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Kris Allen Has Good Heart, Says Keith Urban

Kris Allen Has Good Heart, Says Keith Urban

Kris Allen lands at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (July 18).

The 25-year-old American Idol champ just returned from Bessemer, Alabama, where he performed a concert.

Kris tweeted, “Thanks Alabama Adventure [theme park] for hangin out in the rain for the show. You guys were a blast! See ya soon.”

Country superstar Keith Urban recently had some very kind things to say about Kris. Keith said, “We’ve done a few shows, and we have a couple more coming up. [Kris] is great! I love him. He’s just got a good, real singer-songwriter vibe about him, and he’s really finding his own way. He has a great voice and a good heart, and I like him immensely.” So nice!

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Credit: Richard Beetham ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Joshua


  • Hannah

    Aw he’s adorable, and really talented :)

  • wtf

    He looks reta*ded.

  • Ben

    Jared, your captions just get cheesier and cheesier

  • C.

    I like them both, and both are talented, but how is this news?

  • pass

    Cant stand KA or KU’s music.

  • Tammy

    I think he is so precious. Love him to pieces.

  • Taylor

    How utterly riveting!

  • Jane

    What looks retarded about this guy? Take off your hate googles, lol!
    It ‘s amazing how great artists recognize his talents and strength. Keith is right, he’s really finding his own way. Good Luck Kris!

  • http://www. Kaz

    boring,he nathing

  • Isaac

    Taylor Hicks II. I called it last year LOL

  • Emily

    Huh. Is he a Country artist now?

  • Simon

    whats with all these idol hasbeens all up in this site all of a sudden, katmcphee the other day carrie every day

  • Mel

    @Simon: Carrie is NOT a has-been!

  • Danny

    @Hannah: Talented? Don’t make me LOL. Maybe if you’re 13 though.

  • Matthew

    He is so yummy.

  • ……………………..


  • Leila

    I’ve only ever liked and properly tuned into 2 Seasons of Idol. The first was for Kelly. The 2nd was for these 3:

  • Jane


    Have you heard that multi platinum hit song called “LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING” that is played on 4 different radio formats? Have you heard that new song called “THE TRUTH” which which is aready making it’s way up on radio?
    I don’t remember ever hearing any Taylor Hicks song on radio, lol!
    The fact that he’s not all over the tabloids doen’t mean he’s a failure. Check your facts and stop turning your wishful thinking into facts.

  • Leila
  • Leila
  • Mason

    Stop hating on the guy. He’s just working hard to build his career with the opportunity he has been given and nothing else. Get your asses off your computers and do something fruitful instead of hating on someone you don’t even know.

    And you’re right Leila! <333

  • Kev

    What ever happened to Allison Iraheta? She is far more talented than this kid, in my humble opinion.

  • hi

    @Kev: Allison’s touring with Adam and Michael Jackson’s guitarist Orianthi! :) Her album is called Just Like You if you want.

  • mel, 20

  • KAZ

    What boring he nathion????? Why imitation me ?? kris allen i don’t who’s this guy .

  • Jones

    So, this is now news??? LMAO Keith Urban says one thing about another artist and that’s news? Why can’t you write more about Kris’ album or maybe where Keith and Nicole Kidman are having dinner somewhere!

  • mitch

    Huh? Why are you people expecting news-worthy article in JustJared? This is JustJared! Just Jared!!
    “Sienna Miller and Jude Law doing groceries”, is that news? “Hillary Duff shopping for jewelry”, news? Seriously, people. You go here and questions the post if news worthy? And then you bother yourself posting “who?”… you click on the post but you didn’t know the guy, seriously?
    At least @wtf posted “He looks reta*ded”. That’s fine because he comments on his “looks” which IMO is what’s this post is about — i.e. “How dreamy Kris Allen looks when he landed in LAX” lol.

  • Chloe

    @Jane, What “MULTI PLATINUM” hit are you guys referring to???? Never heard of it. This man is plain boring!

  • mitch


    Yeah the info is wrong. so move on. And he is boring, so GTFO here since a boring person like him does not deserve your precious attention. Don’t click on the post when you see his name again so you don’t get expose to his boringness.

  • mitch

    btw, go to CNN dot com if you want news. Just Jared? no news here…

  • Jon

    Mitch is probably Kris’ father!!! LMAO Why be so over protective? All someone said was they never heard of the song!! WOW!!!!

  • Tammy

    Just looked it up. “Live Like Your Dying” has sold 1.5 million plus and is in the Top 10 of best selling Idol songs ever. Only one from the past 2 seasons. Also just because he is not a fame whore doesn’t make him boring.

  • Matt

    I have never heard his music, not even one song. NOT hating, just saying. Although I do live in England. Then again, they play Kelly Clarkson, Glambert and Hudson all the time, and sometimes Jordin Sparks. Underwood has an A-lister vibe about her but you rarely hear her on the radio over here, unless you specifically find a Country station.

  • monkeyface

    he’s ugly lol i’m sorry. his height’s a buzzkill as well. /runs out before crazy stans attack

  • Seth

    @Tammy: Damn. Why can’t you pushy fans accept the fact that some people find him boring? Lol. He doesn’t have to be in the tabloids to be exciting. He’s still boring! Why won’t you allow others to express their opinions without jumping down their throats?

  • mitch


    what are you talking about? I didn’t comment on the person saying he/she never heard of the SONG. My comment was on this
    “What “MULTI PLATINUM hit are you guys referring to???? Never heard of it. This man is plain boring!”…
    What he/she has never heard is the MULTIPLATIMUM thingy.. which is TRUE. Because there was no MULTIPLATIMUM thing. But I have issues on him/her pointing out him being boring when he/she’s compelled to comment on a post about him. That just does not make sense to me.

  • lol

    @Tammy So he’s a One-hit wonder, if you can even call it a Hit! Lmfao. I read on VH1 and MTV his album was the worst selling album released by an Idol winner. I’m not even hatin on HIM, couldn’t care less. It’s just amusing seeing American Idol fans get riled up by the truth. OUCH.

  • Chrissy

    His album is amazing. Way underated. These pics are okay–but he’s been looking super cute at his concerts lately.

  • Chrissy

    His album is amazing. Way underated. These pics are okay–but he’s been looking super cute at his concerts lately.

  • jase

    His album is effin terrible. My little sister bought it and still plays it all the frikkin time. Imagine a lower budget The Script, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson rip-off only with less vocal talent. He has that boyband catch in his voice that makes me wanna throw her player out the window.

  • Alex

    He’s not the most exciting person, but I still find his personality completely adorable.<3

  • omgosh
  • Chrissy

    @omgosh I agree that he doesn’t look good in these particular photos, but he’s still really cute. From a week ago:

  • um

    @Alex: What personality?

  • Hope F. LeSane

    Thanks JJ. More and more industry recording artists who come in contact with Kris really like him and realize what a good performer he is. I appreciate that you’ve posted this.

  • mitch


    That’s what Alex thinks. Don’t question his opinion.

  • omgosh

    @Chrissy: Is that a photoshoot? He looks much better when he shaves!

  • Alex

    @um like the things he says on his twitter and his mancrush on jake gyllenhaal and when he adorably dedicated a song to a ladybug he found on his microphone :) just because he doesn’t have the loudest personality doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one.