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Rachel Bilson Settles Down with Sellevision

Rachel Bilson Settles Down with Sellevision

Plaid pretty Rachel Bilson is spotted out and about with an older woman on Thursday afternoon (July 15) in Studio City, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress recently shared that she was looking forward to reading the novel, “Sellevision.”

“This was recommended to me as a must,” she shared. “I’m looking forward to having some time to settle down with it!”

On Tuesday, Rachel spent some family time with her sisters at the L.A. zoo.

FYI: Rachel is wearing the “Silverlake Short” by Paige Denim and a Madewell Lake House plaid top.

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  • Crittle

    Bryan Fuller is developing a series for Sellevision, is she going to involved with it?

  • Abby

    Maybe I’m too old to be in on the “know”, but who IS this chick?

  • lisa

    where is hayden?

  • Tori

    UGHH!!! She is Soooo F–ucking Boringgg!!!

  • viper



  • viper

    The best JJ can do is quote from some old issue of Instyle on what she wants to do and not what she has done.

  • Prince Albert in a Can

    Who is this? Is she like Paris Hilton, famous for no reason?

  • robin

    Holy shhhiiittt… SHORT FREAKING LEGS Batman!!!

  • jamie

    I really doubt she has money to travel to Thailand, I always thought it was Hayden who paid everything for her, is more likely to find Hayden in Thailand than Rachel, he has money and can go whenever he wants, but she…

  • Annie_black

    She was on “the OC” a show from the CW! Duuuh!!!

  • @12

    The O.C. was aired on Fox, not CW.

  • Pepto

    What else does she have but time? Why is this even an issue? She could read the entirety of the Library of Congress and still have time left over.

  • deshaun

    OC is a forgotten history as it got AXED when Mischa Barton (the REAL star of the show) left it aside from its sucked ratings. All the OC cast if not a has-beens are just washed-up/crackhead t@rds.

  • Squid

    That’s her mother you dolt. You’ve been following this chick for three years now, don’t play stupid. Annoying.

  • Lake

    @14, not that she’d understand one single word of what she read, lol. Just saying.

  • Jimi

    Jared reads these comments and gets off on the Rachel hate… But seriously Jared this ones pushing it .. Discussing her reading material…
    Now that’s funny..

  • Kitty Kat

    So now we’re ACTUALLY getting posts on what book she intends to read in the near future?

    What’s next? What kind of toilet paper she prefers?

    Good Lord…………..

  • MissAnthropica

    Zomg breaking news Rachel Bileson is going to attempt to read a book
    omg my life is complete now knowing this.
    You know what is funny she said she was going to read that book a long long long time ago….
    I wonder if she started reading it then if shes made it past lets say chapter one yet?
    Honestly I thought the zoo post was bad but now I can say this,………..
    ,, This is the all time low of posts.
    She is out walking not even shopping
    (now that is a story Bileson not shopping? The world shall surely end lol)
    and she is planning on sometime in the future near future? Wow just wow I think my ribs are going to break because this post is that funny not because of the topic or even her Although her existence in this world is rather funny but just the simple fact that this was even posted.
    But hey the mandatory Bileson post was submitted today…… Just like I said it would be lol

  • Leia

    I love the way that the haters put a lot of comments on her articles making Rachel more popular on JJ. You don’t learn!!!

    Where’s Adam Brody JJ? I want to know more about him!

  • MissAnthropica

    @Kitty Kat: Im going to guess shes a triple ply charmin kind of toilet paper girl lol
    oh wait she is what toilet paper is meant to clean up so that post would be fitting lol

  • Blahzae

    If that is her mother then there are some very unfortunate genetic traits in her very near future if you know what I mean:)
    and to be honest the change has already begun with her lol

  • Blahzae
    Hayden in a new music video for artist K-os A candian hip hop artist
    The song is all about knowing where you come from and staying to that . Hayden plays K-os’s bodyguard which you wonder why he would need one since hes not well known and there is no one around except for them than you realize its about doing something for the love of it like the hockey player in the video not for the crowd. K-os having a body guard is about people who think they are more important than they are… sound like anyone we all know (hint hint Bileson) I think he is sending a little message with this video. lol :) And its a great song!!!

  • chris 23

    I thought they were only taking a break??? I doubt they called it quits, otherwise it would be all over JJ.

  • MissAnthropica

    @chris 23: Its clearly over Chris but the reason JJ does not report it is because Bileson pays for her posts like many do and she ( well her people) did not pay for that to be posted but it was widely reported else where no one takes a break for a month thats just bull and btw its been over a month now…. so Im going to take that as a biggg Noooo. It was always a publicity driven arrangement and now shes is trying to the focus back on her while he is clearly moving on to working as much as possible Actions speak louder than words after all :) @Blahzae:
    Hayden looks great in that video!!!

  • Rebecca Leibia

    I love her smile

  • Kate

    let’s just stop commenting on anything Bilson related. then she’ll go AWAY. SO from now on, we should all do this. LATER! PEEYCE OUT!

  • MissAnthropica

    @Kate: Works for me boycott the beeotch :) mwahaha

  • tennille

    I BET SURE that this oc-dunce is laughing/smiling on the outside but crying on the inside due to what’s (NONE/NOTHING) happening to her lifeless life.

  • viper


    K-0S has a Natalie Portman fedish thinking that if he put HC in this video would get him closer to NP.


    First off Bilson pretty much made it clear at that last event with her father that it was done. One doesn’t need it spelled out for you that it’s a done deal their over. And that one month break has been over with for a while now. Seems now he might be getting some fans back his way those that dropped him b/c he was dating that cotton Candy brains, media princess. If he really hopes to get fans back he will continue to stay away from her.

  • Brightside

    Dear God! Have time to read! She’s kidding with people, right? She has nothing but time…..oodles of it, she’s unemployed for crying out aloud!
    I work full-time and still have time enough to read sereval books a week! So how long does it take her to read a freaking book? A month! A year! A lifetime!
    Nice to know that, while other HW inhabitants are out working or campaigning for charity, that the most newsworthy item about Rachel Bilson is that she is contemplating on reading a book! NOT!

    And for those deluded people who thought Hayden/Rachel were a bona fide couple….
    How real people behave when they’re in love!

  • jordan


  • lina

    thats not her mother idiots

  • Brightside

    I really think that, secretly, deep down, JJ hates her guts. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for such coverage of jaw-dropping mundaneness. Why would JJ put this little gem of banality out in web territory where it will be read by thousands? Holy Heavens, Rachel Bilson is thinking of reading a book! Let’s just ponder on that for a bit…she’s not actually going to read it, she’s only thinking about it. Just like she’s thinking of going to Thailand! Just like she was thinking of getting married!
    So what next? She’s thinking of changing her socks? She’s thinking of getting a colonic irrigation?
    When your career reaches a point of such mind-numbing suckiness…the black hole of suckiness, if you like…that the only item of news a gossip blog can report is that you are thinking of reading a book…isn’t it better not to report it, because you know it’s going to make you look like a total idiot!
    But JJ reports it! He must really hate her!

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Sellovision is a great book. Very hilarious. I still cannot watch QVC or HSN without expecting a weird caller.

    Good choice Rachel, now get back together with Hayden.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Sellevision is a great book. Very hilarious. I still cannot watch QVC or HSN without expecting a weird caller.

    Good choice Rachel, now get back together with Hayden.

  • Brightside

    Ah, but she’s only thinking of reading it….though no doubt JJ will inform the world if, and when, she does.
    Apparently she’s a really slow reader….so perhaps we shouldn’t expect a follow-up post any time soon.

  • Brightside

    Actually I’ve never seen her out and about with a book in her hand. Bits of paper, yes. But not a book. Us incorrigible bookworms know that a true reader takes a book everywhere! Car journeys, shopping, lunching, showers, baths….seriously, anywhere. Even cinemas.
    I have so many bath books (i.e. ones that I have accidentally dropped in the bath while reading them).

  • How does she stay so young?!

    I’m SO JEALOUS of her baby face and youthful looks! I’m only 21 and I actually look older than Rachel! So by the time I’m 28 (her age) I will probably look much much older than her. NOT FAIR!


    She’s better off without Hayden Christiansen. He always seemed so skinny, geeky and gay looking. She needs someone young but manly and who actually has some muscles on him not just bones. Such a pretty girl shouldn’t settle down when she can have her pick of the bunch.

  • Michael

    @MissAnthropica: Why is she a BEEYOTC? What the hell has she ever done to you? You sound like a pathetic jealous loser. Guys hate girls like you: so insecure and always badmouthing every other girl you see.

  • Ashley Pierce

    @How does she stay so young?!: I think she looks so young because she’s petite (slender and kinda short). The petite girls in my college always look so much younger than the other girls.

  • Tania S.

    @GET A REAL MAN: I agree! Hayden was so gay-looking and scrawny. Sorry, but I like a man who looks like he could defend me if we were mugged or something. Hayden looks like he would use poor Rachel for cover! LOL

  • Brightside

    @Ashley Pierce:
    I would also expect that the petite girls in your college are 100x more intelligent than Rachel Bilson so more able to get a b/f and keep him rather than just relying on looks alone.
    Unless Rachel Bilson can find someone who doesn’t mind major league dumb…she’s not going to find it easy to settle down.
    Cute’s good but you need more than cute to hold on to a fella and Rachel just doesn’t cut the mustard. She’s almost 30 and her track record is less than inspiring….much like her work record, really.
    I’d back the cute, pretty girls at your college any day over the mediocrity of an unemployed, and unemployable, untalented, d-list celebrity clothes horse with the brains of a goldfish.
    I’m sure your petite college friends will go on to do great things.

  • kosher

    Always & only being tagged as cute (really?!) yet nearing at her 30′s is just plain/simply RET@RDED!
    This one is the REAL cute, petit, young looking & not to mention a “talented & a working actress”.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! What is she so busy doing that she doesn’t have time to read a book?? Is she too busy shopping?? Setting up fake photoshoots, giving to charities in the middle of the streets of LA??? JJ do some research – the author of that book Augusten Burroughs – is more famous than Rachel!!!
    As for her getting a real man – she needs to be like Anna Nicole and get herself an old man. One who can support her shopping and media whoring!

  • MissAnthropica

    @How does she stay so young?!: @Ashley Pierce: @Tania S.: @<a href=”/2010/07/15/rachel-bilson-sellevision/comment-page-2/#comment-1702352
    You are clearly the same pathectic person posting under different names over and over next time try to be less OBVIOUS lmao

  • blahzae

    How the music video with Hayden and K-OS came about according to this Hayden was a the Rascalz fan back inthe day and played the song about her to her while they worked on the star wars films together. So Hayden jumped to be in the music video since he was a the Rascalz fan already.

    “If K-os plays his cards right, he’s one step closer to knowing Natalie Portman. The Toronto/Vancouver hip-hop star has recruited Portman’s Star Wars co-star Hayden Christensen for new video “Zambony,” and you can watch it right here.

    In the clip, Christensen’s more to K-os than a potential Hollywood “in.” The Vancouver-born actor plays the rapper’s too-cool security detail, though why K-os needs to hire some muscle isn’t entirely apparent, at least until the very end — and even then, we’re skeptical. Maybe, like all of us, he just likes the idea of being chaufferred by a Jedi.

    I ended up meeting Hayden Christensen on a plane from L.A., he’s Canadian as well. He was like, “Yo man, I’m a fan of yours.” And I was like “Dude, I’m a ‘Star Wars’ freak.”

    And we get to talking and he’s like, “Do you know I used to listen to The Rascalz CD and Natalie Portman would come in my trailer— The Rascalz are some friends I did a track with—and she loved her song?” Way back when they were doing “Star Wars.”

    “It’s interesting, man. Music, even meeting Hayden, putting energy out there, who you want to know…how quick it comes back to you. ” K-Os on the video and how it came about.

  • May

    “This was recommended to me as a must,” she shared. “I’m looking forward to having some time to settle down with it!”

    Like you’re busy… ahem, LOL.

  • Please Not Again

    She is NOT busy except for the endless calling the papparazzi to record her every move. Its unlikely she can even read a book unless its mostly pictures because this girl is so stupid she can’t memorize lines. She has to work off cue cards (when she works) & even with that is a terrible actress. Anyone who’s seen Jumper knows that. She required 3 sets of reshoots for her 5 minutes of screen time in NYILY and she still sucked. She’s supposed to be som kind of fashionista but just look at her: short, with saddlebags and a big butt and flat little boobs. She seems unable to accept her body type because she’s constantly trying to dress like she’s rail thin and 5’10. The shorts show off her saddlebags and with the black shoes make her legs look even shorter. The baggy plaid shirt is supposed to make her look bigger on top but its only the shirt that looks big. She looks like an understuffed scarecrow.

    No way is she actually going to read the book and she says she only *plans* to read it. She just wants to let everyone know she’d like to tv show/film. Anyone knows who read the book and saw Jumper that Rachael didn’t read the book when she did the film, which was written for young adults. Rachel is nothing like Millie and her performance shamed book Millie in that Rachel’s Millie comes across as a cheap uneducated little wh07e.

    I think Hayden broke up with her or their contract as a couple was up. He needed a beard and she was– and is– an unemployed fauxtress desperate for fame.

  • shanda

    @mrs_fuzzybee: Didn’t she say it was over? Need to date other know some are will disagree with that. And hayden is not gay and not weak as some are you think. He is really a strong person at heart.He knows when its time to leave a bad siuation and this was it.Rachel was the that lied about it all these months and didn’y say anything. Hayden did not use her. Rachel was the one that use him to get somewhere.And it didn’t go anywhere. Some you all get the facts straight.You that she lie about everything