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U2 Tops Top-Earning Musicians

U2 Tops Top-Earning Musicians

The list of top-earning musicians of 2010 has been released by Forbes!

Beyonce was the highest-paid female musician, coming in at No. 3 with $87 million. Her husband Jay-Z raked in $63 million, coming in at No. 6.

1) U2 — $131 million
2) AC/DC — $114 million
3) Beyonce — $87 million
4) Bruce Springsteen — $70 million
5) Britney Spears — $64 million
6) Jay-Z — $63 million
7) Lady Gaga — $62 million
8) Madonna — $58 million
9) Kenny Chesney — $50 million
10) Black Eyed Peas, Toby Keith and Coldplay — $48 million apiece

Check out the full list of top-earning musicians at It pays to be old!

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  • Slig

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  • Slig

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  • Kaz

    No puede ser se me escapo se fue con un suspiro apagando mi razon y ahora ya no creo en nada

  • Kaz

    Hot hot hot

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  • Kaz

    I’m N*u*d*e now

  • offtheproperty

    I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the absolute worst band ever should be the highest earning band. Didn’t you ever notice that U2 is not actually music, but rather racket?

  • bowl winder

    the current state of corporate music is in the toilet

  • rocknmovies

    At least there are some rock acts: Springsteen, U2, AC/DC,. The others couldn’t rock out if their lives depended on it.

  • Catchy


  • john

    haha britney beat gaga!

  • Amy

    I bet Glee put Madonna on that list!

  • Double D

    @Amy, It’s about touring. Everyone on that list had a tour. Selling music doesn’t pay much anymore.

  • fresh

    gOOD GOD. Beyonce and Jay Z are so rich. Well, they all are–but damn. Im so poor.

  • Nima


  • Ish

    U2, Jay-Z & Britney? WTF is wrong with this world?




  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    You know there is something really wrong in the world when Lady Gaga ,Britney and Beyonce beat Coldplay and Madonna and Black eye peas give me a break the music today is really in the toilet sad.

  • offtheproperty

    The only great stuff is the female vocalists: Kelly Clarkson; Leona Lewis. My world comes to a halt when I hear their best songs. I would rather listen to a jackhammer than U2.

  • SurfingEagle

    Quit hating on U2. They’re awesome. End of story.

  • John

    What? No Adam Lambert? Oh right, he sucks.

  • ally

    So doesn’t this technically mean Beyonce is the highest paid on the list, assuming that the top two split the money amongst themselves?

  • offtheproperty

    U2 had a few great songs on their first two albums, thirty years ago, I remember.

  • jennifer

    What do Beyonce and JayZ do with all their money??

  • Rao

    wow, Britney and Madonna didnt work this year (no album or tour), and yet they earned sooo much.

  • Bill

    Then kill yourself Kaz. You are a waste of space anyway.

  • anonymous

    Why aren’t bon jovi on there? weren’t they the top touring band of 2009??

  • where did come from

    @John: WTF?


    @John: …………….NO.

  • Jugg

    @John praying for you rn

  • aw

    Adam on your mind, @John? ;) So random that you brought an artist in his 1st-2nd year up amongst ones who have been around for years.

  • iN tHE kNOW

    Those are gross revenue numbers. 15-20% to manager, 10% to agent, 5% to lawyer, then whatever the label deal is.


    Sort of like the fact that half of the responses on this website are from low paid hourly publicity jockeys hired by the actors publicist.

  • JustMe

    Britney nr 5 after 11 years, Thats Amazing still on top