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Katy Perry: Bikini in the Bahamas!

Katy Perry: Bikini in the Bahamas!

Katy Perry slips into a cute bikini and hits the water slides at Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas on Sunday (July 18).

Last night, the 25-year-old California Gurl performed a sold-out concert inside the Grand Ballroom in Atlantis.

Katy tweeted, “BERMUDA, BAHAMAS, CUMMON BABY MAMA!” Har har.

Ms. Perry‘s entourage in the Bahamas included her assistant Suzanne Sansone and her gays — stylist Logan Horne, jewelry designer Markus Molinari, singer Ferras, hairstylist Aaron Light, and her brother (and actor) David Hudson.

25+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Katy Perry

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katy perry bikini bahamas 01
katy perry bikini bahamas 02
katy perry bikini bahamas 03
katy perry bikini bahamas 04
katy perry bikini bahamas 05
katy perry bikini bahamas 06
katy perry bikini bahamas 07
katy perry bikini bahamas 08
katy perry bikini bahamas 09
katy perry bikini bahamas 10
katy perry bikini bahamas 11
katy perry bikini bahamas 12
katy perry bikini bahamas 13
katy perry bikini bahamas 14
katy perry bikini bahamas 15
katy perry bikini bahamas 16
katy perry bikini bahamas 17
katy perry bikini bahamas 18
katy perry bikini bahamas 19
katy perry bikini bahamas 20
katy perry bikini bahamas 21
katy perry bikini bahamas 22
katy perry bikini bahamas 23
katy perry bikini bahamas 24
katy perry bikini bahamas 25
katy perry bikini bahamas 26
katy perry bikini bahamas 27

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  • kucas

    i hate people with entourages

  • dollymixture

    I want her body!! :D Makes me feel depressed haha

  • Sam

    Never realized how busty she is, no wonder Russell is marrying her ;)

  • BEAN

    She has a lovely body. That is just the wrong bikini for someone with a big chest.

  • BEAN

    She has a lovely body. That is just the wrong bikini for someone with a big chest.

  • Double D

    Enjoy em now Katy. As soon as you have that first kid those things are gonna hit your navel!

  • dollymixture

    Why is there always somone who has to be negative? Why? There is enough of them in this world already. If you have nothing nice to say…

  • Dominic


  • KellStar

    Her gays? And some people wonder why they are not taken seriously

  • Tyler

    She needs to keep her dumpy body covered eww

  • Andy


  • SAM

    she is so hot, see girls this is what guys like. WE don’t like skinney ass girls, Stop starving yourself.

  • LilMissFullOFIT

    She looks great that the kind of girl when she walks by on the beach men drool over hips boobs butt and cute a win win win win.

  • gross

    She shouldn’t smoke.

  • http://j ivanka

    woah i always saw her a little more skinnier than in this pics, maybe is the photoshop

  • cringe

    Katy Perry quite possibly has THE worst personality out of every popstar in the public eye today. I have never seen someone so skin-crawlingly phony and PATRONISING. SMH.

  • joshua

    never thought Id say this but she looks better with clothes on

  • Sean

    I think I just creamed on my pants.

  • hmmm

    She looks older than her age……it’s probably the booze and ciggies.

  • DarkEmpress

    She has a great body. Better than most models who look boyish and malnourished! Cute and sexy lady.

  • julie


  • ick, nast.

    she is so gross.

  • Dieter

    Absolutely love that she is a responsible smoker – instant hard-on !!!! Amazing hot British buns !!!!

  • Brightside

    I had no idea that her melons were so huge and…well…huge! She should be supporting them more than she is…that is not a good look!

  • dina

    But where was Russell?? I want to see him!!

  • Adora

    i think she looks great!! HOT HOT HOT

  • Brightside

    I have to say that her thighs do look a bit flabby…I would have thought she would have been more toned than this. She has cellulite too…amazing considering she’s only 25. I’m in my early thirties and I don’t have any cellulite so what’s going on there? All in all, she doesn’t have a particularly great looking bod…(shrugs)….and she’s not a particularly great singer, either. Don’t know what all the fuss is about!

  • KAZ

    She wont more exercise , becuze she’s fat ,not sexy body

  • rissa

    wrong bikini!!!

  • wow

    She looks ridiculous in that bikini. And she has no freaking BUM!

  • lizzy

    OUt of the rubber dress and into the handkerchief, with toke and a beer, nice. Support bras are really helpful. Even when swimming. Staying klassy, California gurl-style. Say what you will about her ‘ass’ets, she has enough “confidence” to feed a small country, I”ll give her that and she needs it.

  • Slig

    She’s now she fat hahahahah

  • Avid Fan


    Oh stop whining! You don’t hear me bitchin whenever one of you guys start swinging on Katy Perry’s nuts :P

  • Avid Fan


    Only on the outside. Deep down she is still that snotty zit faced fundamentalist B*tch no one wanted to be with because she thought she was above everybody else since “God had plans for her”. She is a nightmare to be with, even Russel Brand is reported to be sick of her BS, don’t believe me ask yourself this, since when do young women engaged go off to enjoy some water park without their fiances?

  • KAZ

    She has fat boobs and down ,i hate like that > <

  • brown eyed girls

    black hair makes her look old

  • o

    She’s not going to age well….

  • mailey

    that bikini does not suit her well. makes her look fat.

  • Ellie

    LOL @ all the people who say that she is fat. Really now? As soon as someone isn’t a size 0 you are fat, interesting. I think it’s refreshing to see a natural and “normal” body.

  • Elisa

    leave aside envy and lets faced girls She has a great body
    she is natural girl with curves i am a girl and i would love to look like her
    maybe she is not very nice and that bikini wasnt the best choice
    but all my friends loved her and find her very hot despite all the criticisms over here

  • ugly

    she is so ugly, too white and her body is breaking down… cover up gurl

  • Best fat burner

    she looks amazing :)