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Brad Pitt: Take Me Out to The Moneyball Game...

Brad Pitt: Take Me Out to The Moneyball Game...

Brad Pitt takes in the action from the side of the baseball diamond as he films scenes for Moneyball in Los Angeles on Tuesday (July 20).

The 46-year-old actor wore a bandage on his left arm – Brad reportedly suffered a very minor injury on set yesterday.

In this week’s issue of People, Angelina Jolie shares her thoughts on the leading man in her life. “Brad’s an extraordinary father,” she shared. “We have each other’s backs.”

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt on the set of Moneyball

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    Great book. I am so glad Brad is going to star in the film adaption. Marc Forster as the director is just awesome.

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  • queen bee


    With Salt about to drop — and mostly favorable reviews starting to surface — I wanted to set the record straight on something. I’m not sure it has gotten through to America, so I’m gonna give each one of these points its own line to make sure it registers.
    Jennifer Aniston is not your friend.
    Jennfier Aniston did not grow up next door.
    Jennifer Aniston did not go to your high school.
    You do not know Jennifer Aniston.
    Jennifer Aniston is not your friend.
    For some reason, people in this country get so emotional over “Jen.” They even call her Jen like they know her. It’s that damn show Friends, I tell ya.
    Did I watch a few episodes with various exes? Yes. Did I perhaps even chuckle a few times at Chandler’s cynicism or Joey’s dumbassedness? Of course. Overall, however, the sitcom was one of the most overrated things in American entertainment history. As a result, its biggest star, Aniston, has become America’s sweetheart. People seriously acted like they lived next door to “Rachel” on that show.
    It’s “show business.” She did a show and even though she’s an actress, an artist, it was all business. No fans got to know her on a personal level and they weren’t was supposed to either. You know how we have separation of church and state? Well, we need separation of entertainment and personal lives. My mom literally won’t watch Michael Douglas because she thinks he’s an asshole. I love my mom, but that’s effing retarded. Doesn’t hurt him any, just keeps you from taking in quality entertainment.
    Why do I bring this all up? Ah, yes, that smokin’ hot actress who is finally back after a Hollywood hiatus. You might know her as Angelina Jolie.
    I like Jolie. I believe we need strong, sexy female leads who can actually act. Like Ava Gardner. Like Faye Dunaway. Like Miss Jolie/Mrs. Pitt. Sure, she has done some terrible films, but she’s also done some outstanding work over the course her career. Gia. A Mighty Heart. Wanted. Changeling. Girl Interrupted. Even Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Next up is The Tourist, a remake of the French film Anthony Zimmer, starring Johnny Depp and directed by the Oscar-winning director who brought us The Lives of Others. You think they’d even screen test Aniston for that? Even out of courtesy?
    Meanwhile, Aniston has been regurgitating the same role for the past decade — the same role she played on Friends the previous decade. Doesn’t matter. People like her as a person even though, once again, they don’t know her. Doesn’t matter how many bad by-the-numbers movies she makes, or how many fringe A-listers she sleeps with, they like her.

    Did Jolie break up Aniston’s marriage with Brad Pitt? Hard to say exactly what happened, but Brad was a big boy and he obviously felt he made the decision he had to make. I think we’ve all made similar decisions in life, but it seems that much of this country seems intent on hating Jolie for the break-up. Hell, Brad doesn’t even seem to take much heat any longer. But Angie? Seems she’s viewed as some crazy, homewrecker who just runs around adopting babies all over the globe.

    I wish I was making this up, but I heard a woman in line at the grocery store talking about how she wouldn’t see Salt because what “Angie” did. Angie? Great, now we are acting like we know her, too. This is almost as bad as having imaginary friends. Here’s the truth, again I’m gonna give each one of these points its own line to make sure it registers.
    Angelina Jolie didn’t do anything to you.
    Angelina Jolie didn’t peck your crush before you did in grade school.
    Angelina Jolie didn’t steal your man in college.
    Angelina Jolie didn’t cause your best friend to get left at the alter.
    Angelina Jolie didn’t break up your cousin’s marriage.
    Angelina Jolie didn’t do anything to you.
    Now that we have that established, can we please stop getting so caught up in the tabloids that we mistake these entertainers for our friends and family, for our social circle? Don’t we get enough drama via our Facebook page updates? Can’t we just let the entertainment speak for itself and not give a damn about what stars do away from it? I guess a racist and woman beater like Mel Gibson might be hard to embrace at this point, but for the most part we need to just worry about what’s on the screen. We shouldn’t we care if Tom Cruise shoves crystals up his rectum as long as he puts on a good show.
    Stars are going to have lives and their lives will be messy at times, just like ours. Why don’t we judge actors and actresses based on performance — not off of paparazzi say-so? I’m going to do just that this wkend when I go see Salt & don’t even think about you know who!

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    It is like Brad never ages. He looks so young and so handsome.

  • queen bee
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  • Gosh

    queen bee @ 07/22/2010 at 4:57 am

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Compilation of SALT premiere action!
    Brad and Angelina are stunning.

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    What are you? Two years old? You certainly sound like it.

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    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie win privacy damages

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have accepted an undisclosed sum in settlement of their privacy claim against the News of the World.

    The stars sued the newspaper in January over a story saying they would separate and had agreed custody arrangements.

    Appearing in London’s High Court, the couple’s lawyer said that News Group Newspapers now accepted the allegations were “false and intrusive”.

    The couple were not present for Thursday’s hearing.

    The actors’ action, for misuse of private information and breach of the 1998 Data Protection Act, was concerned with a front page story dated 24 January, which had the headline “Pitts all over”.

    The article alleged that Jolie and/or Pitt had visited a divorce lawyer in December 2009, and that the couple had reached an agreement regarding the division of their assets.

    But a statement from Schillings Lawyers noted that Sorrell Trope, identified by some publications as the divorce lawyer in question, had never met the couple.

    “I have never met… your clients or had any involvement with either of them. The foregoing is true with respect to all other members of this firm,” said Trope in a letter quoted in the statement.

    In court on Thursday morning, lawyer Keith Schilling said the News of the World, which argued that it had acted in good faith, had now agreed to publish an apology.

    It will also pay Pitt and Jolie’s costs and damages, which they intend to donate to their charity, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

    The newspaper confirmed that a settlement had been reached, but declined to comment further.

  • Masina

    @queen bee:

    Fantastic Article! America is completely warped on their interpretation of what America’s Sweetheart is defined. We all know that Jennifer is a disturbed individual, and could not hang on to any relationship. Is that what we want our daughters to look up to? HECK NO! I have heard several women at work who talked about AJ being a homewrecker…..and found myself coming unglued. It is then, I ask the question as to how they presumed AJ could do that to a man who had already detached himself from a toxic relationship. Well…after the debate…I was happy to say that they are no longer a haters…but, disgusted at how JA play the pathetic victim.


    How come this nearly 47 year old FATHER OF SIX still has that body ? When does he train ?
    His proportions are crazy : long perfectly muscular legs, nice butt, great pecs and those arms…yummy !

  • Lara CROFT TR

    Jared, the spam in here is out of control. I think most of us would appreciate something being done about that. Im not saying that people shouldnt be allowed to post their thoughts, but when those thoughts do not relate to the topic at hand, or anything at ALL really, and they post dozens of times, one right after the other, its really enough. At least think about changing the amount of thumbs down it takes to hide a comment. 5 would be nice. No decent and fair comment is going to receive negative 5.

  • anon

    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Accept Damages from Newspaper
    By Stephen M. Silverman

    Thursday July 22, 2010 08:35 AM EDT

    The parent company behind Britain’s News of the World will pay an undisclosed sum to settle a lawsuit against the newspaper by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that claimed the two were legally separating and had negotiated custody arrangements.

    On Thursday, the couple’s lawyer said in London’s High Court that Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers accepted that its published allegations were “false and intrusive,” reports the BBC.

    In January, when the suit was filed, the couple’s attorney, Keith Schilling, stated: “We can confirm unequivocally … that the allegations published by the News of the World are false as well as intrusive.”

    Among the evidence in the case was a statement from the divorce lawyer reputedly cited in the original story. “I have never met. … your clients or had any involvement with either of them. The foregoing is true with respect to all other members of this firm,” said his statement.

    Pitt and Jolie, who this week were attending premieres for her new movie Salt, did not appear in court. Their attorney said News of the World would publish an apology and pick up Pitt and Jolie’s legal costs and pay damages, which the couple intend to donate to their charitable Jolie-Pitt Foundation.,,20403937,00.html

  • anon

    How Jon Voight Stays Close to Angelina Jolie and His Grandkids
    By Melody Chiu

    Thursday July 22, 2010 07:30 AM EDT

    Jon Voight was in proud-papa mode Monday at daughter Angelina Jolie’s Salt premiere in Hollywood.

    Soon, though, the Oscar-winning actor, 71, will be shipping out to Texas for the new TV show Lonestar, but he says the distance won’t put a damper on the relationship he’s building with his daughter and grandkids.

    “It’s hard for me to be away from my grandkids, yes, but I’ll stay in touch with them,” Voight told PEOPLE at a screening of show’s pilot episode at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. “Thank god we have this technology, and you know, we use all of it.”

    Specifically, Voight means Skype – and he plans to use it to chat with Jolie, Brad Pitt and their kids. “We’re just setting it up now,” the actor says. “Anyway, I love being in touch with the family.”

    Watching Jolie
    As for Jolie, with whom he had a famously fraught relationship, watching her in action in Salt was thrilling for Voight, who thought she elevated the action flick into something more gripping.

    “Her work is terrific,” he says. “And Angie, for some reason, has this emotional capacity to make every piece of this really authentic, ’cause it’s really unreal stuff that they’re doing. But that’s the genre and she gives … another energy to it.”

    “She’s very, very good,” he says. “It’s not like a novelty. She’s really doing it.”

    One thing he admires about his daughter on screen: her versatility. “She’s a really talented person with a very wide range and lots of interests,” Voight says.

    “It’s interesting to talk to her about why she made the decision to this movie … She was nursing two babies at the time that she decided to do this role.”,,20403784,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines