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Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler walks and talks on his cell phone while out and about on Sunday afternoon (July 18) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud was taking a quick break from shooting his latest movie, Machine Gun Preacher. (He plays a former gang biker and drug dealer who becomes a member of the Assembly of God church.)

Gerry wore a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat as well as a t-shirt with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the front of it paired with PRPS Barracuda Jeans.

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler rebel 01
gerard butler rebel 02
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Credit: Matt Smith; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • JewelryMaker

    300 posts, can I get a “whoya”, ala the brave 300?

  • hellotheregb

    may be a ps i love you interview. it’s late

    if your new and have not seen this short movie watch very nice acting on his part.

  • Cora

    @hellotheregb: Gerry accidentally injured Hilary Swank during the making of PSILY. Could you be thinking of that? She had to go to the hospital and get stitches in her head. Gerry felt terrible, but it really and truly was an accident. Not his fault at all. His suspender got caught on something and when it broke free the clasp hit Hilary in the head and almost knocked her out.

  • Merlin

    WTH happened here last night? Troll war? rofl…
    I’ll send you an email!
    *poof again… this is Madness!!*

  • Sukar

    Ok I read the article and I didn’t think he was a jerk but I did roll my eyes at the gray matter part. God he’s insane.

  • Mellifera


    Jim Jones, bwahahahahaha!!!! Welcome to “Butlertown”…

    Grrrr, WTF JJ, sort yer s.h.i.t out, this site is a mess.

  • Nuts

    Haven’t seen this before–and I LOVE Rocknrolla.

    “Deleted scene from Rocknrolla featuring One Two, Mumbles and Handsome Bob!”

  • redOctober

    @hellotheregb: …I am back to being confused…

    …many times I’m “confuzzled” about this guy’s behaviour , his public persona, of course, I know nothing about the real G. And I’m almost positive that’s the way he likes it. Keep confusing people . Sending double messages. Playing games. Being rude or vulgar just to be controversial, mysterious. …and then suddenly shifting moods to get a response from the audience. Just a guess. He’s more than meets the eye in both senses, the good and the bad. IMO.

    …but NOT the saint/beautiful soul many dream…he’s just human like the rest of us.

  • redOctober

    …thanks for posting it, I’ve seen it before but I like to see it again ; P.

    Another fan of RnR…I’d love to see Gerry doing more movies like RnR.

  • Sukar


    I find some of his more serious interviews very fascinating. I think that this is more of the real Gerry than the vulgar or funny one, not that I will ever know. The couple of interviews for Phantom where he was wearing a black leather jacket and the interview for Dear Franke where he sings “Bonnie”" at the beginning show a very different side to him.

  • gossiphound

    @Sukar: That is what makes him fascinating – we all have different sides to ourselves, the erudite to the crude, and with Gerry you never know which side is going to show up. A lot of times the interviewer sets the tone but it still depends on the mood of your subject I imagine.

    I actually enjoy the interviews where the interviewer seems more like a friend and they are hanging out with the subject because that is when you see more of the real persona come through and you either have to be a real friend, which I have seen happen, actors do have friends who are writers or have a knack for getting that guard down. In Gerry’s case the guard is never really up that high if at all so I am sure you’d rather interview someone like that than someone who just spews the PR feed lines every time.

  • redOctober


    I like his serious side too. I like this interview, he can be serious and nice without being rude or vulgar…when he so chooses.

  • Sukar


    Yes I love that interview too :)

  • she

    when he is being interviewed he comes as the movie star so his position in the interview makes it more safe for him. It’s not a regular conversation.


    @Old fan: A star(???), he’s nothing more than a joke …on a good day. Maybe if he would put out some credible work …now and again …my opinion would change. Good looks, bad behavior and a 14 yr-old mentality, does not a good actor make. Wake up!

    By the way, I really am rooting for him to succeed …but, he just doesn’t seem to want it for himself. At least I haven’t seen it in the last couple of years.

  • Questions

    I have been reading these threads for some time. There are some very intelligent posters on here.

    How many of you consider yourself fans–not phannies? Thanks to the regs for teaching me the difference.
    Are any of you a member of the fan groups?
    There has been a lot of talk about the different fan groups. Do any of you feel that one is more ‘realistic’ than the other?

    Thanks for the interesting conversations.

  • Old Mia

    The Dorthe Skappel interview is one of my favorites. It does IMO show that he actually knows more about what is said in the press about him than he sometimes is willing to admit. In some interviews, he lets on he doesn’t know about TMZ videos etc. But, I think he and his people actually know pretty much everything that’s out there about him.

  • Dusty

    Hey, Stupidfans, All the negative crap you spew about Butler makes me think that he’s probably the perfect guy for you. All the qualities you bring up regarding him seem to fit you too. A lot of the stuff out there about any celeb is generated from a small bit of info that is exaggerated and elaborated on to draw more speculation and innuendo. If you want to buy into it that’s your business. But, when that’s all you can say all the time, it makes you no better than the person you are ragging on or for that matter anyone else. Get over it already! He’s human and God knows he got his problems the same as the rest of us here on planet earth. For once I’d like to see you say something positive when you post here, because I think you are most likely an intelligent person, but when all you have to add to the dialog here is negative and nasty, it’s gets pretty old after a while. Cheer up, kid there are worse people in the world than Butler. He’s not the only rot gut guy out there.

  • redOctober

    Gerard Butler – Heartthrob no longer? 6 minutes ago via Facebook

  • Sukar


    Of course, he’s still a heartthrob :)

  • redOctober


    ; D

  • redOctober

    @Old Mia: …I think he and his people actually know pretty much everything that’s out there about him.


  • Mary

    Laurie is a lucky b..itch. Why would one woman have this hottie all to herself??????

  • McK


    okay third time I’ve answered this but keep getting an error. It was an interview for PS I Love You and they were laughing about Gerry having a better love life if women didn’t constantly get hurt around him, elaborating on the accident on set. And typical gerry starts talking about having to bring flowers to women in the hospital, it was all a joke.

  • sukar


    Yes i remember something like that but can’t remember the details. Maybe someone here can help.

  • redOctober
  • mck


    it was the MSN interview its on YouTube.

  • hellotheregb

    @Cora: I have been thinking about that. I did think the interview was around the pSIL promos so maybe he was referring to HS and not someone in his past. It was unclear but if conversations were going on on the sets of these interviews it could have been residule from that incident. Just on clearfied during the interview. it was an interview good bad.

    @redOctober: I agree with all that you said. it’s a wonder I get confused!

    @McK: yes I remember the flowers to the hospital but I don’t remember a lot of joking around. He looked pretty mortified to me that he mentioned the subject. However, in the interview it was not said it was HS incident. At the time I saw it I had not heard about that. but now I assume that is what he was talking about.

  • hellotheregb

    yep that’s it! they are joking around and referring to HS. I need to download this and rewatch them instead of just watching once and losing it in youtube land! I was not familiar with HS incident though.

    I need to go to work and pay attention to things other than Gman. I hate it when I successfully “get off him” and then let myself get sucked back in!

  • redOctober

    @hellotheregb: …successfully “get off him”…

    …he won’t let you … ; P

  • CC

    maybe i didnt read them right but those articles didnt say anything about gerry being a jerk. if those werent the right ones, then i would really appreciate it if somebody posted the interview where the he is being a jerk. i am very curious to read it

    @hellotheregb:thanks for posting the vid, love me some Wild Bunch! lol

  • who the fukkkk cares

    PSILY?????????? Who the Fukkk carews what was in an old interview…………move on already.

  • boo

    “I hate it when I successfully “get off him” and then let myself get sucked back in!”
    Maybe you nee to have other interest besides a movie star’s life. Maybe you need a boyfriend too.
    Obviously you don’t have much going for you.

  • hellotheregb

    @CC: I am not posting any more about interviews and articles! CC I don’t know if someone else said on these posts that the article said he was a jerk, I said that like that regarding my own opinion. Others think the interview was beign. As I said earlier, my shock and awe effect is much more cooler and jaded then when I first was reading about him. I never said that the guy who wrote the article said G was a jerk. I mentioned that G seemed mean spirited and a bit of a bully. I also think there is a longer article out there from this interview.

  • The Doctor Is In

    @WTFC: Spot on! Reminds me of the people who unfortunately sit next to me on planes who want to blather on about nothing when I’m trying to read a book.

  • Georgia

    I enjoy the older interviews. I had never seen the PSILY one.

    It’s almost not worth it today for me to try and read here. It’s taking forever to be able to get the thread to open and then I have to try two or three times for the pages. No fun at all.

  • redOctober

    Machine Gun Preacher might be filming at a community center in Pontiac MI today, anyone know for sure? (they were def. in Pontiac yesterday) about 5 hours ago via web

  • redOctober

    Zack Snyder Fully Intends to Direct Xerxes, Reveals Plot Details

    July 21, 2010

    .So it sounds like there’s a chance Gerard Butler could even return for a cameo…

    Read more:

  • Why is it

    @The Doctor Is In: everybody blathers but you? post something then.

  • oh yeah

    as the temperature increases so does the snark. Let’s hope some cool headed Canadians show up soon.

  • hellotheregb

    @hellotheregb: hey know one else was around the past 24 hours posting. try posting if you have something more interesting to say.

  • Fritz the Boxer

    @stupidfans….I have to respectfully disagree on one of your statements. In the dog incidident/debacle, I gotta side with Gerard on this one. From what I read, and it could be wrong, the greyhound allegedly had G’s dog in it’s mouth and was shaking her violently by the neck. Mind you, I know it’s natural for this breed and I can’t fault the dog. Gerard’s dog was unleashed and easy pickings. However, in G’s shoes, if I saw my dog being shaken by the neck, MAYBE about to be killed, my gut instinct would be to get the other dog off by any means necessary…it’s primal and I surmise he was fearful for her survival. I would imagine there was yelping or squealing in pain involved which may have also added to the drama.
    Lastly…that couple milked the incident ad nauseum. Again, I’m not implying what Gerard did was right…just simply acting on instinct.

  • Leslie51

    By all accounts Aniston is a real animal lover with beloved dogs of her own. She would have been aware of the situation with Lolita and the greyhound as the incident happened on the filming site. IMO If JA thought that Gerry had been in any way deliberately abusive to that greyhound I doubt she would have been as friendly or as respectful and close with him as it appeared during filming and around the time of the BH promos.

  • trying to figure it out

    Thanks for posting the link to Please, I have never seen that before.

    Waves at Fritz.

  • I’ll Bite

    Heelllpppp! Is the site acting wonky or is it just the tornado weather we’re having around here? I can’t get to the recent posts, so who knows if this will post. CJ, I hope you’re ok – think you are south of were all the microbursts were happening.

    I had someone ask me an interesting question about this site. Is it slowing down because people are becoming less interested, going someplace else, or are the Powers That Be scheming behind the scenes? Just feels like there’s some weird stuff happening. I know that some posters have popped off to various private rooms – hope that’s not a trend. We come here to read You as much as catch up on the news. There are a LOT of smart, fun writers here. Would miss you if you decided to leave.

  • trying to figure it out

    @I’ll Bite
    I’ve been finding this site really slow lately, and a lot of times I end up going nowhere and have to get myself out and back in again. Is it me, or are posts disappearing? I seem to read something and the next minute it’s gone.

  • I’ll Bite

    @trying to figure it out: That’s the other thing that I heard – that posts were going *poof*
    Merlin, did you cast a spell?
    Darn – seems we might’ve missed some good stuff!

  • Fritz the Boxer

    @trying to figure it out:
    *waves back*
    I finally complained to one of the techies today so maybe something will get done. The pages are VERY sluggish and my cursor keeps jerking around. Anyways, Chris is very nice and is looking into it.
    *fingers crossed*

  • Nuts–video of Gerry kareoke

    From Youtube:

    Gerry singing Kareoke last weekend at Rockstarz…interesting to watch…
    He’s starts signalling to folks at some point…like trying to order something or have someone take a photo???

    And, d\oes he look like he’s really having fun…???

  • mck

    @Nuts–video of Gerry kareoke:
    I don’t know if he’s having fun, but I know I wouldn’t be. Having drunks hanging on you while your sober and them yelling in your ear. He did better than I would. Atleast it was a good song. Classic AC/DC you can’t go wrong.