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Gavin Henson: Nude for New Tell-All Interview!

Gavin Henson: Nude for New Tell-All Interview!

Gavin Henson goes nude for his exclusive tell-all interview with the Sunday edition of News of the World‘s Fabulous UK magazine.

The 28-year-old Welsh rugby doesn’t get naked for any reason!

Gavin reveals the truth behind the split from singer Charlotte Church and those cheating rumors.

Last week, Charlotte, 24, debuted a new song about her side of the split. Sample lyrics: “‘I’ll be a single girl and show the world how I can live without you/ I wish I could just hate you, then I could forget you.” Ouch!

She continued, “I find myself in clutches of panic since the break/ I need closure/ I know it could never have worked from the outset/ That doesn’t make this heartache any easier to accept/ I find myself wondering can I call you yet.” Wow.

Can’t wait to hear Gavin‘s side of the story!

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  • lisali

    say it loud..say it clear BUTTER FACE.

  • Slig

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  • Kaz

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  • Ish

    Wow, this dude is ugly. I suggest less time in the gym, more time on the operating table, get that fug off of your face.

  • Slig

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  • fresh

    Nice body.

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  • Eric Shinn

    Nice body shame about the face!!!!!

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  • Butter_Fly

    That is just nasty.

  • Slig

    Jared u love this

  • fgs

    hes a white man right?

  • Jade

    There really is such a thing as too much time in the gym..if guys like him truly think that this is what women want, they clearly don’t know women!

  • JO$hua

    @Jade: He looks like that because he trains a lot, Why? ┬┤cuase he is a RUGBY PLAYER!!!! They dont traine to have a nice looking body, They do it so they can survive the brutal matches. Besides women do prefer size, jajaja

  • Scott

    I think Gavin’s hot, including his less-than-perfect mug. Someone has also convinced him to chop off that ridiculous spiked hairdo he used to sport (let’s send that person to Ronaldo next). I pray that is just bronzer for the shoot, though. He’s hotter as a true white Welsh dude.

  • roger ramjett

    I agree with SCoTT. This dude hot!

  • Amy

    This man’s body is ON-POINT. The things I would do to it…

  • KellStar

    Seriously people, he’s a rugby player. You try playing that sport and then say he should spend less time at the gym.

  • Rhea

    Jade who are you to say thats not what women want? I think he looks amazing.

  • http://deleted blahblah

    he doesn’t look sexy at all -for me- he has a fugly face sorry :/

  • Sacha

    Haha, I can’t get past his face.

  • Pexter1

    I would turn gay for that guy.

  • Art

    His head has been pasted onto someone else’s body – look at the clumsy way it has been superimposed onto the shoulders (his neck appears to be transparent!)

  • James

    I think he is pretty damn hot if I am honest.

  • i couldn’t care less

    lol his fingers should hav been oily or greasy! then he would hav dropped tha foot ball! I would love to c his facial expression in tha middle of tha pic X-)

  • i couldn’t care less

    blahblah, fgs, butter_fly, who cares, and ivanka you ppl r so f*cking funny! X-) pexter1 and james…. EEEWWWW!!!!!!!!………… you two r nasty if you two are gay XP