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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian look like one big happy family, holding hands his two sons — Mason, 6, and Jake, 3 — while strolling along the beach on Saturday (July 17) in Malibu, Calif.

“Skipped rocks on the beach this morning [with Eddie],” LeAnn tweeted. “Now off to do a show. Hope to see some of you on Phoenix tonight!!!”

She continued, “Watching a beautiful moment between a dad & his maybe 8 month old little girl. He’s walking her slowly into the ocean & she’s loving it!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian‘s beach family fun…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 04
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leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 07
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231 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!”

  1. 1
    Kaz Says:

    Hey jared i want tell u something

  2. 2
    Kaz Says:

    I’m kaaaz

  3. 3
    Kaz Says:

    Somebody ows you now

  4. 4
    TIM GUNN Says:

    The best place for a photo-op is Malibu, even if they did have to drive an hour to get there.

  5. 5
    Slig Says:

    my Family best

  6. 6
    Slig Says:

    Wow i love this place

  7. 7
    gya Says:

    Sweet looking four people. Cute kids. They’ve put so much into this hope it works out.

  8. 8
    blue potatoes Says:

    Skipping rocks is so much fun but they don’t have many to choose from on that beach. Eddie is so well-built and LeAnne has a voice to match.

  9. 9
    lily Says:

    thrilled your back leann…have a blast this summer…stay safe…never forget this fan luvs ya

  10. 10
    Christy Says:

    Love to Brandi and Deane.

  11. 11
    Erin Renee Says:

    Eddie, LeAnn and the kids all look great. Everyone seems to be having a really good time. Best wishes to the Cibrian-Rimes clan!

  12. 12
    NMJ Says:

    Never thought of them as a clan but it sounds good. Shes a fun girl that a kid could only love.

  13. 13
    Smirkless Says:

    Don’t see the ***** smiling in any of theses photos. I’m sure she loves having the kids getting between her and Eduardo.

  14. 14
    Eric Shinn Says:

    Why are the kids wearing pajamas?

  15. 15
    Ms. Anonymous Says:

    Leann always bounces back, I admire that.

  16. 16
    offtheproperty Says:

    Wow, got to double figures and no hate. I love LeAnn and I hope she’s happy. She seems happy, but now she’s gotta try to make #2 work.

  17. 17
    crazylove Says:

    Edie looks content, kids happy. What more can a woman ask for.

  18. 18
    Dr. Drew Says:

    That dad with the little girl better watch out…sounds like someone’s on the prowl (again)

  19. 19
    emmy Says:

    Eddie makes for strong and handsome genetic material. The man makes me weak he’s so fine.She should go for it.

  20. 20
    miss infamous Says:

    I dont agree with what she did but they are happy together so what can you say!

  21. 21
    They look better and better Says:

    Goin’ on two years now , wow!, the naysayers said it wouldn’t last this long. They do look good on the eyes. She should sing to these kids and if they have any talent she could spot it.

  22. 22
    babs vicious Says:

    @Dr. Drew what are you talking about? Missing your point.

  23. 23
    ddc Says:

    Iooks like half these glowing reports are the same person and is Eddie looks like he is auditioning for a job.

  24. 24
    The Donkey's Son Says:

    Thank you Jared for the cute family photographs!

  25. 25
    rad dar Says:

    You have to wish them well with those two sweet boys in tow. Better have been worth it and yup, they are pleasing to the sight.

  26. 26
    ddc Says:

    PR overload

  27. 27
    Kamka Says:

    Ah—I like that, that they do fun things with the kids. I really hope this works out for them.

  28. 28
    natalien Says:

    The paps are everywhere here and celebs can’t vacation like regular people….they even haunt them inside some places that expect privacy. & they do look very nice as a blended family.

  29. 29
    happy vixen Says:

    Thanks Just Jared!! Le Anne is such a great artist and I’m glad that is recognized by true music lovers. You got some really great photos of the kids. I love them.
    Jared, please keep these articles coming.

  30. 30
    Laine Says:

    @tim gunn… no it doesn’t take an hour to get to Malibu from Calabasas. And why can’t people go to the beach without you accusing them of a “photo-op”? HATER.

  31. 31
    Marie Says:

    Forgive tim gunn for his stupid statements. It is his troll day to work and he just cannot come up with anything better. Mayb LeAnn will tweet in a while and you will have something to criticize.

  32. 32
    Nicki Says:

    Guess the ex and fans are happy. LeAnn isn’t even touching one of the kids at all.

  33. 33
    Jake Says:

    Since others also notice that leann isn’t smiling at all, perhaps she just reviewed her new singles sales and ranking figures. Record exec’s have to be contemplating not even releasing the crappy old album material. There’ll be absolutely no interest by the time October roles around, given the song choice was her most likely to succeed- LOL!

  34. 34
    Rumors r us Says:

    Handsome family strolling the beach…looks like everything is well between them, and contrary to the lone crank pot or two, her concert was full so there doesn’t seem to be trouble with sales….except the problems affecting the economy as a whole…which many are feeling.

  35. 35
    Listen to This Says:

    Deane Sheremet moving in with girlfriend. UsMag

  36. 36
    Casey Says:

    They make a beautiful family. Bless them!

  37. 37
    pip dismal Says:

    happy going to dean and his new friend….so overjoyed LeAnn moved on to new pastures….sure she is as well…life goes on…..

  38. 38
    Cute Kids Says:

    the only thing beautiful in thse pics are the two gorg boys..eddie is a cheater so i dont find him attractive and leAnn is fug and a cheater..Brandi and eddie make some cute kids though..dean’s new girlfriend is a def upgrade as well

  39. 39
    Debra Says:

    Why aren’t all you posters complaining to JJ that what EC and LR do in their private lives is no ones business like you do over on Perez web site? I quess its just no ones business if its a negative story instead of a “happy family” story……and shouldn’t EC be out looking for a job instead of frolicking on the beach every other day?

  40. 40
    all is well Says:

    Love how much they love one abother and those boys. Le looks like shes not appreciating the paps on their tails. Eddie seems supremely happy and why not – hes got his favorite people in hand. Bless you four.

  41. 41
    Brenda Says:

    Eddie looks so relaxed these days in his new life with his new woman . Lovely family.

  42. 42
    betty Says:

    La de dah–You Leann fans crack me up gloom and doom one minute and all it takes is a hand holding photo and you drop the Leann dump Eddie campaign with all the reasons listed. “Happy Family” is a misconception for this caption. Is that why Leann has that look of detachment on her face and she is not holding the other kids hand.she knows the score. If the paps were there its because they were alerted Leann can’t tweet so she and scumbag pose for photos this is the same old game.I guess they were the only celebs on the beach that day in Malibu. Leann can’.t stand being out of the limelight or her name being mentioned

  43. 43
    Give it Up Says:

    i luv how its the same person posting under muliple names..give it up..the public doesnt like these two..leAnn does care about what the public thinks no matter how much her fans think otherwise because
    a( she stopped tweeting about her married lover and his kids b) she stopped the pda

  44. 44
    Venus Says:

    Eddie is such a lucky man. This woman is so talented.

  45. 45
    sjaaks yum Says:

    He is all smiles. A load lifted once he sold his house, his beloved boys are under dad’s eye, his love is on his arm and he could have some offers we’re not aware of

    Cutest couple of the moment.

  46. 46
    riley good doggie Says:

    Eddie’s sweetie is looking awfully serious like she’s gonna strike at the paparazzi….lol Or she’s got some important business she’s mulling over in her occupied brain, I hear she has a good head on her shoulders. 1

  47. 47
    Oh Please Says:

    lol the last three posts are from the same person its so obvious..notice that no one has commented in over an hour and all of a sudden 3 diff ppl piost within min of each other..oh please

  48. 48
    tala Says:

    Whoa, they is still on. Now that is a surprise.

  49. 49
    Gayle Says:

    It looks like tala and Oh Please are the same person posting within a minute from each other.

  50. 50
    Joey F. Says:

    There’s this feeling in my chest that tells me my doll is to be Mrs. Cibrian-Rimes one soon day.

  51. 51
    LEANN FAN Says:


  52. 52
    betty Says:

    Well it appears Eddie is in no hurry;So she better talk to him. Why buy the cow when you get the milk free.

  53. 53
    Erika Says:

    So refreshing to finally not have childish nasty comments about these two. Hopefully people are noticing that they are really in love and that she cares for his child so much. Much love to them both and cant wait for the new album!

  54. 54
    Kathy Says:

    Now this is what I like to see and hear about. EC & LR belong together. They are really going through a rough time right now. They will get through it with their Love. I have that feeling, and I hope it’s right, that EC & LR will be much closer because of all they’ve been through. It really was bringing me down not knowing what was going on. I am a Big Fan of theirs and to not know anything is almost torture. Keep the lines of knowing, coming for us Fans, please. May EC & LR get through this ordeal and may they go on with their plans. With FAITH they will go on to get married and have their own family and have Mason and Jake in their lives just as well. GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK

  55. 55
    nikkie Says:

    They are a pretty family. I, too missed not hearing from them but her Twitter page is active with fans. Do you Twitter, Kathy?

  56. 56
    harley 1 Says:

    Refreshing is right! Hasn’t it been long enough to prove they’re a couple! Two people don’t get divorced only to go back to the old familiars. No sirree, this is the real deal.

  57. 57
    Janis Says:

    Oh sweetie, hadn’t seen you in too long so relieved everything is fine, your concert was a rocker I heard and you looked divine.

  58. 58
    anon Says:

    Leann looks like a sourpuss in all those pictures and Eddie better wash his hands as soon as they get back inside. Nothing but a phopo-opt. to see if they can drum up some support

  59. 59
    Racy Says:

    @betty: It appears that he married the cow he was getting free milk from before didnt he????

  60. 60
    lily Says:

    leann you struck gold…..Eddie you struck platinum….your kids will be gorgeous

  61. 61
    Danielle Says:

    WHOOOHOOOO….Eddie looks gorgeous like a hunky beast

    Look at LeAnn’s fierce face…….AWESOME couple

  62. 62
    pud Says:

    This couple is stunning and I can’t wait for his divorce to be over. Better he take his time and get a fair deal and not cave in to a brat’s unreasonable demands rather than regret a quick resolution. But when it is behind him things will be so much better.

  63. 63
    betty Says:

    There are no demands Eddie is unemployed so what demands are being made?

  64. 64
    betty Says:

    There are no demands Eddie is unemployed so what demands are being made?

  65. 65
    anon6 Says:

    Thank you again Jared for following this family and bringing them to their fans

    Eddie is employed at this time. He is still filming episodes and receiving income for that work. So he is not unemployed. Besides you have no idea what he has as offers in the works.

    The air around you must be curdled!

  66. 66
    anon10 Says:

    dear jared, hope that you are unbiased .I think they are both ****** people and someone called her a doll, well dolls don’t have anything in their heads They were on that beach for a photo op. He may be filming his last episode, the one where they have the funeral for him. Can’t wait to see that one.

  67. 67
    anon11 Says:

    what I would really like to see is you posting the many pictures of Leann with her finger up her nose looking for her next song .Any one can see them at”leann rimes nose picking”she is just plain nasty and she is very plain

  68. 68
    anon6 Says:

    Hater(notice the singular) give it up, you’ll never win here. Love is stronger than hate and the fans have so much love for LeAnn.

    Jude and Sienna are a better match than if Sienna hung on to that bloated dump of a guy, Getty. Rosetta can live with the dough boy always knowing he’ll be getting it on the side. The money she benefits from by staying on will be her motivating factor. So Sienna won this one and the outcome will be different for LeAnn. Suck it juvey!

  69. 69
    betty Says:

    If Eddie is working I know that support check is in the mail.and also Eddie married and supported the cow he was milking, He is only milking Leann.

  70. 70
    betty Says:

    Anon 6 What family? Leann is not part of that family she is not Eddie’s wife or the kids mother that is her fantasy.and from her demeanor she knows that.

  71. 71
    mary beth Says:

    leann and Eddie do not know the meaning of Love they had lust and now they are stuck with each other and I say Hooray Love does not lie–love does not cheat- love does not commit adultery–love does not think of yourself before your children–love does not taunt the people you have hurt–love does not trash your husband and wife that you promised to love and cherish –love does not have an affair while your wife is carrying your baby–but I do know one thing that love has and that is compassion for all the people you have hurt which LR and EC have never shown one iota of compassion for anyone one except their own blackhearts. May they never have a moment of true happiness And judging by Leanns face she is not the happy camper she wants people to see or she is just plain PLAIN plus nasty

  72. 72
    dal Says:

    LOL what LR fans all 3 of you posting over and over under different names. Looks like this is the only place you can hide.

  73. 73
    Poor Sam Says:

    Poor sam boy is experiencing difficulties I see!!! Bwahahaaaaaaaa

    Love each other Le and Eddie!

  74. 74
    anon Says:

    Looks like in those beach pictures Leann was sucking on a lemon and in one of them she has those nostrils flared like a horse in heat. hope leann reads this because you are just plain fugly and you posting on this site as one of your own fans has been noticed. Excuse me one of your few fans. went to your nose picking site and I just bet you have not shown that to lover-boy

  75. 75
    Poor Sam Says:

    Poor sam is forever in suspension. Bwahahaaa

    Have a sweet day LeAnn!

  76. 76
    anon Says:

    Leann you should have stayed off that twitter page,, just read on there that you have picked out an album cover,, did you pick that from you right or left nostril. Have a sweet day you too eddie

  77. 77
    gwen Says:

    So once again LR tips off the paps.

    This is why LR is in so much trouble. Because sites like this pat her on the back and tell her that stuff like this is cute and then when she gets hit with a dose of reality she can’t take it. Thanks JJ for giving us even more reason to dislike EC and LR.

    Didn’t EC blast his wife for being spotted on a beach with her kids?
    So does that mean EC is not being child focused, isn’t that what he said in his custody petiton? So JJ how come you didn’t address this issue? Why is okay for EC to be spotted on a beach with his kids when he blasted his wife when she was spotted on a beach? Can someone please explain how EC and LR were able to go several weeks without being seen? Because when EC and LR do not want to be seen, they know how to evade the paps. So this was set up by LR. And how is EC protecting his kids from the nature of tabloids when he allows LR to use them for her own personal gain? What a great dad!!!!!!!

    Hey JJ, while you are posting about LR tweets and her one big happy family with EC, has EC even paid child support?

    Wow, didn’t LR say that our opinions don’t have any bearing on her life? And look folks, LR can’t stand the fact that people still don’t believe that EC loves her so she shows on a beach with EC once again.

    Oh so that is why LR has tipped off the paps so that they see her recreating the photo of EC walking down a street with his wife as they held their son’s hand? It’s because she felt some “compassion” for a disabled girl? Now if LR had any compassion this photo-op would not exist.

    BTW, didn’t EC say that he wanted privacy? So is it really a good idea to keep refering to LR tweets where she once again tells all of their business and invites the paps along.

    So now we are supposed to believe that EC and LR are a “happy family” because they take strolls on a beach? How many happy families have to pay JJ to validate them. Leann should have left the tweets alone and not called the paps because this is going to backfire major, espeically since it has gotten out that EC isn’t paying child support.

    So EC can allow LR to exploit his kids for her concerts and albums, yet he doesn’t want to pay child support?

    Wow, where did all of these LR supporters come from? It’s just CBME posting under different names.

    BTW be careful, CBME is on the babycelebrity site using Sam’s name.

  78. 78
    gwen Says:

    What Family?

    LEANN Money and EC?

    Oh I get it, that was what Leann told you to write, right?

    Isn’t EC still married?

    Those kids don’t belong to LR and EC has behaved less than a father, seeing as how he has once again not kept that promise he made to his kids.

    But it is nice to see that the media perpetuates LR and EC bad behavior and in the end make it even more worse for them.

    Could JJ be even more insensitive?

    What a great family. EC uses LR for her money and EC in return allows her to use his kids despite the fact that he isn’t paying child support.

  79. 79
    gwen Says:

    If Leann had bounced back CBME wouldn’t be here and on every site trying to compensate for LR low fanbase by posting under different names and LR would not still be trying to promote herself by using EC kids.

    Why is CBME thanking JJ? JJ is just doing EXACTLY what Leann paid them to do. And now LR and JJ have to watch as this little photo-op backfires.

    CBME why are you on the baby celebrity site using SAM’s name? JJ must be very proud of the fact that you have to stalk other posters because you still can’t get people to buy what JJ is selling? So how many more posters did you intimdiate?

  80. 80
    gwen Says:

    Family FUN:

    Translation: The public still does not believe that EC loves LR, so LR thinks that she can change things once and for all by setting up this “happy family” photo-op and paying JJ to sell it as such.

    So how will LR react when she learns that the public is not at all impressed by these photos or of the media’s lact of sensitivity. If LR cared about those kids, then LR would be encouraging EC to break those promises to his kids over and over.

    LR probably doesn’t happy in those photos because someone probably called her out for using those kids.

    Surprisesly, where are those photos of the girl that EC and LR saw?

    There wasn’t a girl, LR is just once again stepping on the backs of others because she is just that low.

    Serouisly, how can JJ still continue to be so insensitive? No sees them as a family, especially since we all know that EC has those kids around just so that he can get gifts/trips from LR. So who wants to bet that in exchange for his little photo-op. LR either takes EC on a trip or on a shopping spree?

  81. 81
    nina Says:

    Why are you always accusing someone in your posts? Are you trying to get these posters banned? You seem to be the one causing all the trouble. What difference does it make to you if Leann and Eddie are together?

  82. 82
    Diane Says:

    Isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she beau-ti-ful? :)

  83. 83
    charity Says:

    saw the pictures on the nose picking page. so nasty nasty. thought at first that that the picture had been doctored,but no there are about ten of those pictures telling a story.Hope Leann will not be trying to teach those kids any manners unless it’s a class in what NOT to do. And this is the woman who is going to potty train. How’s that going for you, Leann? And why isn’t their unemployed father doing that. Oh, wait he is at the gym doing what all red-blooded unemployed men do. Pumping up, so maybe he can get himself a really good-looking woman. Tom-cat, that one ,right up his alley. Borrow money from your mistress and pay your child support. After all, if she hadn’t chased you so hard, you might not be in this mess.

  84. 84
    Eddie Cibrian Says:

    Leann should dump me because I am only dragging her down. Jennifer Aniston will marry me and let me be her baby dady so she can be my sugar mama and get me an acting job.

  85. 85
    anon6 Says:

    Troll is dragging out the SM/BG files. No imagination and all that work can’t be wasted. Transparency plus. Thank you ZOE!!!

    It’s good for the reason it adds more posts on LeAnn’s threads. Thx !!!

  86. 86
    Fran Says:

    LMAO at the Eddie Cibrian nic, too funny!

    Have y’all seen these pics? I wonder if Eddie sucks her fingers, ewww…

  87. 87
    EddieCibriansBalls Says:

    Leann, let GO, that hold is killin’ us! Cripes woman, Eddie’s not going anywhere, he loves this new laidback rich lifestyle. Just let up on us huh?

    Thank you.

  88. 88
    Diane Says:

    I just thought of something! Eddie & Brandi Cibrian made adorable kids, can you IMAGINE what two squinty eyed adults with bulldog traits on Leann’s side is going to look like, if they have kids!

    THAT will be interesting. I’m sorry, but I always think of “Wilbuuurrr” when I see Leann’s face.

  89. 89
    Utter Desperation Says:

    Troll is totally desperate at this point.

    LeAnn has you by your……

  90. 90
    Racy Says:

    Wow! Things are getting really low for the troll. When the only thing you have to criticize and make fun of is someone’s finger in their nose. LMAO!! wHERE ARE ALL THE BIG BRAGGING THINGS YOU HAD IN THE PAST. GETTING PRETTY SLIM ON LIES YOU CAN TELL NOW HUH?

  91. 91
    Diane Says:

    I don’t know, the peeps over at the PerezHilton message board on his site, and on HuffPo, Popsugar, etc. are all dying at the nose picking pics bwahaha – they think it’s disgusting! I LOVE getting others to see it that haven’t seen it yet.

    Racy/Anon – maybe Leann will give u a raise if you ask nicely for your wunderful loyalty to her. LMAO

  92. 92
    Diane Says:

    Oh, just read that Taylor Swifts new album comes out in Oct.

    Too funny, Lele doesn’t stand a chance in the sales dept. Poor Eddie, he needs her to make some extra dough for him in case he doesn’t land another acting gig right away. heehee

  93. 93
    Troll2010 Says:

    I’m a troll, Anon & Racy are Lele trolls, we’re all trolls! We all fall down….

    Have you guys seen these pics, LUV them! I might have to build a whole website around them, hmmm….yeah, that might work. I’ll post a link to it when it’s finished. I can do the veneers/nosepicking fansite, that’ll work!

  94. 94
    anonymous Says:

    Troll that’s only you on those other sites ….laughing at yourself pretending you are having convos with non-existent others. Number is up and your tweets are down to ZERO!

  95. 95
    charity Says:

    It’s so sad when a celeb is brought to their knees by their nose. But, then again ,Leann’s nose with her finger in there digging for morsals is a rare and wonderful sight for the rest of us mere ordinary people to view. I only hope that EC has seen all ten of her nose pictures and he never never ever sucks on her fingers. Remember so well, the picture in the restaurant of her sucking on his finger. Little did he know her finger nose picking trick

  96. 96
    Racy Says:

    If you people and your favorite subject aren’t enough to turn off any celebrity in Nashville, I will be surprised. They will realize what trashy people can and might do to them in the future. Don’t you wish that all a troll and his few had to use to put you down was your finger in your nose? Pitiful.

  97. 97
    Troll2010 Says:

    Oh Anonymous, I mean Racy (er, Leann) – don’t worry, I’m doing up a WHOLE website, get it? Twitter is still there for me, seemyprofilepic

    But I’m liking the idea of a website devoted strictly to Lele’s veneers and those nosepicking pics, a fansite, if you will. I found a free website hosting (angelfire), so now all I have to do is create it!

    Honestly, I’ll be putting up a link in a few days for your viewing pleasure. I plan on putting a link to my new fansite, and of course link it on the bio portion of my Twitter Page for “seemyprofilepic”. Gotta go, it’s time to create my very own Lele fansite!

    You gave me the idea, thank you very much.

  98. 98
    Troll2010 Says:

    I should thank Leann too, oops, I already did – to her minion Anonymous/Racy. But really, without Leann digging for gold in those RARE pics I wouldn’t have the material for the site.

    Other country singers aren’t worried, silly. They don’t have pics online and for public consumption of THEM picking their damn nose, they use tissues when they know they’re being photographed by paps. Lele is so stupid. haha

    Justjared has 10 of those wonderful nose pics…oh, the possibilities to link those on my new fansite. Can’t wait!!

  99. 99
    anon Says:

    well just maybe the PEOPLE in Nashville are as disgusted with EC and LR as the rest of us are and don’t you forget that the ordinary people are the ones who are buying their albums. Do you think a Nashville celeb will say “don’t buy my album because I support LR” I think most people were just sick and tired of LR shoving her affair in everyones face on her twitter page. All the blame for this sad state of AFFAIRS can be laid at LR feet. She actually thought that the LITTLE people would be happy for her .after all, she is the PRINCESS and what the PRINCESS wants the PRINCESS should have

  100. 100
    Troll2010 Says:

    This really intrigues me too, what do you think Racy/Anonymous?

    Comparison pics:

  101. 101
    charity Says:

    hey,troll 2010 can I pretty please be the first fan to sign up for your new site. And hopefully you can keep it up for over a year, the same amount of time Leann was on twitter tomenting Dean and Brandi.We just need to find a way to bring Leanns married lover into it,too. this is so excitingi

  102. 102
    Troll2010 Says:

    Yes you can Charity. I will definitely post a link in the next 3 days on here. So keep your eyes peeled!

    I will also have the link for the new fansite in the Bio section of my Twitter Page!

    Can you think of a good name to call the fansite, can’t use Leann’s full name of course. I’m thinking Lady & Veneers. A play on the “Lady & Gentleman” album coming out.

  103. 103
    Troll2010 Says:

    Yay, I got Lady Antebellum to follow me on Twitter! That’s so cool.

  104. 104
    Troll2010 Says:

    Aww, Whitney Dunan, country singer/songwriter retweeted what I said to her about reality shows. Love her! She wrote and sings Skinny Dippin. She’s gorgeous too. AND, she said she would never, ever date even a guy who has a girlfriend already. Nice morals there.

  105. 105
    charity Says:

    anon2010, you could consider Nose and Veneers. I will keep my eye on this page. I am not on twitter but I hope to be soon I will still be able to read your tweets, won’t I? I would feel bad for them, but Leann asked for this with all her bragging and shoving crap in every ones face. Besides those pictures are just retributation. No one made them up I have disliked them ever since the photos of them in the restaurant with Leann munching on married mans finger and then to come out the next day and say that they were not together doing anything

  106. 106
    Racy Says:

    If you are not the troll or a flunkie of his, you might have done a good deed and not know it If the people who do look at this for some sign of malicious intent toward LeAnn, you could nelp to point out who is behind all this dirt….when they find you and see that something is going on Wouldn’t that be a good deed? I am sure they know how to find out who does these dirty deeds.
    Also, no it isn’t hurting any country singers, etc., right now, but WHAT IF THEY FALL FROM GRACE FOR SOME REASON. WILL THIS HAPPEN TO THEM ALSO? HAVE THEY BEEN INFORMED OF WHAT A TROLL IS? I would bet not. Maybe you should give us some info about how you sent out all that nasty info. We might want to try it on you AND THE TROLL!!!!

  107. 107
    anon Says:

    racy– not only is your English terrible, but you make no sense at all. Are you sure you are not Leann, no wait ,someone on another site said she was giving a free concert in the grass at Beaumont Calif. Wonder when she will have Eddie bring his little boys to hear her. I know she wants to show off for them. And as far as good deeds go, you and your trolls should stop slamming Dean and Brandi.

  108. 108
    Troll2010 Says:

    Quote : “but WHAT IF THEY FALL FROM GRACE FOR SOME REASON. WILL THIS HAPPEN TO THEM ALSO? HAVE THEY BEEN INFORMED OF WHAT A TROLL IS? I would bet not. Maybe you should give us some info about how you sent out all that nasty info. We might want to try it on you AND THE TROLL!!!!”

    Um, someone needs to take their meds stat! This is just a celeb gossip board, c’mon now. I swear you must be Leann to get THAT upset and yelling in caps. Why else take it so personally?

  109. 109
    Racy Says:

    @anon: Point out my errors. What you want is not going to happen but you get the meaning of what I am saying. LeAnn probably does want to show off for those little boys. The like her and she likes them and she wants them to hear that she can sing. Anything wrong with that? Who slams Deane? He is an adult and goes his own way and minds his own business and doesn’t point out everyday that he is a loser. Sort of admire Deane in some ways.

  110. 110
    anonymous Says:

    Poor troll….still can’t find his voice to tweet…..bwahahaaaaaaaa

  111. 111
    anonymous Says:


    R U gonna roll out the “gwen” files 2night? lmao

    Go Le!!!

  112. 112
    Troll2010 Says:

    Okay, Charity – the website is 1/4 completed! My brother says he will be able to work on it tomorrow night.

    It’s going to be very funny and informative! Leann’s Veneer & Nosepickin’
    fansite. That’s going to be the official name.

  113. 113
    Troll2010 Says:

    haha, look what Leann tweeted on her Twitter, like I told her in response, “what else does Eddie have 2 do but cater 2 u, he’s now on ur payroll as an unemployed bf”

    Dang, wish she’d learn how to use “you’re” in a sentence. Hillbilly…

    Leann’s Tweet:
    “It’s the little things like someone grabbing you lunch and getting your car washed for you when they know your having a crazy day :) happy”

    about 4 hours ago via web

  114. 114
    Racy Says:

    I guess when you are an idiot and that is your only claim to fame, you get all you can out of it. Eddie loves LeAnn and doing little things and big things as well shows her that he loves her. Love means to care deeply for someone. You obviously are not that familiar with the word. Has nobody ever loved you? You are on someone’s payroll to say nasty things probably because that is all the training you have. I am not kidding when I say I feel sorry for you to have to get attention this way.

  115. 115
    Troll2010 Says:

    Eddie loves LeAnn? Just yesteday you were saying you hope she dumps him and his baggage (his kids). Boy, you sure do give one whiplash with your opinions. At least you’ve calmed down and not yelling in caps. LMAO

    I will post the link to my Lele fansite Racy/Leann/Anonymous

  116. 116
    Troll2010 Says:

    By the way, over dramatic much for a ‘stranger”, a “fan” of Leann Rimes? I mean, seriously, WTF? What is SHE to you? You would think I’m talking bad about your sister, Aunt, Mother, etc. You’re delusional.

    Quote: “Maybe you should give us some info about how you sent out all that nasty info. We might want to try it on you AND THE TROLL!!!!”

    What nasty stuff? Oh, you mean the pics of Leann picking her nose – they’re in the public domain, so what’s so nasty about posting something that’s already out there for the public? Sheesh, have to educate you apparently.

  117. 117
    charity Says:

    Racy, To leann “love means never having to say you’re sorry” to quote the line in Love Story. Most people thought it was a stupid line, but leann and eddie Rimes took it to heart. Totally convinced that leann and racy are one and the same and if not , racy is just another. LR PR person.wonder if racy could be Eddie Rimes,he would pick out a good name for himself like” Racy”,,,nah don’t think he knows how to use the keyboard or the computer. Thank goodness he found himself a sugar momma with nasty fingers. He’s probably furious’ because he at one time or another had those fingers in his mouth,, yipesgotta love the celebs. Notice ,also, how LR PR people have put it out there that Brandi and Dean have both moved on and even named their new friends.

  118. 118
    Racy Says:

    @Troll2010: Sure would like to hear what you tell people when they ask you what your job is. “Well, I make my living showing a picture of a girl with her finger in her nose and lying mostly. Sometimes I use two little kids to make up stories about these kids being used by her and the dad. So I use stories about kids also. I don’t do much but lie a lot.” Must give you a great sense of pride since you use these kids trying to get across a story that they are being used!!!!!!!!!!

  119. 119
    Racy Says:

    @charity: Yes, Deane named his friend but I believe that a person tweeted the name of the ex’s friend didn’t they, just yesterday? Is this a commendation, to name your friend? Dirt rakers like you will settle for most anything just to make it appear that LeAnn and Eddie are somehow hurting you. Who would care what you think? Just want you to know that you don’t fool everybody. I have been said to be everybody else who posts so I guess now I am being called LeAnn. What a fruitcake!!

  120. 120
    Has Been Says:

    interesting that leann fans are saying leann loves the boys they are a great family. when eddie evntually cheats on her and they break up will leAnn still be hanging out with the boys the answer is heck yu see halle with her exhusbands daughter india or britney with kfeds kids or Arod with kate hudson’s son. once they break up leAnn is not going to going to even know these boys exist

  121. 121
    charity Says:

    now racy, your anger is just so sweet, Just remember LR and EC motto “love means never having yo say you’re sorry” and sorry they are not, as Leann said in her people SPREAD ,The end justifies the means or words to that effect.. And I do know when to use affect and effect. LR and EC will not last another year unless Eddie is prepared to let Leann support his lying butt. and she just might ,if he lets her have a baby. Another baby that he won’t be able to support. and, Racy, LR PR would not put out notices about Brandi and Dean all in the same day.. use your kanoodle instead of your anger button

  122. 122
    anon Says:

    anon 2010–Did it ever occur to you that maybe Leann was picking that sucker for a fan. There was probably one standing by her car window saying”get me a good one Leann. I want to show it to all my friends” No autographs just good old Leann boogies

  123. 123
    charity Says:

    anon2010–Did it ever occur to you that Leann was probably picking that sucker for a fan.. there was probably one standing by her car window saying :get me a good one Leann I want to show it to all my friends; No autographs, just Leann boogies

  124. 124
    You Have Nerve Says:

    Troll2010 – you have nerve to call other people ridiculous and obsessed. Why are you making it your life’s work to start a twitter page, website, spread photos about Leann? You must be really messed up in the head. Have fun with that – freak. Why don’t you get a life?

  125. 125
    anonymous Says:

    If a person is only interested in making a living, a troll’s life can be pretty good. Especially, if the employer pays well.

  126. 126
    charity Says:

    well, I see where Leann is allowed to mention her lovers name on her twitter page or maybe she is so thrilled he is working today that she wants everyone to know.. Guess he’s filning his death scene on CSI They’re probably going to tell him how much they like him and then laugh behind his back. Leann is just about the biggest idiot around. Leann probably hoping he pays her back some of the money she gave him.. no no no —he is living FREE at Leanns pad, he needs to give that money to his wife so she can pay her Rent no matter how much he wants to pay his gym fees RALLY hope he marries the soupuss so they can finally be together and have sex

  127. 127
    charity Says:

    anon2010–I have not been able to find Brandi’s twitter page. I can find everyone else I look for do–you happen to know it I’m sure all these leann PR peopleknow it already THANKS. LET ME KNOW WHEN YOUR NEW SITE IS ABOUT VENEERES AND NOSE PICKING

  128. 128
    Troll2010 Says:

    Charity, you can find Brandi’s twitter page by using “Find People” on your own Twitter page. You CAN’T google her name and find it. Took me a few tries to realize you just can’t google it. But WAIT, I work for her so I’m just lying about that! LMFAO

    By the way, the site won’t be finished until the end of next week – but looking GREAT so far!

  129. 129
    golden op Says:

    And for what reason?

  130. 130
    charity Says:

    golden op–none of your business anon2010—-Did you see where Eddie has moved into Leann’s mansion and she is planning a wedding in the back yard.. Eddie will now become her ***** and he will probably be wearing the wedding gown. Don’t you just love it. I do not have a twitter account yet, but I am still able to pull up yours and other peoples.Thanks for the help Another added attraction to Lr is her very short legs. guess you can’t hold that against her but really thought eddie liked the long-legged ,big busted , tall model types.

  131. 131
    charity Says:

    anon 2010 the stars in my post should start with a B****think thats important and has a lot of meaning

  132. 132
    golden op Says:

    hollow talk btwn. one person and only one. duh!

    Sweet of LeAnn to be doing the Gulf charity event.

  133. 133
    charity Says:

    golden op—–How sweet it is to be hated by you. Leann is doing the gulf charity so that she doesn’t have to give any money She needs to save it for her B**** or if you prefer her GIGOLO And by the way smartie pants , you can only post under one name or it won’t post My name is charity and the posts I make under that name are the only ones of mine You must post on other web sites under mutiple names You have been outedand I love it . Also, love the fact that Jared has that rule

  134. 134
    betty Says:

    Charity Hope Leann gets to complete her wedding plans.What happened to the engagement? Who said Leann was not eager to get married.or desperate.LOL!!!!! We know Eddie does not have much money,owing support money,attorney fees etc. I guess Leann will have to foot the bill as usual. LUCKY EDDIE!!!!!

  135. 135
    juty Says:

    Isn’t it Brandy whose making wedding plans with her beau, Mike? I saw the article about her nine month relationship with the developer on E.

  136. 136
    juty Says:

    Whiners, why aren’t you over on the eonline article singing praises for Brandi and her boyfriend, Michael, instead of here hating on LeAnn and Eddie? Eddie ain’t returning. Whas up with you, huh?

  137. 137
    Diane Says:

    @golden op:

    Um, because the content is out there on a public platform, so I’m just going to put it all in ONE place and make it a fansite!

  138. 138
    Diane Says:



    Quote: “Eddie aint returning”.

    Um, don’t let facts get in your way, but I’m pretty sure it was Brandi who kicked him to the curb after he lied for the fifteenth time about cheating with Leann (after he denied it publically) – remember the “taking bits of pics and making connective tissue” or some such b.s. Leann so wanted him to leave, she got her wish, Brandi kicked him out. (I’m thinking of having a timeline feature of their denying the affair and the video of them in the restaurant, all that pieced together for fANS on my fansite.)

  139. 139
    juty Says:

    Keep spinnin’ those falsehoods to help the boss save face. You wouldn’t be workin’ the fingers to the bone, gettin’ carpal tunnel if she was satisfied in her present state. Somepin’ is off here. I see ya on Angie’s threads spinnin’ same shiiiiiit.

    Never seen Edie’s face so relieved n’ happy. It’s a joy! You, on da udder hand is the proverbial chronic belly acher. Must be miserable to be you!

    We want pics of Brandi with da new man.

  140. 140
    Diane Says:

    Oh man, it’s bad when the Lele fans are more up on what Eddie’s wife is doing than me, the PAID person on her payroll. LMFAO

    I went and googled this Meldman guy – he’s not bad looking AND he’s mega-accomplished. Mega. Ooh, hope Brandi lands him, that would be so freaking karmic payback, wouldn’t it?

    Anyhoo, I’m always the last to find out these things and I’M accused of being a paid pr person, bwahaha That’s rich.

  141. 141
    Diane Says:

    LMFAO, now I’m reading from Juty, who is prob. Anon/Racy that they have to see pics to believe Eddie’s wife is dating this mega-accomplished guy. Too funny.

    Let me do research and see if I can find anything – maybe from one of those photo sites. Then, I’m sure it will be “I bet she paid him (no logic there, but it wouldn’t be a first in Lele fans logic) – Brandi paid HIM to go to the ball with her). It goes on and on and on.

  142. 142
    juty Says:

    Your distancin’ yourself from your true roll is lame and not believable. I’d fire ya for a better bee.

    That’s right trolly talk up the new man. That’s wha we wanna hear.

  143. 143
    Diane Says:

    Right Juty, I’m some man you apparently think you know, got it. *rolls eyes* Be real, be logical, please…..whatever. Can’t get thru a delusional think skull, obviously.

    Need to do more research on this guy, Michael Meldman. He’s a big shot though, it seems.

  144. 144
    Diane Says:

    And noooo, I’m not the Celeb*tchy blogsite author! I’m not that good, but I’m sure I’ll be accused of being THIS person too. bwahaha

  145. 145
    betty Says:

    Juty Why do you need pictures? Brandi does not tweet or photo op like those clowns do she has nothing to prove.Brandi is still an attractive woman and can attract a man without luring him with gifts or pursuing him like Leann..When one door closes another one always open. Brandi is a mature woman and needs a mature man not a boy toy like Eddie.Her boys need a strong male figure in their lives because their father is too much of a weakling and a skirt chaser.

  146. 146
    Racy Says:

    So, this man is accomplished – don’t have to sell me on that. Probably an upstanding man who hasMADE HIS OWN WAY AND NOT BY BEING A DIRTBAG BY CRAWLING OUT OF THE DARK TO HURT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU TRY. He didn’t choose the path of trying to hurt somebody who hasn’t hurt him. Why do you try to sound like this guy is your own personal property? You are bragging about him as though you made him what he is. I am sure he wouldn’t believe it if you told him how you are a “troll.” I hope Brandy convinces him that he is what she needs, but it has nothing at all to do with you.
    EDDIE does his job well and he might not be the top of his job, I would bet you aren’t either. Neither am I. Don’t take it on yourself to judge somebody else when you are just a person trying to make a living, so is Eddie; so am I. You get no rewards for this other man.
    You make me sick to scorn someone who is in a far better position than you will ever be and that is EDDIE.

  147. 147
    Racy Says:

    Also, Diane (and whoever else you are), I hope Mr. M. sees the fact where you have spread LeAnn’s picture around to the stars of Nashville, etc., and how you are going to have a site just to show the dates that things happened, LeAnn’s finger in her nose, and her veneers. The type of man he is will probably be “delighted.” Ha Ha
    You are making a fool out of yourself and everybody on Brandy’s side. Should thrill the man that an uneducated bimbo like you is on his side. Idiot!!

  148. 148
    betty Says:

    Juty what happened to your Racy and Anonymous akas & others you are changing so fast it is hard to keep up. LOL

  149. 149
    Racy Says:

    @betty: I am not Juty but I see you still have as much sense as you did before. Where in the world does your side get it people?

  150. 150
    Diane Says:


    Got it, so you think I’m Brandi Glanville. LMFAO!!! Okay, I’ll take it. Hi, I’m Brandi – how are you guys doing today?

    By the way, WHY are you so upset with my posts here? Seriously, you’re not “my” family or anything to me. Or to Leann Rimes or Eddie Rimes. *shrugs* Don’t understand the anger from a “fan” of a stranger, that’s all.

  151. 151
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: My displeasure and my anger comes because you aren’t smart enough to respect the human race, especially those who have done nothing whatsoever to harm you. If you want to dislike somebody’s actions why don’t you try to clear up some of the crap that injures kids and hunger and things that would help somebody. You might think your actions are cute but to sane people it looks like a dolt in action. God help those who can’t see the real things that hurt. NO, I DON’T THINK YOU ARE BRANDI GLANVILLE . I think you are pathetic and would not want you on my side regardless of the issue.

  152. 152
    Diane Says:


    I’m just being silly and Leann is a public figure, they’re all game for ridicule. I didn’t take the nosepicking pics, etc. Please.

    As for your quote “God help those who can’t see the real things that hurt.” Yeah, I saw where your idol, Leann, went after a married guy and broke up a family, I think she zoned in on him, he was torn about the break-up of his family but ultimately resumed the affair. His wife kicked him out after the denials, the cheating behind her back.

    So yeah, I bet you could use that same question towards Leann and what she did to Eddie’s wife, a woman. Just like me, you, and other women out there. She had zero respect for that woman or what she did, as long as the end result was to her liking. Heck, she even said that! I have zero respect for her, and she deserves public ridicule. She’s a SHAMELESS homewrecker, she’s not the first homewrecker, but she’s so darn shameless in what she did.

    That’s my beef with stupid Leann. Eddie’s just a user, I think. He likes the lifestyle she’s providing him for now. Just speculation, of course!

  153. 153
    Diane Says:

    Had Leann not taunted Eddie’s legal wife, not used her Twitter to tweet stuff she KNEW would get back to her “married” boyfriend’s wife, etc. I would cut her some slack. But again, I think Leann is a total ******. Cold, calculationg and just unmercifully hurtful. Yep. I do.

    She could’ve given the woman and the family time to heal, but I think she deserves all the interviews Brandi Glanville has given. If anyone should have a right to say mean and hurtful things, it’s THAT woman. And to top it off, Leann sent a cease and desist to her “married” boyfriend’s wife, WTF?? So yeah, that country bumpkin deserves the scorn she’s received. She wasn’t a humble homewrecker by any means.

  154. 154
    charity Says:

    someone does not have to HARM ME in order to feel compassion for other people who have been hurt. Where is your compassion Racy for the innocent people in this awful mess. Why is your pity and compassion wasted on two people who are liars, cheaters, adulterers, and two people who don’t give a rats butt who they have lied to so they can be together. You absolutely have to be a PR peson for the two whory people. I have no sympathy for either LR orEC, and I sure know they don’t want my sympathy and they do not care what I or any one else thinks. also, think that when LEann and Eddie go out with other people, that Leann gives Eddie money ahead of time so he can act like the big CHEESE and pay the bill.

  155. 155
    anon Says:

    EC and LR are two nasty people

  156. 156
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: You said Eddie was just a “user.” Aren’t you using LeAnn and Eddie to make your views known and show your hate and disgust? Is that not doing the same thing? You and I don’t know what went on in those household, do we? Do you know that more people would have had compassion for Brandi if she had gone on with her life, did what she had to do and acted more human about it? Why take over a year to spread and smear somebody else for your own benefit? No, Brandi is not like me. I have more self respect than to tell the world about every problem I have. How about you? Why is LeAnn more shameless than anybody else? She has worked hard and long for success and did not depend on anybody for her daily bread, if you will. You might not approve of everything she does or did but she is a human being and as such deserves more than having her picture with her finger in her nose to be sent all over the country. How do you know what you would do if you fell in love with someone?

  157. 157
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: How do you know that LeAnn taunted the ex wife? All we know is what Brandi said. You are wrong when you said that LeAnn remarked anything about Brandi. Neither LeAnn nor Eddie said anything; it was the ex wife who did all the talking until much later. LeAnn was tweeting how happy she was in her situation with the kids and Eddie. This was a year after the whole thing started. Even the ex wife said the children liked her and that she was having a positive effect on them. LeAnn gives us the human side of her life – cooking, playing, gym time, packing for a trip, etc.. That is why her fans are loyal. We see her as one of us, I guess. Most people in the big bucks dept don’t bother. We aren’t seeing the human side of you, Diane. Most people in ancient times were stoned immediately after the act and not going on two years afterward.

  158. 158
    Racy Says:

    @charity: I believe that people in the big buck dept. pay bills by credit card or have things automatically charged to an account. They don’t exactly live like you and I do. They made the money and it is their right to handle it any way they see fit.

  159. 159
    betty Says:

    @Racy If you defend that tramp and scumbag that your business and because others don’t view them as you do does not make them hateful. Leann deliberately went after Eddie she is the disgustful one and her actions since has shown her for what she is.If you like her fine but .Brandi acted with more class then that sl*t Leann. When did Brandi smear Leann? That trick Leann was the one flaunting, smirking and photo opting with that scumbag showing no respect for Brandi or herself. In addition being seen in photos with Brandis children with her ass showing the first one playing with Eddies privates and the most recent straddling him while the kids are nearby so she smeared herself the pictures were on the net. This B is no victim people don’t hate her or that scumbag they just find them both disgusting. I’m glad Brandi has moved on and and let these two clowns use one another. Who cares.!!!

  160. 160
    anonymous Says:

    The one above has a mouth like a man. Seriously doubt there is a woman behind that name.

    And why don’t you head off to a pro-Brandi board if you need to idolize someone. Hating is an illness and you have a bad bad case.

    eonline has something about Brandi and Muchael Melman but for some odd reason you don’t want to attract attention to that thread or subject.

  161. 161
    betty Says:

    We all know Eddie is broke as a joke.and jobless Brandi took half of everything he owns and I bet Leann does not have the big bucks everyone thinks she has or else she wouldn’t be taking these small time bookings.You don’t need big bucks to pay by credit card that is todays new trend.

  162. 162
    anonymous Says:

    You are so obviously trolling for a living. No one else is going to whine plaintively like an orchestra of out-of-tune violins for a whole year. Brandi is set if she is with Michael. But if she were secure in that relationship you wouldn’t be on here doing what you’ve been hired to do. So one has t scratch one’s head and think the relationship isn’t in the hole just yet. And your work continues as a “just in case” it isn’t.

  163. 163
    Racy Says:

    betty, the majority of what you are saying is a lie. Brandi smeared LeAnn by saying she was stalking Eddie. Since both were involved, why was LeAnn blamed? I believe the ex said later that she didn’t know about the affair when she made that stmt. Next, she said LeAnn was stalking her and her kids; next, LeAnn was stalking the school; LeAnn moved into the neighborhood to be closer to Eddie. Something all the time was reported to the media about LeAnn. Then, it was Eddie; Eddie was no good; Eddie was a liar; Eddie was a cheater; told her child that Eddie didn’t love him; cut up Eddie’s tires, and so on and so on. Also, with the class. I believe it was the ex who wrote about the good sex (much better than with Eddie) with a different man; she said that her favorite thing printed about her was the MILF thing. WHEN DOES THE CLASS PART START FOR THE EX? You also know what you said about the pictures at the beach was a lie and the pictures are there to prove it, aren’t they? What you are trying to do is wreck somebody else because something happened that made Brandi unhappy. Well, things happen to us all but we do not feel we have to go to the world for sympathy. Get wise, betty, get wise!!

  164. 164
    betty Says:

    Anonymous Who cares what you think .You don’t seem to be offended by Leanns and Eddie vulgar actions so why should my choice of words offend you. HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!! I wish Brandi well.

  165. 165
    betty Says:

    Racy PULEEZ What woman moves to her married lovers neighborhood if it her purpose isn’t to keep an eye on him and wifey. Didn’t Leann state she was more sexual with Eddie a married man than her husband Dean and then Eddie suing that mag re his sexual escapades with Leann and mistress.Brandi has never been called the names Leann has that’s why she shut down her twitter. The pictures were on the net for all to see. Brandi did not ask for sympathy but what was needed was respect since you and those clowns don’t seem to know what that is. They are neither note worthy nor news worthy thats why they photo op and put in on the net to generate their own publicity but their careers does not seem to be flourishing from it.All Leann can get is second rate bookings and I bet Eddie does not have any prospects. So who,are the losers here.

  166. 166
    Jessica Says:

    racy- you are a snot wad, Leann must have picked you out of her nose, Alltho those media srories are true including the one about the slashed tires, he’s just lucky , remember the name john bobbit , sure you do.. And Leann did buy a home down the street from Brandi’s home and leann did take eddie to a friends house to get their daily boinking. but then what are friends for. Eddie and Leann both are liars, cheaters, adulterous scumbags. You don’t know anything but I DO So why are you defending these people with the morals of an alley cat unless you are cut from the same cloth Go to “leann rimes nose picking” and see what a class act she is

  167. 167
    Racy Says:

    @betty: What you are insinuating about the pictures is a lie pure and simple, and you know that. I will leave that to people with intelligence to look at them. When LeAnn moved to the neighborhood, Eddie had already moved out of the house Brandi lived in. How far is the house that LeAnn lives in from where Brandi lived at the time? Regardless, she wasn’t doing anything to the ex by living there. Yes, LeAnn said she was more sexual with Eddie but LeAnn wasn’t publicizing anything that Brandi did and Brandi has kids to read that one day. The reason LeAnn has been called names was people like you who know nothing whatsoever about what happened until Brandi whined to the world. You don’t have to approve of anything a person does, but you owe yourself more respect than to call people names like you are doing. One of the reason for photo ops is because LeAnn and Eddie are in a business where they need to do this. Call where LeAnn works what you will (2nd rate you said), I don’t call what she does second rate. She is a great singer and that is one of the things I like about her, and she works very hard all the time and doesn’t depend on a man for support. You don’t know what prospects Eddie has, do you? I don’t have to approve or disapprove anything, I just like how LeAnn shares their down-to-earth life with the rest of us. L and E don’t tell me who to love or how to live and I try to extend the favor. I am happy to see Eddie sharing with us on his T page. I would say that you are one of the losers if you feel you have to tell them how, why and where to live.

  168. 168
    Jessica Says:

    forgot to mention that on the first vacation they took with the kids ,Leann is straddling Eddie’s head while he is lying down and there a good shot of Leann bending over with her hands almost on the ground and Eddie is behind her with her suit pulled open looking down her crack. the kids are there and what kind of father does that crap

  169. 169
    betty Says:

    Racy Brandi stated Leann house was 2 minutes away what does that tell you.? Brandis kids can also read about his lawsuit and the cease and desist order his mistress filed against their mother and all those PDA pictures that were on the net while still married to their mother shall I go on.? These things happened so you can’t take them back

  170. 170
    Jessica Says:

    that line about Leann sharing her down to earth life with mere mortals is hysterical. Racy should write comedy. racy you are stupid because if that is Eddie’s twitter page I’ll eat my hat. and, as far as LR buying that house down the streeet, that; smarl. alec ,is called stalking What other possible reason could she have for buying that house out of all the thousands of houses for sale out here. And oh yes I live here ,too I really detest those two because she thinks she shoud have anything she wants no matter who she tromps on to get it and him because he really does think he is God’s gift to women. Time will tell. she will not have a career and he won’t ever have one, too many good-looking hunks out here She can brag all she wants about All the people that attend her concerts and that love her, the truth is out there and she knows it . He is now leanns Bi*** and he knows it good luck mr and Mrs leann rimes ***** as,. eddie telling some poor little waitress he was separated so just so he could do her and all the time his wife was carrying his baby Theres a special place in YOU KNOW WHERE FOR MEN LIKE HIM

  171. 171
    Racy Says:

    @Jessica: @Jessica: And what makes you think you know so much? Wherever LeAnn and Eddie went and whatever they did there is not your business. You are good for name calling and that is all. I can point out a few errors to you in your next post also so hang on. LeAnn did NOT buy a house down the street; it is a leased house and you didn’t know? Well, I am amazed, know- it- all. I know one thing for certain and that is you are a liar.

  172. 172
    Racy Says:

    @Jessica: Yes, she does share her everyday life with her friends and we appreciate it since we are interested in her success. I could tell you where you came from and it isn’t somebody’s nose. Get the msg? I saw all the pictures that have come out with him and there is NOT one where LeAnn is straddling Eddie’s head. Another lie. I know that Eddie can read and would know if it is his Twitter page. Another lie. Repeat – she didn’t buy the house. Another lie. You are not only a liar but an idiot if you think LeAnn won’t have a career with her voice. That “poor little waitress” said her mother told her, after reading it, that the ex had a baby but she still saw Eddie. From what I have seen over the time this situation has been going on, I don’t know why Eddie stayed as long as he did. You, Jessica, are a smart a** loud mouth and we see you in a lot of places, or some exactly like you. There is a place for people like you also, but self respect keeps me from telling you where it is!!
    I believe that LeAnn or anybody else has the right to move anywhere they want to without prior approval from a ding bat!!

  173. 173
    betty Says:

    I’ll take this one for Diane, I knew the house was leased and Leann wanted something in their backyard so she could keep tabs on that scumbagm Leann knew he was a liar and not a man of his word and might be still trying to do his wife/ Eddie stayed as long as he did because he didn’t plan to leave until Brandi told him to hit the road. Leann was and is the aggressor in that relationship although she had a lot of help from scumbag. She took those PDA to taunt Brandi.who else would care. If I were Brandi I could care less because Eddie would not be able to touch me with a ten foot pole especially since she knew he like too sleep around/Eddie is no loss. What business is it of yours what they door don’t do?

  174. 174
    Racy Says:

    @betty: Oh!! Are you saying that Jessica is Diane? What did you say about people using other names?
    You have no idea when Eddie planned to leave. Appears that he left long before LeAnn. I have nothing to say to you, betty, because I have to repeat it so many times to explain it to you. What is a “scumbag?”
    Wouldn’t be somebody that lies and calls other people names would it? Why, betty, Brandi said their sex life didn’t slow down even after she found out about LeAnn. Was that for LeAnn or what was that for?
    What business is it of yours what they do? Didn’t you ask me that question? Do you think you have an inside track or something?

  175. 175
    betty Says:

    Racy It shows what type of man Eddie is. It means if offered he won’ t turn it down, and he was still Brandis husband and sharing her bed. Brandi stated up until the time she found out that means Eddie was banging all of them .I read the Cosmo article also. If it was for Leann it should have put her on notice, Brandi was married to that scumbag and had children she to deal with it Leann didn’t.she could just walk away, Leann is the type of woman that will put up with anything to hold on to Eddie whether you admit it or not.

  176. 176
    Racy Says:

    @betty: You assume an awful lot. LeAnn loves Eddie. There is no doubt in my mind. I would not assume to tell her how to find someone to love or put her down for doing it. Nor would I you. You do not know these people’s private business. He appears to love her but then I would probably say the same thing about your husband but that doesn’t mean that I know what they will or will not do and you don’t either. I don’t even know what I will do in the future. Get off your crystal ball. It is past the time to go over and over something that has happened. I think they love each other and that is enough for me. I really do like your romantic language of “banging.” When is the ex wife going to stop dealing with it. That is what is getting old.

  177. 177
    Diane Says:


    Quote: “Do you know that more people would have had compassion for Brandi if she had gone on with her life, did what she had to do and acted more human about it?”

    Are you freaking for REAL? Yes, that woman’s husband lied and lied to her about his affair with Leann and you blame HER. That’s just pathetic as a woman to even say that. She has minor children, Leann DOESN’T. Cripes, this is useless. Your idolization over a bulldog looking coldhearted woman is getting in your way of objectivity.

    I will go search Leann’s twitter tomorrow – she made reference to Eddie’s wife several times and you know it! I think it was around the time Brandi gave her e! interview a month or so ago and Leann said “it must be sad to live your life for revenge.” C’mon, you just know she was talking about her mARRIED boyfriend’s wife.

    But yet it was okay for Leann to talk to People Magazine about it. Most gossip bloggers say Brandi has every.damn.right to talk about it, I say go Brandi!
    those two cheaters deserve it, and Leann has been shameless about her antics, just freaking shameless, no remorse, and totally classless. Yeah, I do think the WIFE AND MOTHER OF Eddie’s children should have more leeway in showing her hurt.

  178. 178
    Diane Says:

    “betty, the majority of what you are saying is a lie. Brandi smeared LeAnn by saying she was stalking Eddie. Since both were involved, why was LeAnn blamed.”

    Um, X17 has footage of Eddie & Brandi still together after he denied the affair, AND AFTER Brandi made the stalking statement. I can link that footage for you, they ask Eddie about the affair as he and Brandi are holding hands and walking to their vehicle and get in the backseats.

    So there, I actually can link footage of that. So that tells me, Eddie was lying his **** off to his WIFE and Leann was busy chasing him. And yeah, she DID move into their neighborhood WHILE Eddie was still living with his WIFE.

  179. 179
    Diane Says:

    Okay, it was June of 2009, last year, and I would bet money that Eddie & Leann was messing around on both their spouses, and Eddie, the total prize husband, made Brandi think Leann was stalking him to mislead her about the affair!

    I think both he and Leann lied, lied, lied.

    So yeah, Racy, you’re wrong, they were both STILL with their spouses when Brandi made those comments about Leann pursuing her husband, calling, texting, and Eddie let her say that stuff, but I guess Brandi was just lying while her hubby was still living w/her. Gotcha.

  180. 180
    Diane Says:

    Here’s the link:

    Google the “Leann Rimes is a stalker” and that story came out in all news outlets in June 2009. Leann & Eddie acted like they were still with their spouses, yet Leann made sure she “ran into” Eddie at the Lakers game. Yeah riiight, what a coincidence.

    Then the VIDEO came out of her sucking on Eddie’s finger. Yep, I believed she PURSUED THE HELL out of that married man, and he was scum enough to participate. And should I link the news when it broke that Brandi kicked him out to the curb. Heck, I’m surprised she didn’t go all Elin Woods on his **** since he lied, lied, lied and denied the affair for months!

  181. 181
    Diane Says:

    Remember this Racy? They were both denying the affair, and yeah, I DO think Leann was chasing Eddie Cibrian just like his WIFE said.

    So one month before Brandi Cibrian makes those stalker comments (because she was dumb enough to believe her husband’s lies about Leann stalking him *rolls eyes).

    So in May 2009 – what a coincidence, the married woman, Leann Rimes RUNS INTO Eddie Cibrian at the Lakers game. She went after him like a heat-seeking missile. She’s a ******.

  182. 182
    Diane Says:

    March 2009 – Eddie denies the affair with Leann with these crazy lying words:,,20266449_20597793,00.html
    “Eddie Cibrian is fighting back against a report that claims he’s having an affair with co-star LeAnn Rimes.

    “It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship,” Cibrian says in a statement first obtained by Access Hollywood. “

  183. 183
    Diane Says:

    July 2009 – Brandi kicks Eddie to the curb, probably because she found out Eddie was lying to her all this time about his affair w/Leann.

    A month after calling Rimes a “stalker” for continuing to pursue her husband, Glanville told US Weekly in its latest issue, “Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other.”

    “Eddie and I have decided to take some time apart,” Glanville, 36, the mother of two young boys, said. “I want to do what is best for our children.

    According to US, the final straw for Glanville came after Cibrian, 36, and Rimes, 26, co-stars of a steamy Lifetime movie, were seen togther again July 17, four months after the magzine first reported that they were having an affair.

    Cibrian’s wife stayed mum until last month, when she broke her silence and accused Rimes of stalking her husband.

    “LeAnn is a stalker,” Glanville told US at the time. “She refuses to leave us alone — it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango, and I get that but, at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance.”

    Glanville claimed that Rimes, who is married to aspiring songwriter Dean Sheremet, showed up at an L.A. Lakers game Cibrian attended May 17, weeks after he’d changed his phone number to end Rimes’ “constant texting and calling.”

    Rimes’ motive, according to Glanville? Publicity.

    “LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter and doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants,” the model and mother of Mason, 6, and Jake, 2, told US. “She’s hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom.”

  184. 184
    betty Says:

    Racy Lets not get personal. First of all I don’t twitter ,text or photo op my personal business like Leann and Eddie. I care less what they do and I assume nothing thats your bag, You never have your facts.straight and who was discussing the future? Banging is the correct language for what Eddie was doing all he was doing was exchanging partners whats romantic about was about lust. Brandi has already dealt with it aren’t they divorcing. You know this saga makes Leann look like the tramp she is and Eddie a lying scumbag.They both will have the reputation as cheaters as Tiger Woods,Jesse James etc. You notice their relationship is brought up every time something is written about them.

  185. 185
    Tomikka Says:

    Brandi Glanville and Dean’s trashy sister are behind 100% of these posts. Both bitter LOSERS that need to move on. EDDIE IS NOT COMING BACK, Brandi! Move on! Your friends think you are a laughingstock!
    Be happy with your successful NOBODY of a boyfriend. lol
    DEAN tell your sister to get a JOB. She is old enough!
    Leann your body looks great and you are a sweet girl.
    Eddie – you are a huge LOSER and I hope you never work again.

  186. 186
    lol Says:

    that nobody boyfiend has a job something the married cheater doesnt.

  187. 187
    Jessica Says:

    I hope Eddie never works again, also, but then he won’t have to, since he lives in Leanns mansion , she pays the electric biil, water bill, cable bill, insurance payments for house, health and cars for both of them . She buys all the food, pays for gym memberships and most likely his child support payments. and when they travel first class, she pays for the plane tickets, the hotels, their food, and any car rentals. Why would he even care if he doesn’t work ever again. plus, she probably gives him an alowance.. They will get married as soon as his divorce is final.. He would be an idiot not to marry her and live the life of luxury.

  188. 188
    Jessica Says:

    do you know who is laughing behind Leanns back. All the people in Nashville that someone sent ten pictures of her picking her nose. Go to “leann rimes nosepicking” for the full effect…..GROSS_GROSS_GROSS

  189. 189
    anon Says:

    They do look like twins

  190. 190
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: I do not idolize anybody. Do you idolize the ex? You are ranting and raving enough to give that impression. I enjoy the talent of many entertainers but I don’t worship. Are you trying to be dramatic? Everybody gets hurt, everybody gets angry and most move on before they grow old. You are small minded and try to hurt others, like a child, by calling names. It appears that the ex is clawing trying to hold on to something that has long passed her by. Women are tougher than that; most of us learn early on about taking care of ourselves and that s*** happens. You either sink or swim; it is as simple as that. You can talk anything to death but you cannot change it like that. How long is this going to go on?

  191. 191
    anon Says:

    racy—I guess as long as you keep defending her evey few minutes. Eddies wife has done absolutley nothing wrong and she can say what she wants to say as long as the grinch Leann keeps twittering and until their divoce is final

  192. 192
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: When you write a whole lot of junk, is that supposed to be convincing or to scare people off? You DO NOT read these things you are talking about. LeAnn, according to reports that you can read, moved across the street from Eddie. If he was living at home, it would not have been across the street. Read reports that Eddie was sleeping in a different area, in the original home, from the ex. You can read the stmt that the ex made concerning the stalking; she didn’t realize they were both involved in an affair when she made the stalking stmt. Your bets aren’t worth two cents since you don’t know what was happening. How do you suppose LeAnn knew Eddie was going to be at the basketball game? Can you figure that out on your own? Whatever one-sided story you tell it all comes down to this. Eddie is still with LeAnn and he doesn’t have to be. He could have gone back to the ex but he didn’t. I think they knew early on that they cared about each other and tried to cover it up in several ways, but in the end they just wanted to be together. They both look happy and their fans wish them well. Know the facts that have been printed and stop fighint a war that seems to be at truce stage.

  193. 193
    Racy Says:

    @Jessica: Are you saying that Eddie, just because he wasn’t signed for another year with CSI, is a pauper? How small-minded. You don’t know who pays what in their household? Are you privvy to facts the rest of us aren’t? You know who is being laughed at – you. Maybe I should say Diane. An adult that has nothing better to do than try to hurt somebody because they have their finger in their nose. When you put your finger in your nose last time, did you feel ridiculous? This isn’t a sinful or shameful act by any means since everybody does it. You are grasping at straws.

  194. 194
    Kathy Says:

    All I can say is that I have been behind EC & LR all the way. I truly believe he Loves her & she Loves him. They have been through quite a bit in the time they have been together, more then the average person would tolerate. Yes, they have made their fair share of mistakes but who hasn’t? Just let them be. They want to be together and it is their choice not the choice of the people. We don’t even know them and they don’t even know us so why is everybody in such an uproar and trying to make trouble for them? BG has been letting things go. She realizes how much her boys care about her and she says she hope EC marries her. Pleasse, for the sake of argument here, let the two Lovebirds, for whatever reasons they want to be together, let them be. It’s their life and those two little boys Mason and Jake Love her so all must be well. I care about them and I just get this feeling it is meant for them to be. GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK

  195. 195
    betty Says:

    Diane–You gave all the facts of that sleazy romance and Leann fans can’t take the truth about Leann chasing that scumbag. Brandi kicked him out why would she want him back/ If she is currently dating a successful man why would she want a jobless liar and cheater back. Once a woman gets involved with a real man a toy boy want do. Let Eddie stay with Leann get married and fade into the sunset ,who cares. Its sad those boys have a weak loser for a father and its too bad that you Leann fans don’t have the confidence in Eddie you pretend. We know how fickle Eddie is and we know Leann will do anything to keep Eddie. I just don’t understand why the divorce finalization is taking so long. Divorces can be granted without all the details being worked out.

  196. 196
    charity Says:

    Racy,YES, he doesn’t have two dimes to rub together. He was in over his head on their house and he can’t even make his child support payments I know one hell of a lot more that you do, Miss Smarty pants.When Leann threw him a life jacket he jumped on it with out hesitation

  197. 197
    Racy Says:

    @charity: Well, to put it nicely, you told a bunch of d*** lies in the prior posts so I don’t believe you know anything but what you made up yourself. I will not speculate on what Eddie has money wise but the odds are that you don’t know what you are talking about. I would LOVE to speculate right now but I won’t. Obviously, LeAnn doesn’t need him for money; she loves him regardless of the circumstances. Eddie isn’t stupid nor is LeAnn. With all the dissention that has gone on, I am sure they know about trouble. LeAnn can take care of her own bucks and herself. Don’t think everybody is stupid besides yourself. LeAnn has had all this money for years and knows what to do with it. She loves him for himself and that should be enough for anybody. Eddie knows she is going to take care of herself so give it a rest. If they have happiness in their life, that should be enough for us all. Eddie has a much better understanding of LeAnn now than he did prior and better than you or I.

  198. 198
    betty Says:

    Racy Are you saying Eddie is a kept man or you just don’t want to admit it.Just goes to show what some people won’t do for love. Leann just tweeted Eddie even has her outside doing yard work. LOL

  199. 199
    alana Says:

    Racy sure gets herself all in a tither when she has been outdone. She is one of Lr PR people or maybe the manish looking woman herself. She had on the uglist black outfit ever seen on a person last night. she looked totally flat and totally fat in it. Maybe she could hire Brandi to give her pointers on how to dress .Racy, you are just so pathetic. Defending low-down liars and cheaters. And, that is how they will always be known. FOREVER, and ever Amen

  200. 200
    Racy Says:

    @alana: You and betty never provide the proof of the lies you tell; never get anything right; so I don’t know why I bother to reply. Talk to yourselves for a bit. Liars should understand each other.

  201. 201
    alana Says:

    I can’t believe you said that liars understand each other Oh racy You left yourself open for this one, so stupid maybe you are Leann .Here you go” and this is the basis or foundation for Leann and Eddies relationship.” Liars under stand each other”, LR an EC, two of the biggest liars in the land. Doncha just love it. tNow, racy, you go rest for awhile, you brain is becoming pickled and I want you to be able to go to Leann and get your pay-check. and, how would you know if we don’t get anything right.. Go back to your hoeing in the yard. OOps I meant whoring Go rest your little brain. Racy—-That is the kind of name Leann would pick out.

  202. 202
    bonnie Says:

    think Leann has opened a twitter account in Eddies name so it looks like he is bragging on her. wonder if Eddie knows Bet he doesn’t!!! In those beach pictures Eddie has bigger boobs than Leann I feel breast enlargement coming on/ could it be Leann or maybe Eddie since he doesn”t have any B****left

  203. 203
    insecure Says:

    By the sounds of the troll we can surmise that Brandi’s love life and hopes for a mate in Michael are very uncertain. I heard on a blog that she is not he only one he’s seeing. Has anyone else read that and, if yes, point out where. Thank you!

    Cool, cool that Eddie is tweeting and he is expressing his adoration for Le love. Sooo sweet !!!

  204. 204
    betty Says:

    Insecure or Racy Brandi is not as desperate as Leann.Brandi is looking for someone to date not a mate like Leann . Moving a married jobless boyfriend in shows her desperation. Some women will do anything to have a man and if it means supporting him they will do that. Even Oprah isn’t that desperate her man has his own successful career.If the man Brandi seeing is dating someone else at least he is single and have that option not unlike the cheater she was married to. Don’t hate Brandi because she can get a man without paying for his company without luring him with gifts trips and other you know who.

  205. 205
    lol Says:

    at least Brandi’s man has a job..LeAnn is with an unemployed married cheater i’d say Brandi wins :)

  206. 206
    gwen Says:

    Now JJ, didn’t Eddie say that it disturbed him to see his kids faces in the tabs when his wife was spotted on a beach with the kids?

    In fact he said that she tipped off the paps to draw attention to herself and wasn’t being child focused, right?

    So then by his own logic, the same applies here.

    Does anyone notice that those kids are still in their PJs?

    So LR dragged those kids out of their beds just so that she could prove that EC loves her?

    And to taunt BG because LR isn’t supposed to be sleeping over at EC, so LR bought EC a house and has to stay with him to make sure that he doesn’t wander off to a hotel with another woman.

    Why is LR the only one not in her PJs? Because she knew that the paps where there.

    Have you ever noticed how EC and LR are NEVER spotted in the water in these beach photos or how their hair is rarely wet? Just another major indication that she is tipping off the paps.

    Thanks JJ for showing us that EC is a LIAR and when he says that he is not cheating on LR, he most likely is.

  207. 207
    anon Says:

    everytime I see those two people I get a picture of two rutting pigs

  208. 208
    insecure Says:

    When Eddie’s ex has a steady we’ll know because the troll will be pulled back. Until then, nothing is sure in that dept. Hahaha!!!

  209. 209
    Diane Says:

    I LOVE that Eddie has opened a Twitter Page, whether he’s actually posting or Leann is for him, who cares?! One or the other is reading the tweets they get.

    I tweeted that nosepicking pic to him (HUGE PIC), along with the veneers pic! Told him I forwarded that nosepicking pic of his Sugar Mama to all the top country artists. Can’t wait to see if I get tweeted back. Ha.

    I also asked him if Leann bought him the new iPhone yet?

  210. 210
    Diane Says:


    LMFAO – I think, not sure, I’m supposed to be Brandi’s troll. BUt I don’t know you nutty Leann fans keep accusing EVERYBODY of that, but if that ‘was’ directed towards me, I can reassure you.

    Brandi’s couple status has nothing to do with me going away…I will be posting here long after she gets married again. There, that should help you sleep better.

  211. 211
    Diane Says:

    So Leann bought a home a few blocks from Brandi’s house, dang, that biyatch is just plain cold. See, I would’ve at least had the compassion to move at least 20 miles away, but not Leann freaking Rimes.

  212. 212
    betty Says:

    Insecure— What does Leann have.? A homeless, jobless lover broke with mounting debts that she has to support including his kids. You think Brandi has a problem?

  213. 213
    Diane Says:

    This is highlarious. Racy/Anonymous must have a Twitter Page too and they tell their idol about big bad ol’ me and Brandi Glanville tweets about Eddie.

    Is this person for REAL? Are they the Twitter police. Can’t wait till my Leann Nosepicking/Veneer site goes live, how will I ever get suspended by Racy the Troll? bwahaha

  214. 214
    Diane Says:

    Hey guys, I got a new VIDEO coming out, I am Lele’s stalker after all. Dang, Leann fans are so freaking HIGHLARIOUS.
    Anyway, the video will be done tomorrow. I will link it all over the place for you to see, it’s a doozy! Keep your eyes peeled.

    Oh, here I’m referred to as a stalker LMFAO
    Yeah, god forbid someone make fun of Lele, you will be accused of “stalking”, please sit down Lele fans, get real. Funniest part, Leann asks this delusional twit “I would like to know who it is”.


  215. 215
    Diane Says:

    Just because:

  216. 216
    Diane Says:

    Well, where is everybody? Okay, well, no wonder Eddie’s wife Brandi was so dang pissed, I would’ve been TOO. She was apparently pregnant with their 2nd child and what was Eddie doing?


  217. 217
    Diane Says:

    LOL, I put this on Eddie’s Twitter titled “World’s #1 hubby.” I’m pretty sure his wife was pregnant with their 2nd children at the time of this pic with Schaena Jancan.

    What a guy huh? LMAO

  218. 218
    charity Says:

    Diane, I’m here and really can’t wait to see the video tomorrow. That’s when LEann is supposed to be shooting her Bikini shots.. who knows whart for,, Maybe Eddies private amusement.. Boy. they will have to airbrush the heck out of those pics. I wou ld love it if Eddie took a look at her ten nose picking pictures and don’t forget Leanns motto ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry”

  219. 219
    wendlyn Says:

    charity and diane and all your akas, you aren’t pulling the wool over on anyone. You are a paid troll and things must not be going the way of the boss.

  220. 220
    charity Says:


  221. 221
    Diane Says:

    Just saw the video it’s going to be a Web Sensation. Uploading to Youtube, Perezhilton, posting here, etc. I’ll have that baby

    Oh, yeah, where’s my paycheck (question for my boss) LMFAO!!!!!
    I need money, bossman.

    By the way, LUV how Leann (ms honesty) Rimes says thank you to People Magazine on her Twitter for reporting private information honestly. Bwahaha…is she 4 real? The “source” is her people. LaineyGossip told how all those “sources” in People Magazine articles work, it’s the celebs publicists. Too freaking funny. Eddie Cibrian is officially a “kept man”.

    Doncha luv the part where it says Lele’s house is in the kids school district? She invaded Brandi Glanville’s space bigtime. Poor insufferable Eddie, he literally was bought & paid for.,,20405550,00.html

  222. 222
    wendlyn Says:

    yep, yer da hired hand and it’s not going well for you.

    Congrats to Le and Eddie in setting up house together. The divorce must be final or close. Shared custody will give Brandi a chance to work and date and build her life.

  223. 223
    betty Says:

    Trash is trash no matter how you try to clean it up.Eddie is broke as a joke and Leann is a fool, Eddie setting up house with Leann shows his character he is no better than a pimp. He knows what he is doing; But placing his kids in the midst of this is shameless.These kids deserve a decent upbringing and not the the type of sleazy lifestyle their father has placed them in. Why could he not been more respectable with his actions. Looking respectable and being respectable is different. What happened to his manhood and pride?. It all must be below his belt.

  224. 224
    charity Says:

    diane Have you noticed that’s it’s always Leann doing the talking and Eddie is mum.. Even that his web-site was set up by her so she can show just how much he loves her. Right , Leann posted those blogs on there because it is my understanding that he is not smart enough to figure out how to use them Although,I think he is figuring out how to use the new I-phone she bought him .. notice that they moved into the home that she bought. He is truly a KEPT man and he is now Leann’s BI***. She pays for the electric, telephones, water,INSURANCE ON CARS, HOUSE AND PERSONAL, airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals, cable, charge cards, and his child support . Nice job, he HAS AND ALL HE HAS TO DO FOR THAT IS ,,FORNICATE WITH HER. He is a true LOSER ,but she is happy with a gigolo and he will wind up taking her for every penny she has. goody, goody juds hoping they do not procreate, because that would just be one more mouth for her to feed and if the child looked anything like she did when she was young, that would not be a pretty sight

  225. 225
    charity Says:

    People mag just opened a comment page on their story about LR and Ec There are 72 comments so far and almost every single one of them is trashing them. All different people , you stupid LR PR people
    think the new web site of dianes is going to be a big hit. Check it out Leann and your PR people to see what people with faces are saying

  226. 226
    Diane Says:

    Okay guys the video will premiere here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Eastern! Stay tuned. It’s HIGHlarious and really tells their “love” story.

    I’ve sent a copy of it to Perez already, may try LaineyGossip, HuffPost will get it, my Twitter, etc. Yay…

  227. 227
    need a job Says:

    99% same person on People. Last time they wiped them all away and you cried about your precious efforts vanishing for a whole month.

    Things not going so well for your boss, I see!

  228. 228
    charity Says:

    @Diane:—-, I can’t wait goody goody==Charity here

  229. 229
    troll baloney Says:

    Now that your job is coming to an end, where do you think you will pick up your next job? Can you file for unemployment? bwahahaaaaaa

  230. 230
    Diane Says:

    You’re kidding right? My job is FAR from over! haha
    I’m just getting started…just an FYI.

    What’s the big deal? They’ve BEEN living together, they’re just making it official cause Eddie can’t afford both child support and probably is divorce settlement with his wife. So poor dude was forced to co-habitate with his mistress and taking his children w/him. How emasculating, but necessary financially.

    I give them 2 years tops, but if Eddie was smart, he should knock Leann up to get better divorce settlement. She WILL be dumb enough to marry him without one, she’s sooo in love with him he could talk her into anything, including a prenup, I think.

  231. 231
    fat burner Says:

    she’s gorgeous

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