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Rachel Bilson: The Kids Are All Right!

Rachel Bilson: The Kids Are All Right!

Rachel Bilson steps out in a pair of Lanvin flower pom pom sandals while catching a movie on Friday night (July 16) at Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinemas.

The 28-year-old actress caught a screening of the Julianne Moore-Annette Bening starrer The Kids are All Right.

Rachel was accompanied by Josh Schwartz and his wife Jill (he created The O.C., Gossip Girl and Chuck). It’s great to see that these two are still such great friends!

FYI: Rachel was the maid of honor at Josh and Jill‘s wedding.

More pics at X17!

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Photos: X17
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  • ida

    why doesnt he get her a job?
    anyway….jared this is sickening, really.
    thank god Hayden dumped her.. O:)

  • Brightside

    Actually they look like flip flops to me.

  • Brightside

    Hey I tried that and my comments went straight to moderation purgatory…not a single swear word either!
    I thought that maybe she’s pressing him for a part in Gossip Girl. I know it is said that they are friends, but come on….it’s not like they’re seen together much. About as often as she was seen with ex, thinking about it.

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Label……Why is she famous?

  • Sara

    She is best friends with his wife, she was the maid of honor at the wedding. They can be friends without being caught by paparazzi

  • Ashley

    OMG! Who cares??!! I really don’t understand why JJ feels he has to post an OC has been so often. I mean her and Mischa should hang out more often since they’re both unemployed and have photos taken of them wandering around doing nothing.

  • JC

    Cute as a button but she really needs an agent who can get her a job.

  • Jimi

    She shouldn’t be calling attention to them gnarly toes..

  • Brightside

    I would imagine that she already has one…being an ‘actress’ in Hollywood and all it would be very strange if she didn’t.
    More likely that not even her agent can find her work….the ability to act is still a requirement for most films.
    She could team up with Paris Hilton though….how about The Hottie and The Nottie 2…they could flip coins on which parts they choose.

  • JC


    I’m not saying she is capable of landing a female lead in a Scorsese film or anything, but I don’t see why she is so unemployable. There is no shortage of actresses who can’t act that have jobs. I don’t see why she can’t get a full time gig on TV. She’s still really pretty yet all she does is bounce around like Johnny Drama looking for work. Maybe she still thinks she is a movie star. I’ve still never seen someone photographed so much for doing the most mundane every day things. I don’t mind though. She is nice eye candy.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s a nobody and there are better acting “nobodies” out there! That’s why she can’t get in jobs. She better go hang out with Jill b/c Josh has quite a few projects in the works. Maybe he can throw some small roles her way!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Brightside – sometimes posts get “moderated” b/c of server problems. That’s probably what happened to your post.

  • eli

    I really like her. I dont know why she doesnt get more work?

    At this point, I dont know why I like her or from what?!?!
    I think she should try to get back on tv- she was good there.

  • Brightside

    Haha – LOL in a Martin Scorsese film…..but that’s the problem isn’t it….all those untalented nobodies in HW. It’s a small pool with lots of people. Rachel Bilson doesn’t stand out in any way, shape or form. She’s only so-so cute and she has to contend with all those girls who are younger, taller, more beautiful than she is, even if they have no talent either. Then there’s the younger, taller, more beautiful ones with talent. And we all know how the HW industry loves it’s idealised image of the female body. I mean, you don’t often see so-so girls, even on TV….they’re all young, tall and beautiful etc
    Rachel Bilson’s bubble has burst…like they do. Her OC days are only a memory in an industry where women, in general, have a very short shelf life.
    She was never very famous to begin with…so she should give up on trying to make her dream in HW and go back to college and learn a profession…
    Or settle for being a trophy wife to some actor/director.

  • Brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    I guess they’re stuck there forever then, trapped in nowhere…much like Rachel Bilson’s career…LOL… : )

  • Rickie

    Super ugly shoes alert!

  • JR

    The most average looking woman in HW, and her eyes are awful, really plain jane eyes.

  • viper

    Let’s see first up she was seen writing out a check for some Equality organization which supports Gay rights. Which would be ok if your ex wasn’t rumored to be gay. Now all the movies that just came out this week or last and she choses to go to this one. Granted great leads in this film but, honestly why all of a sudden is she supporting gay issues.

    If her BFF’s husband wanted to hire her he could have done that a long time back. But like any producer, director they have to go with who is paying the bills and he more likely understands RB can’t act worth a damn. I don’t think he could hire her again if she had money shooting out her ass.

  • viper

    Let’s see first up she was seen writing out a check for some Equality organization which supports Gay rights. Which would be ok if your ex wasn’t rumored to be gay. Now all the movies that just came out this week or last and she choses to go to this one. Granted great leads in this film but, honestly why all of a sudden is she supporting gay issues.

    If her BFF’s husband wanted to hire her he could have done that a long time back. But like any producer, director they have to go with who is paying the bills and he more likely understands RB can’t act worth a damn. I don’t think he could hire her again if she had money shooting out her ass.

  • JC


    Personally I think she has that girl next door look that you just can’t manufacture. She isn’t drop dead gorgeous, and has hardly a shred of acting ability, but that shouldn’t stop her. She has a very unique look but she blew her movie star shot by giving some very bad performances in a couple of mainstream movies. I’ve only seen her in Jumper and Last Kiss. Never watched OC. Jumper was just bad and Last Kiss was her giving a very bad Natalie Portman impression. She was good in that Funny or Die video. I suppose you do have a point. She isn’t funny enough to do comedy exclusively, she doesn’t have the right look for ROMCOM, and obviously she doesn’t have the acting chops for drama. That leaves action and horror. She should be able to still land a victim role in an Eli Roth movie or something. All she needs is to be decent in one thing and she’ll somewhat revitalize her career. Easier said than done but her perseverance might pay off. I wouldn’t want anyone to ever give up on their dream. I like seeing her in short shorts too much to see her fade away.

  • MissAnthropica

    Im sure she is trying to get her way into a part hence why she called the paps so everyone would speculate that she is going to be on Gossip Girl or something because she was seen out of Josh. Its not his fault who his wifes friends are. although he might be rethinking his new bride considering the company she keeps Presswhores of a certain feather fly together after all.
    I can tell you this
    I bet after this stunt he will be even less likely to put her in anything simply because she is trying to force his hand… not a good idea that and hes never given her a part in all these years. Gossip girl has been on for awhile and its had everyone on it… even Hiliary flipping Duff so I think we all know he will never help her out I mean Mischa Barton atleast got cast in her own show on the CW. although it got canceled right away
    but atleast they gave even her messed up self a shot…
    ..they wont even do that for Bileson
    because shes not even worth that.
    Look at it this way if a show with Mischa Barton got canceled within a few episodes what do you think would happen to one starring Bileson ~hollywood shudders at that thought~
    Which is rather sad because she cant even get a guest appearance on a primetime soap lol
    She is such a dumb pathectic predictable simpleton . Yuck.

  • Brightside

    Perseverance – sorry, that makes me laugh…does she look like she’s persevering to you because she doesn’t to me.

    JJ, the Jersey Shore cast have gone on strike (let’s hope it’s permanent)…and you haven’t mentioned it. Surely it’s more newsworthy of a post than Rachel Bilson going to see a film.

  • MissAnthropica

    When she was on chuck it was nightmare and Chuck was nearly canceled soon after… I swear she is cursed lol

  • Katrina

    @ 20

    There is way too much competition out there, perseverance isn’t going to work. Everyday there is some hot young thing leap frogging over her while she gets papped doing absolutely nothing. I think it’s going to be extremely hard for her because of all the competition and because she’s not really working to improve her craft. She’s papped doing everything else BUT taking an acting class or going to see an acting coach. even Jessica Alba goes to see an acting coach. I think she just likes things being handed to her. Her own father just handed her a job.

  • Blahzae

    Here is a thought as well
    if Josh was there how come there are no pictures of him walking with his wife
    or anywhere near Batcrap Bileson I call BS on that part of the story that or he was ashamed to be seen with Batcrap Bileson and I dont blame Schwartz for that one either lol
    Who wouldnt be? Friday huh? I guess she needed to relax after that “big audition” of hers earlier that day what a load of bull.
    Atleast it took JJ two days to post it and not two hours which is a little too fast if you know what I mean.

  • Blahzae

    @Katrina: No her father started a rumor of a job but that was never confirmed so like most things said about this girl its completely made up there will be no video game or movie just like there has been nothing for her for years now and will stay that way of that I am sure.
    As often used on here reportedly is the only word ever used to discribe her or her career and reportedly means diddly squat.

  • Blahzae
    The woman in the top left corner in the backround has a priceless look on her facer and sums up Bilesons career
    Who the f@uck is that? lol Priceless

  • JC


    Why can’t her father hand her another job?

  • viper


    Go to X17 online there is a video and granted it’s funny to watch how pathetic she is. She tries to write and walk at the same time and has a hard time doing it. Had to be asked if she went to see INCEPTION gee the big box office hit of the week and she chooses one that is more or less going to video in 3 months. Either she isn’t part of the elite enough to score tickets to Inception and took what was given to her by Josh and Jill.

    Plus x17 still is telling ppl she isn’t wearing her ring and keeps calling HC her fiance on break. I wonder can you teach stupid?? bc I swear if a woman isn’t wearing her engagement ring, told ppl at a public event it’s not happening, and the fiance is MIA for almost 2 1/2 months go figure might be more. Do ppl truly need this explained to them again and again that they broke it off hopefully for good.

  • BlondeBish



  • JC

    Why would she marry a closet queen like Hayden Christensen. The guy isn’t into women. They just used each other but neither one of them was getting anything out of it.

  • CommonSense

    YAWN!!!!!!!!!! Who besides JJ gives a crap about this no talent bore? all you ever report is what shoe she’s wearing, she went to the grocery store, she went to lunch, she went shopping, she walked down the street. Ho hum

    Maybe she can get a job in community theatre. LOL

  • kucas

    @ida: she is a terrible actress, all she does is shop and parade around for the paps

  • arnoitte

    wow…comments full of hypocrisy… you people have proof or evidence that shows she is such a terrible person……?

  • Lake

    There’s a lot of talent in community theater. Therefore she need not apply.

  • LOL
    Watched the vid to this at x17 and its hiarious the second Josh Schwartz sees the paps he moves away quickly as if not to be seen with her …. like oh freak no!!!! lol
    She couldnt even walk sign and talk at the same time and got so confused she could barely remember the name of the film
    SHE HAD JUST SAW!!! lol

  • whodie

    Whenever I see her, I see boundless desperation & pity.

  • LOL

    @arnoitte: Proof is in the pictures she is a pressho has been for a very very long time now or always was and guess what? Always will be lol

  • LilMissFullOFIT

    I love that professional autograph seekers just happened to run into her there with glossy pictures of her ready to go. I mean come on they would of had to of been tipped off for that by her for them to have been ready for her to come out. OC was years and years ago half a decade as a matter of fact so her autograph isnt exactly a hot seller at the moment and they knew she would be at the Arclight of all places?
    Come on!!!! So staged!!!!

  • Online TV

    She looks like she is about 17 years old

  • JC

    I’ve defended her but I looked on IMDB, and she has absolutely nothing going on. Nothing. The paparazzi I would think have better things to do than stake out this non working actress on a Friday night walking out of a movie theater. The least she could do is drop the charade when autograph hounds come out of nowhere with pictures of her, then acts like ” Wow, how did you know I was going to be here?” before she makes the dash to the car because she’s bothered, but loves it, but pretends the photographers bother her. Come on girl. The least you could do is quit acting like you don’t think doing this is going to somehow jump start your career. Be nicer to the people you’re hiring to help find you work. A very odd strategy to say the least. The only thing missing is bodyguards.

  • Please Not Again

    Of course it was staged just like her being descended on by hired ‘fans’ at the airport a few months ago, with photos and things ready to be signed. Jumper was 3 years ago and it was HORRIBLE, with her and supposedly-ex fiance Hayden Christensen the noted closet gay and famously wooden actor. Everyone knows she can’t act now and its no accident that she can’t get more than a guest appearance on a tv series and occasionally reality tv. Her father tries to help by spreading rumors that there is to be a (pressho & shopaholic) Rachel videogame and now she’s being papped with Joel Schwartz and his wife. JS ducks the camera so he’s not photographed with such a desperate fauxtress. She reeks desperation. Of course no that she’s on break with Hayden she can’t pimp out that relationship so all she can do is pimp out her relationship with JS and her father. This girl is literally NOTHING on her own. NOTHING.

  • LilMissFullOFIT

    Since shes the one out everyday with posts everyday still for no reason and her ex has ran for the hills like he should of long ago. Im not going to bash him anymore but her on the other hand she deserves everything everyone says about her and the way her life is going… downhill.
    So from now on I wont bash him atleast hes back to work not out everyday and not presswhoring anymore regardless if hes gay straight or from mars atleast he can say he isnt her lol

  • Dave

    I’m becoming more and more aware that today’s media industry is just jaded, thanks to these so-called “artists” like Bilson. People that GOT talent keep remain in the shadow, while JJ here keep trying to “entertain” us with pure Hollywood boredom. Really JJ, what the hell she has this looner who acts and speak like a 13yo?? It’s not possible to browse a website and have last news only from the “World of Rachel Bilson”.

  • http://twitter annie

    smelly Bilson is back with r daily jared boring update on her nothing career. . maybe she stopped at a grocery store on the way home,she could play a cashier,whoops i believe they have brains. smelly is out.

  • reedley

    a dumbo/talentless hack, a fakeshion icon, a beard, a mediah0… just some past/present credits to nab a HW career = A well-deserved EPIC FAIL!

  • Joan

    Why doesn’t Josh get her a job?

  • bea

    Josh Schwartz has gotten her jobs. Several times over. He cast her in The O.C. He got her to guest on Chuck. He even tried to cast her in his pilot for CBS but the network thumbed down the idea. The pilot wasn’t picked up.

    Josh’s wife is Rachel’s best friend. Rachel introduced them. Wifey must needle Josh all the time to cast her best friend in hubby Josh’s upcoming projects and his friend’s upcoming projects.
    Doug Liman ddurected the pilot of the OC . He was also the one who cast her in Jumper. Hayden C. helped get her into New York I Love You. And now her dad is going to put her in his next project.

    Rachel owes a lot to her connections.

  • viper

    question for you LilMissFullOFIT would you still think Christensen so great if he ran right back to her in another month..her bday is coming up and his premier in LA. he might just need the media princess to market them still. I find this man lies more then tells the truth and he did plenty of it it when he did the Brazilian interview among other things. I would hope he learns his lesson if he wants to have a private life don’t hookup with a woman like her.

  • Question

    Geez! How come you can find her pics everyday here? Does she work? Where did she get the money to pay JJ?