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Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler walks and talks on his cell phone while out and about on Sunday afternoon (July 18) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud was taking a quick break from shooting his latest movie, Machine Gun Preacher. (He plays a former gang biker and drug dealer who becomes a member of the Assembly of God church.)

Gerry wore a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat as well as a t-shirt with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the front of it paired with PRPS Barracuda Jeans.

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Credit: Matt Smith; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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504 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause”

  1. 1
    Fritz the Boxer Says:

    There’s the strut.

  2. 2
    justsayin' Says:

    I think the cell phone is attached to his ear!

  3. 3
    ugh Says:

    Stupid thread.

  4. 4
    Nuts Says:

    @Fritz the Boxer:

    Yes! The strut, a cap, a t-shirt, torn jeans, and a cell-phone at his ear.

    It’s the “look!”

  5. 5
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Love you, but, gotta ask again….if u were me, would you watch “Bounty Hunter”?

  6. 6
    LauraS Says:

    at least he’s not wearing the famous c*ck hat but would someone please buy this man a decent pair of jeans?
    Good morning JJers!

  7. 7
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Believe it or not, the weirdest thing….I had a dream about Butler talkin to me wearing that “c*ck” hat…and I was like who the hell is this guy?
    Was really weird…..anyway…..I hope he’s washed it since, cause we did dirty things….
    Obvi I’m kidding….
    Point is, Butler doesn’t care about repeats, clothes, etc, which proves to me, he’s not gay…???

  8. 8
    kris Says:


    Yes, the title of this thread is really bad. First Butler picks his teeth, and now Butler walks down the street and so he is a rebel with a cause.

    Ugh is right.

  9. 9
    Old Mia Says:

    @ugh: For experts in this field, you are so wrong. Nothing stupid at all. This is about the legs. LOL.

    I just got home and we’re having a storm, lightning but no rain yet. And that’s what my yard needs. The grass is turning to hay in all this heat.

    I don’t think I’m going back to the other thread to read what I missed today. I looked quickly and didn’t see any real news. I saw the article and video from Melvindale at work tonight. (Don’t tell the boss)

    In fact, I think I’m going to shut down my computer because of the lightning. Don’t want to lose my G connections. See you tomorrow.

    Oh, quickly, did anyone look at WO today? Seems Diane got in hot water with one of her people for not mentioning her in her MGP set report. The cohort is upset because she did all the work to locate where G would be at any given second and Diane didn’t mention her. More of the old ‘who loves G more and who puts in more time and who gets the credit because he’s reading this for sure and should love me more’ stuff.

  10. 10
    ginger Says:

    He always looks disgusting, like he smells. He looks horrible in jeans.

  11. 11
    Star Says:

    Oh Ginger, you pathetic troll. We at JJ eat people like you for breakfast, and we spit you out like bleached in the sun chicken bones. Burp. Oh, dear, there goes Ginger’s leg.

  12. 12
    kp hearts butler Says:

    I’m sorry, I got alot of negative feedback….did I offend the stalkers out there?
    I just don’t get it

  13. 13
    ginger Says:

    @Star: Guess again, pitstain, I’m already pooping you out my butt, Lassie.

  14. 14
    Question Says:

    What’s on his shirt under ‘rebel’ that has to be blanked out?

    This guy is sure no slave to fashion. I’ve seen him in his Colorado T in practically every planet on god’s green earth. That thing must be ready to fall apart. Love him for that. In RL, he could care less about what he’s wearing. Is that Scot’s cheap? Then when he gets freebies from the big fashion houses he’s all done up like a fashionista. So, guess I vote for Scot’s cheap. Love him.

  15. 15
    Jade Says:

    He’s so gross. I can’t believe how awful he looked in Bounty Hunter. I cringed, but that whole atrocity made me cringe anyway.

  16. 16
    Question Says:

    Jade/Ginger. Have your fun. We’ll be here for a long time, and trolls are a distant memory. Who said a new thread brings out the crazies? You are right on. Ignore.

  17. 17
    Mel Says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  18. 18
    Ignore Says:

    Some lost soul is on a rampage tonight. Thumbing down everyone. Did G not pose for a picture with you? You are sick.

  19. 19
    kris Says:

    “”Gerry wore a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat as well as a t-shirt with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the front of it.”"

    Really JJ? It’s a Rebel Yell brand tshirt. The word rebel refers to the brand, not Gerry and his “cause” (aka phone).

    Whoever asked, I don’t think anything is blanked out on the shirt. I think it is part of the design.

  20. 20
    eli Says:

    wow, im sooooo perplexed (NOT) that he and Aniston are no longer attached at the hip now that publicity for their rotten film is over…..typical famewhores.
    did they really think that we’d believe them and that it would make a flippin difference in whether people wanted to see that craptastic piece of ****

  21. 21
    Haha Says:

    Yep. Thumbs down is on a rampage. Several accounts. What a jerk. Why would anyone go to all that bother? Over a photo refused? Oh, well, he bought into all of this. Funny thing is, it doesn’t matter at all in the big picture. Hope thumps down took her meds. OH, look, thumb me down.

  22. 22
    kp hearts butler Says:

    yep, stalkers are out…..c’mon, do something diff….give me more negative feedback you clowns….ha ha….really? you really care THAT much…crazies…I now know if I get more negative feedback, it’s cause of the “crazies”…maybe we could finally get a count then?

  23. 23
    Sweet pea Says:

    He’s on the phone with Laurie and you are all going to have egg all over you faces when the real story comes out.

  24. 24
    kp hearts butler Says:

    what surprises me though, is, I’m actually a fan!!! Some folks on here act crazy though, haters or supporters…they’re all sorts of wrong…

  25. 25
    j. Says:


  26. 26
    OK Says:

    I think we have all had too much to drink tonight and we should wait until tomorrow to post again. Why are we drunk on Sunday? BTW I love him. Burp. Vodka and Coke. OK. I don’t think there has ever been a man on earth who has gotten such a response from people. Hate him. love him. What must it be like to be GJB?

  27. 27
    eli Says:

    j. @ 07/19/2010 at 1:37 am +1


    J., not only does he have lots O’ fans …….

    like trekkies, or star wars geeks, comic con!!!
    I SWEAR !!!!hahahahah
    see below website …..CRAZY!

  28. 28
    OK Says:

    @j.: He has fans because he is the most gorgeous man god ever put on earth. He’s a sometimes good actor. But he’s just gorgeous. He could just stand there an read city laws and many would be gaga. Beautiful boy. Over and out.

  29. 29
    Fritz the Boxer Says:

    Good grief.

  30. 30
    XOXOXO Says:

    My money is on the fact that he got caught singing like a teenager …yet again, with twenty somethings. So a new thread about nothing new surfaces to cancel out the old one. Nothing new here.He stands to lose a lot over his sheer silliness. Maybe he really isn’t as smart as I gave him credit for.

  31. 31
    thumbs Says:

    Why do individual posters have to specifically post a comment about them getting a thumbs up or thumbs down on a previous comment?
    No one cares – except them. Theypoint out their post and the response —like “look at me! look at me! Why did someone thumb me…..???!!! NO ONE CARES! YOU SHOULDN”T EITHER. You aren’t that important – and neither are the thumbs.

  32. 32
    Just looking Says:

    I doubt it. There were more older folks than young ones at the club – just look at the pictures. Also, someone tweeted that her aunt was holding hands at the club with Gerard Butler and Demi Moore. Therefore, i don’t think he was caught singing with or picking up 20-somethings and that’s not the reason for the new thread.
    Anyway, most 20-soemthings don’t do Karaoke.

  33. 33
    whatever Says:

    Most 20 somethings don’t do karaoke?
    Are you kidding? What a stupid thing to say to justify your opinion.
    I think Gerry looked like an attention ***** in those karaoke pics…XOXOXO may be right that the new thread is to take away from Gerry’s clubbing and bar behavior when he isn’t on set.

  34. 34
    kp hearts butler Says:

    ok, still averaging at least 2 crazies who comment on me…about CRAP might I add….stalkers….

  35. 35
    ignore it Says:

    @kp hearts butler:
    Who cares? Ignore them. Why post about it?

  36. 36
    CC Says:

    oh wow the thread is barely started and people are already arguing?!
    some people like to argue for arguments sake. if you have nothing funny or interesting to add then dont post! because nobody cares what you have to say.

  37. 37
    numpty numb nuts Says:



  38. 38
    CC Says:

    every time i see him strut, the song “stayin’ alive” plays in my head lol

    “Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother,
    you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
    Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’,
    and we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive.”

  39. 39
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @#35, eh, don’t really care….I’m bitching just cause it’s nonsense…and at least I know I’m aware that giving feedback on a stranger, is, nonsense…
    People, stop acting like you know the dude….stalkers…

  40. 40
    gypsie from pokipsee Says:

    O my goodness, I just clicked on the link above because I didn’t really know who Gerard Butler was. And no I don’t live under a rock .Can I just say that I think it is ok to follow a movie star but I do think SOME people are creepy when they stalk him or have conventions about him.

    To me a fan is one thing but some of his fans are borderline crazy. The more I investigate this Butler guy the more I feel he has some really, really psycho women following his every move. Some websites even have his butt posted on them!.

    Okay my rant is over, I think I will find some other guy to follow. Jon Hamm or Mark Strong. I don’t think I am nuts or delusional enough to sign up on one of his fansites! I will probably be crucified for posting this comment here. IJMHO

  41. 41
    Mellifera Says:

    @Old Mia: Hah, thanks for relating the Dianne story. I don’t tend to go to other sites so its funny to hear stories like that!

    So many thumbs down…we must be doing something right – well done JJers!

  42. 42
    Mellifera Says:

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t go to other sites…a dear little phannie over there says we here at JJ are “nutters” and we need to take a long hard look at ourselves before we criticize genuine fans”, LOL!

    *taking long good look at myself…LOVIN’ what I see*

    Mind you, I haven’t had such a good laugh in a while…maybe I should go back more often!!

  43. 43
    KAZ Says:

    Hahah i’m going buy baby dog

  44. 44
    sukar Says:

    @Sweet pea:

    There won’t be any egg on my face, because that is what I have been saying all along. I am just curious how they will figure out the long distance thing with her show starting soon.

  45. 45
    Mellifera Says:

    @sukar: what long distance thing? isn’t that her in the karaoke pic????

  46. 46
    Just looking Says:

    i’m 26 and non of my friends do karaoke. In fact, we laugh at people in karaoke bars.

  47. 47
    sukar Says:


    What karoeke pic, can you give me a link? I’m curious :)

  48. 48
    Mellifera Says:

    @sukar: Its in the last thread

  49. 49
    sukar Says:


    Oh lol found it, heck that looks like her! Not many people have that face shape :) Still though it is a long distance relationship, because you would have to do with occasional visits like this.

  50. 50
    Mellifera Says:

    Actually, since looking at it again (to make sure I was thinking of the right picture), I do realise its not Laurie at all. The girl in the pic has T & A and Laurie has neither of those.


    *bad Melly for getting it wrong*

  51. 51
    sukar Says:


    What’s a T & A?

  52. 52
    sukar Says:

    Oh looked it up. Come on Laurie’s got T…its and, she’s very curvy!

  53. 53
    sukar Says:

    I hate to go on, but this is a repetition of the photo of her kissing him which surfaced a month ago and everyone was saying that it is not her and does not even look like her and it is the Israeli model and in the end it turned out to be Laurie. It’s the same story. The girl in the Kareoke photo is I hate to say it 100% Laurie.

  54. 54
    Mellifera Says:

    If you think Laurie is curvy, you should check out my T & A! Gerry would have a field day exploring my bod, heh heh

  55. 55
    Mellifera Says:

    my last post really was a gift to some fat-hating troll. what was i thinking?? hahahaha

  56. 56
    Florida Gal Says:

    Concerning conventions being held in Gerry’s name….most people only know of the GALS convention that is held every year – for the past five years – in Las Vegas. But every two years there is a US Convention as well as a World Convention, that is held in Glasgow, Scotland. This past year, there were seven world conventions held simultaneously in Glasgow, NYC, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, and Japan, all under the same umbrella of both charity conventions as well as a birthday celebration for Gerry’s 40th birthday. There have also been conventions held in Colorado in the past, and there are also other conventions held for him in other parts of the world from time to time (Australia, Spain). All of them are to raise money for Gerry’s favorite charities that he supports – Kids Kicking Cancer and Clic Sargent, as well as the one held yearly by GALS in Las Vegas targets other charities and all have made tons of money for those charities. Gerry has made many, many really nice comments about all of his conventions and all the money made for his charities, and he’s very proud of all of them. Gerry’s fans are the best in the world, and he know this, and he also is very complimentary to his fans in interviews and very appreciative of all they do for him, as well as for his charities. He often has matched penny for penny all that has been raised for charities by his fans, and in fact, did so this past year for the GALS convention, he matched the money they raised. He is well aware of everything his fans do in his name, and he always acknowledges it. And even though he doesn’t make appearances at the conventions (he did at one GALS convention), he always calls in. Most people have no idea what this man is all about, they only know what they read in the tabloids and places like this…there is so much more to him than meets the eye. I imagine I’ll get torn to shreads over that last statement. I don’t know him personally, but I do read and I do listen, and I do pay attention to what he says (instead of what others say), and I have followed this man’s career now for over five years, and if people would pay attention, instead of jumping to conclusions, you might find that he’s quite different from what the media has painted him to be, sensationalized him to be. Like I said above, there is more to him than meets the eye…and those who are unwilling to see that, or unwilling to truly find out TRUE facts about the man, well, that’s their loss…not his…and certainly not his fan’s loss. So, take your shots at me…I can take it…

  57. 57
    Now Then Says:


    So Sukar if it is Laurie how pathetic that she’s the only one up dancing to ber boyfriend singing LOL – we are seeing all these tweets but not one person is saying he is there with anyone in particular. I know chances are he’s always out in a crowd and might not be over affectionate but there are enough “known” fans in Detroit who would have spotted her. If it does turn out to be her we shall all bow down to you LOL

  58. 58
    Oldfurniture Says:

    Didn’t somebody ask for astrology?

  59. 59
    sukar Says:

    @Now Then:

    Lol at her being the only one dancing.

  60. 60
    sukar Says:


    Very interesting, especially the part about him being attracted to foreigners.

    @Now Then:

    Lol at her being the only one dancing :)

  61. 61
    Merlin Says:

    @Florida Gal:
    If I find where the Glasgow one is held… lol… it will make my day crashing their party.. bwahahaha…
    *waves to the regs, poof because thread is pointless*

  62. 62
    Oldfurniture Says:

    It’s a big read….there are several pages to look up about him on the right side at the link. I haven’t read all of them, since I’m not soooo into astrology.
    I hardly recognize anything in the picture….and Laurie curvy?? In her dreams maybe!

  63. 63
    Pat Says:

    FYI, Ginger…..I visited the Melvindale, MI set last week. And after all morning and half the afternoon on set….even doing motorcycle scenes…he came over to us and gave us a hug. He smelled WONDERFUL…..not smelly as you suggested! We had seen him come on set at 8a and he waved to us, got out of the SUV and told us he’d see us later. He remembered at 2p when they broke for lunch and came right over to us and gave us that hug. He really cares for his fans and shows it!

  64. 64
    Florida Gal Says:

    @Merlin: Just for your FYI, Merlin…the last one held last October was at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow….I was there for 6 glorious days, and it was wonderful….why you people mock and make fun of something like this, is beyond me. There is a reason for all of it, and it’s all good, productive, and proactive, and show that there ARE people who see beyond themselves and truly care for other people. I’m very proud of the fact that I am a fan and supporter of this wonderful man and all he stands for. As I said before, there is so much more to him that what any of you seem to want to see. If you would just make an attempt to truly get your facts straight on him, and read about the REAL man, instead of what the tabloids concoct and embellish on him to be (which 99-44/100% of is fabricated nonsense…then maybe you would gain a whole new respect for him as a person, and not continue to trash him at every possible opportunity. Shout “fangurl” to me if you want to, but I’m on the side of right here, where Gerry Butler is concerned, and I go by FACTS, not FICTION, and I consider myself very lucky to have someone of his caring, intelligent, and above all, integrity, to support and be a fan of. He has done nothing to warrant any of the bashing that you people continually give him. And, by FACTS, not FICTION, is also not guilty of 99% of the stuff you all accuse him of. Like I said, read up, from REAL articles, not tabloid/gossip rag trash, and listen up, to interviews from him, as well as from costars and those close to him. You may change your mind, if you have a half-way decent and compassionate mind to change.

  65. 65
    Peacesister Says:

    Well, as so many ladies insist on him smelling WONDERFUL, maybe he should launch his own perfume? I already found the right flask: Other suggestions are highly welcome!

  66. 66
    Chess Says:

    @Peacesister: Who would want to smell like sweat and ***?

    @Pat: Sure, he’d stick it in you, too. It makes no difference to him, he sticks his tongue in random women on the street.

  67. 67
    Merlin Says:

    @Florida Gal:
    * * *
    I won’t ever change my mind because I felt on my skin what phannie idiocy is. So NO, THANKS is what I’ve to say to you and all the deranged people who met there to talk for 6 days about a person they’ll never know and even if you met him..well, it was just for 30 seconds when he was signing an autograph.
    * * *
    FYI we have conventions too and we’re planning to meet one day…
    very soon I hope, but with no fuss, no public ads and anything else.
    Just to share a laugh, all our different cultures, maybe to talk about us, our dreams, our hopes.
    I find it’s basically stupid to hold a convention (whether it’s in Las Vegas or Glasgow it doesn’t matter) in honor of someone you only know throught tabloids and movies (so what you see is just his art and a very good imitation of life).
    * * *
    By the way, thank you for the info about the hotel in Glasgow, the Scottish branch of our club will keep an eye open in case you decide to have another conv… we’d really like to have more laughs (after the Las Vegas vid I’m still rolling on the floor only thinking of it…)
    * * *
    Hugs anyway.. to each his own, right?

  68. 68
    honestly... Says:

    @sukar: I think Laurie’s pretty, certainly not an unattractive girl, but curvy? Look at those bikini pics with GB again- her bum’s as flat as a pancake! :)

  69. 69
    Nuts Says:

    Fiesty posts so early on a Monday a.m. Looks like some folks have had their wheaties.

    Looking forward to see if there are photos from set today…and if LC is anywhere to be seen…she must be lonely holed up in a hotel or a house while he works all day and into the night.

    In other news…

    Why such a bad set of “extras” on THB DVD. I was hoping for a commentary…or some gag reels. Pretty lame stuff.

    Seriously…there’d better be solid DVD extras for “Coriolanus” and MGP.

  70. 70
    Peacesister Says:

    Talking about “extras” on DVDs: Watched Beowulf on the weekend – best part was GB’s interview in the “extras”. Don’t know if you are one into beard and hair, but surely into eyes and giggle. Most probably you already saw it – I’m quite a new fan digging through all the movies/material. :-)

  71. 71
    Kathy Says:

    omg..I cannot stand this bloated bad actor!
    Besides being fug & yes smelly looking..he has a very
    conceited attitude which makes him fuglier. jmo

  72. 72
    Dawn Says:

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. Why are you hearing a Blackhawks cap in Detroit? I am disappointed.

  73. 73
    just saying Says:

    i hope this movie makes seventh day adventists look as the nuts they really are

    if it does the opposite i have an idea that will humiliate gb when its time for release

  74. 74
    just sayin Says:

    he thinks badass but doesn’t realize its going to bite him in the butt

    a dog chasing his own tail.

  75. 75
    Nuts Says:

    I thought Sam was Assembly of God, not a Seventh Day Adventist

  76. 76
    redOctober Says: Gerard Butler out and about Saturday night in Detroit.<3 9 minutes ago via HTC Peep

  77. 77
    just saying Says:

    maybe i misread but both groups, seventh day adventists and assembly of god, are nuts
    who is sam?

  78. 78
    Nuts Says:

    @just saying:

    Sam Childers is the guy Gerry is portraying. THE MGP. And I thought his denomination was Assembly of God.

    Re: twitpic of Gerry on Sat Nite

    Seems like his peeps have been checking these threads and reading our posts about him laying low…too low for his usual m.o. while filming out of town.

    Thanks peeps. We love getting some shot of him mingling with the great unwashed, hahahaahahahahaha!

  79. 79
    redOctober Says:

    About MGP

  80. 80
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Just looking:

    @Just looking: “He might encounter some younger ones in clubs or bars, but he doesn’t frequent these types of places as much as he did during the filming of other movies (the reason why is not important for this discussion).” I’ll bit why is it not important for the discussion. It is the discussion! why younger college bars if he is not looking for younger women?

    Read more:

  81. 81
    redOctober Says:

    About Tyrone Rubin

  82. 82
    Julie Says:

    He’s not on the red carpet folks! He’s in Detroit filming an action picture about a biker/drug dealer turned preacher. he needs to be as comfortable as he can between takes!

  83. 83
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Let’s see: Picking his teeth..Laurie…circumcision…..Laurie…phannies invading the film set…Laurie…karaoke….Laurie….talking on his cell..Laurie……… OK I’m all caught up!

  84. 84
    Julie Says:


    I think shes VERY pretty with her cherubic face, big dark eyes and curly hair. She may not be a DOLLY PARTON in the bust department but she has some serious hips on her and her legs go on for days! Looks great in heels!

  85. 85
    gossiphound Says:

    @Old Mia: Your story about WOGBF is wrong, the woman who complained has started up her own board and she did not share her legwork because she was only going to share that with her board members. It did not matter anyways because Misty Mills who was filming with Gerry that day is a member of that board, so who do you think had the best information?

    I am just catching up but did you see this twitter from the actress from Detroit 187 a new TV series filming there sounds like Gerry ran into the whole crew last night.

  86. 86
    gossiphound Says:

    Oops here is the twitter
    Twitter: Between my random meeting with Gerard Butler last night and my research visit to the morgue today, it’s shaping up to be a good birthday!

    The Tweeter is Erin Cummings an actress on a new TV series called Detroit 187 which is currently filming in of course Detroit and she and the whole cast were out last night and looks like they ran into Mr. Butler. She is quite his type as well, just saying.

  87. 87
    Nuts Says:

    What tweet???

    So, he was hanging out with them last night…still rubbing shoulders with the locals.

  88. 88
    gossiphound Says:

    PS Besides anyone with internet access can figure out where MGP is filming between Twitter and the 2 film locations sites out there.

  89. 89
    Julie Says:

    Wait until he gets a look at the new Miss USA -AKA Miss Michigan! she’s the 1st Muslim Miss USA–and REALLY his type for sure!

  90. 90
    Julie Says:

    Wait until he gets a look at the new Miss USA -AKA Miss Michigan! she’s the 1st Muslim Miss USA–and REALLY his type for sure!

  91. 91
    redOctober Says:


    …here it is …

    ErinLCummings Between my random meeting with Gerard Butler last night and my research visit to the morgue today, it’s shaping up to be a good birthday! about 2 hours ago via Echofon

  92. 92
    redOctober Says:


  93. 93
    Chicago Says:

    LET’S GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  94. 94
    Nuts Says:


    Now THAT’S a photo op waiting to happen… hahahahahahaha!

    Could it be that G is beginning to feel the draw to prowl again…???

  95. 95
    Nuts Says:


    Red, you’re right. She is his type…
    hahahaha…G’s antenna is going up again???

  96. 96
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Isn’t Erin in Spartacus:Blood and Sand?

  97. 97
    CJ Says:

    Me thinks there is a thumb troll afoot on this here board……I name the troll Thumbsey..


  98. 98
    CJ Says:


  99. 99
    CJ Says:

    Sorry above link is not working…:(

  100. 100
    gossiphound Says:

  101. 101
    redOctober Says:


    ; D

  102. 102
    Mousse Says:

    Who said Laurie is holed up in the hotel? She’s probably siteseeing while he’s filming.


    I agree with you regarding her legs but her hips look terrible in that famous photo where she’s modeling the black bikini. Also what cherubic face? Her face is not pretty at all and her hair is very thin, which is weird because I think she is Middle Eastern and most ME women have thick hair.

  103. 103
    Old Mia Says:

    Oh my. Guess it was crazy here in the wee small hours of the morning. Of course my a.m. is someone else’s afternoon or evening, so who knows where the trolls were coming from. There wasn’t even a full moon.

    I don’t think Laurie photographs well at all. She just has that kind of a face, but she looks much better in videos. She seems to have a good sense of humor and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. Maybe that’s why she and G are friends? Note I said ‘friends.’ I have no idea if it’s anything more than that. To me she seems more of a real person than some of the Barbies he’s been seen with.

  104. 104
    Sukar Says:

    @Old Mia:

    Yep she looks better in videos, but still not a beauty to me. But we all have different standards of beauty.

  105. 105
    frannie Says:

    Hey guys! Troll here….you peeps are on a roll today! Came for the new pictures …I think they’re HOT! Sorry but I have a syndrome… Got what I came for…*yawn* carry on!

  106. 106
    Here we go again Says:

    @Sweet pea:

    If he’s on the phone with crab ass, she’s nagging him as he doesn’t look too happy.

    Who said btw that Jen and he were famewhore? You forgot to add 2 big famewhore who attached themselves to him recently. Martina Rajic and her tell all and Laurie Cholewa who needed some help not losing her jobs at first Direct8 and then at France 2.

  107. 107
    Old Mia Says:

    @Sukar: She’s not a beauty to me either. But, she’s not ugly either IMO. I don’t care if he dates a beauty in the traditional sense or not. I’d rather see him with someone who does something in life rather than the model types he’s been attracted to in the past.

  108. 108

    Does anyone know if Gerry likes hockey? Why is he wearing this hat?

  109. 109
    Sukar Says:

    @Old Mia:

    Me too, but the fact that two of her shows were announced right after pics of them together were published is very suspicious. However, if he is in on it and is helping her because he loves her then it is another story.

    Mia I would like to send you an email but am too scared to put anything personal on JJ :(

  110. 110
    Sukar Says:

    It’s funny I just showed my cousin photos of Laurie and she said that she is stunning. Lol beauty standards does differ from person to person.

  111. 111
    craigy Says:

    Boy Old Mia and Sukar you must both be Victoria Secret quality women. STFU

  112. 112
    redOctober Says:

    …realy love this thumb down thing… ; ))))))

  113. 113
    Sukar Says:


    I AM prettier than Laurie, eat your heart out.

  114. 114
    redOctober Says:

    …and I’ m a hot babe too…wtf. ; P

    …thumb me down! ..ha!

  115. 115
    McK Says:

    I’m kind of starting to believe that Laurie keeps popping up not because people hope Gerry is happy in a relationship but because you want someone to talk about. Laurie I have a feeling is long gone but whether she was a fame ***** or not thats what Gerry wanted at the time. So analyzing her looks constantly is a waist. Its not going to change a thing.

  116. 116
    Fiera Says:

    Just to clarify some stuff…

    Everyone on WOGBF had the same info as everyone else as far as where he’d be when. It’s not like I sat there the whole time on the phone with anyone from there. Nobody was ‘mad’ at not being included in the post in question, she just didn’t know why she wasn’t mentioned, which is explained in that whole thread if anyone read it.

    I found out about WOGBF when they came across my friend’s blog, then my blog, put 2 and 2 together and realized the movie mentioned in my blog was in fact MGP and posted a link to my blog. The entries don’t even say the name of the movie or the star since I was writing more about the experience and journey than about who and what it was, if that makes sense.

    I just feel the need to set that straight. Everyone that went that day (and I’m sure every other day) waited for hours in the blazing hot sun together, nobody had special ‘insider information’ or anything. We spent most of the time in the bar where nobody could see us anyway and I can’t just whip out my cell phone in the middle of a scene.

    With six feature films filming right now, plus a TV series and some other things in preproduction, it’s not surprising that actors are running into each other left and right. It’s to be expected, this isn’t THAT big of a town.

    During filming, he didn’t have any women there with him, so I can’t really say anything about whether he does or does not have someone here with him in town. All I know is that when he was on set, he was working and honestly, that’s all I care about.

  117. 117
    Fiera Says:

    Also, I hope he doesn’t wear that hat anymore. If he gets attacked for wearing it, Robocop will not save him, no matter what the movies about Detroit say. :)

  118. 118
    craigy Says:

    @Sukar: So you say, but you are also a much more pathetic of a person too. One who has to put other people down to place themselves above everyone else. Pretty people are humble people Sukar.

  119. 119
    Sukar Says:


    Oh get real. I am the only one here who called all of Gerry’s girls beautiful while everyone else ripped them. I didn’t say I was hot and I did not say Laurie is ugly. I said she is attractive but not beautiful and that I think i am better looking and i bet that 99% of the JJ women are too. She’s average, it is not that hard to beat an average woman.

  120. 120
    Nuts Says:


    Fiera, perhaps you should gift him with a cap from a Detroit sports team. A souvenir from a fellow cast member to add to his growing collectgion, :o)

  121. 121
    Fiera Says:

    @Nuts: hehehe. I should. Though I did get him a pin from my roller derby team. I also got a t-shirt for the wardrobe guy.

  122. 122
    XOXOXO Says:

    @Just looking: First of all, this is a club/bar near and/or on campus …correct? From the pic, all I noticed was him acting like a idiot …yet again, and surely not like a 41 yr old man! The pic speaks for itself. He needs to grow up.

  123. 123
    Old Mia Says:

    @Sukar: Craigy must not have been around on the days when people were throwing all sorts of insults at Laurie. To say she isn’t beautiful is mild compared to what went on when they were being seen together. But it happens any time he’s pictured with someone he might be dating. Anyone who really dates G has to be prepared.

    You are right, never post any personal info on a gossip site. That’s the only advantage the fan sites offer their members, people can personal message each other. That also happens on IMDb.

  124. 124
    craigy Says:

    @Sukar:”…it is hard not that hard to beat average”?????????????

    Give me an average, humble, the” other” 1% of JJ women anyday over a conceited snob like you!
    I am happy you like what you see in the mirror Sukar. You get an A for self esteem. Maybe you should look more deeply into a person than what is on the surface.

    Enough said, I am A Butler fan, not yours.

  125. 125
    XOXOXO Says:

    @whatever: Especially after his behavior on the set of his last movie. The media is meant to sway the viewer (public) …always has been, always will be. In my opinion, they are trying to keep his behavior under wraps. Probably, explains the “Oh, sh*t, I’m caught” look on his face (in the pic). If you were around for the thread(s) when he was filmlng Corn and his Belgrade escapades …the comments about him weren’t very flattering …to say the least. They’re probably trying to prevent a repeat.

  126. 126
    XOXOXO Says:

    @Mellifera: Laurie definetly has T’s. Check out her photos.

  127. 127
    Huh? Says:

    @XOXOXO: I didn’t see that he was acting like an idiot. He was just having a good time. And, to set the record straight. He’s 40. That’s hardly an age to dry up and not have a good time. There were not any babies in the crowd at the bar. Everyone looked to be adults. In my town we have summer concerts and even people in their 70s show to sing along with the bands and dance. Some of the older ones are better dancers than the youn

  128. 128
    XOXOXO Says:

    @sukar: Can you post the photo? Thx.

  129. 129
    gossiphound Says:

    The people who reported Gerry’s presence at the bar and took the photos were twenty somethings. Not gasp old people. As if that makes a difference.

    I guess Demi Moore and Gerry count as old people. Michelle Monaghan is a bit younger though.

  130. 130
    gossiphound Says:

    PS The Karoake Bar called Rockstarz, sounds like the celeb crowd may have gone to another nightclub thereafter, away from the riff raff

  131. 131
    Oldfurniture Says:

    @Old Mia

    I don’t think they are/were only friends….I’ve seen pictures in a tabloid here, where both are somewhere in the south of France at the beach, kissing and she is laying on him (or the other way around), kissing.

    Oddly enough, I can’t find these pictures on the net.

  132. 132
    XOXOXO Says:

    @Huh?: I never said that 40 is old, or implied it., or that he shouldn’t have fun …even at 40. Your missing the big picture here. Were you there that you know that he was having a good time with a bunch of “older” people? That’s not what I got from the photo. Its been my experience that people in their late 20′s through say … early 40′s don’t jump on stage and sing on a regular basis. Usually, its for fun and very random. I’ve even done it myself.

  133. 133
    busybee Says:

    What difference does it make? Why are women on this board and others so hung up on who the guy’s banging? If you were truly satisfied at home you wouldn’t spend so much time here debating and caring about that. FACT.
    Oh I forgot, it’s just for “fun”. Snort.

  134. 134
    Oldfurniture Says:

    “early 40’s don’t jump on stage and sing on a regular basis.”

    I know more than one who does that! ;-)

  135. 135
    gossiphound Says:

    Oh Erin Cummings played the wife of Spartacus, Sura, who is now dead, ordered killed by that evil Batiatus. Glad to see she got picked up for a new series. Though with the planned prequel, might she get some more work? Or too late.

    Regarding the smoochy photos, this is the most curious thing. The only places where the photos of the Cannes fling appear are one fuzzy shot on New of the World in UK, not sure if they scooped Voici or what, and in the hard copy of the magazine Voici, I can’t recall the date of the issue.

    You have to go to one of the fansites that has the scan of the two page spread from European peeps who were able to buy the magazine.

    Now doesn’t it seem very odd that a scoop like that has not spread far and wide over the internet – even photos of that woman Gerry was talking to in front of the Four Seasons had some traction media wise, Eugenia whatever. Gerry kissing randoms in the streets of Serbia went global. Even the outlets that had the exclusive on the “first date” eventually released the photos but did not pick up this second “story”.

    You can understand that if you have an exclusive you won’t release the photos until your issue had its run, but why would Voici or whoever owned the rights to the photos, not sell the photos after their issue had its run to make more money off the story unless……

  136. 136
    gossiphound Says:


    LOL yeah the Rolling Stones for one.

  137. 137
    McK Says:


    His behavior in the past has been a lot worse than it seems here. I know many people who love to sing and will get up at any age and sing Karaoke. I myself don’t only because my dog sings better. What used to get me was not the partying as much but the things you would here along with the partying. Ted on E! said several times that Gerry had visited the E! building and actually randomly grabbed women and kissed them. That seems odd and self absorbed no matter what age or who you are. I think someone single like Gerry might get bored staying at home all of the time. Especially sitting in a hotel room on days off from the set. I don’t fault him because of his age, I fault him because some things he does are stupid no matter what age.

  138. 138
    XOXOXO Says:

    @Oldfurniture: Now see, I know people in their “early 40′s” and they, most of the time, just sit back and enjoy the show.

    Just to clarify, everyone should enjoy and live life on their own terms. With GB, he is a public figure and he KNOWS this. His public behavior is how people will perceive him. Sad, but true. He really needs this movie to work out, probably for many reasons. I would like to see him put out a good movie …its been awhile. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have fun and live his life, but he only had to lay low until after filming this movie. It just makes me question how seriously he takes his career. Like I said before, the pics speak for themselves.

  139. 139
    Don't see it Says:

    @XOXOXO: Are you taking about the karaoke piccies? If so, I don’t see that he’s doing anything wrong or idiotic in them. What do you see that’s wrong? Me thinks you need to lighten up.

  140. 140
    gossiphound Says:

    I guess some people have not enjoyed the karaoke experience which almost requires that if you want to sing you have to humiliate yourself on stage or some platform that puts all eyes on you, done it myself and see PS I Love You.. It is a pretty benign way to enjoy oneself and Gerry’s never made it a secret that he loves karaoke. Less sleazy than nightclubbing. Good on him.

  141. 141
    Oldfurniture Says:


    You mean something like this??!v=INjUgzwEmi8&feature=related

  142. 142
    angel Says:

    Some actors just seem to take their craft a bit more seriously. Mickey Rourke went to a Russian prison to pick an accent and the vibe of those guys to star on a mindless summer blockbuster.
    Gerry worked his a** off when training for 300 and to this day, that is his biggest hit. He has said it himself he wouldn’t be sure if given the opportunity, he’d go through that again. Understandable, it’s a big physical change, and not just research. However, from what at least I’ve seen so far, he doesn’t seem to put that much effort in preparation for his roles, no matter what they are.
    I could be wrong but I get the idea he enjoys his celebrity as much as he enjoys acting, if not more. No real artist is so into that HW bullsh*t as much as he seems to be. You might play with it and take advantage of it throughout your career, but to actually live it is a whole different deal.
    No surprise his films have lacked critical acclaim. Maybe things will turn around with these two new movies but I’m not holding my breath. Sadly enough.

  143. 143
    CJ Says:

    Thank you Gossip for making that happen..xxxooo…♥

  144. 144
    Oldfurniture Says:

    Oh well, the link doesn’t work….the video is called “Gerrard Butler on Jimmy Kimmel (kiss)”.

  145. 145
    Alicia Says:

    Girls girls girls what’s with all the hating man. I love Gerry as an actor and some don’t but can we all agree to disagree without all the hateful comments. Last I checked it’s a free country and you can like/love who you like. Let’s spread love not hate….:)

  146. 146
    XOXOXO Says:

    Why was Demi Moore there? Anyone know?

  147. 147
    Sukar Says:


    How do I like what I see in the mirror if I said I am average? Oh and don’t worry I am a nice person or I wouldn’t have defended all the women Gerry dated against the insults. Even Laurie herself I have defended and have said repeatedly that their is a chance that this could be genuine love. Now move on.

  148. 148
    Just looking Says:

    since you were on the set, did you see anyone that could be his
    girl friend?

  149. 149
    gossiphound Says:

    The factory has been outed:


  150. 150
    gossiphound Says:

    @XOXOXO: Demi is one of the many celebs filming a movie right now in Detroit. She is a friend of Gerard’s. She just started filming this movie in Detroit, with Miley Cryus and called “LOL” , also starring the hunkilcious Thomas Jane. He must be the dad/husband.

  151. 151
    Just looking Says:

    ErinLCummings lokks a little like Laurie – she is definitly his type.

    Muslim Miss USA will not sleep with him before marriage nor would she be able to marry him if he doesn’t convert to Islam. She’ll be ostracized or killed by the fanatics.

  152. 152
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Florida Gal: I am not interested in tearing you apart. I it is nice that someone seems to have some insight to how Gman is personally. I have seen many bloggers post the same info but as you did did not provide the direct information that you have drawn your conclusions from. I really would like to know the things you mentioned you have read and heard that are facts about what a nice person he is, we do have people post about their chance encounters who share that he was very nice and down to earth kinda of guy. But again that is it, what can you share that would be new information shedding light on his person.

    I also am not totally convinced that the negative pics/womanizing/famewhoring is all the media fault. This guy loves the limelight and has shown to be able to be seen or not seen when he wants. Am I wrong about this?

    @Nuts: agreed the Cootie hunter extras are even more lame!!

  153. 153
    Sofine Says:

    @Sweet pea: yes it’s Laurie

  154. 154
    isabella Says:

    @gossiphound: Now there’s a movie I will avoid like the plague. I can’t stand Miley Cyrus and her big mouth. Her speaking voice is like fingernails on a chalk board to me.

  155. 155
    a fan Says:

    I was disappointed with the DVD extras. Not even a director’s commentary version of the movie. I always look forward to hearing a behind the scenes commentary about films. However, I just read the DVD sales predictions for the week and it’s expected to be #1.

  156. 156
    Just looking Says:

    if you think he is an idiot why do you bother following him. Besides, that’s your opinion. he can live his life any way he wants without you or anyone else telling him how he should behave. As far as I know, it’s a free country and he’s not breaking any laws. Why don’t you mind your own business?
    What are you a mind reader? Do you know what they are trying to prevent or not? What he did in Coriolanus didn’t hurt his image one bit; if anything it kept him in the tabloids. Again, he is not breaking any laws and he has a right to live his life his way. You are way too cynical.

  157. 157
    redOctober Says:

    @hellotheregb: ….facts about what a nice person he is…

    Absolutely agree with you. I’d love to know for certain that G is the nice man many of his fans claim him to be. But so far I have no way to know it with certainty. Not reading or listening to his interviews or what other actors/directors/crew members tell about him. Perhaps his close family /friends know how the real Gerry is, and even them could be surprised by the man himself one day. He’s kind with his fans? yes. But like anybody else he can pretend and wear a polite mask in social events. He’s an actor, and a good one when he choses to…We’d never know when he’s acting or being his real self.

  158. 158
    hellotheregb Says:

    @busybee: I agree with you, we can be wack. I just don’t know why I must know who celebraties are bang’in. I can’t help it! just love to hear it!

    @XOXOXO: My question exactly! I hear that she and AShton are on the outs. And someone posted a while ago that Gman and she were seen together at some party. Maybe in Cannes. I asked the person to expound etc. and no one picked up on the comment. I was curious to see that again in a twitter. but again no one here picked up on theat.

  159. 159
    McK Says:


    Like this

  160. 160
    Just looking Says:

    “I didn’t see that he was acting like an idiot. He was just having a good time. And, to set the record straight. He’s 40. That’s hardly an age to dry up and not have a good time. There were not any babies in the crowd at the bar. Everyone looked to be adults. In my town we have summer concerts and even people in their 70s show to sing along with the bands and dance. Some of the older ones are better dancers than the youn”
    ITAWY. he is not acting like an idiot singing Karaoke in a bar even though it’s not my cup of tea. Let the guy have a good time without others second-guessing everything he does and interpreting it as something deviant. He is just living his life for goodness sakes

  161. 161
    Sukar Says:


    Look with the exception of the Australian assistant who said that he was a nightmare to work for, everyone says that he is an amazing and lovely person.

  162. 162
    a fan Says:

    @hellotheregb: And, remember Gerard and she were on the Haiti trek at the same time.

  163. 163
    XOXOXO Says:

    @gossiphound: thanks.

  164. 164
    XOXOXO Says:

    @Just looking: Yes, your absolutely right, he IS nothing but a tabloid joke.

  165. 165
    XOXOXO Says:

    @hellotheregb: Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I guess time will tell if there’s anything to it.

  166. 166
    redOctober Says:


    We cannot be sure if what that woman told was true either.

  167. 167
    hellotheregb Says:

    @a fan: yes, I just remembered that. But the comment was unusual not related to Haiti, Maybe around the Lindasy pool thread the comment was made and or an article was published. hey just know i am not starting anything just commenting on what I have read, which we all know is bs. Hey girls who love Laurie and G together, Demi has also been in Detroit! Ok she is still married and personally I love she and AShton together. I think they have been a fun celeb. couple. One of my favs. So I hope all is well in their household.

  168. 168
    Kenia Says:,_1st_Viscount_Galmoye

    His father’s name is Edward Butler and his family originates from Ireland.. any chances Gerard James Butler is a descendant of the Butler dynasty from Ireland?

    There’s also a James Butler in that dynasty and many Edward Butlers….

    I know a little random.. I’m just wondering..

  169. 169
    hellotheregb Says:

    I think Gman looks good in these pics. He was getting to skinny and he looks great at this weight. I must say his arms look great. I must have been temporarily blind earlier.

  170. 170
    Old Mia Says:

    My bet would be that G and Demi are just two friends, both working in the same city and met up for a little time out together.

    I’ll have to read up on the Butler dynasty. I would imagine most of the Butlers in Ireland can trace their family history back to the same family tree hundreds of years ago.

  171. 171
    Kenia Says:

    @Old Mia:

    I would imagine that somewhere in this Butler genealogical tree dating back to the 14th century, you can find Gerry Butler’s distant ancestors…

  172. 172
    Old Mia Says:

    @Kenia: The House of Butler. Sounds like a movie title.

    I love history, especially Celtic, English history. I’ve got to get back to work now, but when I get home tonight I’m going to read these names and see if I can find out anything more about them. Thanks for posting.

  173. 173
    Kenia Says:

    @Old Mia:

    You should also then check out this link:

  174. 174
    gossiphound Says:

    @Just looking:
    Ms. Cummings is lovely.
    Not sure I would say she looks like LC, except the tall thin brunette part.

    Guess you missed the photo or photos of the current Miss USA working a stripper pole on a stage somewhere which naturally came out the day after she won. Not such a good girl. Can’t remember what the rationale was for that photo.

  175. 175
    Just looking Says:

    yes, she is lovely, much prettier than Laurie
    what picture of Ms Muslim Ms America on stripper pole, do you have a picture?

  176. 176
    gossiphound Says:

    @a fan: They should have gotten Aniston drunk and Gerry hyped up on caffeine and/or sex deprived and had Gerry and Aniston make comments on the film and pretend they weren’t being recorded……..

    Gerry: I did not get paid enough to do this crap.
    Jennifer: Now Gerry it was better than the Management script.
    Gerry: That’s not saying much, why did I do this, oh yeah right.
    Jennifer: Oh yeah right and it wasn’t all that, too bad Clive will never work with me again.
    Gerry: Yeah the casino that was fun. I remember those brunettes, oh sorry Jenn.
    Jennifer: Thanks Gerry for reminding me you are a manwhore.
    Gerry: You slept with Mayer, please.
    Jennifer: At least my hair looks great you look like Frankenstein in picnic cloth.
    Gerry: That really hurt.
    Jennifer: Ah I’m sorry Gerbear.

  177. 177
    redOctober Says:


    This is fascinating. Thanks for bringing it to consideration ; D

  178. 178
    Kenia Says:


    It is, isn’ t?!

    I thought I would bring it up since it seems to be a very historic name with regards to the nobility in Ireland… Among the many distinguished Butler family members was also Irish poet William Butler Yeats…

    Maybe Gerry should play Yeats after all and not Burns!! LOL

  179. 179
    gossiphound Says:

    From our friends at TMZ

  180. 180
    Veronique Says:

    I was in Birimingham Michigan on Saturday and passed by the Tallulah Wine Bar where Gerard was spotted recently. Birmingham is a nice place to go out. Hope to have the opportunity to run into him, like most of the other women in Michigan I am sure. Thought I spotted someone who resembled him standing outside of the Townsend Hotel but it was probably just a mirage (i.e. we are having hot temps.).

    However, no one has really verified where he is staying and the only two options appear to be the Townsend Hotel where many top athletes and celebrities who are in town stay or the Westin Book Cadillac which also caters to this clientele.

    I have been to Black Finn in Royal Oak, the other place Gerard was spotted at and it is a very preppy bar in my opinion.

    How did that chick Laurie Cholewa or whatever her name is make it onto this thread? Did someone spot Gerry with her? I couldn’t make it through all of the comments to find out if that is the case. Are their photos or video of them in Michigan together?

    Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer.

  181. 181
    redOctober Says:


    Indeed he carries a long line of noble and eminent people in his ancestry. He should be proud.

  182. 182
    Just looking Says:

    she is definitely pretty and definitely G’s type.
    a little bit on the skinny side though

  183. 183
    Miss Hezbollah USA Says:

    @gossiphound: @Just looking:
    “Sorry, habibti, but your “secret weapon” is that you’re an Arab Muslim, and Donald Trump and his sponsors got you an affirmative action slot. And that ain’t such a secret (except to you).”
    “Boobs for Allah.”

  184. 184
    gossiphound Says:

    There is absolutely no proof that LC is in Detroit, not even a hint, yes must be the heat.

    I have not heard definitively where Gerard is staying. The Westin was the one name I heard from others the first night he had arrived in Detroit and since he had dinner with Sam Childers at the Grille 24? that night which is part of the Westin hotel, that seemed like a good bet. But haven’t heard anything since. He may even be renting a house out in Royal Oak since he seems to like it out there and he has preferred houses to hotels in the past.

  185. 185
    Nuts Says:

    I wonder who all the VMs are from that he listens to when he walks around…




    List of daily reminders from Blonde Assistant?

    Reports from his team about what is being posted on JJ?

    Feedback on TBH DVD “Extras”?

  186. 186
    Tonto Says:

    I think trying to verify LC as being in Detroit of all places is futile to say the least. How many women has he been photographed with in the last five years? I think we all know by now that he doesn’t do commitments or at least not for the long haul. When and if he decides to link up with someone, it won’t be photographed and seen in a tabloid mag or any where else. Wanting him to be romantically involved with some one doesn’t mean it’s real. Give Laurie a rest and let her live her life and let Butler live his life, otherwise you are just wishing on a star. Pun intended.

  187. 187
    redOctober Says:

    @Nuts: Reports from his team about what is being posted on JJ?

    …hehehe…good one ; P

  188. 188
    hellotheregb Says:

    @gossiphound: LMAO!!! would have been the best thing about the DVD those two spontaneously talking/arguing about the filming!

  189. 189
    redOctober Says:

    Night night JJers ♥

  190. 190
    Old Mia Says:

    @redOctober: Oh, dear lord. It’s 97 degrees and humid. He’s sweating like a pig, just worked 12 hours and he has to endure this? Kudos to Mr. Butler for all he does to earn his millions by keeping the fans happy. LOL.

    No new set pics tonight? If Red hasn’t found them, they don’t exist. Well, I guess I’ll be off to read about The House of Butler.

  191. 191
    Canera Says:


    Sam is an Assemmbly of God minister, that’s how much “just saying” knows.

  192. 192
    nightmares Says:

    looking at JJ tonight is rather gross. Holmes looking like a fool in some big wig. Pitt suffering from a middle aged crisis with a deep cut shirt and necklace. On and on. Then I landed here. At least Butler seems like a rather normal guy. Love his legs. He actually goes to karaoke bars and sings with regs?

  193. 193
    heidi Says:

    @Veronique: Ignore the thumbs down. Can’t figure them out. Must be your reference to Laurie. Most of us are waiting for new information from Michigan. Don’t stop posting. The trolls must be back.

  194. 194
    Question Says:

    Did Manny and Merlin run off together? Shall we report them as IMAs?

  195. 195
    Sonia Says:

    SInce things are slow I thought I would post an old article on Gerry… very interesting article I may add…

    Category: Interviews
    Article Date: February 9, 2002 | Publication: The Herald (Glasgow) | Author: Teddy Jamieson
    Posted by: admin

    You get your Kicks walking in front of cars. but what do you do if that’s not enough? you go to hollywood

    The couch is worrying. Its pale green bulk fills a fair portion of the intimate back room, little more than a snug, in London’s Soho House where I’m to talk to Gerry Butler. Sit down on it and you begin to sink. And then keep sinking. I’m convinced that if I sit back in it I’m not going to be able to get back out again. So for an hour I sit nervously on the edge of the cushion, fearful of getting in too deep. The story of my life, you could say. When Butler arrives, though, he throws himself down into the depths of the couch without hesitation. Which, pop psychologists might suggest, is the story of his.

    Butler – Gerry to his friends, Gerard to his mother (and actress Izabella Scorupco: “She has such a sexy, husky voice I let her get away with it,” he says) – is the new Scottish superstar with a wild past, the 32-year-old Glaswegian who gave up a legal career to chance his arm as an actor and lucked out big time in Hollywood. With a major Hollywood feature film in the can and another on the way, Butler could be officially tagged as the next best thing if he hadn’t already been called that 12 months ago. This time last year he was being touted as the new Ewan McGregor after landing the lead in Wes Craven’s millennial version of Dracula. The problem was that the film turned out to be a poor advert for his talents, giving him the chance to do little more than flash his teeth and torso at the camera. And with nothing else on show in 2001, audiences could have been forgiven for thinking so much for that.

    Fortunately for Butler, Dracula 2001 has proved more of a false start than a dead end. Later this year he can be seen fighting fire-breathing dragons with Izabella Scorupo, Matthew McConaughy and Christian Bale in the fantasy adventure Reign of Fire directed by Rob Bowman. He has pulled out of Renny Harlin’s serial killer thriller Mindhunters but come March he starts filming the lead in the much-delayed adaptation of Michael Crichton’s time travel fantasy Timeline. Twelve months from now we will probably be able to drop the next from next big thing. “I almost feel scared to acknowledge what’s going on in LA,” he admits.

    There is an almost childish glee when he discusses his upward career direction. Timeline will be directed by Richard (Lethal Weapon) Donner. “He’s such fun to work with,” Butler gushes. “He’s one of the all-time great directors and he’s made six movies with Mel Gibson at the helm and now I’m at the helm. I’m sitting having lunch with him a few months ago, sitting in the most amazing house in the Hollywood Hills and I just thought I remember watching Lethal Weapon when I was a teenager in Glasgow. Now I’m sitting with Richard Donner having lunch as we talk about me and how we’re going to do this ginormous studio movie, Paramount’s tentpole movie for next Christmas.”

    Before all this, though, Butler is making a rare appearance on the small screen as part of the ensemble cast of ITV’s new Sunday night drama The Jury, the reason for this afternoon’s conversation in the clubbable surroundings of the Greek Street hostelry. Soho House is a venue around which actorly types tend to congregate. What’s her name from Playing the Field is sitting at a window table when I come in, while our waitress has a part in Michael Caine’s current movie Last Orders. Butler obviously feels at home. He comes into the room in a hurry, coffee in hand, cigarette in mouth, chatting with his PA and flirting with the staff. He happily sinks into the sofa’s billowy depths and begins to talk. Actually babble might be a more accurate description. Words and ideas tumble out of him pell-mell. He will start a sentence but before finishing jump on to the next one. His favourite words are “fantastic” and “beautiful”. At one point he tells me he loves London because it has this “really cool vibe” to it. His vocabulary is pure stoner, but he rattles it out at amphetamine pace, his Scottish accent still very much intact.

    His style today is terrace casual. All Pringle jumper and jewellery – necklace, rings and bracelet – hair tousled, beard fashionably unkempt. You could describe him, as The Jury’s press notes say of his character, as having “stereotypical good looks”. Knocking back an iced mineral water (he stopped drinking four years ago) he is immediately friendly and unguardedly open. The Jury – a court drama which also features Anthony Sher, Derek Jacobi and Mark Strong – sees him take a rare break from cinema, but he is pleased with the result. “I can honestly say I have on many occasions had to talk things up and feel embarrassed about doing that but I wholeheartedly think this is a wonderful TV series,” he says.

    The programme has, he admits, all sorts of resonances for him. Before turning to acting he spent seven unhappy years pursuing a legal career. Filming in the Old Bailey hasn’t left him regretting that decision. “Pretty much any brush with legality confirms my conviction that I should never have been a lawyer. One, I didn’t give a **** and two I wasn’t that good.”

    Perhaps it is appropriate then that Butler’s character, Johnnie Donne, one of the 12 titular jurors, is a man fresh out of rehab and still raw from the experience. Butler has said he can relate to some of the more negative aspects of Donne’s character. He has in the past admitted to having been overly fond of a drink at one time in his life, with painful consequences. In fact, he has said that without experiencing real low points including battling with alcoholism, he would not have been able to play Donne.

    Butler is rather taken aback when I remind him of this comment. “I didn’t realise I’d put it as strongly as that,” he says, obviously disconcerted. “But yeah I was a party animal through uni and when I came out of uni I found that difficult to stop.”

    Unhappy at work, he pursued a hedonistic agenda. He talks now of the insiduous, slow process that overtook him in his twenties. “It’s a very addictive thing, nightlife and everything that goes with that for some people, for the less-well adjusted like myself. You start to go out a lot, drink a lot and do all sorts of crap and then life, when you’re not doing that, becomes very boring. You start to develop this uneasy feeling, you can’t concentrate, you’re not as contented as you used to be.” It’s a constant search for the next buzz? “Yeah. Exactly. You look for the buzz in everything.”

    That search led him to taking huge risks. “I was nuts. I think the perfect comparison would be an untalented Jim Morrison. I lived like Jim Morrison.” He talks of hanging off tall buildings and even a cruise ship. “Just crazy stuff that was part bravado and part coming from a deep-seated frustration and a sense of being lost. And you’d go out and there’s a part of your soul and your mind that knows this is not what you should be doing, and yet there is a part of you that thinks you’re never going to change. So when you’re drunk all this anger and frustration comes out and sometimes it’s hidden as ‘Hey, watch this boys. I’m going to throw myself in front of a car.”‘

    It sounds as if his drinking was a symptom of a wider malaise. Where all that anger came from he doesn’t say, but it seems it has been with him for some time. “I always felt a bit of a loner in some ways. Even though at school I was one of the main guys in the crowd I always felt a wee bit different. Maybe sometimes better, but a lot of the time just f***ing weirder. Sometimes worse. Just thinking, when am I going to get it together?”

    It is tempting to look for the origins of Butler’s insecurity in his family background. Born in Glasgow, he moved with his parents and his older brother and sister to Montreal at the age of two only to return to Paisley within two years when his parents split, a result of his father’s own drinking. His mother raised her three children on her own, although she eventually remarried. When Butler was 16 his father suddenly reappeared. “I literally walked into my house and my stepdad said ‘keep your jacket on your dad’s here’,” he recalls. “We hadn’t heard from him for 12 years and I had to walk into a restaurant and I had to walk round all these tables and I was literally like, is that my dad at that table? Is that him over there? And it just makes you appreciate as a person and as an actor how some things, they just don’t show. I think as an actor when you start out you just want to show everything and then you realise so much of your pain or happiness is concealed. When I sat down in front of my dad I didn’t realise it was such a huge concern to me but I couldn’t talk for the next four hours, I couldn’t stop crying, I could barely breathe and I didn’t know all that pent-up sadness was in there. At the end of the day that was the man who fathered me and he suddenly turned up.”

    Understandably, the night is etched on his memory. He has talked about it before, but his description is no media soundbite. He can’t keep the catch out of his voice while telling it again. At the same time that evident desire to take something positive from such painful memories is telling. He is now keen to put a positive spin on his personal history. “It’s only recently that I’ve started to think that everything I am, good and bad, is what makes me. Instead of fighting all the bad and just being so unhappy. That’s just me, that’s just the way I am. I am not saying I’m going to try to improve but there is a level of acceptance. I’m doing well and I’m doing well because of who I am.”

    His father died of cancer a month before Butler started a two-year law traineeship. He spent the last three weeks by his father’s side before returning to Glasgow for the course. At the end of it he wised up to the fact the law was not for him and headed for London looking to fulfil his teenage dreams of acting, a fantasy that is now becoming reality.

    It is difficult to reconcile the picture of insecurity Butler paints of his past with the handsome, brash, friendly man who sits beside me. Perhaps it can be put down to what he admits is his nature. “I’m a very extreme person. So I either drink far too much or I don’t at all, or I smoke far too much or I don’t at all. Or I have sex with hookers all the time …”

    He’s kidding. That’s Jamie Theakston’s line. Smoking is now his only vice and he’s giving that up next week, condemning it to the past along with his other anxieties. “So much of that insecure, fearful **** has gone away,” he says. “I feel so much more at home in my own skin now.”

    He is, he says, very driven. When he began to get parts in the US he made a conscious decision to move there, spending most of the last two years, when not filming, in Los Angeles. “I am kind of living there right now,” he says. “I find I get a lot done and beautiful things happen to me there careerwise. You’re next door to the directors. Here you end up putting yourself on tape, there you just walk in and you’re speaking to Ridley Scott.”

    He doesn’t much like LA – “life there is very focused and kind of miserable”- which is why he’s looking for a flat in Hampstead, London, to replace the “******” one he owns in Camden. But, of course, the work he wants is in LA, even though he says he is “material-led”. Indeed one of the attractions of The Jury was that it was a character piece. “Doing a huge action movie there’s a lot of sitting about. I mean, the more fun a movie looks, often the less the fun it is to make. If it’s a character based piece you get the chance to dive in there and get involved.”

    So why opt for the big-budget spectacular? Time travel and dragons are not quite Shakespeare. But he remains unrepentant. The British film industry, he reckons, has an undeservedly high conceit of itself. “To be honest, in Britain we write so many awful movies. We do some great ones and they stick out and everybody thinks, don’t we do great movies?, but they don’t see the hundred other **** scripts that come through the door, some of which are made into movies, a couple of which I’ve done in the past.” But that, with help from Rob Bowman and **** Donner, will be where they remain, consigned to memory along with the insecurities that seemed to have bothered Butler for so long.

    Our time is up and Butler pulls himself out of the depths of the couch with ease, ready to pose for the camera and the next tranche of Ewan McGregor comparisons. Soon he is hoping such comparisons will be redundant. Indeed he has just beaten McGregor in some Scottish award ceremony, even if, he suspects, by default. “I know for a fact everybody was going: ‘We can’t give Ewan another award. I don’t know who this Gerry Butler guy is but we might as well give it to him.’ Because I know in terms of the business I’m doing very well in LA. In Hollywood, things couldn’t be better. In terms of Scotland nobody’s seen what I’ve done.” That is about to change. Or did we say that a year ago?

  196. 196
    Get real Says:

    Laurie is not in Detroit. She looks nothing like the girl in that picture. Whatever they had is over. Both are too career (money) driven. Too bad. The babies would have been cute.
    Butler. Donate to a sperm bank. We know you won’t settle down to have kids of your own, but that DNA should go on.

  197. 197
    Hello Says:

    @Sonia: I tried to respond to your post, but my computer went crazy. Maybe it’s there. Maybe not. All I had to say was that lots off stuff has changed since then. And, that I hope he’s happy with the celebrity he’s gained. He’s bigger than any of the people he worked with in the old days. But in the end, he’s still my Attila. Love him.

  198. 198
    Halley Says:

    Let’s down everybody here and just blow up. ( Read, I am being sarcastic. Guess you have to do that with the stupids here.) What a bunch of nutcases. No wonder Merlin and Manny skipped a few days. Love the Butler family history.

  199. 199
    Old stuff Says:

    He’s in it for the money. So what? Aren’t we all? The karaoke stuff? So what? It’s just for fun. Nothing bad. Why pick him apart like this?

  200. 200
    stupidfans Says:

    @Sukar: The Esquire writer didn’t say he was nice. He said he was an arrogant a-hole. A lot of people have said that. Don’t sukarcoat it.

  201. 201
    Just looking Says:

    @Old stuff:
    “He’s in it for the money. So what? Aren’t we all? The karaoke stuff? So what? It’s just for fun. Nothing bad. Why pick him apart like this?”
    ITAWY. stop judging him more harshly than you do yourselves.
    Are you back to spread your cheer once again?

  202. 202
    I like Says:

    Stupidfans! Maybe she can clean up all the crap on JJ the last few threads, and make room for some fun posts! Go Go Stupidfans!

  203. 203
    Really? Says:

    @I like:
    Stupidfans is an idiot; she’ll just add more strife to the thread.

  204. 204
    I like Says:

    @Really?: ok lets go back to Butler f.arts rainbows, at least stupidfans is not BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. 205
    Mellifera Says:

    @I like: I’ll say, if I hear another “I know you’ll all hate me for saying this, but Gerry has a beautiful soul, and I know the facts, and you should all listen to me and not be such HATERS, and you can go ahead and hate me all you want but I know the TRUTH etc etc ad nauseum…”


  206. 206
    stupidfansgetsitwrong Says:

    @stupidfans: You’re misremembering the Esquire article. The writer was charmed by Mr. Butler, as most who interview him seem to be. Here’s the link; sorry don’t speak clicky:

  207. 207
    Mellifera Says:

    @stupidfansgetsitwrong: Well, the Mens Health writer thought he was an a*shole.

  208. 208
    gossiphound Says:

    Though the guy who photographed him for the Men’s Health Journal article and cover loved him.

    I think the Men’s Health Journal article just reported what he observed and what was coming out of Gerry’s mouth without a lot of his own judgment on the matter and one would certainly come to that conclusion, but it’s been a while since I read it and I only remember the words coming out of Gerry’s mouth and being very late for his next appointment.

    Watched RocknRolla again and did Guy write the role of One Two specifically for Gerry, Stella keeps saying to One Two you’re late.

  209. 209
    peacesister Says:

    Brrrr, at least we know where his doll is going: When I read about it in one of the last threads I thought it was some sick joke. They DO have this doll and send it around? He must be frightened as hell when he meets them. One of them might as well put up some “Mysery” scheme…

  210. 210
    peacesister Says:

    Another one:

  211. 211
    gossiphound Says:

    Ah so that is the Andre Marek doll, got the hair going on. There are several versions of the King Leonidas doll, not sure if there are any other Gerry characters made into dolls. Won’t hold my breath for the Milo Boyd doll, LOL. I wonder how many men bought the King Leonidas doll. I don’t get that whole thing but there are grown men with superhero dolls, Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars.

  212. 212
    she Says:

    @stupidfansgetsitwrong: I remember that interview

  213. 213
    Florida Gal Says:

    @gossiphound: That’s not the OFFICIAL Andre Marek doll. This is the official one, distributed by Dragon:

    I don’t know where that one came from, but it’s not the official one. This one, from Dragon, is wonderfully detailed and the resemblance to Gerry is uncanny. Every detail of his face is spot on, and his hair is thicker, darker, and more realistic than this other figure is.

  214. 214
    peacesister Says:

    Sorry, I don’t see the difference. The dolls look alike to me. It seems they made him different clothes. Are they from any of his movies? I can’t think of it. Just remember all his private grey shirts and ugly checkered shirts from recent movie. But I DO remember the yellow towel. :-)

    BTW, The WO ladies have a spy on set, Misty Mills writes about her experience working with GB.

  215. 215
    Fritz the Boxer Says:

    Run for the hills!!!!

  216. 216
    Nuts Says:


    Misty is a Detroit-area actress who was cast as “Biker Chick” (see IMDB cast list). And, yes, she has scenes/dialogue with Gerry

  217. 217
    hellotheregb Says:

    @stupidfansgetsitwrong: that is not the what Stpfans was referring to. He talked at length about the experience when interview butler in the gym. Butler was a total A$$hOle, a total bully and I have never heard of someone behaving like that. The story has been posted here many times. I am sure someone will come up with it.

    @Florida Gal: are you for real?

  218. 218
    CJ Says:

    Well I want a doll of JJ so I can stick pins in it…this site needs cleaning up JJ tech staff…♥

  219. 219
    David Says:

    @Florida Gal:
    “…wonderfully detailed and the resemblance to Gerry is uncanny. Every detail of his face is spot on, and his hair is thicker, darker, and more realistic than this other figure is.”


  220. 220
    guido Says:

    look back at the bottom

  221. 221
    spanky Says:

    some people do sudokus,
    others do crosswords with their morning paper
    or maybe a word search………………

    we here on jj,……….. have guido………..

    missed you my little gnomed puzzle piece

    (and stupidfans their hate makes you great) :)

  222. 222
    Funtospec Says:

    @Get real: I think Gerry is in a relationship. He tries to kiss women in public to avoid incorrect speculation that might affect his career and personal life. The Serbian blond he kissed for the photographers and allowed her to speak about a “relationship” to the press to deflect the press from his involvement Laurie. He kissed the planted violin girl to deflect the Aniston smoke. He is behaving more so in Detroit either because he is more cautious or in a relationship. He looks happy and spoke of s*** as heaven. He is probably having good chemistry with someone (Laurie?). All you people are so caught up in her looks cannot fathom she may have major chemistry with the man. If we all thought superficial, all men would only chase, go out with and marry models.

  223. 223
    Funny! Says:

    @Funtospec: Or there are no hot women in Detroit. But isn’t Philly one of the fattest cities in the country? He did well there.

  224. 224
    Sukar Says:


    Laurie is a model. There are plenty of photos of her modeling stuff on the net. She’s not really a rocket scientist. But yes I do think she is in a relationship with Gerry. I think it is just hard for people here to swallow.

    Anyway, I’m really interested in that interview with Gerry in the gym. I hope someone finds it.

  225. 225
    Funtospec Says:

    @Sukar: She has a Masters in law. It’s a start. Ok I will restate:

    If we all thought superficial, all men would only chase, go out with and marry Barbie.

  226. 226
    Sukar Says:

    Laurie is a model. There are plenty of photos of her modeling stuff on the net. She’s not really a rocket scientist. But yes I do think she is in a relationship with Gerry. I think it is just hard for people here to swallow.

    Anyway, I’m really interested in that interview with Gerry in the gym. I hope someone finds it.

  227. 227
    Old Mia Says:

    I’ve tried to post, but they have disappeared. This place is a technical mess today, at least for my computer. Besides not being able to post, I’m getting the “Page cannot be displayed,” message again.

    Hope we get new pix today.

    Guess I’ll go away awhile and watch Lindsay go to jail. Maybe when I come back things will be more computer friendly.

    I remember the gym article, but I didn’t remember it as being the Esquire reporter.

  228. 228
    Sukar Says:


    Didn’t someone here say that she doesn’t have a Masters in Law but a prerequisite degree that you need if you want to enroll in law school? Anyway, I do agree with you, looks are not everything. Charisma and personality are extremely important. I am just curious how they will do the long distance thing. If she has two shows starting in September does that mean that she can’t move to the US to be with him?

  229. 229
    Tonya Says:

    Really, who wants to see him kissing. You women must not have men in your lifes. I Hope he just gets his career on track with a good movie.

    That’s what he needs to focus, not requests for him to be seen out in public. His PR person needs to be fired.

  230. 230
    angel Says:

    This is getting really tiresome. What’s hard to swallow is the same thing being discussed over and over again by some posters and their incessant imposing on something that’s PURE speculation on said poster’s part. Whether people agree or not, doesn’t make it more true. People know nothing and tabloids hardly tell us like it is. Just because some are skeptical and a bit more realistic when it comes to GOSSIP, doesn’t mean they have to swallow sh*t.

  231. 231
    Sukar Says:


    I didn’t mean to say that I am right and everyone else is wrong. But the idea of Gerry being in a relationship is a bit difficult for people to take. One reason is the fact that many of his fans are jealous of any GF and the other is that he has been such a manw…hore in the past few years that it is hard for people to believe that he has settled down.

  232. 232
    Funtospec Says:

    @Tonya: Sorry, Gossiping about random women (i.e. Miss USA,Serbian and Brazilian women) seems ok because their are no strings attached. Potential girlfriends make people quite upset.

  233. 233
    angel Says:

    @Sukar: I’m sorry Sukar, it may not be what you mean, but that’s how it comes across. In every other post, that’s what you seem to be talking about. I understand that some people have a hard time dealing with the idea of him and someone being serious, but on the other hand you seem to want to pair him up at any cost. Again, that’s just how it comes across and it may not be what you mean at all but then saying you think it’s hard for people to swallow? Well, I’m sure it’s hard for some to swallow a lot of things said here. This is hardly a fan site and I think the great majority here have very realistic views when it comes to him. It’s a free and public forum and therefore you have the right to post whatever you like, whether people agree or not. Some things just get repetitive and meaningless after a while, that’s all. We all just have to learn to agree to disagree without sounding like we’re trying to impose our impressions as the truth. Just my opinion.

  234. 234
    Nuts Says:

    Can we move on?

    It truly doesn’t matter if he has one or several girlfriends…or fwbs…whatever. No one seemed to fixate on the beautiful brunette who was photographed eating lunch with Gerry and his folks at an outdoor cafe in NYC at the time of TBH premiere. He was quite ticked at the paps who photographed them, jumped over the little fence and berated them for photographing a private moment. Don’t know who she is, speculation was model Cinthia Moura but could be another beautiful brunette…or a casual date.

    Anyhow, his actions there were more protective about a personal moment.

    Not posed for tabloid/news agency photogs.

    Whatever…can we go on to debate the box office projections for Coriolanus and MGP? What his next project will be? Will he seriously do Broadway (he has considered it in interviews)?
    And, what filming will be like in South Africa…

    The old Laurie/Secret Girlfriend stuff is fruitless. Next week we could see him with a completely different woman…we could get news that Laurie is dating a Paris businessman. It is all just wishful thinking/speculation until we see G out and about publically acknowledging this is MY WOMAN…and not just a photo op.

  235. 235
    Sukar Says:


    Look I apologize if that’s how I come across. I am just saying what I think. He’s behaving like he is in a relationship, that’s all. And I’m not desperate to pair him off at all. I can’t seem to make up my mind about Laurie. Sometimes I like her but there’s something about her that makes me uncomfortable. So it’s not like I am crazy about her.

  236. 236
    Nuts Says:


    Tonya…his PR Team seems to be quite squirrely. They don’t seem to have good focus…and he seems like he is very difficult to reign in at times.

    Coriolanus and MGP could go a long way to reinforce the serious actor imagine and let it overshadow the playboy image. He said in Cannes that he wasn’t exactly Mr. Morality…but this same guy is the one seeking peace and enlightenment from a variety of sources.

    Anyhow, let’s get the Serious Actor vibe going and keep the partying quiet (like others do all the time.)

  237. 237
    angel Says:

    @Nuts: I’m with you there Nuts. On that note, and I may be way off base since it’s a bit early for projections, but I’m thinking Coriolanus being the arthouse film it is, may have a limited distribution and not make bucket loads of money in the end. However, it may bring some lacking critical acclaim for GB, prestige and the chance to get offered better scripts and work with better directors. I think it was a very smart move on his part to be a part of this.
    As for MGP, Marc Forster has directed Finding Neverland, which is a movie I love and got some oscar nominations for it. On top of that, he made the Bond movie, which was a huge box office success. I think MGP will rely a lot on it’s marketing to appeal to audiences, regardless of it’s stars and the story itself, which to me, sounds very interesting and relevant.

  238. 238
    craigy Says:

    Is it Groundhog Day?

  239. 239
    It's his Assistant Says:

    Right there in plain sight.

  240. 240
    wondering Says:

    when is the release date for Coriolanus? I cannot wait for some new movies…
    and what about that Farelly comedy…is it released soon?

  241. 241
    Really? Says:

    I can’t make up my mind about her either. What about her makes you uncomfortable?
    @It’s his Assistant:
    what about his assistant?

  242. 242
    Sukar Says:


    She seems a bit calculating?

  243. 243
    Funtospec Says:

    @Sukar: Yes agreed. He is behaving as if he is in a relationship.

    @Nuts: His goal is to be a credible Oscar worthy actor. So, he will probably do Broadway. Gerry’s intention with MGP more Indie award rather than mass appeal/money maker. Marketing can only go so far on this kind of film. He was very enamored at the Slumdog phenomena. Thus a pay cut was necessary from his vantage. Marc Forster captures gritty and honest film. (i.e. Monster’s Ball and Kite Runner also). This is Gerry’s best chance thus far for his dream.

  244. 244
    Veronique Says:


    Thanks Heidi!!

  245. 245
    It's his Assistant Says:


    She’s the girlfriend. The others are a decoy. Mark my words.

  246. 246
    Sukar Says:

    @It’s his Assistant:

    Why the hell does he need decoys though?

  247. 247
    Really? Says:

    yes, i was thinking the same thing.
    JJ is swallowing my posts. it happened on 7 different occasions today. wtf?

  248. 248
    Really? Says:

    @It’s his Assistant:
    maybe, we’ll never know.

  249. 249
    It's his Assistant Says:

    He can flirt openly, keep his “image alive, keep folks guessing but have the stability of a long-term relationship that is free from pressure.

  250. 250
    Sukar is a mowdiewort Says:

    You s-u-c-k big time Sukar, how can’t you bloo-dy understand ye that Gerard isn’t in any relationship? I can tell ye ’twas I’m enough close to him to know he’s single.
    You’re a fo-k-k-in’ de-me/nted idiot who believed all that Laurie-sh!t shown in the tabloids… give JJ a break and get laid instead of spending your nights here!

  251. 251
    Old Mia Says:

    @Sukar: I dont think it’s his assistant. She’s a paid employee. Period. IMO, that is.

    I think some believe he needs decoys so the paps will stay away from a real GF, and posters everywhere won’t cut her to pieces. But that’s not saying much for his concerns about the decoys then, is it. LOL.

  252. 252
    Funtospec Says:

    @Sukar: Calculating? Do you consider her a another famew***? Just curious as to your impression?

  253. 253
    Sukar is a mowdiewort Says:

    Ye’re another fok-ki-n’ idiot believing that lig!!

  254. 254
    Sukar Says:


    I am not sure. But someone said here before that of all the famew…hores who used Gerry before, Laurie is the most manipulative one yet. I found the comment interesting.

  255. 255
    Old Mia Says:

    I’ve been reading the Butler family history stuff from yesterday. Interesting. There’s even a Butler Society today. Kilkenny Castle looks beautiful. On the page that talks about tapestries at the castle there is a painting of, I imagine, a Butler of old. Doesn’t look like G, other than the nose! Maybe that’s what he inherited from the original Butlers. LOL

  256. 256
    Sukar is a mowdiewort Says:

    @Old Mia:
    Butler family is probably not related to Gerry’s. Another doggert.

  257. 257
    All mowdieworts Says:

    @Sukar: @Old Mia:
    Maybe,and maybe,if you all go in a pub and get drunk,it would be better than speculating on the life of someone ye don’t know. R u all so f-ugly??

  258. 258
    Sukar Says:

    @All mowdieworts:

    Maybe YOU should follow your own advice and take a hike.

  259. 259
    Om my Says:

    @Sukar is a mowdiewort:
    @All mowdieworts:
    Is that you Manny? Either way, you’re demen/ted.

  260. 260
    gossiphound Says:

    @angel: However angel arthouse gets Oscar attention. And the Academy loves Ralph.

    The Bounty Hunter did like 4 times the domestic box office of Hurt Locker but guess which film got Oscars and which film won’t. Now Coriolanus would be lucky indeed to hit 16 million like Hurt Locker, that would be around the top range for the most successful Shakespearean films, the true adaptations, not loosely based on.

    I think Ralph at best is hoping his film can do as well or in the ball park as other Shakespearean films, maybe even a bit better, but more importantly he has to be expecting some critical acclaim from BAFTA and the Academy, a good first directorial debut praise for him and maybe even some acting noms for any of a number of the fabulous actors in this cast including Gerry. You have to think that’s what Gerry’s team is hoping for – at least a nomination so they can say shove that up your **** naysayers.

  261. 261
    angel Says:

    @gossiphound: I agree with you. I just said arthouse doesn’t usually get bucket loads of money but this project seemed like a great idea as it could give him an oportunity to get offered better scripts and work with better directors.
    As for the shove it comment, hehe I bet that’s what he’d be praying to say but who can blame the naysayers when we get Bounty Hunter? Ralph is a talented guy and the cast is great. From what we’ve seen it looks like a winner. Let’s just hope it gets the attention it seems to deserve. Hard to call it without seeing the final cut.

  262. 262
    gossiphound Says:

    Coriolanus is scheduled to premiere at the Belgrade Film Festival which takes place in January 2011. Since the Serbian government forked over about 4 million [not sure which currency LOL] in financing and/or equivalent provision of services and equipment, it’s the least Ralph could do. But then that means no Oscar consideration until 2012.

  263. 263
    gossiphound Says:

    I agree Angel we’re all keeping our fingers crossed, just as much for Ralph Fiennes and Shakespeare as well as Mr. Butler.

  264. 264
    All mowdieworts Says:

    @Om my:
    Sukar, manny isn’t a Scot, f-o-k-kin’ret-a-rd!

  265. 265
    Sukar Says:

    @All mowdieworts:

    Umm when did I say that Many is a Scot? By the way I am cool with Manny now, nice try at attempting to stir the fire again “snore”

  266. 266
    TrollAlert Says:

    @Sukar: Sukar, please don’t feed it. Not worth it.

  267. 267
    sukar is a daftie Says:

    Nice try yon,twas ye posted under a sock saying I was Manny,and Im a longtime lurker here,evrybody knows ye’re faking yon peace with Manny,ye post under many socks.
    All posters know ye’re a liar and obsessed with Butler’s gfs.

  268. 268
    lolita Says:

    @ GH and Angel, Thanks for the insight on Ralph and the movie. I hope it does well also. It may not be a blockbuster but if it gets good reviews it could open many new doors for Gerry.

  269. 269
    Om my Says:

    @sukar is a daftie:
    I didn’t realize Scotts could be so ungracious and so sleazy sounding. You sound so angry and grumpy like you’re not a good person. You sound like you think you own Gerry just because you’re Scott. You don’t own him and he will probably marry a girl who is not Scottish but American. So stop giving the Scottish People a bad name will ya?

  270. 270
    Sukar Says:


    Yep bit troll alert

  271. 271
    TrollAlert Says:

    Scots don’t sound semi literate or write in manner of a 12 year old. Don’t give the troll that much respect. It’s just someone trying to yanks some chains around. The more people reply to it, the more fuel it gets. I thought posters were aware of it by now. Apparently not.

  272. 272
    Old Mia Says:

    Blockbuster just announced that The Bounty Hunter was No. 1 in rentals, DVD sales and Blu-Ray sales for the week ending today.

  273. 273
    sukar is a daftie Says:

    @Om my:
    Ye don’t know anything about the girl Gerry will marry, so stop making stupid stories up about him and american girls.
    He’s still a Scot, does that bother ye much?
    I’m not, daftie. Sukie darling, stop posting under Om my and TrollAlert to see if ye don’t get thumbed down.
    I used the spell check this time, that’s OK for ye?

  274. 274
    sukar is a daftie Says:

    @Om my:
    Ye don’t know anything about the girl Gerry will marry, so stop making stupid stories up about him and american girls.
    He’s still a Scot, does that bother ye much?
    I’m not, daftie. Sukie darling, stop posting under Om my and TrollAlert to see if ye don’t get thumbed down.
    I used the spell check this time, that’s OK for ye?

  275. 275
    hellotheregb Says:

    hey merlin were you the one putting together an off site conversation? in the last thread? I put that I was interested. here is a gmail email address for me.

  276. 276
    gossiphound Says:

    Does Colin Farrell need a PR boost, what is he doing filming a movie with Aniston right now. Clearly her career is not slowing down one iota.

  277. 277
    Sukar Says:


    I like Aniston, but the Bounty Hunter turned me off her big time.

  278. 278
    hellotheregb Says:

    @gossiphound: do you have the interview for sukar about G when he was in the gym and tormenting the interviewer? working out til they vomit and then wrote not very nice things in the interviewers note book?

  279. 279
    noname Says:

    Article found..

    OUCH….that’s all I have to say…

  280. 280
    Old Mia Says:

    The author of this piece starts out saying he’s a fan of G’s. Nothing in there so bad. Isn’t there another article by a guy who interviewed him and then complained about him? This isn’t the one I was thinking about.

  281. 281
    Observation Says:

    Just read the GQ piece. That article is just funny. Even the comments are OK toward Butler.


  282. 282
    redOctober Says:

    # “Machine Gun Preacher” is back filming in Melvindale, according to an On Location Vacations commenter who spotted signs again on Dix Rd. There are rumors they will be filming on Fort St. in Detroit next Monday, July 26.

  283. 283
    hellotheregb Says:

    I remember reading the one above which is the one I was referring to but I think there was more. Maybe not. I was still new to Gman and may have thought that was harsh. Now after a 6 months it is not so bad. Just insecure and mean spirited. I remember thinking the comments on women was rude as well. and I thought the writer talked more about him intimidating him. but like I said it was a while ago and I may be more jaded now.

  284. 284
    hellotheregb Says:

    I remember reading the one above which is the one I was referring to but I think there was more. Maybe not. I was still new to Gman and may have thought that was harsh. Now after a 6 months it is not so bad. Just insecure and mean spirited. I remember thinking the comments on women was rude as well. and I thought the writer talked more about him intimidating him. but like I said it was a while ago and I may be more jaded now.
    what is wrong with this website!!! I can’t post or even refresh pages etc.!!

  285. 285
    Old Mia Says:

    Trying to post and read on here today has been an adventure. But I’m glad to know it isn’t my computer ready to crash. I think the site is just too full of everything under the sun from videos to links to ads, on and on. Some day it’ll probably just implode.

  286. 286
    gossiphound Says:

    @hellotheregb: Having worked in an industry that is male dominated and not gentile which includes the men in my family, I found that interview perhaps more funny than some. I might be somewhat more desensitized.

    Is that appropriate for an interview? No but then it probably says the interviewer did a good job making his subject forget he was being interviewed for a publication and as a journalist, bingo you just hit the jackpot, because then you show the real person behind the celebrity persona. Even if it seemed the journalist suffered some abuse.

  287. 287
    saw today Says:

    You can read every interview GB has ever given and he comes across as himself. No pretense. That is what I like about him. I accept him as he is, warts and all. He has lived an extraordinary life and is upfront about it. I have read many interviewers say they like to interview him because he doesn’t give just a simple yes or no answer, but answers the question as only he can with an entertaining story.

  288. 288
    stupidfans Says:

    @stupidfansgetsitwrong: He was not charmed by him if it’s the article I remember. Maybe the phannies will interpret it that way, but it was clear he wanted to let the public know what a jerk he was and, to boot, he released the article right after there was some other dust-up about Gerry acting like a complete jerk (maybe it was around the Australian realtor story release, but I’m not sure). The timing of it and the content of it obviously indicated he wasn’t impressed with him like his fans are.

  289. 289
    stupidfans Says:

    @Mellifera: Maybe that’s the one I’m thinking of – Men’s Health. Whoever wrote it, it’s on the record that not “everyone” thinks he is a nice guy and not “everyone” who interviews him thinks he’s so great. Even he admitted he was a diva pain in the tush on the LAC set.

    We should also remember that he punched a photographer, and we have never heard any evidence from real eyewitnesses, except his manager trying to do damage control, and he hit a dog.

    Then there have been countless reports from women who comment about how he makes sleazy comments to them in nightclubs and restaurants. Many of them are disgusted by it.

    The man has told the world he’s “not Mr. Values” and still his phannies, obviously still running on a Baskin Robbins sugar high insist that he’s a perfect saint in all things he does and he never offends or upsets anyone and if he does, it’s their own fault or they don’t have a sense of humor. Their extremist devotion is rivaled only by Rev. Jim Jones’ congregation.

  290. 290
    stupidfans Says:

    @XOXOXO: They’re rubbing carpets together. If not, then she’s trying to. Since she’s well-connected, I doubt he’d turn her down. That’s how he got where he is. If he hadn’t banged his way in the door, he wouldn’t be where he is.

    I’d love to know what his manager gets out of the deal besides money. ;P

  291. 291
    stupidfans Says:

    QQ: Why is anyone bringing up Aniston in this discussion? I didn’t read every page, but it would be nice if we could move on. Association with her is like a cold sore. Just when you think it’s gone away, something big happens, and it reappears.

  292. 292
    Men's Health Article Says:

  293. 293
    Oh my Says:

    @stupidfans: Apparently there are people here who can’t read. That includes the awesomely negative Stupidfans. At the conclusion of the article the author, who admits being a fan of Butler’s, reports:

    “Until I look inside my spiral notepad. While I was in the bathroom, Gerry wrote a note. It reads: “Help. I am a p…y. Get me out of here.’”

    That’s Butler, admitting he wants out of these exercise sessions too.

    Typical Butler humor. Good ole boy bonding. Get a grip. This isn’t kindergarten 101.

  294. 294
    Last laugh Says:

    Booty Hunter DVD is raking in the millions for rentals and sales. #1 even on Blue or whatever Blu-Ray sales. Told you so. And I got lots of thumbs down for my prediction. You can thumb me down, but it’s not gonna change the numbers.

  295. 295
    Duh Says:

    @Last laugh: Congratulations, and with that, hollywood continues to produce cra-p.

  296. 296
    Old fan Says:

    Pardon my butting in. I was a fan of Butler’s way back on Lucy. I always said to myself, this guy is way beyond this stuff. He’s going to be a star.

  297. 297
    Just looking Says:

    i don’t see how either one of the articles shows Gerry as being rude, or writer saying that Gerry was rude. I don’t get it what’s rude about either one of the interviews? lol

  298. 298
    hellotheregb Says:

    Well I guess I am back to being confused. Is he just being a guy doing boys will be boys crap? Is he just extreme and bouncy and it comes off as brash, rude or bully? Is all of this ok? The world is not kindergarten! I just don’t know. I looked back on some of the posts that really pin him down for creepy stuff, young girls, inappropriate comments to women etc. and wonder if he is still like that, has he changed? Well, I don’t have answers to any of that and am still not willing to except poor behavior even if it is boys will be boys etc.

    It does insult and hurt people when someone is sexually inappropriate and uses you. What has led him in the past to do that I don’t know but he has openly admitted to abusing privilages with women, even physically hurting someone etc.(at least once, if I understood comment clearly, he did show great remorse in that interview when he noted that) Lately, the rose colored glasses seem to have blotted out this entire site. He has never said he is a saint and is even open about not being mr. values lately. ohhh humm. I guess it is the usual with this guy.

  299. 299
    Just looking Says:

    “It does insult and hurt people when someone is sexually inappropriate and uses you. What has led him in the past to do that I don’t know but he has openly admitted to abusing privilages with women, even physically hurting someone etc.(at least once, if I understood comment clearly, he did show great remorse in that interview when he noted that)”
    What incident are you referring to regarding physically hurting women?
    To what did he show remorse?

  300. 300
    hellotheregb Says:

    looking for the interview, a few of the you tube interviews appear to have been pulled. I hope to find it. He slips up and says something about a party/night out and someone he visited in the hospital and he did not mean it. I will keep looking. I thought I had it saved.

  301. 301
    JewelryMaker Says:

    300 posts, can I get a “whoya”, ala the brave 300?

  302. 302
    hellotheregb Says:

    may be a ps i love you interview. it’s late

    if your new and have not seen this short movie watch very nice acting on his part.

  303. 303
    Cora Says:

    @hellotheregb: Gerry accidentally injured Hilary Swank during the making of PSILY. Could you be thinking of that? She had to go to the hospital and get stitches in her head. Gerry felt terrible, but it really and truly was an accident. Not his fault at all. His suspender got caught on something and when it broke free the clasp hit Hilary in the head and almost knocked her out.

  304. 304
    Merlin Says:

    WTH happened here last night? Troll war? rofl…
    I’ll send you an email!
    *poof again… this is Madness!!*

  305. 305
    Sukar Says:

    Ok I read the article and I didn’t think he was a jerk but I did roll my eyes at the gray matter part. God he’s insane.

  306. 306
    Mellifera Says:


    Jim Jones, bwahahahahaha!!!! Welcome to “Butlertown”…

    Grrrr, WTF JJ, sort yer s.h.i.t out, this site is a mess.

  307. 307
    Nuts Says:

    Haven’t seen this before–and I LOVE Rocknrolla.

    “Deleted scene from Rocknrolla featuring One Two, Mumbles and Handsome Bob!”

  308. 308
    redOctober Says:

    @hellotheregb: …I am back to being confused…

    …many times I’m “confuzzled” about this guy’s behaviour , his public persona, of course, I know nothing about the real G. And I’m almost positive that’s the way he likes it. Keep confusing people . Sending double messages. Playing games. Being rude or vulgar just to be controversial, mysterious. …and then suddenly shifting moods to get a response from the audience. Just a guess. He’s more than meets the eye in both senses, the good and the bad. IMO.

    …but NOT the saint/beautiful soul many dream…he’s just human like the rest of us.

  309. 309
    redOctober Says:

    …thanks for posting it, I’ve seen it before but I like to see it again ; P.

    Another fan of RnR…I’d love to see Gerry doing more movies like RnR.

  310. 310
    Sukar Says:


    I find some of his more serious interviews very fascinating. I think that this is more of the real Gerry than the vulgar or funny one, not that I will ever know. The couple of interviews for Phantom where he was wearing a black leather jacket and the interview for Dear Franke where he sings “Bonnie”" at the beginning show a very different side to him.

  311. 311
    gossiphound Says:

    @Sukar: That is what makes him fascinating – we all have different sides to ourselves, the erudite to the crude, and with Gerry you never know which side is going to show up. A lot of times the interviewer sets the tone but it still depends on the mood of your subject I imagine.

    I actually enjoy the interviews where the interviewer seems more like a friend and they are hanging out with the subject because that is when you see more of the real persona come through and you either have to be a real friend, which I have seen happen, actors do have friends who are writers or have a knack for getting that guard down. In Gerry’s case the guard is never really up that high if at all so I am sure you’d rather interview someone like that than someone who just spews the PR feed lines every time.

  312. 312
    redOctober Says:


    I like his serious side too. I like this interview, he can be serious and nice without being rude or vulgar…when he so chooses.

  313. 313
    Sukar Says:


    Yes I love that interview too :)

  314. 314
    she Says:

    when he is being interviewed he comes as the movie star so his position in the interview makes it more safe for him. It’s not a regular conversation.

  315. 315
    XOXOXO Says:

    @Old fan: A star(???), he’s nothing more than a joke …on a good day. Maybe if he would put out some credible work …now and again …my opinion would change. Good looks, bad behavior and a 14 yr-old mentality, does not a good actor make. Wake up!

    By the way, I really am rooting for him to succeed …but, he just doesn’t seem to want it for himself. At least I haven’t seen it in the last couple of years.

  316. 316
    Questions Says:

    I have been reading these threads for some time. There are some very intelligent posters on here.

    How many of you consider yourself fans–not phannies? Thanks to the regs for teaching me the difference.
    Are any of you a member of the fan groups?
    There has been a lot of talk about the different fan groups. Do any of you feel that one is more ‘realistic’ than the other?

    Thanks for the interesting conversations.

  317. 317
    Old Mia Says:

    The Dorthe Skappel interview is one of my favorites. It does IMO show that he actually knows more about what is said in the press about him than he sometimes is willing to admit. In some interviews, he lets on he doesn’t know about TMZ videos etc. But, I think he and his people actually know pretty much everything that’s out there about him.

  318. 318
    Dusty Says:

    Hey, Stupidfans, All the negative crap you spew about Butler makes me think that he’s probably the perfect guy for you. All the qualities you bring up regarding him seem to fit you too. A lot of the stuff out there about any celeb is generated from a small bit of info that is exaggerated and elaborated on to draw more speculation and innuendo. If you want to buy into it that’s your business. But, when that’s all you can say all the time, it makes you no better than the person you are ragging on or for that matter anyone else. Get over it already! He’s human and God knows he got his problems the same as the rest of us here on planet earth. For once I’d like to see you say something positive when you post here, because I think you are most likely an intelligent person, but when all you have to add to the dialog here is negative and nasty, it’s gets pretty old after a while. Cheer up, kid there are worse people in the world than Butler. He’s not the only rot gut guy out there.

  319. 319
    redOctober Says:

    Gerard Butler – Heartthrob no longer? 6 minutes ago via Facebook

  320. 320
    Sukar Says:


    Of course, he’s still a heartthrob :)

  321. 321
    redOctober Says:


    ; D

  322. 322
    redOctober Says:

    @Old Mia: …I think he and his people actually know pretty much everything that’s out there about him.


  323. 323
    Mary Says:

    Laurie is a lucky b..itch. Why would one woman have this hottie all to herself??????

  324. 324
    McK Says:


    okay third time I’ve answered this but keep getting an error. It was an interview for PS I Love You and they were laughing about Gerry having a better love life if women didn’t constantly get hurt around him, elaborating on the accident on set. And typical gerry starts talking about having to bring flowers to women in the hospital, it was all a joke.

  325. 325
    sukar Says:


    Yes i remember something like that but can’t remember the details. Maybe someone here can help.

  326. 326
    redOctober Says:


  327. 327
    mck Says:


    it was the MSN interview its on YouTube.

  328. 328
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Cora: I have been thinking about that. I did think the interview was around the pSIL promos so maybe he was referring to HS and not someone in his past. It was unclear but if conversations were going on on the sets of these interviews it could have been residule from that incident. Just on clearfied during the interview. it was an interview good bad.

    @redOctober: I agree with all that you said. it’s a wonder I get confused!

    @McK: yes I remember the flowers to the hospital but I don’t remember a lot of joking around. He looked pretty mortified to me that he mentioned the subject. However, in the interview it was not said it was HS incident. At the time I saw it I had not heard about that. but now I assume that is what he was talking about.

  329. 329
    hellotheregb Says:

    yep that’s it! they are joking around and referring to HS. I need to download this and rewatch them instead of just watching once and losing it in youtube land! I was not familiar with HS incident though.

    I need to go to work and pay attention to things other than Gman. I hate it when I successfully “get off him” and then let myself get sucked back in!

  330. 330
    redOctober Says:

    @hellotheregb: …successfully “get off him”…

    …he won’t let you … ; P

  331. 331
    CC Says:

    maybe i didnt read them right but those articles didnt say anything about gerry being a jerk. if those werent the right ones, then i would really appreciate it if somebody posted the interview where the he is being a jerk. i am very curious to read it

    @hellotheregb:thanks for posting the vid, love me some Wild Bunch! lol

  332. 332
    who the fukkkk cares Says:

    PSILY?????????? Who the Fukkk carews what was in an old interview…………move on already.

  333. 333
    boo Says:

    “I hate it when I successfully “get off him” and then let myself get sucked back in!”
    Maybe you nee to have other interest besides a movie star’s life. Maybe you need a boyfriend too.
    Obviously you don’t have much going for you.

  334. 334
    hellotheregb Says:

    @CC: I am not posting any more about interviews and articles! CC I don’t know if someone else said on these posts that the article said he was a jerk, I said that like that regarding my own opinion. Others think the interview was beign. As I said earlier, my shock and awe effect is much more cooler and jaded then when I first was reading about him. I never said that the guy who wrote the article said G was a jerk. I mentioned that G seemed mean spirited and a bit of a bully. I also think there is a longer article out there from this interview.

  335. 335
    The Doctor Is In Says:

    @WTFC: Spot on! Reminds me of the people who unfortunately sit next to me on planes who want to blather on about nothing when I’m trying to read a book.

  336. 336
    Georgia Says:

    I enjoy the older interviews. I had never seen the PSILY one.

    It’s almost not worth it today for me to try and read here. It’s taking forever to be able to get the thread to open and then I have to try two or three times for the pages. No fun at all.

  337. 337
    redOctober Says:

    Machine Gun Preacher might be filming at a community center in Pontiac MI today, anyone know for sure? (they were def. in Pontiac yesterday) about 5 hours ago via web

  338. 338
    redOctober Says:

    Zack Snyder Fully Intends to Direct Xerxes, Reveals Plot Details

    July 21, 2010

    .So it sounds like there’s a chance Gerard Butler could even return for a cameo…

    Read more:

  339. 339
    Why is it Says:

    @The Doctor Is In: everybody blathers but you? post something then.

  340. 340
    oh yeah Says:

    as the temperature increases so does the snark. Let’s hope some cool headed Canadians show up soon.

  341. 341
    hellotheregb Says:

    @hellotheregb: hey know one else was around the past 24 hours posting. try posting if you have something more interesting to say.

  342. 342
    Fritz the Boxer Says:

    @stupidfans….I have to respectfully disagree on one of your statements. In the dog incidident/debacle, I gotta side with Gerard on this one. From what I read, and it could be wrong, the greyhound allegedly had G’s dog in it’s mouth and was shaking her violently by the neck. Mind you, I know it’s natural for this breed and I can’t fault the dog. Gerard’s dog was unleashed and easy pickings. However, in G’s shoes, if I saw my dog being shaken by the neck, MAYBE about to be killed, my gut instinct would be to get the other dog off by any means necessary…it’s primal and I surmise he was fearful for her survival. I would imagine there was yelping or squealing in pain involved which may have also added to the drama.
    Lastly…that couple milked the incident ad nauseum. Again, I’m not implying what Gerard did was right…just simply acting on instinct.

  343. 343
    Leslie51 Says:

    By all accounts Aniston is a real animal lover with beloved dogs of her own. She would have been aware of the situation with Lolita and the greyhound as the incident happened on the filming site. IMO If JA thought that Gerry had been in any way deliberately abusive to that greyhound I doubt she would have been as friendly or as respectful and close with him as it appeared during filming and around the time of the BH promos.

  344. 344
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Thanks for posting the link to Please, I have never seen that before.

    Waves at Fritz.

  345. 345
    I'll Bite Says:

    Heelllpppp! Is the site acting wonky or is it just the tornado weather we’re having around here? I can’t get to the recent posts, so who knows if this will post. CJ, I hope you’re ok – think you are south of were all the microbursts were happening.

    I had someone ask me an interesting question about this site. Is it slowing down because people are becoming less interested, going someplace else, or are the Powers That Be scheming behind the scenes? Just feels like there’s some weird stuff happening. I know that some posters have popped off to various private rooms – hope that’s not a trend. We come here to read You as much as catch up on the news. There are a LOT of smart, fun writers here. Would miss you if you decided to leave.

  346. 346
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @I’ll Bite
    I’ve been finding this site really slow lately, and a lot of times I end up going nowhere and have to get myself out and back in again. Is it me, or are posts disappearing? I seem to read something and the next minute it’s gone.

  347. 347
    I'll Bite Says:

    @trying to figure it out: That’s the other thing that I heard – that posts were going *poof*
    Merlin, did you cast a spell?
    Darn – seems we might’ve missed some good stuff!

  348. 348
    Fritz the Boxer Says:

    @trying to figure it out:
    *waves back*
    I finally complained to one of the techies today so maybe something will get done. The pages are VERY sluggish and my cursor keeps jerking around. Anyways, Chris is very nice and is looking into it.
    *fingers crossed*

  349. 349
    Nuts--video of Gerry kareoke Says:

    From Youtube:

    Gerry singing Kareoke last weekend at Rockstarz…interesting to watch…
    He’s starts signalling to folks at some point…like trying to order something or have someone take a photo???

    And, d\oes he look like he’s really having fun…???

  350. 350
    mck Says:

    @Nuts–video of Gerry kareoke:
    I don’t know if he’s having fun, but I know I wouldn’t be. Having drunks hanging on you while your sober and them yelling in your ear. He did better than I would. Atleast it was a good song. Classic AC/DC you can’t go wrong.

  351. 351
    CC Says:

    no i wasnt commenting to you. sorry if it came out that way, i didnt even notice that it was you that posted the article. someone else was saying that and interviewer said that gerry was an @hole, that is what i was referring to. sorry for the misunderstanding

  352. 352
    stupidfans Says:

    @Dusty: Dear Dusty:

    Your screen name tells us all we need to know regarding why you like Gergolo.

    When the phannies start the “everyone in the world thinks Gerry is God” horsesh/t, then I have to set them straight because they don’t speak for everyone, much as they think they do. Until they finally eat everyone else, that won’t be the case.

    I hadn’t commented in a long while but when I do many phannies get pissy instead of taking a piss. They take Gergolo’s reputation more serious than a heart attack.

    You want positive? OK. Cube and Oy can be very funny – sometimes hysterically so. They don’t comment enough. There are a few others here who can too. We need more of them and less of the bon bon brigade. They already have websites to go and flap their cellulite. It would be nice if they stopped making the entire internet boring with their blathering.

    Here. I’ll throw in a bonus nice comment. His hat is very clean in these photographs and I don’t see moobies.

  353. 353
    Old Mia Says:

    This is all we have tonight?

    OK. Will the guy behind him please remove the hand from G’s shoulder. You two are not buddies.

    Even on computers at work tonight I couldn’t read here without ‘fails to connect.’ JJ, you need to do something. This is my favorite G place, but if all this junk continues, I may be driven back to IMDb. (Yes, I’m a card carrying G-mmunist.)

    I have no problems on any other G site. What’s up here?

  354. 354
    Dusty Says:

    Stupidfans, Now that wasn’t so bad was it? I hope it didn’t cause you too much pain. Yeah I like Butler to a certain degree and my rose colored glasses are in the shop so don’t don’t worry, I’ll try not to drool on you too much. And FYI I haven’t touched a Bon Bon in a dog’s age. Oy and Cube, yeah, they give Butler his due, but you’re a bit over the top in caustic hammering of random posters. I do appreciate the effort it took to say what you did. You’ve reinstated my opinion of the human race to a degree. And as for God, there’s only one, and it ain’t Butler.

  355. 355
    Gone Says:

    This place is a mess. Try to post. It won’t let you. I’m trying to say I LOVE GJB. End of story. Why can’t I say it? I’ll read elsewhere if you don’t make it easier. My computer is only a year old. So don’t blame it on that.

  356. 356
    Fritz the Boxer Says:

    Take a look at this pic, kids. It’s wonderful.

  357. 357
    oy Says:

    @Fritz the Boxer: Aww…Gerry got engaged. Congratulations, Gerry!

  358. 358
    cute pics Says:

    That pic is from the webpage of a girl who was on the MGP set. JJ won’t let me post the direct link. Go to rhema marvanne (type as one word) dot com and click on the photos link.
    There’s some of Gerry playing hopscotch with some of the little girls on set.

  359. 359
    Mellifera Says:

    @oy: *spits out dinner*

    Keep it up, Oy…JJ badly needs you :-)

  360. 360
    Mellifera Says:

    @Fritz the Boxer:
    My apologies, Fritz – I forgot to say thank you for posting such a gorg pic!!

  361. 361
    Merlin Says:

    Your post had me rolling on the floor… well said, you explained very well in few lines what’s wrong with the phannies… by the way, 2 nights ago you were missed here… the Laurie crap was on again….
    * * *
    @hellothere, you asked for an invitation and I sent it to you… did you receive it? JJ site is impossible to load these days, so I don’t know if you’ve seen my previous post.
    *waves to..everybody!*

  362. 362
    Merlin Says:

    Oh come on Oy, that was a sweet pic…

  363. 363
    Peacesister Says:

    Uhm, sorry, I don’t remember – who said Gerard Butler is not Marlon Brando? Wait and see: (2nd try)

  364. 364
    Nuts Says:

    @cute pics:

    Hopscotch Photos are priceless. That big, strapping Scotsman hopping around the chalk blocks with those little girls. What a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, there’s blonde assistant in the photos where he is meeting with the little girl. Looks like she gave him a CD of her singing.

    And, I see the chapel scenes were for the filming of Sam’s baptism. You can see the font through the open window at the front of the Chapel and then on the monitor screen near the lower lefthand side of the photos. “Sam” and the minister are standing in the font. Assembly of God must do baptism by immersion.

    Thanks for posting about that link/site!

  365. 365
    redOctober Says:

    @cute pics:
    Thanks for the link ; D …really great photos!

  366. 366
    redOctober Says:

    @Nuts–video of Gerry kareoke:

    Thanks a lot or the link ; )

  367. 367
    Old Mia Says:

    I enjoyed the pics of G chilling with the kids. He’s a character. I see male assistant was hauling the man bag around.

    In the karaoke video, it looks like he was signaling to buy the crowd drinks.

    I will now try to post this. I’m not having much luck here lately.

  368. 368
    redOctober Says:

    @Old Mia: …G chilling with the kids…

    …such a hundred and eighty degree turn from what we’ve seen in the last months… is his PR team working extra hours? …is G using his thinking cap to change his pubic image? …questions…questions…no matter what the reason , the pics are great.

  369. 369
    redOctober Says:

    ….I mean “public image” …ooopppsss! ; )

  370. 370
    Nuts Says:



    Now THAT a hysterical typo



  371. 371
    Old Mia Says:

    I don’t think the kiddie thing was calculated. I think it just happened and the mom took the photos. No paps involved and it looks like they were way back on a closed to the public area.

  372. 372
    redOctober Says:


    …hehehe…that was a Freudian slip indeed…lol.

    @Old Mia:

    I don’t think it was calculated either …but it fits so well ; D

  373. 373
    JewelryMaker Says:

    Cute photos. That little girl looks so much like one of my nieces. They could be sisters.

  374. 374
    LauraS Says:

    @redOctober: ROFL at THAT image!
    Hello RedO and all JJers :)

  375. 375
    stupidfans Says:

    @Merlin: They were talking about Frenchie again? He forgets about them faster than they do.

    Oy, I wonder if hopscotch was how he courted her. ;P

    That’s a joke, Phannies. Don’t get your granny knickers in a twist. If you do, the chafing will sound like the Titanic rubbing against that iceberg.

  376. 376
    redOctober Says:


    …hi girl! ; ))

  377. 377
    saw today Says:

    I have to admit I had noticed stupidfans has been gone a while and it has been quite nice. I bet people hate to see you come into a room, you can’t be so bitter, hateful, and mean just here….must be everywhere or either you save all your venom for GB.

  378. 378
    I second that Says:

    @saw today:
    amen sister!

  379. 379
    wow Says:

    did anyone notice that we’ve not seen any pictures or received any reports about GB since Sunday?
    why no pictures from the set?
    why no photos on Twitter from fans?

  380. 380
    wow Says:

    where is everyone?

  381. 381
    lolita Says:

    I like the pictures with the kids, thanks for posting them. He even has the little girls under his spell. He looks like he was enjoying their company.

  382. 382
    oh yeah Says:

    @saw today: @saw today: coming from the 2 biggest trolls out in JJ land I hope Stupidfans takes your sh!t as a compliment.

    Your the real reason no one is here!!!!!!!!!!.

  383. 383
    oh yeah Says:

    @I second that: gutless wonder

  384. 384
    wow Says:

    @oh yeah:
    Stupidfans, is that you giving yourself good propaganda?

  385. 385
    oh yeah Says:

    @wow: nope, its not stupifans, just a long time JJ’er sick of the left field phannie cra.p, he’s an actor not your vibrator folks.

  386. 386
    Old Mia Says:

    @wow: Maybe he’s staying inside (except for a brief go or two at hopscotch). Looks like they are in a real church or an elaborate set. Does anyone know? He probably isn’t going out to greet the peeps and paps.

  387. 387
    redOctober Says:

    How adding some muscle has helped Hollywood’s hottest male stars beef up their potential at the box-office

  388. 388
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Where is everyone?
    They’ve all thrivelled up in the heat!

  389. 389
    hellotheregb Says:

    @stupidfans: I thought it was a new hat.

    @CC: no worries I was having a rough two days. hopefully back on track and moving forward.

  390. 390
    wow Says:

    @Old Mia:
    @trying to figure it out:
    well, guys we need some fresh news and no stupidfans.

  391. 391
    redOctober Says:


    Gerard Butler Returns To Melvindale, MI for ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

    by Christine on July 22, 2010 ·

    On Monday, Gerard Butler returned to the Hearthside Mobile Home Park in Melvindale, MI to film another scene for his upcoming movie, Machine Gun Preacher.

    The set was a stark contrast to last week’s shoot in which everything was still intact. On Monday, one of the trailers was on its side and debris had been thrown everywhere, as if a tornado had gone through the park.

  392. 392
    redOctober Says:

    I’ve been trying to post the link for the article above for almost an hour and the site won’t let me : (

    Machine Gun Preacher continues filming in Michigan through next week before moving on to South Africa for the duration of the shoot.

  393. 393
    lolita Says:

    Was that part of the movie or a bad thunder storm? Does any one know?

  394. 394
    redOctober Says:


    …really don’t know…

  395. 395
    lolita Says:

    The little girl posing in the picture with Gerry is supposed to be an extra in the movie. Her name is Rhema and she is 7 years old and she sings Amazing Grace. She is on you-tube. This according to WO.

  396. 396
    redOctober Says:

    Two more pics from the set.

  397. 397
    redOctober Says:

    Amazing Rhema

  398. 398
    lolita Says:

    @Red O. Thank you for the link. She does have a power house voice for such a little girl. You too are so good at finding and posting the links.
    I applaud you.

  399. 399
    wow Says:

    thanks for posting.
    so he’s leaving next week to SA?
    we have seen almost no activity in Detriot, who knows if we are going to get anything from SA.

  400. 400
    redOctober Says:


    Thank you : )


    Let’s hope for some photos from the set *crossing fingers*

  401. 401
    wow Says:

    yes…yes, let’s hope.

  402. 402
    hmmm. . . Says:

    Just saw the picture of the assistant with him and some other people and the little girl. Starting to think she may really be the girlfriend. I cannot swear to it because I don’t have his pictoral history memorized or at my fingertips like some of you, but I remember a blonde woman that could be her showing up in several pics from brazil. I also believe there was a similar looking blonde in the carribean pictures earlier this year. I cannot imagine that an assistant would be with him in all of these places, assuming they are all her, which I am not sure is the case. I am sure someone here can quickly investigate this an analyze the photos for comment.

    She is quite pretty. Much more so than most of the ****** he is pictured with.

  403. 403
    I'll Bite Says:

    Wow – looks like the same storm front that crashed thru here last night. Lost power for 18 hours!

  404. 404
    wow Says:

    @hmmm. . .:
    Yes, it’s the same woman who has been with him to all of these places, and I too have been thinking for a long time that she probably is his real GF. But no one here wants to face that possibility. I think all of the other women were just for the benefit of the tabloids to keep G on the front pages.
    I mean, she is very pretty and age appropriate so why wouldn’t they have a thing going. Common, it’s almost impossible for two heterosexuals of the opposite sex to keep it platonic.

  405. 405
    justsayin' Says:

    it’s almost impossible for two heterosexuals of the opposite sex to keep it platonic.

    Too ignorant to even discuss!

  406. 406
    CJ Says:

    Stop….blonde woman is his assistant…no woman is going to hang around for two years while a man snogs and hits on other women without walking…stop projecting a girlfriend onto him…G cannot be without Alan or his assistant…he cannot fuction without them…so they are there almost 24/7….

  407. 407
    CJ Says:

    Stop….blonde woman is his assistant…no woman is going to hang around for two years while a man snogs and hits on other women without walking…stop projecting a girlfriend onto him…G cannot be without Alan or his assistant…he cannot fuction without them…so they are there almost 24/7….

  408. 408
    wow Says:

    Don’t you think ignorant is a bit of a strong word? I don’t think what I said is ignorant at all. How many times we heard about married men sleeping with their secretary. For goodness sake, we had a President who got entangled with his own intern. These things happen, let alone when it’s two single attractive people seeing each other everyday, because they together and travel together so much. Why not? I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. I think there is a very strong chance that this is indeed the case.

  409. 409
    wow Says:

    i meant because
    because they work together and travel together so much.

  410. 410
    XOXOXO Says:

    Didn’t someone say that she was engaged before? I think its somewhere in the posts from Brazil.

  411. 411
    Old Mia Says:

    Red, Thanks much for sticking with it and getting the links posted. At least I’m remembering to copy the few things I’ve tried to post today.

    Things are a bit slow here, and I don’t think it’s because there are no new pics. I think it’s because it’s such a pain to post here the last few days. I’ve had really strange things happening with trying to post and just trying to read from one page to the next.

    BloAss is attractive, but I don’t think she’s in a relationship with him other than a working one.

    Little Rhema (is that the right name?) is quite an accomplished little girl. Her mother died when she was even younger. I wonder who is pushing this career.

    I’ve been wondering why we don’t have any word of what his next project will be. Actors usually have those things locked up way in advance. Remember the blockbuster rumors and some announcement that was supposed to be coming in the fall? And, nothing new on the Cleopatra movie?

    What would people here like him to star in next?

  412. 412
    CC Says:

    @hellotheregb: hope everything gets better.

    since its slow today i decided to post this vid of gerry mooning the directer of gamer and everyone else on the set lol

  413. 413
    simply hopeful Says:

    idk if this will help, but I have been using Mozilla Firefox for the JJ site and don’t have any probs.. seems to just be with IE

  414. 414
    CC Says:

    oh forgot to mention that in the video gerry has 2 people’s faces tattooed on his @ss cheeks lol it is a fake tattoo but hi-larious lol

  415. 415
    Slow here Says:

    Because things are slow here, I’ve gone off to YouTube. I never realized how many videos people have made of this man. Good Lordy, this could keep me busy for years. LOL. I’m just amazed. I just love him as Gus. Inside and Out is a fav of mine. Going back now. Wow.

  416. 416
    hellotheregb Says:

    @CC: luv it! I have the dvd just for the extras! I like seeing how they filmed the movie. Not just for the mooning.

    Hey, I was at the dollar theater today and saw “killers” a Robert Lukcasic (?) film with, yes, the “angel” Katheren Heigl. That is the same director/producer as TUT. I have to say TUT was much, much better. G man was better then Ashton in many ways. It was strange I thought Ashton would have more expression and humor but he was pretty stiff in this film. Heigl played the usual uptight needs to find a man role. Just a repeat but the dialog and film was dull and repetitive.

    @simply hopeful: I have been using this as well but have had many problems. I have to reload a page several times before it will load and open. my posts are not lost but take several tries to get it to take.

  417. 417
    ALSO on You Tube Says:

    I didn’t know either until recently. Sorry to come on here and interrupt any reg stuff. I lurk. But You Tube is definitely Butler land. There are hundreds. He sure inspires. The face that launched a thousand ships.

  418. 418
    Script Reader Says:

    There is a scene where the trailer park they stay in is wrecked by a bad storm so those newer pics make sense. It could be quite a touching scene as he plays word games with his daughter to stop her being scared.

  419. 419
    Peacesister Says:

    Hi everybody! Still no news. Bummer. This keeps driving me to the motherships. Watching TBH towel pictures of GB, I keep humming “I’ll oil you up and rub you down, down, down, down” from the great ole Rocky Horror Picture Show. :-)
    It’s so funny how they oil the males in movies (as if Milo was the kind of guy oiling his burrito-steeled body after showering). Wishing all the ladies a beautiful weekend – and hopefully new pics on Monday!

  420. 420
    Old Mia Says:

    Looks like everyone is giving up until JJ gets this place fixed. I’ll try tonight and hope for something.

    Script Reader: Thanks for explaining the trailer park scene. There’s nothing in the book like that, so it’s either a story Sam told the script writer or made up for an effect.

  421. 421
    redOctober Says:

    Nothing new from Butler camp, I see : (

    Payrolls I was on set of Machine Gun Preacher today. Can I get an amen?: about 12 hours ago via myYearbook Share (# Adam Fallscheer# Michigan)

    …any idea who this guy is?

  422. 422
    redOctober Says:

    @Script Reader:

    Thanks for the explanation. I was not sure what was going on in those photos.

  423. 423
    Question? Says:

    where are all our Canadian friends?
    Is it a holiday weekend in Canada?

  424. 424
    Old Mia Says:

    @simply hopeful: I think you are right that the problem is more with IE …. or a combination of JJ and IE. I had downloaded Google Chrome a few months ago, but don’t use it much. I tried it here just now, and it seems to make things go smoother. Time will tell.

  425. 425
    Old Mia Says:

    Nope. GC couldn’t find the page either when I first tried to get back.

  426. 426
    gossiphound Says:


    There have indeed been pictures of Gerry on set = from Monday at OLV and from that little girl’s website, from Tuesday.

  427. 427
    gossiphound Says:

    One of the Melvindale neighbours who is also a photographer saw them wrecking up/setting up the mobile park last weekend and knew it was for a tornado scene they shot on Monday which are the photos at On Location Vacation.

  428. 428
    gossiphound Says:

    And hasn’t Andy Tennant just been hired for yet another romcom, right he is working with Heigl in a movie called Adalin.

    Adaline follows a young woman caught in an accident that renders her immortal in the early 1900s. After years of a solitary life, she meets a man whom might be worth taking a chance on.

  429. 429
    I'll Bite Says:

    I’m running Firefox and the site is being miserable to access. I can’t get to the pages directly. By going into my history and plugging in one of the pages, then I can get access. It’s a pain in the butt.

    Thanks Scriptreader. Good to know that the set was intentionally storm riddled instead of being impacted by Mother Nature.

  430. 430
    hellotheregb Says:

    I am truly sorry for posting a video of JA but just to funny I though you all would appreciate it! Must watch the video following article.

    From the spoof news The Onion

  431. 431
    redOctober Says:

    From an article on

    Mitch Rapp Movie Franchise- A few years ago, I discovered a virtually unknown author named Vince Flynn who was in the process of writing a series of books about Mitch Rapp, a CIA Counterterrorism Operative. Back then, I read for enjoyment…a couple of years later I was reading and wondered why nobody had turned this book series into a movie franchise. Unfortunately, when I started looking into acquiring the movie rights, I discovered that CBS Films had beaten me to the punch and purchased the movie rights. The first movie is due out in 2012 and will most likely star either Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler as the title character

  432. 432
    redOctober Says:

    xfwood Sitting here at the Berry, hanging w/ the film crew & Gerard Butler. My work has never been harder :) about 1 hour ago via txt

  433. 433
    Old Mia Says:

    The best I can up with is the Black Berry Bar & Grill in Detroit. It looks about like Jake’s. Anyone find anything?

    I hope G does get the Mitch Rapp role.

  434. 434
    redOctober Says:

    @Old Mia:

    …could be the Black Berry …I have no way to know…may be we’ll get a twitpic later, if we are lucky.

  435. 435
    Mellifera Says:

    Hey redO, thanks for posting all those great pics :-)

    As for the pr!cks who are thumbing down every post of any intelligence – woo-hoo!! Aren’t you so f*cking awesome?? God, what boring lives you must lead.

    And hellotheregb…what do you think you were doing going to see “Killers”??? I thought you were a person of at least average intelligence, now I’m having my doubts about you, lol!!!!!!!
    (just kidding!!)

    Oh that Onion story about you know who was so effing funny…

  436. 436
    Mellifera Says:

    Please keep thumbing me down…I’d like to get to at LEAST minus 5, because I haven’t had more than about -2 so far.

  437. 437
    redOctober Says:


    …you’re very welcome! ; D

    …and I thought that all those – 3 / -4 was the temperature …we are in our winter here in the far south…bwahaha!

  438. 438
    hellotheregb Says:

    @Mellifera: it was only a $1!!! Forgive me! I had to buy sometime before picking up a friend at the airport and it was over 100 degrees heat index here in Chi town I needed some major air conditioning!

    oh yeah I also gave you a thumbs down so you can work your way down to the lowest thumbs ever!!! It is to hot to move this evening.

  439. 439
    trying to figure it out Says:

    No major holiday weekend here in Canada; next weekend is though. People may be on vacation or going to cottage country; kids are out of school now.

    Waves to all the regulars.

  440. 440
    redOctober Says:

    It’s almost midnight here so ….

    Night night JJers : )

  441. 441
    redOctober Says:

    Jennamom91 I had a blast being an Extra on Machine Gun Preacher!! Being able to meet Gerard “Gerry” Butler definitely added some spice to the exp. :) about 10 hours ago via web

    MystaGemini @wxyzdetroit The Gerard Butler movie “Machine Gun Preacher” is shooting today at 1:30pm in the Barry Terminal of Metro Detroit Airport about 10 hours ago via TweetDeckfrom Lewton Rich, Lansing

    …now I’m really gone ;D

  442. 442
    chill Says:


    As for the pr!cks who are thumbing down every post of any intelligence – woo-hoo!! Aren’t you so f*cking awesome?? God, what boring lives you must lead.
    Uh, this is coming from someone who gets all bent out of shape b/c someone is using JJ’s stupid thumbs? Oh my.
    Chill out. It’s not like those stupid thumbs define you or something….

  443. 443
    I second that Says:

    Can’t agree with you more, she really needs to get a grip. LOL

  444. 444
    Old Mia Says: I’ll be at the Detroit airport in nine days! I’m always late to the party. By then, they’ll probably be in SA. I wonder what kind of news we’ll get from there. Are many movies shot in South Africa? If not, maybe the press will give it some coverage.

    I can kind of agree with Mell about the thumbs down. Most everyone posting is here to have some fun and enjoy their ‘hobby.’ I don’t get some pill who comes on a board and thumbs everything down. Perhaps that’s their fun? It really doesn’t bother me on any serious level. This too shall pass.

  445. 445
    Thumbs Says:

    No, I don’t use them. I’m not responsible for that.

    But I do have a comment for you high and mighty people who call yourselves the regs.

    You may not come equipped with duck/duct tape and billy clubs and you are not starting out on road trips from far, far away, but you guys are stalkers. Desktop stalkers, but stalkers none the less. Gerard Butler can’t pee without you knowing about it and broadcasting it for the world to see. It was obvious at the karaoke bar the other night that he was concerned it was being filmed. Yet, it’s everywhere. Here too, right?

    Give him some space and let him make this movie.

  446. 446
    OMG!! Says:


    He peed??!!

  447. 447
    Oh come on Says:

    I’m hardly interferring with him making a movie. He lives his life and doesn’t give a hiccup what we here on some internet board think. Get over yourselves. I just think he’s pretty. And that’s what all this shi.t is about. Why would anyone of you be here if you didn’t think he was hot? Now if that’s not it, please explain. I chase Butler all over the internet because…………………………

  448. 448
    mck Says:

    What’s the difference between those who post and those who leark. The answer is there is none.
    I think Gerry looked uncomfortable because he was surrounded by drunk retards and he was sober, if he was worried about being video taped he would have gone somewhere a little less known. He was there with the cast and crew for cr@p sake.

  449. 449
    Old Mia Says:

    @OMG!!: Yes, it’s true. He still must urinate. But soon, he’ll take over the world as Victor Frankenstein or Deucalion? Has anyone read this Dean Koontz series? I’m into the fourth book now. I always picture G as Deucalion.

  450. 450
    CJ Says:


    And yet you are here insulting for no reason…

  451. 451
    I second that Says:

    some of you regs deserve to be insulted ……hahahahaha

  452. 452
    craigy Says:

    @I second that: and some of you frickin trolls deserve to be flogged………..hahahahaha

    what a complete you are

  453. 453
    Mellifera Says:

    Yahoo!! I’m at minus 12 thumbs!! A sad lonely person thumbed me down under 11 different handles!!!
    Thanks buddy, your thumbs down “define” me. Give me a purpose. They totally help me CHILL out.

    *cracks up*

    However in all seriousness, don’t hate the ‘regulars’ for your low self esteem. We’re just people who happen to get on well and have a laugh, if you can’t handle that or you feel left out then boo-hoo, thats not our fault so don’t blame us for it.

  454. 454
    Mellifera Says:

    hellotheregb…OK I forgive you. It was watch Katherine Heigl or die from heat exhaustion. I understand :-)

    Oh and I see why the trolls are so upset today. Legolas got married to his real life girlfriend and not them, so they are obviously gutted and taking it out on us all.
    Go eat some elven bread and you’ll feel much better
    *poor trolls*

  455. 455
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Is Butler workin on anything now??

  456. 456
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Ugh, take my last comment back….just read where this pic from….I’m a dumbass…
    Anyway…..hope the movie he’s workin on, ends up being a good one!!

  457. 457
    gossiphound Says:

    Machine Gun Preacher was filming at the Detroit airport yesterday, they were looking for extras at the last minute, sounded like they were still filming after supper, someone whose flight was landing saw Gerard standing on a sidewalk, they are definitely filming on Monday, they have not been filming the last 2 weekends, doing set up on the weekends, nice way to work it

    Karoake Gerry

    This site seems to have a bit more pep than the last few days.

  458. 458
    redOctober Says:

    Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan and Demi Moore were hanging out together and singing karaoke at Rockstarz Karaoke Bar & Grill on Ford Rd. in Garden City.

  459. 459
    gossiphound Says:

    Does Michelle Monaghan not count as a big Hollywood star? Her IMDB resume would suggest otherwise, the girl is in demand.

  460. 460
    redOctober Says:

    Karaoke with the stars

  461. 461
    Old Mia Says:

    Hmmmmmmm, G and Demi hanging out again.

  462. 462
    gossiphound Says:

    I like to see if Gerry shows up to David Arquette’s little party today….if he’s not working today. Mr. Arquette is just loving Michigan.

  463. 463
    angelsrock Says:

    I think Gerry and Michelle will have good chemistry. Spoiler following:
    I hope so because in the script, they do the wild thing in the back of their Pinto.
    What is David Arquette working on there in Michigan?

  464. 464
    gossiphound Says:

    Scream 4 – his wife was out for a few days shooting as well a few weeks ago.

    He plays a sheriff or some law enforcement guy – plenty of photos from the set of Scream 4, that seems to be the one garnering most of the attention in Detroit actually if you judge the number of fan photos.

  465. 465
    Old Mia Says:

    The site seems to be working waaay better today! At last.

    They are making another Scream movie in Detroit. I assume that’s what David’s working on.

  466. 466
    gossiphound Says:

    @angelsrock: I guess you’ve never lived until you’ve done the nasty in a Pinto. Talk about playing with fire.

  467. 467
    Lucy Says:

    David’s having a party today? That should get some pap coverage. If Gerry isn’t working, he’ll likely be there because he and David are friends.

    You don’t really think there is anything going on between Gerry and Demi do you. Someone posted, I think on TMZ, ‘Ashton, it’s late. Do you know where your wife is?’

  468. 468
    gossiphound Says:

    I hate to post this but:

    ‘Bounty Hunter’ tops DVD sales roster

    LOS ANGELES, July 23 (UPI) — The Jennifer Aniston-Gerard Butler romantic comedy “The Bounty Hunter” is the top-selling DVD and No. 1 rental in the United States, Rentrak said.
    Which means bad reviews = nada in the world of DVD sales and rentals.

    Ashton was in Australia promoting his turkey of a film with Heigl, when people say it is is worse than the Bounty Hunter, oy vei, besides the question better asked where is Ashton, LOL.

  469. 469
    Old Mia Says:

    No, I don’t think there is anything going on between G and Demi. I was just kidding. Demi is too old for G’s tastes. LOL.

    I wonder why they are still bothering to promote Killers with personal appearances. But, I suppose if it generates a few million, it’ll help the bottom line. It hasn’t even caught up with the cost of production.

    I think BH plays better on the small screen than in theaters. I have the DVD and actually enjoyed it.

  470. 470
    CC Says:

    @gossiphound: i love that pic, look at his curls! i think Michelle Monaghan is a great actress. i loved her in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. she looks like she knows how to have a good time lol

  471. 471
    lolita Says:

    Gerry’s having fun on downtime hanging with not only co-workers but mutual friends. Three or four movies are being filmed there at this time. So he has something in common with them and he seems more relaxed.

  472. 472
    Karen Says:

    Hanging with co-workers and friends. So much better then the seedy gang he got mixed up with in Belgrade! I think he had too much time on his hands when he was there. In Detroit, he’s acting and producing and there seems to be a lot of different locations to coordinate. Even if he isn’t doing it directly, I’d bet he in on the ground floor with all of it.

  473. 473
    I second that Says:

    “However in all seriousness, don’t hate the ‘regulars’ for your low self esteem. We’re just people who happen to get on well and have a laugh, ”
    you mean they’re a losers like you without a life?

  474. 474
    yes Says:

    there could be something going on – we don’t know.
    maybe G needs a diversion while he’s filming
    you never know with HW types. Demi likes them younger than herself.

  475. 475
    Erica Says:

    Honestly, who cares who he’s doing.. hopefully he’ll pull out a smashing performance for this movie and emerge with better deals and scripts in the future…

  476. 476
    Question Says:

    Do you think he’ll visit Laurie before filming moves to South Africa? I still have a feeling about those two.

  477. 477
    redOctober Says:



  478. 478
    Observation Says:

    I went to Wal-Mart grocery shopping and to get out of the heat today, and was surprised to see that the display shelves set up near the door for The Bounty Hunter were completely empty. I mean not one copy left.

  479. 479
    Just me Says:

    I hope he turns in a great performance in this movie, as well as in Coriolanus …. but it’s still fun to gossip about this private life. One interest doesn’t cancel out another!

  480. 480
    I second that Says:

    @Just me:
    ITAWY; One interest doesn’t cancel out another
    TBH will make lots of money in the home market, which will drive some peeps around here crazy because they hate JA for whatever reason

  481. 481
    redOctober Says:

    riddimnation Celebrity Gossip Gerard Butler and Demi Moore: Karaoke Night in Detroit: Turning into quite the me… courtesy JAMROCK 7 minutes ago via twitterfeed

  482. 482
    Old Mia Says:

    @redOctober: What the heck is he doing in the one photo? Looks like he’s taking a photo of one phone with another phone.

  483. 483
    Mellifera Says:

    @I second that:

    keep bitchin’ baby, the more you *****, the more I laugh :-)

    (oh, thats laugh AT you, not with you)

  484. 484
    Mellifera Says:

    Hey, I think JJ has maybe sorted out some of its issues, its really fast today and my comment posted immediately even though I forgot to censor the word b!tch.

    Well done JJ. Keep it up.

    Thanks for the karaoke pics guys. Michelle Monaghan looks like she’s having a blast! She’s a great actress, like her a lot. She’ll be awesome in this movie. The more pics I see and snippets I read, the more I am interested in seeing it.
    (thanks angelsrock for the snippets of script you seem to be providing!)

  485. 485
    gossiphound Says:

    @I second that: Do not underestimate the power of Buttiston.

  486. 486
    Nuts Says:

    Tidbits from the script. Me likey!!!

    Hot action in a pinto…that sounds familiar… hahahahaha.

    And, the kareoke photos. He didn’t mind being filmed…he was taking his OWN photos/videos. The motioning must be to find his cell phone–or to get someone else to make a video/take a photo for his own collection.

    Dear Diary,
    Tonight I sang Kareoke in a Detroit suburb…

  487. 487
    CC Says:

    is it just me or is butler looking real fit? last week people were saying how chunky he was and how flabby his arms were but i dont see that at all in these karaoke pics. he looks great! IMO and i never get tired of complementing his hair lol i love it when its long.

    p.s. someone is going bananas with the thumbs down lol

  488. 488
    I second that Says:


  489. 489
    CJ Says:

    p.s. someone is going bananas with the thumbs down lol
    Its Thumbsy the resident troll…♥

    Read more:

  490. 490
    CC Says:

    @CJ: Aww Thumbsy makes him/her sound cute lol Now i picture the gnome from the Travelocity commercials with a huge thumb on one hand just being mischievous lol

  491. 491
    EllaJay Says:

    Did anyone watch the terrible Silent Hill on SyFy tonight with Sean Bean and Alice Kirge (who was in Attila with The Butler)? That had to be the worst movie I have ever seen. 1 1/2 hours of my life I’ll never get back. They must have been desperate for a pay check.

  492. 492
    Fritz in Love Says:

    Sam Childers has stolen my heart. I wish there were more men like him.
    Kudos to Butler for taking his story on. I think this will be a great film.

  493. 493
    EllaJay Says:

    @EllaJay: Oooophs. It was 2 1/2 hours of my life. I’d rather watch Gamer.

  494. 494
    A Fan Says:

    I hope everybody checks back and finds that JJ finally cleaned out this site, and it’s working again. It was so bad I finally gave up and actually went to IMDb (which has dried up from too much poison), the fan sites (which are still feeling the love, actually too much icky love) and YouTube (which is a GJB fan playground).

  495. 495
    hellotheregb Says:

    @CC: yep he does seem to be looking fit and super sexy! I am sure the movie is going well. If Evil twins is producing where is Alan?

  496. 496
    Old Mia Says:

    @hellotheregb: I’m sure Alan is lurking.

    What happened to David’s big party today where the paps were expected to swarm? Maybe pics Sunday.

    OK. I’ve had it. Please remove the baby elephant thing from the side of my screen or I may not come back here. I can’t look at it any longer. There is nothing I can do. I am powerless. I will not play it because it will make me seriously ill. God help me. Please make it and the whole problem go away. JJ, do something … I hate the circus. I will never go to one. You’ve made one hell of a night for me.

  497. 497
    Fritz the Boxer Says:

    @Old Mia:
    I’m with you there. I was venting to the regs earlier…I do not appreciate seeing a terrified baby elephant every time I log on here. It scars the mind. Really. I’d rather see the bathing suit ad of the girl doing the cartwheel with the melvin.
    A video of Gerry singing karaoke does not help the matter, either.

  498. 498
    Me tonight Says:

    I so agree with all of you. I’m just so helpless with this problem. Are any other boards responding? What can we do? I hated the circus from the first time my parents took me there. I hate clowns.

    I think Butler would be horrified if he knew this was going on. Gawd, life sucks.

  499. 499
    Karen Says:

    @Fritz the Boxer: You got a thumbs down for protesting the baby elephant. What a sick person that must be. My dogs are looking at me right now wanting to go out for final peepee. Pampered pets. Someone asked about about other boards. Does anyone else care or are we alone?

  500. 500
    Life is strange Says:

    Sam is trying to save kids in Africa. Some are trying to save baby elephants. I came here for fun and found reality. And all this because I watched Attila way back when.

  501. 501
    Mellifera Says:

    @Nuts: I would love to read Butler’s diary, you wouldn’t just be laughing, you’d be choking from some of the snippets you’d get in there :-)

    I have to say I agree the baby elephant photo is sad, but I have made some positive decisions in my life from seeing film or photos that have shook me up. I guess its all down to education, there are definitely people out there that don’t know stuff like this goes on, so if the word can be spread about the ill-treatment of animals then maybe people can start making more informed decisions about things – like no, I won’t take my kids to the circus, or no, I won’t buy snakeskin handbags.

    Sorry – don’t want to sound like a nag, I do agree the pictures are hard to see – it just breaks your heart sometimes. But there is always a positive.

  502. 502
    gossiphound Says:

    @Old Mia: This is Detroit, it took a week for karaoke story to surface in the press and that was all over Twitter last weekend. The video was out like the next day on You Tube though. Detroit, it ain’t Belgrade.

  503. 503
    Nuts Says:

    New thread…of old photos…time warp!

  504. 504
    Best fat burner Says:

    nice !!

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