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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian look like one big happy family, holding hands his two sons — Mason, 6, and Jake, 3 — while strolling along the beach on Saturday (July 17) in Malibu, Calif.

“Skipped rocks on the beach this morning [with Eddie],” LeAnn tweeted. “Now off to do a show. Hope to see some of you on Phoenix tonight!!!”

She continued, “Watching a beautiful moment between a dad & his maybe 8 month old little girl. He’s walking her slowly into the ocean & she’s loving it!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian‘s beach family fun…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 12

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  • alana

    I can’t believe you said that liars understand each other Oh racy You left yourself open for this one, so stupid maybe you are Leann .Here you go” and this is the basis or foundation for Leann and Eddies relationship.” Liars under stand each other”, LR an EC, two of the biggest liars in the land. Doncha just love it. tNow, racy, you go rest for awhile, you brain is becoming pickled and I want you to be able to go to Leann and get your pay-check. and, how would you know if we don’t get anything right.. Go back to your hoeing in the yard. OOps I meant whoring Go rest your little brain. Racy—-That is the kind of name Leann would pick out.

  • bonnie

    think Leann has opened a twitter account in Eddies name so it looks like he is bragging on her. wonder if Eddie knows Bet he doesn’t!!! In those beach pictures Eddie has bigger boobs than Leann I feel breast enlargement coming on/ could it be Leann or maybe Eddie since he doesn”t have any B****left

  • insecure

    By the sounds of the troll we can surmise that Brandi’s love life and hopes for a mate in Michael are very uncertain. I heard on a blog that she is not he only one he’s seeing. Has anyone else read that and, if yes, point out where. Thank you!

    Cool, cool that Eddie is tweeting and he is expressing his adoration for Le love. Sooo sweet !!!

  • betty

    Insecure or Racy Brandi is not as desperate as Leann.Brandi is looking for someone to date not a mate like Leann . Moving a married jobless boyfriend in shows her desperation. Some women will do anything to have a man and if it means supporting him they will do that. Even Oprah isn’t that desperate her man has his own successful career.If the man Brandi seeing is dating someone else at least he is single and have that option not unlike the cheater she was married to. Don’t hate Brandi because she can get a man without paying for his company without luring him with gifts trips and other you know who.

  • http://deleted lol

    at least Brandi’s man has a job..LeAnn is with an unemployed married cheater i’d say Brandi wins :)

  • gwen

    Now JJ, didn’t Eddie say that it disturbed him to see his kids faces in the tabs when his wife was spotted on a beach with the kids?

    In fact he said that she tipped off the paps to draw attention to herself and wasn’t being child focused, right?

    So then by his own logic, the same applies here.

    Does anyone notice that those kids are still in their PJs?

    So LR dragged those kids out of their beds just so that she could prove that EC loves her?

    And to taunt BG because LR isn’t supposed to be sleeping over at EC, so LR bought EC a house and has to stay with him to make sure that he doesn’t wander off to a hotel with another woman.

    Why is LR the only one not in her PJs? Because she knew that the paps where there.

    Have you ever noticed how EC and LR are NEVER spotted in the water in these beach photos or how their hair is rarely wet? Just another major indication that she is tipping off the paps.

    Thanks JJ for showing us that EC is a LIAR and when he says that he is not cheating on LR, he most likely is.

  • anon

    everytime I see those two people I get a picture of two rutting pigs

  • insecure

    When Eddie’s ex has a steady we’ll know because the troll will be pulled back. Until then, nothing is sure in that dept. Hahaha!!!

  • Diane

    I LOVE that Eddie has opened a Twitter Page, whether he’s actually posting or Leann is for him, who cares?! One or the other is reading the tweets they get.

    I tweeted that nosepicking pic to him (HUGE PIC), along with the veneers pic! Told him I forwarded that nosepicking pic of his Sugar Mama to all the top country artists. Can’t wait to see if I get tweeted back. Ha.

    I also asked him if Leann bought him the new iPhone yet?

  • Diane


    LMFAO – I think, not sure, I’m supposed to be Brandi’s troll. BUt I don’t know you nutty Leann fans keep accusing EVERYBODY of that, but if that ‘was’ directed towards me, I can reassure you.

    Brandi’s couple status has nothing to do with me going away…I will be posting here long after she gets married again. There, that should help you sleep better.

  • Diane

    So Leann bought a home a few blocks from Brandi’s house, dang, that biyatch is just plain cold. See, I would’ve at least had the compassion to move at least 20 miles away, but not Leann freaking Rimes.

  • betty

    Insecure— What does Leann have.? A homeless, jobless lover broke with mounting debts that she has to support including his kids. You think Brandi has a problem?

  • Diane

    This is highlarious. Racy/Anonymous must have a Twitter Page too and they tell their idol about big bad ol’ me and Brandi Glanville tweets about Eddie.

    Is this person for REAL? Are they the Twitter police. Can’t wait till my Leann Nosepicking/Veneer site goes live, how will I ever get suspended by Racy the Troll? bwahaha

  • Diane

    Hey guys, I got a new VIDEO coming out, I am Lele’s stalker after all. Dang, Leann fans are so freaking HIGHLARIOUS.
    Anyway, the video will be done tomorrow. I will link it all over the place for you to see, it’s a doozy! Keep your eyes peeled.

    Oh, here I’m referred to as a stalker LMFAO
    Yeah, god forbid someone make fun of Lele, you will be accused of “stalking”, please sit down Lele fans, get real. Funniest part, Leann asks this delusional twit “I would like to know who it is”.


  • Diane
  • Diane

    Well, where is everybody? Okay, well, no wonder Eddie’s wife Brandi was so dang pissed, I would’ve been TOO. She was apparently pregnant with their 2nd child and what was Eddie doing?


  • Diane

    LOL, I put this on Eddie’s Twitter titled “World’s #1 hubby.” I’m pretty sure his wife was pregnant with their 2nd children at the time of this pic with Schaena Jancan.

    What a guy huh? LMAO

  • charity

    Diane, I’m here and really can’t wait to see the video tomorrow. That’s when LEann is supposed to be shooting her Bikini shots.. who knows whart for,, Maybe Eddies private amusement.. Boy. they will have to airbrush the heck out of those pics. I wou ld love it if Eddie took a look at her ten nose picking pictures and don’t forget Leanns motto ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry”

  • wendlyn

    charity and diane and all your akas, you aren’t pulling the wool over on anyone. You are a paid troll and things must not be going the way of the boss.

  • charity


  • Diane

    Just saw the video it’s going to be a Web Sensation. Uploading to Youtube, Perezhilton, posting here, etc. I’ll have that baby

    Oh, yeah, where’s my paycheck (question for my boss) LMFAO!!!!!
    I need money, bossman.

    By the way, LUV how Leann (ms honesty) Rimes says thank you to People Magazine on her Twitter for reporting private information honestly. Bwahaha…is she 4 real? The “source” is her people. LaineyGossip told how all those “sources” in People Magazine articles work, it’s the celebs publicists. Too freaking funny. Eddie Cibrian is officially a “kept man”.

    Doncha luv the part where it says Lele’s house is in the kids school district? She invaded Brandi Glanville’s space bigtime. Poor insufferable Eddie, he literally was bought & paid for.,,20405550,00.html

  • wendlyn

    yep, yer da hired hand and it’s not going well for you.

    Congrats to Le and Eddie in setting up house together. The divorce must be final or close. Shared custody will give Brandi a chance to work and date and build her life.

  • betty

    Trash is trash no matter how you try to clean it up.Eddie is broke as a joke and Leann is a fool, Eddie setting up house with Leann shows his character he is no better than a pimp. He knows what he is doing; But placing his kids in the midst of this is shameless.These kids deserve a decent upbringing and not the the type of sleazy lifestyle their father has placed them in. Why could he not been more respectable with his actions. Looking respectable and being respectable is different. What happened to his manhood and pride?. It all must be below his belt.

  • charity

    diane Have you noticed that’s it’s always Leann doing the talking and Eddie is mum.. Even that his web-site was set up by her so she can show just how much he loves her. Right , Leann posted those blogs on there because it is my understanding that he is not smart enough to figure out how to use them Although,I think he is figuring out how to use the new I-phone she bought him .. notice that they moved into the home that she bought. He is truly a KEPT man and he is now Leann’s BI***. She pays for the electric, telephones, water,INSURANCE ON CARS, HOUSE AND PERSONAL, airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals, cable, charge cards, and his child support . Nice job, he HAS AND ALL HE HAS TO DO FOR THAT IS ,,FORNICATE WITH HER. He is a true LOSER ,but she is happy with a gigolo and he will wind up taking her for every penny she has. goody, goody juds hoping they do not procreate, because that would just be one more mouth for her to feed and if the child looked anything like she did when she was young, that would not be a pretty sight

  • charity

    People mag just opened a comment page on their story about LR and Ec There are 72 comments so far and almost every single one of them is trashing them. All different people , you stupid LR PR people
    think the new web site of dianes is going to be a big hit. Check it out Leann and your PR people to see what people with faces are saying

  • Diane

    Okay guys the video will premiere here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Eastern! Stay tuned. It’s HIGHlarious and really tells their “love” story.

    I’ve sent a copy of it to Perez already, may try LaineyGossip, HuffPost will get it, my Twitter, etc. Yay…

  • need a job

    99% same person on People. Last time they wiped them all away and you cried about your precious efforts vanishing for a whole month.

    Things not going so well for your boss, I see!

  • charity

    @Diane:—-, I can’t wait goody goody==Charity here

  • troll baloney

    Now that your job is coming to an end, where do you think you will pick up your next job? Can you file for unemployment? bwahahaaaaaa

  • Diane

    You’re kidding right? My job is FAR from over! haha
    I’m just getting started…just an FYI.

    What’s the big deal? They’ve BEEN living together, they’re just making it official cause Eddie can’t afford both child support and probably is divorce settlement with his wife. So poor dude was forced to co-habitate with his mistress and taking his children w/him. How emasculating, but necessary financially.

    I give them 2 years tops, but if Eddie was smart, he should knock Leann up to get better divorce settlement. She WILL be dumb enough to marry him without one, she’s sooo in love with him he could talk her into anything, including a prenup, I think.

  • fat burner

    she’s gorgeous