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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian look like one big happy family, holding hands his two sons — Mason, 6, and Jake, 3 — while strolling along the beach on Saturday (July 17) in Malibu, Calif.

“Skipped rocks on the beach this morning [with Eddie],” LeAnn tweeted. “Now off to do a show. Hope to see some of you on Phoenix tonight!!!”

She continued, “Watching a beautiful moment between a dad & his maybe 8 month old little girl. He’s walking her slowly into the ocean & she’s loving it!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian‘s beach family fun…

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231 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!”

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  1. 151
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: My displeasure and my anger comes because you aren’t smart enough to respect the human race, especially those who have done nothing whatsoever to harm you. If you want to dislike somebody’s actions why don’t you try to clear up some of the crap that injures kids and hunger and things that would help somebody. You might think your actions are cute but to sane people it looks like a dolt in action. God help those who can’t see the real things that hurt. NO, I DON’T THINK YOU ARE BRANDI GLANVILLE . I think you are pathetic and would not want you on my side regardless of the issue.

  2. 152
    Diane Says:


    I’m just being silly and Leann is a public figure, they’re all game for ridicule. I didn’t take the nosepicking pics, etc. Please.

    As for your quote “God help those who can’t see the real things that hurt.” Yeah, I saw where your idol, Leann, went after a married guy and broke up a family, I think she zoned in on him, he was torn about the break-up of his family but ultimately resumed the affair. His wife kicked him out after the denials, the cheating behind her back.

    So yeah, I bet you could use that same question towards Leann and what she did to Eddie’s wife, a woman. Just like me, you, and other women out there. She had zero respect for that woman or what she did, as long as the end result was to her liking. Heck, she even said that! I have zero respect for her, and she deserves public ridicule. She’s a SHAMELESS homewrecker, she’s not the first homewrecker, but she’s so darn shameless in what she did.

    That’s my beef with stupid Leann. Eddie’s just a user, I think. He likes the lifestyle she’s providing him for now. Just speculation, of course!

  3. 153
    Diane Says:

    Had Leann not taunted Eddie’s legal wife, not used her Twitter to tweet stuff she KNEW would get back to her “married” boyfriend’s wife, etc. I would cut her some slack. But again, I think Leann is a total ******. Cold, calculationg and just unmercifully hurtful. Yep. I do.

    She could’ve given the woman and the family time to heal, but I think she deserves all the interviews Brandi Glanville has given. If anyone should have a right to say mean and hurtful things, it’s THAT woman. And to top it off, Leann sent a cease and desist to her “married” boyfriend’s wife, WTF?? So yeah, that country bumpkin deserves the scorn she’s received. She wasn’t a humble homewrecker by any means.

  4. 154
    charity Says:

    someone does not have to HARM ME in order to feel compassion for other people who have been hurt. Where is your compassion Racy for the innocent people in this awful mess. Why is your pity and compassion wasted on two people who are liars, cheaters, adulterers, and two people who don’t give a rats butt who they have lied to so they can be together. You absolutely have to be a PR peson for the two whory people. I have no sympathy for either LR orEC, and I sure know they don’t want my sympathy and they do not care what I or any one else thinks. also, think that when LEann and Eddie go out with other people, that Leann gives Eddie money ahead of time so he can act like the big CHEESE and pay the bill.

  5. 155
    anon Says:

    EC and LR are two nasty people

  6. 156
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: You said Eddie was just a “user.” Aren’t you using LeAnn and Eddie to make your views known and show your hate and disgust? Is that not doing the same thing? You and I don’t know what went on in those household, do we? Do you know that more people would have had compassion for Brandi if she had gone on with her life, did what she had to do and acted more human about it? Why take over a year to spread and smear somebody else for your own benefit? No, Brandi is not like me. I have more self respect than to tell the world about every problem I have. How about you? Why is LeAnn more shameless than anybody else? She has worked hard and long for success and did not depend on anybody for her daily bread, if you will. You might not approve of everything she does or did but she is a human being and as such deserves more than having her picture with her finger in her nose to be sent all over the country. How do you know what you would do if you fell in love with someone?

  7. 157
    Racy Says:

    @Diane: How do you know that LeAnn taunted the ex wife? All we know is what Brandi said. You are wrong when you said that LeAnn remarked anything about Brandi. Neither LeAnn nor Eddie said anything; it was the ex wife who did all the talking until much later. LeAnn was tweeting how happy she was in her situation with the kids and Eddie. This was a year after the whole thing started. Even the ex wife said the children liked her and that she was having a positive effect on them. LeAnn gives us the human side of her life – cooking, playing, gym time, packing for a trip, etc.. That is why her fans are loyal. We see her as one of us, I guess. Most people in the big bucks dept don’t bother. We aren’t seeing the human side of you, Diane. Most people in ancient times were stoned immediately after the act and not going on two years afterward.

  8. 158
    Racy Says:

    @charity: I believe that people in the big buck dept. pay bills by credit card or have things automatically charged to an account. They don’t exactly live like you and I do. They made the money and it is their right to handle it any way they see fit.

  9. 159
    betty Says:

    @Racy If you defend that tramp and scumbag that your business and because others don’t view them as you do does not make them hateful. Leann deliberately went after Eddie she is the disgustful one and her actions since has shown her for what she is.If you like her fine but .Brandi acted with more class then that sl*t Leann. When did Brandi smear Leann? That trick Leann was the one flaunting, smirking and photo opting with that scumbag showing no respect for Brandi or herself. In addition being seen in photos with Brandis children with her ass showing the first one playing with Eddies privates and the most recent straddling him while the kids are nearby so she smeared herself the pictures were on the net. This B is no victim people don’t hate her or that scumbag they just find them both disgusting. I’m glad Brandi has moved on and and let these two clowns use one another. Who cares.!!!

  10. 160
    anonymous Says:

    The one above has a mouth like a man. Seriously doubt there is a woman behind that name.

    And why don’t you head off to a pro-Brandi board if you need to idolize someone. Hating is an illness and you have a bad bad case.

    eonline has something about Brandi and Muchael Melman but for some odd reason you don’t want to attract attention to that thread or subject.

  11. 161
    betty Says:

    We all know Eddie is broke as a joke.and jobless Brandi took half of everything he owns and I bet Leann does not have the big bucks everyone thinks she has or else she wouldn’t be taking these small time bookings.You don’t need big bucks to pay by credit card that is todays new trend.

  12. 162
    anonymous Says:

    You are so obviously trolling for a living. No one else is going to whine plaintively like an orchestra of out-of-tune violins for a whole year. Brandi is set if she is with Michael. But if she were secure in that relationship you wouldn’t be on here doing what you’ve been hired to do. So one has t scratch one’s head and think the relationship isn’t in the hole just yet. And your work continues as a “just in case” it isn’t.

  13. 163
    Racy Says:

    betty, the majority of what you are saying is a lie. Brandi smeared LeAnn by saying she was stalking Eddie. Since both were involved, why was LeAnn blamed? I believe the ex said later that she didn’t know about the affair when she made that stmt. Next, she said LeAnn was stalking her and her kids; next, LeAnn was stalking the school; LeAnn moved into the neighborhood to be closer to Eddie. Something all the time was reported to the media about LeAnn. Then, it was Eddie; Eddie was no good; Eddie was a liar; Eddie was a cheater; told her child that Eddie didn’t love him; cut up Eddie’s tires, and so on and so on. Also, with the class. I believe it was the ex who wrote about the good sex (much better than with Eddie) with a different man; she said that her favorite thing printed about her was the MILF thing. WHEN DOES THE CLASS PART START FOR THE EX? You also know what you said about the pictures at the beach was a lie and the pictures are there to prove it, aren’t they? What you are trying to do is wreck somebody else because something happened that made Brandi unhappy. Well, things happen to us all but we do not feel we have to go to the world for sympathy. Get wise, betty, get wise!!

  14. 164
    betty Says:

    Anonymous Who cares what you think .You don’t seem to be offended by Leanns and Eddie vulgar actions so why should my choice of words offend you. HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!! I wish Brandi well.

  15. 165
    betty Says:

    Racy PULEEZ What woman moves to her married lovers neighborhood if it her purpose isn’t to keep an eye on him and wifey. Didn’t Leann state she was more sexual with Eddie a married man than her husband Dean and then Eddie suing that mag re his sexual escapades with Leann and mistress.Brandi has never been called the names Leann has that’s why she shut down her twitter. The pictures were on the net for all to see. Brandi did not ask for sympathy but what was needed was respect since you and those clowns don’t seem to know what that is. They are neither note worthy nor news worthy thats why they photo op and put in on the net to generate their own publicity but their careers does not seem to be flourishing from it.All Leann can get is second rate bookings and I bet Eddie does not have any prospects. So who,are the losers here.

  16. 166
    Jessica Says:

    racy- you are a snot wad, Leann must have picked you out of her nose, Alltho those media srories are true including the one about the slashed tires, he’s just lucky , remember the name john bobbit , sure you do.. And Leann did buy a home down the street from Brandi’s home and leann did take eddie to a friends house to get their daily boinking. but then what are friends for. Eddie and Leann both are liars, cheaters, adulterous scumbags. You don’t know anything but I DO So why are you defending these people with the morals of an alley cat unless you are cut from the same cloth Go to “leann rimes nose picking” and see what a class act she is

  17. 167
    Racy Says:

    @betty: What you are insinuating about the pictures is a lie pure and simple, and you know that. I will leave that to people with intelligence to look at them. When LeAnn moved to the neighborhood, Eddie had already moved out of the house Brandi lived in. How far is the house that LeAnn lives in from where Brandi lived at the time? Regardless, she wasn’t doing anything to the ex by living there. Yes, LeAnn said she was more sexual with Eddie but LeAnn wasn’t publicizing anything that Brandi did and Brandi has kids to read that one day. The reason LeAnn has been called names was people like you who know nothing whatsoever about what happened until Brandi whined to the world. You don’t have to approve of anything a person does, but you owe yourself more respect than to call people names like you are doing. One of the reason for photo ops is because LeAnn and Eddie are in a business where they need to do this. Call where LeAnn works what you will (2nd rate you said), I don’t call what she does second rate. She is a great singer and that is one of the things I like about her, and she works very hard all the time and doesn’t depend on a man for support. You don’t know what prospects Eddie has, do you? I don’t have to approve or disapprove anything, I just like how LeAnn shares their down-to-earth life with the rest of us. L and E don’t tell me who to love or how to live and I try to extend the favor. I am happy to see Eddie sharing with us on his T page. I would say that you are one of the losers if you feel you have to tell them how, why and where to live.

  18. 168
    Jessica Says:

    forgot to mention that on the first vacation they took with the kids ,Leann is straddling Eddie’s head while he is lying down and there a good shot of Leann bending over with her hands almost on the ground and Eddie is behind her with her suit pulled open looking down her crack. the kids are there and what kind of father does that crap

  19. 169
    betty Says:

    Racy Brandi stated Leann house was 2 minutes away what does that tell you.? Brandis kids can also read about his lawsuit and the cease and desist order his mistress filed against their mother and all those PDA pictures that were on the net while still married to their mother shall I go on.? These things happened so you can’t take them back

  20. 170
    Jessica Says:

    that line about Leann sharing her down to earth life with mere mortals is hysterical. Racy should write comedy. racy you are stupid because if that is Eddie’s twitter page I’ll eat my hat. and, as far as LR buying that house down the streeet, that; smarl. alec ,is called stalking What other possible reason could she have for buying that house out of all the thousands of houses for sale out here. And oh yes I live here ,too I really detest those two because she thinks she shoud have anything she wants no matter who she tromps on to get it and him because he really does think he is God’s gift to women. Time will tell. she will not have a career and he won’t ever have one, too many good-looking hunks out here She can brag all she wants about All the people that attend her concerts and that love her, the truth is out there and she knows it . He is now leanns Bi*** and he knows it good luck mr and Mrs leann rimes ***** as,. eddie telling some poor little waitress he was separated so just so he could do her and all the time his wife was carrying his baby Theres a special place in YOU KNOW WHERE FOR MEN LIKE HIM

  21. 171
    Racy Says:

    @Jessica: @Jessica: And what makes you think you know so much? Wherever LeAnn and Eddie went and whatever they did there is not your business. You are good for name calling and that is all. I can point out a few errors to you in your next post also so hang on. LeAnn did NOT buy a house down the street; it is a leased house and you didn’t know? Well, I am amazed, know- it- all. I know one thing for certain and that is you are a liar.

  22. 172
    Racy Says:

    @Jessica: Yes, she does share her everyday life with her friends and we appreciate it since we are interested in her success. I could tell you where you came from and it isn’t somebody’s nose. Get the msg? I saw all the pictures that have come out with him and there is NOT one where LeAnn is straddling Eddie’s head. Another lie. I know that Eddie can read and would know if it is his Twitter page. Another lie. Repeat – she didn’t buy the house. Another lie. You are not only a liar but an idiot if you think LeAnn won’t have a career with her voice. That “poor little waitress” said her mother told her, after reading it, that the ex had a baby but she still saw Eddie. From what I have seen over the time this situation has been going on, I don’t know why Eddie stayed as long as he did. You, Jessica, are a smart a** loud mouth and we see you in a lot of places, or some exactly like you. There is a place for people like you also, but self respect keeps me from telling you where it is!!
    I believe that LeAnn or anybody else has the right to move anywhere they want to without prior approval from a ding bat!!

  23. 173
    betty Says:

    I’ll take this one for Diane, I knew the house was leased and Leann wanted something in their backyard so she could keep tabs on that scumbagm Leann knew he was a liar and not a man of his word and might be still trying to do his wife/ Eddie stayed as long as he did because he didn’t plan to leave until Brandi told him to hit the road. Leann was and is the aggressor in that relationship although she had a lot of help from scumbag. She took those PDA to taunt Brandi.who else would care. If I were Brandi I could care less because Eddie would not be able to touch me with a ten foot pole especially since she knew he like too sleep around/Eddie is no loss. What business is it of yours what they door don’t do?

  24. 174
    Racy Says:

    @betty: Oh!! Are you saying that Jessica is Diane? What did you say about people using other names?
    You have no idea when Eddie planned to leave. Appears that he left long before LeAnn. I have nothing to say to you, betty, because I have to repeat it so many times to explain it to you. What is a “scumbag?”
    Wouldn’t be somebody that lies and calls other people names would it? Why, betty, Brandi said their sex life didn’t slow down even after she found out about LeAnn. Was that for LeAnn or what was that for?
    What business is it of yours what they do? Didn’t you ask me that question? Do you think you have an inside track or something?

  25. 175
    betty Says:

    Racy It shows what type of man Eddie is. It means if offered he won’ t turn it down, and he was still Brandis husband and sharing her bed. Brandi stated up until the time she found out that means Eddie was banging all of them .I read the Cosmo article also. If it was for Leann it should have put her on notice, Brandi was married to that scumbag and had children she to deal with it Leann didn’t.she could just walk away, Leann is the type of woman that will put up with anything to hold on to Eddie whether you admit it or not.

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