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Jennifer Garner Hops on a Plane at LAX

Jennifer Garner Hops on a Plane at LAX

Jennifer Garner has her hands full!

The 38-year-old super mom held both of her daughters — Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 17 months — through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday (July 16) to catch a departing flight to New York City.

If you watched The Town trailer, you’d know that Jen‘s husband Ben Affleck has been hitting the gym lately. Check out the abs on that guy!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner making it through a security checkpoint…

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  • Betty

    That’s a “look at me!” picture. Ridiculous. I have 2 kids and I would hold their hands and carry the baby. Not smile and hold both as if she’s trying to prove something. She travels with her nannies so I really don’t understand this shot at all. Also, Ben is looking younger and hotter but Jen looks older, frumpier and more plain. Odd couple for sure.

  • Liz

    Get off it Betty. The Garner-Afflek family is nice and down to earth. Do you expect her to be red carpet ready 24/7? She has 2 young children. I think she is a smart lady and so is Ben. Time to let her and Ben give their children some normalcy and I hope the paps leave them alone for once. So what if she has a nannie to help she is still very much a hands on Mum and very smart to boot. She supports education and is very educated herself thanks to very good parents. I am sure her children will be also.

  • Betty

    Right Liz like the time she told CONAN off in her snooty way telling him that something was not a word and that he was Harvard educated and should know that…turns out she got MOLDED when Conan took out the dictionary and schooled in her English. She’s as snooty as they come and her PR force makes it happen ever since her agent said he’s going to make her into the next Julia Roberts. Haha! For her to have THAT talent yeah, right. Would we even be TALKING about her if she weren’t married to Ben and had the kids? NO…no one cares about this has been who’s famous only for being a mom. Please, she has more privileges than 99% of us NORMAL moms so don’t be trying to act like you are what you are not = FAKE. My mom group of 50 can’t stand her because of it.

  • Slig

    Cute baby .im more handsome boy

  • Kaz

    Not u slig ,i’m hansome

  • lexy hates bilson

    Love Jen and the girls! They all look great!! JJ you should stop paying for pics of women with children – it’s a disgrace that the paps bug them!

  • Cheyenne

    Betty/Liz you are one pathetic person. Rambling off about sh!t you made up cause you are so angry this lady is 1000 better off than you and your favorite celebrity mom. Jealous much?

  • Cheyenne

    Sorry Liz, my comment was meant for Betty, the ignorant one. Much be a Vartan fan or maybe just a hater of gorgeous celebs in general.

  • mattchew

    Leave the kids alone!

  • anna

    If Ben were there she would be trying to hide and act like she doesn’t want to be photographed. lol

  • Nelly
  • moni
  • really

    love her love her lover her, she is such inspiration, so natural, and has the most pretty kids………… just so awesome!

  • 3 Beauties

    This is one beautiful family! Ben certainly hit the jackpot with his girls. I just love how Jenn dresses when she is out with her girls…casual, na makeup, never posing for the camera, just being a mom.

  • Colleen

    Nice to see her smile!

  • Ripple

    I really like Jennifer Garner and she looks good here, but she needs to start making that four year old walk on her own two feet.

  • Jem

    Violet can WALK. the baby is Seraphina but Violet is jealous

  • Boston

    Sibling rivalry. When the new baby comes the older one reverts to toddler status.

  • Arianna

    I really don’t care what Suburban Housewife does with their children or how they do it. If Jennifer Garner wants to carry her children through an airport, than so what? Jealous comments from others, “I do it this way, I do it that way”, are of zero interest and nobody wants to know how “you” do it in your own boring little lives.

  • reality check

    The kids are cute as can be…however, Mom looks unkempt and fug as usual.

  • stacy

    The kids are gorgeous, and Jen looks beautiful au natural. Ben is ugly and overrated. Yuck!

  • stacy

    Oh, and another thing. Betty #1, seems to be under the mistaken impression that anybody cares about what she thinks, or does. I got news for you Betty, we don’t! Take your sanctimonious comments and shove them up your arse. Then go play in traffic. Comprende’?

  • Suzy

    Right – you know who could school her? Matt Damon’s sleazy, illiterate stripper wife. They NEVER spend any time with their kids, never miss a red carpet or a party and travel with a team of nannies and assistants. Get a clue.

  • mary8789

    I like jenn, but the older kid could walk on two feet, enough is enough already.

  • haha

    Hey all you GARNER KOOL-AID drinking fans! Reports are saying that Ben did cheat on her/has been cheating. Seems like Jen is the type to look the other way though. She cannot afford to lose Ben. Too bad. Too bad that guys don’t just divorce before playing around ala Tiger.

  • Watch and see where this goes


    i agree

  • dee

    if she’d had bigger eyes she could have been angelina’s sister

  • HK

    @Betty: LOL. it was a joke. Do you really believe that Conan has a dictionary under his desk 24/7? Im suprised how naive sometimes people are. it was pure entertainment.

  • HK

    Well, Jen is a gem among all those Hollywood fakes. She is really beautiful and without make up, she is stunning! Love jen!!!

  • HK

    @haha: Well, that is heartbreaking to read, a family on the edge of being destroyed is always a sad story to hear about. But I dont really belive it. Anyways, i have NEVER liked Ben Affleck. Once in Alias jack Brsitow said to Sydney: Vaughn is a boy that has never been good enough for you.
    I stronly believe that with a change:
    Ben Affleck is just an untalented man who has never been good enough for Jennifer Garner.
    Annyways…The wo girls are the spit and image of Jen Garner, they 3 are gorgeous!

  • Violets Auntie

    That’s a mom who has strong arms!

  • Arianna

    Okay you gossip whor*es have been talking about this family breaking up for at least three years now. A couple of weeks ago they went out for their 5th anniversary……..why don’t you just give it up? You’re wrong which makes sense since you’re dumb as posts and don’t have a clue what’s going on.

  • Ace

    @Betty: WOW I just saw that Conan interview -what a classless piece of trash she is. Whether or not “snuck” is a word, scolding him like that in public on his show -while promoting herself- was unacceptable and just showed that she wasn’t raised very well. Clearly, it was not a joke.

  • Suri Jackson

    Message to Katie Holmes: This is how a mom interacts with her kids…see the smiles all around. And hey…the kids look like BOTH people that claim to be their parents. Just shocking :-)

  • Suri Jackson

    Message to Katie Holmes: This is how a mom interacts with her kids…see the smiles all around. And hey…the kids look like BOTH people that claim to be their parents. Just shocking :-)

  • Jokergurl

    Jennifer Garner could probably carry those to little girls with both hands, she’s very strong, (ever seen Daredevil and Alias give me a break she can rip most guys a new one) It think they look really cute and anyone picking on this family should just go stick their head in a toilet @ haha stop reading trash magazines they do they same thing to the Jolie Pitts about rumors.

  • Pac Man

    You’re an imbecile, #34.

  • Cheyenne

    Why hasn’t the National Enquirer or Star magazine broke that story. Seems like somebody is trying to put a hex on Ben’s latest film (the trailer was just released and looks like an awesome piece of work). If there is any truth to the latest attempt to divide this family, I wish there was some way to sue the crap out of them if it proves to be just another crock of sh!t. Who are the *sources* and why are they coming out at this particular time? I guess NE and Star didn’t buy it without proof. I hope this is just a witch hunt because I don’t think Ben’s career could survive this and those beautiful little girls deserve better.

    Don’t the gossip rags and etc have enough lies and crap on Brangelina to keep their pockets lined? I guess they need new material.

  • Helen Vu

    That’s too bad that Ben’s been cheating. After the stuff with Tiger, Mel G., Brad and Jen, Julia Roberts cheating with a married man and even Ben cheating with a married woman (Jlo), my “bubble” of Hollywood relationships is more realistic. There’s some crazy s”’ going on in their world. Nothing surprises me. It makes sense that Ben’s been cheating on her or has been. She seems lonely and “stuck”. She didn’t have that “empty look” when she was with Vartan or Affleck when they first started dating. Hope she finds true love and happiness like Nicole Kidman did after Tom dumped her.

  • HK

    @Ace: All these shows on TV are of course not improvised. They do have a story, the interview is not that impulsive. What those shows need is HUMOR. they wont let anybody babbling about anything. It was a joke, clearly.

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    she looks great!