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Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler walks and talks on his cell phone while out and about on Sunday afternoon (July 18) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud was taking a quick break from shooting his latest movie, Machine Gun Preacher. (He plays a former gang biker and drug dealer who becomes a member of the Assembly of God church.)

Gerry wore a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat as well as a t-shirt with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the front of it paired with PRPS Barracuda Jeans.

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Credit: Matt Smith; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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504 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause”

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  1. 51
    sukar Says:


    What’s a T & A?

  2. 52
    sukar Says:

    Oh looked it up. Come on Laurie’s got T…its and, she’s very curvy!

  3. 53
    sukar Says:

    I hate to go on, but this is a repetition of the photo of her kissing him which surfaced a month ago and everyone was saying that it is not her and does not even look like her and it is the Israeli model and in the end it turned out to be Laurie. It’s the same story. The girl in the Kareoke photo is I hate to say it 100% Laurie.

  4. 54
    Mellifera Says:

    If you think Laurie is curvy, you should check out my T & A! Gerry would have a field day exploring my bod, heh heh

  5. 55
    Mellifera Says:

    my last post really was a gift to some fat-hating troll. what was i thinking?? hahahaha

  6. 56
    Florida Gal Says:

    Concerning conventions being held in Gerry’s name….most people only know of the GALS convention that is held every year – for the past five years – in Las Vegas. But every two years there is a US Convention as well as a World Convention, that is held in Glasgow, Scotland. This past year, there were seven world conventions held simultaneously in Glasgow, NYC, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, and Japan, all under the same umbrella of both charity conventions as well as a birthday celebration for Gerry’s 40th birthday. There have also been conventions held in Colorado in the past, and there are also other conventions held for him in other parts of the world from time to time (Australia, Spain). All of them are to raise money for Gerry’s favorite charities that he supports – Kids Kicking Cancer and Clic Sargent, as well as the one held yearly by GALS in Las Vegas targets other charities and all have made tons of money for those charities. Gerry has made many, many really nice comments about all of his conventions and all the money made for his charities, and he’s very proud of all of them. Gerry’s fans are the best in the world, and he know this, and he also is very complimentary to his fans in interviews and very appreciative of all they do for him, as well as for his charities. He often has matched penny for penny all that has been raised for charities by his fans, and in fact, did so this past year for the GALS convention, he matched the money they raised. He is well aware of everything his fans do in his name, and he always acknowledges it. And even though he doesn’t make appearances at the conventions (he did at one GALS convention), he always calls in. Most people have no idea what this man is all about, they only know what they read in the tabloids and places like this…there is so much more to him than meets the eye. I imagine I’ll get torn to shreads over that last statement. I don’t know him personally, but I do read and I do listen, and I do pay attention to what he says (instead of what others say), and I have followed this man’s career now for over five years, and if people would pay attention, instead of jumping to conclusions, you might find that he’s quite different from what the media has painted him to be, sensationalized him to be. Like I said above, there is more to him than meets the eye…and those who are unwilling to see that, or unwilling to truly find out TRUE facts about the man, well, that’s their loss…not his…and certainly not his fan’s loss. So, take your shots at me…I can take it…

  7. 57
    Now Then Says:


    So Sukar if it is Laurie how pathetic that she’s the only one up dancing to ber boyfriend singing LOL – we are seeing all these tweets but not one person is saying he is there with anyone in particular. I know chances are he’s always out in a crowd and might not be over affectionate but there are enough “known” fans in Detroit who would have spotted her. If it does turn out to be her we shall all bow down to you LOL

  8. 58
    Oldfurniture Says:

    Didn’t somebody ask for astrology?

  9. 59
    sukar Says:

    @Now Then:

    Lol at her being the only one dancing.

  10. 60
    sukar Says:


    Very interesting, especially the part about him being attracted to foreigners.

    @Now Then:

    Lol at her being the only one dancing :)

  11. 61
    Merlin Says:

    @Florida Gal:
    If I find where the Glasgow one is held… lol… it will make my day crashing their party.. bwahahaha…
    *waves to the regs, poof because thread is pointless*

  12. 62
    Oldfurniture Says:

    It’s a big read….there are several pages to look up about him on the right side at the link. I haven’t read all of them, since I’m not soooo into astrology.
    I hardly recognize anything in the picture….and Laurie curvy?? In her dreams maybe!

  13. 63
    Pat Says:

    FYI, Ginger…..I visited the Melvindale, MI set last week. And after all morning and half the afternoon on set….even doing motorcycle scenes…he came over to us and gave us a hug. He smelled WONDERFUL…..not smelly as you suggested! We had seen him come on set at 8a and he waved to us, got out of the SUV and told us he’d see us later. He remembered at 2p when they broke for lunch and came right over to us and gave us that hug. He really cares for his fans and shows it!

  14. 64
    Florida Gal Says:

    @Merlin: Just for your FYI, Merlin…the last one held last October was at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow….I was there for 6 glorious days, and it was wonderful….why you people mock and make fun of something like this, is beyond me. There is a reason for all of it, and it’s all good, productive, and proactive, and show that there ARE people who see beyond themselves and truly care for other people. I’m very proud of the fact that I am a fan and supporter of this wonderful man and all he stands for. As I said before, there is so much more to him that what any of you seem to want to see. If you would just make an attempt to truly get your facts straight on him, and read about the REAL man, instead of what the tabloids concoct and embellish on him to be (which 99-44/100% of is fabricated nonsense…then maybe you would gain a whole new respect for him as a person, and not continue to trash him at every possible opportunity. Shout “fangurl” to me if you want to, but I’m on the side of right here, where Gerry Butler is concerned, and I go by FACTS, not FICTION, and I consider myself very lucky to have someone of his caring, intelligent, and above all, integrity, to support and be a fan of. He has done nothing to warrant any of the bashing that you people continually give him. And, by FACTS, not FICTION, is also not guilty of 99% of the stuff you all accuse him of. Like I said, read up, from REAL articles, not tabloid/gossip rag trash, and listen up, to interviews from him, as well as from costars and those close to him. You may change your mind, if you have a half-way decent and compassionate mind to change.

  15. 65
    Peacesister Says:

    Well, as so many ladies insist on him smelling WONDERFUL, maybe he should launch his own perfume? I already found the right flask: Other suggestions are highly welcome!

  16. 66
    Chess Says:

    @Peacesister: Who would want to smell like sweat and ***?

    @Pat: Sure, he’d stick it in you, too. It makes no difference to him, he sticks his tongue in random women on the street.

  17. 67
    Merlin Says:

    @Florida Gal:
    * * *
    I won’t ever change my mind because I felt on my skin what phannie idiocy is. So NO, THANKS is what I’ve to say to you and all the deranged people who met there to talk for 6 days about a person they’ll never know and even if you met him..well, it was just for 30 seconds when he was signing an autograph.
    * * *
    FYI we have conventions too and we’re planning to meet one day…
    very soon I hope, but with no fuss, no public ads and anything else.
    Just to share a laugh, all our different cultures, maybe to talk about us, our dreams, our hopes.
    I find it’s basically stupid to hold a convention (whether it’s in Las Vegas or Glasgow it doesn’t matter) in honor of someone you only know throught tabloids and movies (so what you see is just his art and a very good imitation of life).
    * * *
    By the way, thank you for the info about the hotel in Glasgow, the Scottish branch of our club will keep an eye open in case you decide to have another conv… we’d really like to have more laughs (after the Las Vegas vid I’m still rolling on the floor only thinking of it…)
    * * *
    Hugs anyway.. to each his own, right?

  18. 68
    honestly... Says:

    @sukar: I think Laurie’s pretty, certainly not an unattractive girl, but curvy? Look at those bikini pics with GB again- her bum’s as flat as a pancake! :)

  19. 69
    Nuts Says:

    Fiesty posts so early on a Monday a.m. Looks like some folks have had their wheaties.

    Looking forward to see if there are photos from set today…and if LC is anywhere to be seen…she must be lonely holed up in a hotel or a house while he works all day and into the night.

    In other news…

    Why such a bad set of “extras” on THB DVD. I was hoping for a commentary…or some gag reels. Pretty lame stuff.

    Seriously…there’d better be solid DVD extras for “Coriolanus” and MGP.

  20. 70
    Peacesister Says:

    Talking about “extras” on DVDs: Watched Beowulf on the weekend – best part was GB’s interview in the “extras”. Don’t know if you are one into beard and hair, but surely into eyes and giggle. Most probably you already saw it – I’m quite a new fan digging through all the movies/material. :-)

  21. 71
    Kathy Says:

    omg..I cannot stand this bloated bad actor!
    Besides being fug & yes smelly looking..he has a very
    conceited attitude which makes him fuglier. jmo

  22. 72
    Dawn Says:

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. Why are you hearing a Blackhawks cap in Detroit? I am disappointed.

  23. 73
    just saying Says:

    i hope this movie makes seventh day adventists look as the nuts they really are

    if it does the opposite i have an idea that will humiliate gb when its time for release

  24. 74
    just sayin Says:

    he thinks badass but doesn’t realize its going to bite him in the butt

    a dog chasing his own tail.

  25. 75
    Nuts Says:

    I thought Sam was Assembly of God, not a Seventh Day Adventist

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