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Willow Smith: Union Jack Fashionista

Willow Smith: Union Jack Fashionista

Willow Smith comes out to support big bro Jaden Smith at the UK premiere of The Karate Kid at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on Thursday (July 15).

The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith always looks so fresh thanks to super stylist duo Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi. I mean, just check out the edgy haircut, Union Jack pants and studded Converse high-tops!

Willow is currently working on her debut album. “The songs I’ve heard so far are smashes,” a source who’s heard a few tracks tells

20+ pictures inside of Willow Smith rocking Union Jack pants…

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willow smith union jack pants 01
willow smith union jack pants 02
willow smith union jack pants 03
willow smith union jack pants 04
willow smith union jack pants 05
willow smith union jack pants 06
willow smith union jack pants 07
willow smith union jack pants 08
willow smith union jack pants 09
willow smith union jack pants 10
willow smith union jack pants 11
willow smith union jack pants 12
willow smith union jack pants 13
willow smith union jack pants 14
willow smith union jack pants 15
willow smith union jack pants 16
willow smith union jack pants 17
willow smith union jack pants 18
willow smith union jack pants 19
willow smith union jack pants 20

Credit: Gareth Cattermole, Simon James; Photos: Getty, Filmmagic
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  • Jem

    she looks cute :)

  • Guest

    Why does a 9 year old (she’s not 7 JJ!) have 2 stylists? These people have too much money and time on their hands for their own good!

  • Jain

    perhaps her parents should let her and her brother be kids. Lets hope they don’t fall off the wagon sometime in the future and then Mr& Mrs Smith will have to look in the mirror, or fall back on the old chestnut and blame media intrusion. Pehaps their good friend Tom CRuise, father of the more famous Suri could have a word in their ears

  • Jordan

    she looks dumb. i love will but this family is wack

  • Maryse

    She’s really like 13 years old but cute

  • Slig

    Im in the best

  • Kaz

    Just like dad eddie murphe

  • Slig

    Handsome boy like mey

  • Kaz

    I’m shower now

  • Slig

    @ kaz u wrong look she face like dad

  • Kaz

    I’m nud*e with and dace ohhhh feeling nice

  • Kaz

    I’m nud*e with ..and dance ohhhh feeling nice

  • Slig

    Will will will milk

  • JC

    This one is a singer huh? Can’t wait for that. Sucks for her she got her dad’s ears.

  • Kaz

    No no noi ‘m only shower not with any one

  • twity

    She is a creep!
    The whole family is a creep!

    In France – she is wearing the tricolor!
    In Germany, she wears black-red-gold!

    It is so hypocritical!
    The whole family is so hypocritical!

  • Vinny


    and that makes her a hypocrite, how? lmao..

  • http://. Cheeks

    Whatever Jada Smith is doing to her cheeks, she needs to stop. It looks something like what Kim Kardashian does to hers. Pleas stop Jada!!

  • Kathy

    2 stylist for a 9 yr old?? tacky & spoied.!!!!!!!!
    Scientologist famehows are so conceited and think they are better then the rest. kookoofor cocopuffs .
    Tx, to the mother

    child actors are the worst, esop child WANNA BE actors.

  • to twity

    tell me does your mommy know that you are on the computer. she should really be paying more attention. black, red, and gold little person are the colors of the german flag. the tri colors represent the british flag. sorry that upset you but perhaps when you’ve grown up you’ll understand.

  • Ms. Anonymous


    Stop talking like an idiot.

  • JT

    Awwww what a beautiful girl!

  • Jade

    She’s far from cute. I watched an interview yesterday with the Smith family and felt disgusted. She’s 9 years old going on 21. And her brother is just as bad. This 9 year old was talking about taking forever in the bathroom because (and I quote) ‘I’m a woman and us girls just need time to get ready’.She’s 9 YEARS OLD!!
    Just a few more years and she’ll be snorting coke and following Lindsay Lohan’s path of destruction.

  • Park

    what has the family been feeding the two kids? they sure look toned but why are they so skinny? i am pretty sure that kids their age don’t work out as much as they do. what happened to being at home enjoying mac and cheese or watching cartoons? Give them a childhood Will!

  • stacy

    Unfortunately she has Will’s ears. Hopefully she’ll inherit her mother’s good looks.

  • Anne

    ego much? why do these kids have SUCH egos and have paid NO dues? i look to the parents. i mean some ego is cute but this is ridiculous. the songs she’s recorded are hits? says who-Lord Xenu?

  • Budda

    Can not stand this family and their kids

  • Titiboy

    Really? 2 stylists for a little kid! Even the Material Girl has her kids grounded. They are gonna raise some kids who make it at stars and some who don’t….The ones who don’t make it will have issues. Just because your son was in a successful movie doesn’t mean your daughter will have the same success…Just look at Lindsay and Ali, Britney and Jamie Lynn, Michael and his brothers, Aaron Carter and his brother…

  • http://justjared Deke

    She looks just like her dad. She also has big feet.

  • Weber from Brazil

    She looks fierce as always *-*

    I like her funny style

    but I gotta say it only works for her.

    Plus, she always smiles for the camera and doesn’t look smug like her older brother :)

  • Trina

    That is one ugly kid. And she’s way too skinny too. Does she have an eating disorder?

  • black

    Talk about annoying and unlikeable children!
    An album- aha-
    —–Don´t Will and Jada see just how wrong they are raising their kids?

  • julie

    Willow was born in 2000, Jaden in 1998. Look at pictures of them 2 years ago and they look like cute little kids. In two years they have become kids who need an attituded adjustment. Check out Jaden’s expression and the way Willow’s smile is fake. Sad.

  • Arianna

    These kids were born into a show business family. It’s what they’ve always known. They look perfectly well adjusted and happy. And it appears they have talent too. I don’t see any sign of ego. Jaden said on Ellen he has been taught to be respectful to adults. He seemed like a real nice kid. And Willow looks like a sweet little girl. You are all just jealous of this successful and talented family and it shows. Get a life and you won’t be hating on others who have one.

  • a realist

    Willow is a pretty little girl. And Jaden is s handsome.

  • a realist

    #28, It is not your damn business that Willow has stylists. It’s her daddy’s money NOT yours/

  • denise

    Willow is as cute as a button. Love her individual style.

  • to anon

    I know English isn’t your first language for many of you posting here, but nevertheless…….WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS YOU ARE ANYWAY!

  • T pain

    is she auditioning to be a back up dancer for Lady Gaga??

  • Noticias de Famosos

    This girl is a real beauty. And has some very nice features. A delight.

  • Janette

    Jada and Kim Kardashian got the same facial implant. Looks good…

  • juno

    This family is horrid. Jada Pinkett Smith is just plain scary, ’nuff said. Seriously, it pains me to look at her face. Will is annoying. And now these kids are being groomed to be robots just like their parents. I just bet there’s some scary stuff going on behind the scenes.

  • yawn

    Tacky. When poor people get money they have no idea what to do with it or what class is.

  • Francia

    This is just ridiculous …

  • Ankka

    this family has problems…..

  • HK

    I really like the Smith family, especially Will and his son! They are both cool and talented. As for the daughter, she is cool too, and I like her style, she is really beautiful like her mother. I really like Will and Jaden! Jaden u rock, u little talented cutie!

  • jen

    cute kid but her fashion sense is horrible, she reminds me of Rihanna, and that’s not a good thing. They should ask for their money back if they hired two stylists, which btw is ridiculous for a 9 year old, I fear for her future because if she is this spoiled now, I wouldnt want to imagine her in a few years.

  • ..

    when I was your age, I was playing pokemon.

  • Eric Shinn

    No wonder this family are f**ked – Will is allegedly gay and that freak Tom Cruise hangs around like a bad smell imposing his nutjob scientology “religion” on them!!!!

  • heather

    Good Lard!!! Makes me thankful when i look at my kids and see how normal they are. At ages 9 and 11 they still play . It’s very important to them. Not style and acting like 21 yrs old. Yes my 11 yr. old daughter is beginning to like style but nothing absolutely nothing like this.
    They are going to be so sorry. In this case it is the parents fault they seem to enjoy watching them act like adults. The mother Jada needs a good slap but you can see from her why her young daughter is acting like a grown up. Mom more than approves with not one but two stylists. Gosh at 9 everything should be about fun not all of this crap. There is plenty of time to be a grown up. Spoiled kids are not nice kids.