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Aaron Johnson Poses Nude with Pregnant Fiancee

Aaron Johnson Poses Nude with Pregnant Fiancee

Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood bare it all in this photo shoot from the latest issue of German Vogue.

The 20-year-old Kick-Ass actor and his fiancee, 43, posed intimately and were draped with sheets in the shoot. Sam was pregnant when the photos were taken; she has since given birth to daughter Wylda Rae!

FYI: The couple’s matching tattoos read, “In Spite Of All The Danger,” a line from the Beatles song of the same name. The tune is on the soundtrack of Nowhere Boy, the film where the couple first met.

10+ pictures inside of Aaron Johnson‘s intimate German Vogue spread…

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aaron johnson german vogue 02
aaron johnson german vogue 03
aaron johnson german vogue 04
aaron johnson german vogue 05
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  • http://j ivanka

    eeeew, way to old for him

  • ally

    their relationship is one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen.

  • MissAnthropica

    Most over promoted film ever this woman is trying to market them as a John and Yoko clearly.
    Even the photos themselves are rip offs of photos John and his wife were very known for long ago
    . This woman is such a presswhore and its not even funny pimping out her entire pregancy and relationship and he is no better.
    He had potential to be the next Shia easily but now that will most likely not happen and when this film comes out and she doesnt get her nomination for an oscar for best director she is clearly chasing she will dump this kid so fast it isnt funny,
    Its rather sad and disgusting.

  • Ethan

    He’ll leave as soon as everything begins to sag.

  • JLK


  • Superman

    Well i have no words for this other then gross.

  • KellStar

    Um wtf… I saw Kick-Ass and absolutely loved it but this is making me see him in a whole new light. WTF!

  • Jennifer

    What, it’s okay for men to date younger women, but not the other way round? If this was a 40-year-old guy and a 20-year-old woman, maybe some brows would be raised, but it wouldn’t be a big deal. Get over yourselves, hypocrites. Sometimes age is just a number, and if these two are right for one another, who are we to judge?

  • Ruth


    Well said Jennifer!

  • Ruth


    You do realize that Sam Taylor-Wood is one of the most famous photographers in the world today? Presswhore – what a cheap shot. She is a very brave woman who has fought and beaten two bouts of cancer and doesn’t deserve these cheap shots.

  • soon to be mrs. johnson


  • Shakira

    I wish them the best and great happiness with the coming baby. How lovely

  • Ruth


    Presswhore – what a cheap disgusting comment. Sam Taylor-Wood is a world famous artist, photographer and now director. She is brilliant and talented as well as being very brave, having fought two bouts of cancer within the last few years. She doesn’t deserve vile comments!

    Their relationship is their business.

  • well duh

    @Jennifer: okay, i hate when people say that it’s not ok, no one thinks a 40 year old man and a 20 year old is okay it’s just as gross and as creepy as this relationship. this relationship is obviously based on contol, he’s young and naive and she used that to her advantage, she’s a preditor. Him and i are the same age and theres no way in hell i would date someone 23 years older, this is nasty. poor kid dug his own grave.

  • well duh

    p.s sorry my spelling is soo bad.

  • Slig

    Good for u

  • Slig


  • D

    Age really IS just a number. The problem isn’t that one person is way older than the other, the problem is, can two people with such a big age difference stay in love and be compatible even as the years go by? Often this is not the case. If it is, then the best of luck to them both. Right now, these two are in love, so best wishes to them…live for the present.

  • TMNox

    If I were his mom, I’d kick her a s s. I really would. She’s way too old to have a child with him – but, I guess that’s just the American in me. The Brits – might have another way of doing things… But, yeah – her a s s would be grass.

    And @well duh – no, the other way around is just as gross.

  • Kaz

    Who’s cares,

  • Superman

    Ok i find this whole thing gross really gross yesh its worse then the metrosexual queer eye for the streight guy type of guys in hollywood. Its all perverse

  • Kaz

    Really?! N*ude peregnant wow !

  • Priscilla

    One one hand, it is gross to have that much of an age difference. On the other, it is very true that if it was older man/younger woman most people wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Ultimately my biggest issue with it is the fact that he is only 20. Maybe if he were a few years older the age difference wouldn’t seem as pervy.

  • Dani


    What’s being British got to do with it?! I’ve seen plenty of Americans in the same situations. So being American doesn’t make you any different.

  • Sarah May

    What a waste of a good looking dude with such an old hag. I don’t care what acomplishments she has done. It’s wrong that she might not even live to see her kids in high school cuz she’s so old. She totally took advantage of his youth. He never even “lived”

  • Blahzae

    Regardless of the fact he is legally an adult he is still a child like most 20 year old boys and I do mean boys are. I just split with mine because he was only just turned 20 yrs old (just like aaron) and my ex was very much still a child and Im 22!!! and I found him to be too young for me so can you imagine a woman in her 40′s!!!!!
    To put things in prespective when he was just seven years old she was 30 years old going on 31 im sorry but there just isnt something right about that and what it boils down to is life experience he was none shes been married before( used that husband to get into the industry to begin with ) and is a mother already. Her oldest child is just a very few years younger than him, her child is closer to his peer group. It just seems like she is using this poor boy and he is doing whatever she says because he is young and doesnt know how to be in these kind of situations. I feel sorry for him though because when they split and trust me they will
    he will still be a child who now has to be a father……..

  • lena

    I think it is gross for a 43 year old man to be with a 20 year old woman and viceversa.If their relationship lasts for more than 5 years i would be suprised.At 43 there is a good chance that she is done with having kids and he will probaly want more and she cannot give them to him.There is so many other problems that arise when there is a 23 year age difference in a relationship.When their relationship ends he will end up with someone his own age or around his own age.

  • lukeevanss

    Is Aaron Johnson coming to Melbourne for the Nickelodeon teen choice awards?
    Im from melbourne so i want to now if hes coming :) if anyone knows who else is coming as well that would be good but aaron first .. okay thankss
    Chardham tour operators

  • ****

    They should lynch that perverted old hore. Men her age find her repulsive, so she starts fukking teenagers. Disgusting slag.

  • Jenna

    People should get over this already. I was shockedat first, bit just let them be.

  • black

    He was only seventeen when they first met and started “the Groooove”…………..hohohohoho.
    He should be the next big thing, if he doesn´t do anything stupid. And with next BIG THING, I sure as hell don´t mean lame—Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron BIG——-this guy can act.
    And he is very versatile. Not to mention that you can do a lot with his face.
    Still, he´s rather arrogant and concieted.

  • Boo

    I wouldnt be surprised if it was to further his career, he has the personality of a brick wall, he needed some edge in the media.

  • what???

    when anthony kedis had a baby with such a young woman I said EWW! young people should be with young people. that guy will be damaged goods when she’s done with him.

  • gigi

    First Tom Hardy and now Aaron Johnson, Jared I’m impressed. I think I’ll be back being a regular visitor again.

    People should just mind their own business and stop judging because it isn’t something they would do. Who says every relationship has to follow a blue print. Good for them for just living their lives and going for it. Love is love and you grab it when you find it for however long it lasts.

  • ajohnsonfan

    i thought this woman was dating him for fun, but a baby? maybe she wanted to be a mother but she should have chosen a diferent person, he’s just 20, he should be enjoying life! anyway, i wish them the best.

  • Mel

    I liked him in Kickass but he didn’t impress me in his interviews but this makes him more interesting. If he’s able to bag Sam Taylor-Wood then there must be more to him. Good for them and the best of luck to their family.

    Hilarious that people are calling her a fame whore. After all she’s accomplished professionally and what she’s overcome personally, she’s just living her life and doesn’t have time to care about what strangers think. Why should she hide him away?

  • black

    ————–Ermmm…………one more thought………but, shouldn´t he be on Just-Jared-Junior?

  • chelsea

    At 43, and already a mother, you’d think she’d know what birth control is. Now she’s saddled a 20 year old with a baby.

  • GPS

    The picture of the guy with all those stuffed animals is so fitting. What´s missing is a rattle. But maybe his fiancee can provide him with one.

  • mailey


  • similar

    this is just like what happened to poor patrick dempsey when he was this age, he got with an old ass woman, married her and then she almost ruined his career (well she kinda did for awhile) but then he came back and is good now, but even a few of the pictures of him remind me of a young patrick dempsey, strannngee coincidence…..poor boy :(

  • jess

    she is scary looking.

  • XYZ

    Gross. Wrong. Any other comment is useless.

  • HH

    43 is not old or gross.

  • Melinda

    Love his work

  • Melinda

    Hot couple and pretty woman

  • Jonte

    His douchy arrogance and PAINFULLY wooden personality takes away any attractiveness he may have had. Also: gross. Gurl you nasty D:

  • sars

    yeah i have to agree…that is just nasty. 43 is way too old to be having a baby, much less having one with a 20 year old. ughhh

  • ben

    they’re both so annoying in interviews.

  • IloveGwen

    I want to see their baby!!!