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Katie Holmes Premieres 'The Extra Man'

Katie Holmes Premieres 'The Extra Man'

Katie Holmes hits the red carpet with co-stars Kevin Kline and Paul Dano at the premiere of their new comedy, The Extra Man, at NYC’s Village East Cinema on Monday (July 19).

The 31-year-old actress paired her cute striped Celine dress with Roger Vivier shoes.

In the movie, “meat-eating” Louis Ives (Dano) has a crush on his co-worker, dogmatic vegan Mary Powell (Holmes).

Katie flew into town via helicopter just this afternoon! (She’s been in Toronto shooting The Kennedys.)

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s new wavy do — YAY or NAY?

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes premiering The Extra Man

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Credit: Jemal Countess, Bryan Bedder; Photos: Getty
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  • s23

    umm, she’s 31

  • offtheproperty

    She looks almost cute there like the old Katie. But the cynical smirk gives her away. That’s what Scientology does to a girl.

  • JC

    Kip Winger called and he wants his hair back.

  • following footsteps


  • carry

    Her face looks weared. The dress is a blah. She has no fashion sense. If this is the stylst who did this , fire her ASAP.

  • busted

    Man what was the budget on this movie. She is dressed like she is going shopping.

  • Jen

    Katie Holmes is not 28.

  • nyob

    God love her. This hair is only a slight improvement over the usual unkempt look she has been sporting in the last few years. She looks like a kid, and not in a good way.

  • Jules

    WOW Katie is smiling, looks like the old Katie .

    When she is with Tom is like he said don’t fake smile that’s my thing

  • Asha

    Who the F*** let her out of the house looking like that. That dress is fug beyond repair and it looks like she let Suri do her hair.

  • Agatha

    I donĀ“t care, I waiting photos of angelina in salt premiere

  • JC

    Paul Dano is a good actor. He’s slumming if he’s doing movies with her.

  • suri’s friend

    I love love love Kevin Klein!! Katie is trying to be cute, but I don’t think we’ll ever really get old Katie back…too many years and lies.
    On that note, here’s another vid of Katie and the man most likely responsible for giving us Suri:

  • suri’s friend

    …sorry Kevin…I meant KLINE. I must have had (icky) Chris K on the brain.

  • Kaz

    I hate kati becuze i’m more sexy boy than she

  • cici

    what is going on with her teeth? they’re sort of a grayish brown. she should go to a dentist.

  • omg!
  • QueenOfTrashin

    Fall sweater dress in a city that is boiling hot, stupid black, pilgrim shoes with a red-and-blue dress and THAT HAIR, Suri must have styled it! What a dork is this one!

  • Slig

    Go go go go u home and sleep

  • Slig

    Boring .she not good looking now like tired

  • suri’s friend

    Here’s more of the man that needs to take a DNA test and Katie:

  • LoriLori

    what was she thinking a MESS from top to bottom, she is a beautiful woman this should not have happened!!

  • Sassy

    Would someone please just put all of us out of our misery & do the math on the whole Suri conception thingie!!! When did Katie meet Tom? When was Suri born??
    Also Katie needs to STOP with that side smirk look. It’s OLD. She is actually a very pretty girl and when she was starting to date Tom, she had those HUGE smiles with all her teeth showing & even showing the tip of her tongue between her teeth….WAY CUTER than the side smirk. Does not work well for her, doesn’t showcase her pretty looks!!!

  • shelton

    i’m sorry but that outfit is not flattering to her figure. the dress is too straight and makes it look like she doesn’t have a shape. and her hair looks a little bit too over done. her make up looks good though.

  • eek!

    @omg!: Those legs! They belong to a mud wrestling, rodeo riding,48 yr old hooker who can open beer bottles with her “lady regions”.

  • Esj

    NAY She’s ugly..not even Xenu money can change that!

  • Esj

    It’s obvious that she’s trying so hard to dress like the “modern Jackie O” coz of her new project but she doesn’t come close to the classy former First Lady. She should just take her looney hubby, ride a F..@#$ spaceship and migrate to Xenuland!

  • CanadaGirl

    @following footsteps:
    A) stop using all caps
    B) Learn to spell – REALSE = release

  • suri’s friend

    Here’s the scoop:
    Katie broke up with Chris K early Mar 2005.
    She went to see Josh J in London at the end of Mar 2005.
    2 Weeks later she’s with Cruise, he’s jumping on couches and proposing a month later.
    First week of Oct the first Katie preggo photo appears…she’s supposed to be 3 months but looks like she’s at least 5.
    Rumor has it she gave birth early Jan, and wore a hollywood style baby bump from Feb-Apr.
    She was out shopping until a couple of days befor the supposed birth. Look at photos from that era…Apr 06…she shops and gets all over time, and never…not once… has her hand on her belly where she’s supposedly still carrying Suri. In one series of photos, she sitting waiting for sales people…her hands are free, she has them everywhere but where I would think they would typically be. I don’t think she was pregnant at that point. She was killing time and making sure to get photos taken until the “birth” date.
    We all know the story after that. They kept Suri under wraps until enough months passed for people to not really be able to notice that she wasn’t a newborn.
    Josh shares the nose, forehead, smile(grimmace), and overall shape of the face and head. Everyone likes to say..”oooh…she has Tom’s eyes”, but really they are the shape of Katie’s. Suri has Katies hair texture, ears, and forehead is similar, but I still say Josh because of the bump.
    Is everyone convinced? Yes…I know we still need that dna test.
    Look at recent photos of Suri, then the vid:

  • suri’s friend

    …and Tom has not allowed Katie to have any form of contact with Josh in over 5 years. There was a rumor that he visited her in NY 2 years ago, but that was not true.
    Josh and Diane are all over red carpets and star-studded events, and Mrs. Tom Cruise hasn’t gotten to enjoy the same type of spotlight.
    I believe that’s because Tom does not even want to run the risk of Josh and Katie bumping into each other. I think Tom knows Katie would have an anxiety attack from all of the deception.

  • Mare

    Her extensions look like a wig.

  • Cheri

    Katie – you are cute….but don’t wear horizontal stripes. Trust me on this…..

  • Question

    Where’s Tom?

  • suri’s friend
  • suri’s friend
  • meemaw

    Ugh….those bright never ending stripes are making me dizzy!
    Shapeless piece of crapola

    She trying to be a dark haired Annie?

    (rolling eyes)

    her “fashion sense” belongs in the toliet!

  • suri’s friend
  • One Word


  • suri’s friend
  • Pac Man

    You’re morons, #2 and #27.

    Let it go already, #29. Cruise is the father and that is that.

  • Alana

    Love her simplicity and good looks.

  • http://?? Jan

    If you study her closely, Katie is quite exotic looking. She looks like a mix other than American. Like a touch of Middle Eastern maybe?

  • escape

    Is LL Bean making dresses now?

  • Jolla

    Katie is simply beautiful. If you’ve missed Suri, look at these pictures: Legally blonde and legally cute:–katie-holmes-and-suri-cruise-take-in-legally-blonde-in-toronto and the flower of Toronto, Suri: The lovely yellow leaves dress is from Holmes & Yang collection. Well, haters, the Cruises are OK, they are just fine thank you for calling.

  • eli

    wtf…. shirley temple+ with that dress = crazy

  • meganfoxrocks

    she’s so cute

  • lisa

    Pacman go fcuk yourself clown. Tom the Gay Midget’s asssshole.

    Katy looks like a dog for a women with all of her loot.
    The dresss sucks as well as the hairdo.
    Maybe she better take suri and walk around with the brat to try to make herself look better . YUK!

  • catie

    Her teeth look great! She’s proof positive that with enough money anyone can have good looking teeth.

  • annon

    Oh for goodness sake Suri’s Friend GIVE IT A REST. Suri is Tom’s child and she is part of that family and she is being raised by that family. Please stop posting the samo, samo stuff in every post about Katie or Katie and Suri because it is getting so old, seriously.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Ouch, what a fashion faux pas! Bad hair, the dress … the hair … ouch, ouch.