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Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Rome Vacation Over!

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Rome Vacation Over!

Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Eric Johnson arrive home to LAX on Wednesday (July 14) after spending the past week in Italy celebrating her 30th birthday abroad.

The pair spent their final full day in Italy touring the Spanish Steps and having a romantic dinner together.

The singer and her boyfriend, a former pro-football player, joined family and friends on Jessica‘s actual birthday on Saturday aboard a private yacht in Capri, Italy!

10+ pictures of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson arriving at LAX after their Rome vacation…

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jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 01
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 02
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 03
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 04
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 05
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 06
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 07
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 08
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 09
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 10
jessica simpson eric johnson home from italy 11

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  • dany

    I’m starting to like this couple, i hope it last for her..

  • Slig

    Hahahah . I want play

  • miss245

    That guy is too hot for jessica.

  • Brightside

    I love her dress, sort of. At least elements of it. I just don’t love it on her. Perhaps on someone taller and thinner it would be an amazing dress. But not on her. On her it looks a little odd.

  • FrankOpinion

    Why won’t he help her with her luggage???

  • Brightside

    Don’t know! We know he’s strong because he can support her entire body weight and that must take a bit of muscle. On the other hand she’s built like a line-backer and can probably handle her luggage, and his too, with no problems.

  • Priscilla

    @FrankOpinion: LOL, you’re right. Very ungentlemanly of him.

  • miss245

    These two won’t last. Eric is a handsome, intelligent man. She doesn’t deserve him.

  • Kaz

    Not handsome haha

  • Kaz

    I’m handsome

  • lexy hates bilson

    What they had to come back so he can make an appearance in divorce court???

  • lalallalalal

    yeah he should’ve helped her with the luggage. I

  • Laura

    Wow what a gentleman to carry her 17 bags. She gives intelligent, independent, strong women bad names. She makes such a fool out of herself just by being in the public eye! For god’s sake, someone get her a stylist. She has no clue how to dress for her body and everytime I see pictures of her I am so disguested. How are you a celebrity for 10+ years and have no idea how to carry yourself in public? She needs to hire someone to make her appear less pathetic if possible! Sorry so harsh I just can’t stand posts or pictures of her anymore!

  • http://deleted blahblah

    the thing i don’t understand is she didn’t have sex before marriage and after her divorce she slept with so many men how is this rational? lol whatever she can do whatever she wants i hope this relationship lasts

  • Karon

    He certainly doesnt look that into her! He’s walking way ahead of her while she’s struggling with her luggage. My husband would never not carry my stuff if he was empty handed. Poor girl, looks like she found another creep.

  • http://- MeMyself&I

    Where is HIS luggage??
    She probably IS carrying his stuff too *facepalm*

  • annmarie

    @FrankOpinion: funny, i was thinking the same thing..

  • annmarie

    @FrankOpinion: funny, i was thinking the same thing..

  • annmarie

    @Karon: reading way too much into a picture. Previous pictures he looks like he is really into her. maybe he asked to help her and she said no. who knows?

  • kara

    Wow. Did someone vomit on her dress? She really needs a stylist.

  • rachel

    Alot of couples walk in front of our behind one another. Maybe they have a reason. I think they make a cute couple. alot of judgement going on based on a few pictures.

  • JustJill

    She looks preggy to me. Wouldn’t that just butter Papa Joe’s biscuits!

  • lovejesss

    love Jessica! hope she will be very happy with him, but have to admit, this dress looks awfull.. she’s so beautifull this makes her look old

  • meme

    jess needs to stop wearing mumu’s…..and just loose some major lb’s!!!!! and yes, she has been thru quite a lot of guy’s since nick…wow…..for such a “chiristian” lady……. stop making a public spectacle of yourself and your so-called romances!! lot’s of REAL STARS manage to keep their private lives, private….try it jess….try it papa joe….your public displays are sickening….

  • tawi-tawi

    wow, why is she carrying all her bags, and he is just walking there with empty hands? that’s just wrong :(

  • heather

    I love Jess always have. Her dress is gorgeous and i love the short jean jacket she wears with it. I have to say i work in sales also as a buyer for an exclusive dept store and i like a lot of the outfits i have seen Jessica wear.
    She is not built like her sister that’s for sure she will always have to watch her weight. She would have to be spending her fair share of time at the gym to keep her muscles in her stomach and legs tight,which she does.
    I am sure she is no different then most of us women and is always saying i have 10 pounds to lose but honestly as we all know so much easier said then done. Some of us are slim and built teeny like her own sister, like myself and it wasn’t ontill i hit 30 yrs old that i realized how fortunate i am to be built like my mother. My sister is built like my grandmother’s side and like jessica all of her life has been about dieting. Not good on the confidence. I am not going to carry on about the luggage b/c if somebody was taking my hubby ands my pics at certain times at the airport many times i am left with the luggage while he gets the car and i do walk with the easy to move along luggage on wheels…LOL It’s not difficult as long as he is on his way to doing something else. Work as a team at the airport.:)

  • julie

    Why is he walking 3 feet ahead of her while she carries her (or their?) luggage? He is not into her, it’s obvious from most of their pics together. He’s just getting some free stuff and a little lovin’, won’t last. Why in the world did she ever leave Nick…

  • Go Ask Alice

    Julie,she and her dad left Nick becuase they thought her career coming of Dukes ,Newlyweds show,etc.was going to get better.
    Nick, well, Nick was disposable.
    Her father ,and Jessica agreed, that it was best to divorce Nick.
    I believe this story to be true.Nick did say in interviews that her dad was part of their marriage and that Nick knew nothinjg of the divorce coming and he was told.He said that is how he found out.,
    I beleive the rumpor too that her famiky has no respect for him,can’t stand him . I think it is because what he did to Jessica during the divorce.HE sought and got his fair share of their money earned together from things. I think it is also because he did not disappear afterand released his cd that did well.

    Personally,I don’t Jessica and this guy who has a few dollars,very fewa after his wifetakes her cut, is a goodlasting choice forJessica.He is leaving one marriage and ya ‘think he’ll jump into another.
    Doubt it.

    Nick was really Jessica’s soulamte,true love.

  • belle

    since when does a man have to act like a gentlemen for a wh0re??
    just like her past relationships except nick, eric only cares about whats between her legs..which i’m sure she already has given it to him….(go get tested dude)… act like genlemen to ladies not to wh0res….

  • areem

    what kind of guy just walks by smiling for the cameras while she’s lugging around 3 bags lol… he seems really fruity imo. on to the next one jess! seems a lil fame hungry and flamboyant.

  • lovejesss

    I love the louis vuitton bag!!! she looks happy! love her!

  • Fat burner

    She is very cute