen!!!!!
    She’s doing nothing and JJ is reporting her daily activities. I don’t care if she went to a tea party or took a crap in the street…she is old news. She’s only “famous” now because of Alex. Harping on about her holidays with her pretend lover…calling the papz to take pics of her slimey mug. Alex looks miserable and she’s laughing it all away.
    Enjoy it while you can, betch.